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Wolf & Mary 1

I didn't want to kill you

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 10:09 | Go to Wolf & Mary

-> RTS Page for Wolf & Mary 1

Wolf & Mary Chapter 1
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Box: Life is boring…
Box: That is how I feel about it.

Box: Every day repeating the same thing over and over again… I’m just too insignificant compares to all those major events that are happening right now: Japan’s nuclear disaster, American’s war against terror, instability of the Middle East, Chinese political reform, or any of the Presidential elections, they all have… absolutely nothing to do with me.
Box: I can never influence someone else.

Box: I’m irrelevant…
Box: Tik Tak

Box: Today is just as boring as any other day.
Box: Tik Tak
Box: Tik Tak

Box: Atleast, it is till this very second…
Box: It is so indeed.

Page 3
Box: Tik Tak

SFX: !
ZZL: Ah… Why am I sleeping on the floor?
ZZL: Makes no sense.

SFX: Yawn –

Box: So hungry… What time is it now…

Page 4
ZZL: Oh fuck -
ZZL: What the hell happened!

Page 5
ST: When the first thing you see after waking up in the middle of your own house is a bloody corpse lying next to you… What would you do? That is the question I have to answer right now…
From this very second, my boring life has come to an end; because very soon, I will have to start fighting for my very own life!

ST: Wolf and Mary
ST: Case 1
ST: I didn’t want to kill you.

Page 6
Box: First, I must try to calm myself down.

Box: Wash my face.

Box: Then think of what has actually happened.
Box: Gasp…

Box: I vaguely start to remember.

Box: This corpse here is my friend’s.

Box: His name is Cheng Jun.

Box: We have known each other since elementary school; we are very good friends.

Box: I remember, every time he went to talk to the girls, he would ask me to tag along.
Cheng Jun: Let’s go together!

Box: He wants me to surpass myself… that is the conclusion I have come to.
Cheng Jun: Hehe.

Box: But… why is he dead in my house?
Box: Let me forward the time table for couple hours.

Page 7
Cheng Jun: Ten years of brotherhood!! Why won’t you help me with something so inconsequential!?

Cheng Jun: Where is your honor?

Cheng Jun: The most important thing for being a man is to have honor! Without it, you are not a man! Do you understand?

ZJH: Let me go!!

SFX: !

Box: I can see it now… It all happened in that instant…
Box: He fell.

Box: There was a pen on the floor.
SFX: Cling

Box: The sharpness of the G-pen was no joke.
Box: It pierced through in the blink of an eye.

Page 8
ZJH: Oh!!

ZJH: D-don’t move!! Let me call an ambulance…

Cheng Jun: Call your… mom…

Box: Typical right, but don’t be picky. Real life events are often like this… Anyway, what has happened, happened.
Cheng Jun: Cough…

Cheng Jun: I… can’t… breath… ah…

SFX: Fwop

SFX: Aah!!

Page 9
Box: Just like that…
Box: I have killed someone…

Box: I killed someone…
Box: I fucking killed someone!!

ZJH: Wuaaah -
ZJH: This time I’m fucked!!

Box: Who am I?
Box: I’m Zhang Jian He; I’m a mangaka.

Box: I have finished high school; I’m 19 years old.
Box: I’m 169 CM tall, my horoscope is Virgo. I don’t like to go out much; I usually just stay home and work.

Page 10
Box: My job is to draw Doujin Manga.

Box: Somewhere in Jiu Long Wan Area, I have rented a place at a factory flat.

Box: Firstly, because of the cheap rent; secondly, because the room is spacious and practical.
Box: I can work undisturbed here, hoping that one day I can find a publisher willing to publish my own Manga.

Box: But things are not going that well so far.
Boss: Hmm… Your drawing style… is total shit.

Box: I have a steady girlfriend, we have been together for three years.

Box: I spent a lot of time chatting on the web.
ST: Haven’t slept yet?
ST: I usually sleep when the sun comes up :)
ST: What are you doing?
ST: ?
ST: What do you do for a living?
ST: Unemployed.
ST: Rich boyfriend?
ST: I had, not anymore. How about you? What do you do?
ST: I draw Doujin Manga.

Box: I’m very thrifty, most of my spared changes are going to the new toys.

Box: I like to jerk off every day.
SFX: Ha…
SFX: Oh…

Box: That is all… that is what life is all about.

Page 11
Box: No matter how you look at it, I’m just an ordinary guy.
Box: But now I have got myself an extra corpse.

Box: What to do?

Box: I will be punished by the law.

Box: I will be found guilty for involuntarily men slaughter.

Box: Even with good behavior, I will have to spend at least ten years in the prison, my precious youth will be forfeit.

Box: But the worst thing is…

Box: Those queer brutes inside the prison…

Box: They are going to destroy my anus without mercy.
Box: I bet within a month, it would open up like a sunflower.

Page 12
Box: I can’t, I can’t let it happen!! I have done nothing wrong… Why do I have to end up this way?
Box: I don’t want to go to the prison!! Think!! Think of a way out!!

Box: Right! This is a factory flat, a place filled with people. Cheng Jun came around the rush hour…
Box: No one would have noticed him.

Box: Besides, the only reason he came up here was because he happened to be in the neighborhood.
Box: It was unlikely that he would have told anyone about where he was going.

Box: So no one knew that he died here!! This way, there is still a chance…

Box: I must make his corpse disappear…

Box: Nobody will be able to find him…
Box: Then I can get away with it!!

Page 13
Box: Searching

Box: How to dispose of a body?

Box: You must make sure to destroy every piece of the evidence, leaving nothing that can be traced back to you. If you were to let the cops dig up the body couple years from now and link you to the murder through forensic science, then you will be done for. The best way is to “eat”.

ZJH: …

Box: First you have to pay attention to the size of your fridge, for example if the one you killed is a grownup male, 160 pound, even after draining his blood he will still weight over 140. Not counting his bones and inner organs, there will be give or take 60 to 70 pound of meat leftover, it will take several days to eat them all. Therefore the size of your fridge must be adequate to store everything. Also pay attention to how you digest the meat, make sure you are in good health and spirit before you eat them, or else it might cause digestive problems. Lastly, remember to not waste any of the inner organs.
Box: Fuckoff! I’m not that crazy yet. Such manner to dispose of the body is way too disgusting…

Box: I need something else.

Box: Chop it up, put it into a meat grinder and make sure the content becomes unrecognizable, then throw them away piece by piece. Firstly, use your bathtub to chop it up, doing it anywhere else will leave a huge mess that will be too difficult to clean up afterwards. So put the body inside the bathtub, chop up as much as you can, if you are any good you can finish it in just about 4 or 5 hours. If too exhausting, make sure you stay hydrated and don’t let yourself get too worked up. Remember, every piece of clothing, shoes must to be thoroughly washed clean then thrown away, do not keep them.

Box: Ah…. Bathtub!! Where do I find a bathtub!! I only have a shower…

Box: And I have to eviscerate a corpse…
Box: I can’t do such a thing!!

Box: I will faint at the first sight of blood.

Page 14
ZJH: …

SFX: Urg x2

Girl: How useless…
Girl: Hihi, garbage.
ZJH: Bleurgh…

Teacher: Zhang Jian He, you suffer from a severe case of hemophobia, you can never become a doctor.

Teacher: You should quit.

Box: I wanted to become a doctor, but because my fear for blood, I couldn’t. Hence I started to draw manga.

Box: It is impossible for me to do things like draining the blood or eviscerating the body.

Box: This is hopeless. Is there nothing else I can do? Is there anyone out there that can help me?

Box: I killed someone, what do I do. /_\

Box: Haha… for real? I just killed someone as well. :)

Box: Argh, this guy…
Box: Sigh… I’m so not in the mood for jokes right now.

Box: I’m leaving. I have work to do.

Page 15
Box: Even online, I can’t find the answer to my problem.
Box: Looks like I have to figure it out on my own and find a way to dispose of the body in a way that suits me.

Box: He died around 6 o’clock this afternoon, almost seven hours had passed since then.

Box: Judging from the current temperature and humidity, he will start to stick real soon. I have to hurry…

Box: Can’t chop him up, can’t throw him away, I must find a perfect solution.
Box: Dealing with a corpse, the most difficult part should be the blood.
Box: Based on common sense, more than half of the human body is made out of water.

Box: As long as I can deal with the water in his body, everything else will become much easier.
Box: It doesn’t matter even if it has to take longer, because so far no one has reported him being missing, that means the cops have not yet started their investigation. I must use my time wisely and start working on it now!

Page 16
Box: I have to fight for my own survival!!
Box: Tik Tak

SFX: Gasp… x2

SFX: Gasp…

Box: Use whatever is available…

Sign: Supermarket

Box: And make the best out of the situation.

Page 17
Box Top middle: Ventilator
Box Top left: Ikea Furniture – Iron Shelf $900
Box Top Right: Metal Store – One Set of Iron Wire
Box Bottom Right: Supermarket Best Buy - $100 Two Sacks of Charcoal
Box Bottom: Wooden Screen
Box Bottom Left: Charcoal Stove $990

Box: Incinerate the corpse will be impossible, but I can at least cook it dry. I do have to pay close attention to the heat, in order to avoid any unwanted smokes from coming out. As long as the ventilator keeps running, this should work.

Box: If I keep cooking it dry for four or five days straight, I should be able to transform this 160 pound male into a human jerky. If my estimates are correct, the body size and weight will greatly reduce, and make everything else much simpler.

ZJH: …

Box: Having a high ceiling is such an advantage, I should be able to avoid triggering the smoke alarm.

Page 18
Box: My luck has not run out yet!!

SFX: !

ZJH: Oh… yes…
ZJH: I don’t have time this week; I have to stay home and work.
ZJH: …I really can’t

ZJH: Sorry.

ZJH: Beep.

Box: My battle has begun, I will not give up.
Box: The next few days will decide the fate of rest of my life. Any small mistake can cause me everything.

Box: Tik Tak

Box: I have found the correct battle plan, my heart has finally settled down.

Page 19
Box: You said you killed someone, was that for real?
Box: Of course not. I tried too hard to come up with a story for this manga I’m writing, it made me lose track of reality and spout out nonsense.
Box: Oh, it must be hard to become a mangaka.

Box: Hmm… She bought it.

Box: If you don’t mind, we can try to come up with a story together. I like to read manga too and I’m a fan of cosplay.
Box: That is great, the stories I came up with myself were really bad.
Box: Feel free to talk to me when you have time.

Box: This one is pretty interesting.

Box: Click.

Box: I’m going out, talk to you later.

Box: In order to win this war of nutrition, I must be prepared to have to stay awake and stay at home all the time.

Box: Luckily there is an easy store right down the stairs, I can buy everything I need in less than ten minute walk from home.

ZJH: …I have to make haste.

Cop: …

Page 20
ST: A Cop…!!!

Box: What a terrible luck!
Box: Why is there a cop around…

Box: This is not the time to be hesitant!
Box: If I try to purposely avoid his gaze he will definitely get suspicious!

Box: I must stare at him with absolute confidence.
Box: Like this…

Box: Staring!!
SFX: Bing

Cop: Minster, identity card please.

Cop: Why are you staring at me like that?
ZJH: Eh… nothing… There is something wrong with my eyes.

Cop: …

Cop: Leave.

ZJH: Phew…

Page 21
Cop: Wait. Stop!

Cop: You forgot one.

ZJH: Ah… you can keep it.

Cop: …Thanks.

ZJH: Hihi… you are welcome.

ST: Thump thump thump…

ZJH: Gasp…
ZJH: That was so scary!

Box: It is been two days.
Box: Even though I haven’t slept, my spirits is still high.

ZJH: Slurp.
Box: Everything is proceeding as planned.

Page 22
Box: The corpse has started to harden…

SFX: Slurp.

ZJH: …

ZJH: Hehe…

ZJH: Wuhaha… idiot!!

ZJH: Ha…
ZJH: Haha…

ZJH: …

ZJH: Boo…
ZJH: Boohoo…

Page 23
ZJH: I’m so sorry, Cheng Jun. I didn’t want to kill you.

ZJH: We have made so many good memories since the day we met back in elementary school.

ZJH: We will always be good brothers!!
ZJH: Always!!

ZJH: It is a ringtone!!

ZJH: …
Box: It is Cheng Jun’s phone… They say you can trace the location of the phone, I must take out the battery and get rid of it!

ZJH: ?

Page 24
Box: Ya Shi!?

Box: Why would she…?

Box: Ya Shi is my girlfriend, we have been together for three years.

Box: She is the innocent type, normally she wouldn’t even go out during the night. She cared deeply about her family, often she would spend time with her mother. She is a very kind and filial girl.

Box: This is a message from her to Cheng Jun… What do they have to talk about? I guess it is ok to take a peek.

Sign: Message
Text: Darling.

Text: Ya Shi – Darling. I have missed you…r big meat stick :)

ST: … Big meat stick!?

Page 25
Box: Three days ago.
ST: Babe, where are you? I can’t wait.
ST: I’m almost at your place.
ST: I have prepared honey and candle.
ST: Pervert.
ST: I’m going to spread the honey all over your pink nipples, then take my time and savor its taste very slowly.
ST: Stop talking… I’m already wet.
ST: I will let my dexterous tongue wiggle up and down between your pussy lips, then envelop your swollen clit in one swoop, next I’m going to make it shake over and over again with the tip of my tongue so I can enjoy your womanly fluid at my own leisure.
ST: Babe, I’m here. Where is that honey you promised me?
ST: It is coming!

Box: A month ago
ST: Babe, Singapore was fun, when shall we go again?
ST: Next time we go we will have to make up a new excuse, this one I have used twice already.
ST: Going with your mother is the best excuse ever.
ST: He wants to see pictures.
ST: Just tell him that your mom doesn’t like taking pictures, don’t worry about it, he won’t find out.
ST: You decide… Then we go again in September? My mother’s birthday is in September.
ST: Fine.

Box: A year ago
ST: Your meat stick is so great, I like the way it feels in my month.
ST: We are going to do it three times tonight.
ST: This is my first time from behind.
ST: It was awesome… I want you to fuck my ass hard.
ST: I’m on the pill, you can cum inside.
ST: For you, I would do anything.
ST: I <3 U

Page 26
SFX: Mwah…

SFX: Oh…

Ya Shi: N-no, we can’t. These kind of things can only be done after we are married.

ZJH: Ah… sorry.

Ya Shi: Let’s talk ok?
ZJH: Ok… fine.

Cheng Jun: I’m going to Shen Zheng for couple days.

Cheng Jun: A friend up there has got himself in trouble, I have to help.

Cheng Jun: I’m told that the guy he crossed is very powerful… things might get messy this time…

ZJH: Sounds dangerous…

Cheng Jun: Sigh…
Cheng Jun: This is what it means to be Brothers, I will even risk my own life if need be.

Cheng Jun: Right, do you have 20k cash? I may need the money to smooth things up.
ZJH: …I do.

Page 27
SFX: Boohoo…
SFX: Ya Shi… Why do you treat me so!?

SFX: You even let him fuck you in the ass, yet you wouldn’t let me touch your breasts!! This is so unfair!!

Page 28
ZJH: Asshole!!
ZJH: Uaaah -

ZJH: We will never be brothers!!

ZJH: Asking me for money so you can go on vacation with my girlfriend!!
ZJH: You shameless despicable shit!!

ZJH: This sucks… even now I’m still a virgin!!
ZJH: Every day I have to watch porn and jerk off!!

SFX: Ding Dong!!
SFX: !!

ZJH: …Who is ringing the bell?

ZJH: …

Page 29
Ya Shi: Hi!!

Ya Shi: Taking you so long to answer the door, don’t tell me there is a girl hiding in here?

ZJH: …I…

Ya Shi: I’m kidding!

Ya Shi: Haven’t seen you for a couple days, I have missed you. I can’t wait to see your new manga “My father is a woman”. It’s going to be great. I have bought you some food, let’s eat together.

Ya Shi: Why is it so hot in here…? What is going on?

ZJH: My new manga is not finished yet.

Ya Shi: Hihi, it’s ok.

Ya Shi: Let’s eat first, it is your favorite, Mac’s nr 10.

Page 30
Ya Shi: ?

Ya Shi: What are you doing?
Ya Shi: Why is there a charcoal burner here?

ZJH: Forget about that for a second…

ZJH: Ya Shi… You told me that you are going to Singapore with your mother, can I come with?

Ya Shi: …

Ya Shi: I would like that… but I’m afraid that my mom wouldn’t be too happy about it… She doesn’t even know you.

ZJH: Boo… but… I really want to go on vacation with your mother…

Ya Shi: Ah… what happened?

ZJH: Ya Shi… There is something I’m going to ask you… you have to say yes no matter what.

Ya Shi: Go ahead. I will do anything for you.

Page 31
ZJH: …Can you please let me… fuck you in the ass?

Ya Shi: W-what are you saying?
Ya Shi: Why are you acting so strange? You are scaring me.

Ya Shi: Jian He!! Are you ok? Are you sick?

ZJH: Ah… I really want to fuck.

Ya Shi: We can’t!! We can’t do such thing before marriage, even after we still can’t!!
Ya Shi: Just hearing those words makes me want to throw up… so perverted… I can’t do that.

ZJH: But you clearly said it here, that it was awesome.
ZJH: …And you wanted it hard.

Page 32
SFX: Slap!!!

Shi Ya: Zhang Jian He! Do you even know what you are talking about? Stop being so childlish ok?

ZJH: Me… childlish?

Shi Ya: We have been together for three years!! Look at yourself! I didn’t let it bother me even though you are short, poor and useless.
Shi Ya: Despite knowing all that, I’m still here by your side and haven’t dumped you…

ZJH: Me… useless?

Shi Ya: But now I have had enough! I want someone with ambition, someone mature and a man who knows how to take care of me!
Shi Ya: And not some homeboy who hides in his own house all the time drawing manga!

Shi Ya: To tell you the truth, your manga sucks!! It is true!! Zhang Jian He! You have no talent at all!
Shi Ya: Look around you in this contemporary world, who would want to become a mangaka nowadays, I’m not blaming you, but you should reflect upon yourself!! There are so many things to do in this world, why the hell are you trying to become a mangaka?

ZJH: I need to reflect upon myself…? Am I really so much in the wrong here…?

Page 33
Ya Shi: …

Ya Shi: This is Cheng Jun’s phone, where did you get it from?
Ya Shi: So careless with something so important, I will have to scold him!!

Ya Shi: ?

Ya Shi: …blood stain?

Ya Shi: Eh… this… why is this…

Ya Shi: …

Ya Shi: Ah… right. My mother made soup, asking me to go home.

Ya Shi: My bad, almost forgot about it.

Page 34
Shi Ya: I’m leaving.
Shi Ya: I will come by some other day, and for your new manga, you have to work hard. Gambate!

SFX: step step step

Box: Reflecting

SFX: !
SFX: Ah…

SFX: Thump thump thump…

SFX: Gasp … x3

Page 35
Box: Cop…
Box: This is so cold! She didn’t even hesitate before she sold me out!

Box: This is hopeless, I have murdered someone…

Box: It will soon be found out!!

SFX: Step

Cop: …

SFX: Ding Dong.

Page 36
SFX: Ding Dong
SFX: Ding Dong

SFX: My battleplan… My Life… It is all going to end!!
SFX: Wolf and Mary – Part I “I didn’t want to kill you” The End

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