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Wolf & Mary 2


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 10:10 | Go to Wolf & Mary

-> RTS Page for Wolf & Mary 2

Wolf & Mary Chapter 02
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy
ST: (24 November 1946 – 24 January 1989)
The word “serial killer” was invented for him, he confessed to 30 homicides committed between 1974 and 1978; the true total was estimated to be around 36. He was also a rapist and necrophile. Before he was incarcerated for the last time in February 1978, he had successfully broken out of the prison twice.

ST: Henry Lee Lucas
ST: (23 August 1936 – 13 March 2001)
An American criminal, born in Blacksburg Virginia, shortly after his arrest he claimed to have committed up to 3000 murders between 1975 and 1983, although he later recanted that confession. The true total of his victims remained unknown. Based on the records written in police reports, Lucas’ first victim was his own mother, he killed then raped her.

ST: Jeffrey Dahmer
ST: (Born 21 May 1960 in Milwaukee U.S.)
Number of victims: 17
Killer’s Modus Operand: Male, mostly young African Americans. He had no specific way of killing, but necrophilia and cannibalism were usually involved. Between the January 1988 and July 1991, he committed dozens of devilish crimes. He, who was homosexual, would often kidnap and rape his victims before he finally cannibalized them.

ST: Edmund Kemper
ST: (Born 18 December 1948)
Also known as “The Co-ed Killer”, between 1963 and 1973 he claimed the lives of ten people, including his own mother, her friend and another six students.
He was noted for his imposing physicality, even his own parents resented him for it. He started his life as a serial killer by murdering his grandparents when he was 15 years old.

Page 3
Box: They all were very famous serial killers.

Box: Those who would commit such devilish acts often led a difficult childhood and many were also molested at a young age, which led to the forming of their twisted minds.

Box: Driven by their desires to dominate others, they would kill…

Box: They are not doing it out of their own free will.

Box: They are not like me.

Page 4
Fatboy: I want to become an astronaut!! Fly into space!!
Fatboy: It’s possible!!

Fatboy: I want to become a scientist!!
Fatboy: And invent many many things!!

Jia Ming: I want to be a serial killer.
Jia Ming: And kill many many people.

Box: I was four that year, every time I mentioned my goal to others, I would cause trouble to my mother.

Box: They thought that my mom must have done something to me, making me having all these weird thoughts.

Box: Why would the world suppress those with different ideals? It was stupid trying to become an astronaut or scientist, yet their ideals was accepted.

Box: Unfortunately I was part of this world, so I had to learn to compromise.
Box: And temporarily let go of my ideals.

Box: Just like everyone else, I went to high school.

Box: But I couldn’t befriend anyone around my age.
Box: Most of them were idiots, I wouldn’t want any of them to be my friend.

Page 5
Girl: Chen Jia Ming.
Girl: I really like you.

Girl: Would you like to have sex with me.
Boob: X

Boob: X
Boob: X
Pussy: X

Jia Ming: Vulgar.

Jia Ming: Put your pants back on, do you have no shame?

Jia Ming: Annoying.
Girl: Boo…

Box: When I was in high school, boring people like that would come to bother me several times a month, and I would get rid of them mercilessly every single time…
Box: Because there was only one woman in this world who deserved my love, only one.

Box: My mother. Her name was Mary Wong. She was so beautiful and so kind.

Box: In my eyes, she was the perfect angel.

Page 6
Box: She died when I was 13 years old.

Box: It was suicide.

Box: Because my dad abandoned her.

Box: My father was a cop.

Box: He liked to fool around.
Box: He had many different women, but mom always loved him.

Box: Till that day, when he divorced mom for an eighteen year old, she finally collapsed.


Page 7
Dad: Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! It’s coming!!
Girl: I’m about to cum!!

Dad: I’m cumming!!

SFX: !!

SFX: Aaaah –

Box: I didn’t really hate him.
Box: But I didn’t want my mom to be all alone on the other side…

Box: Therefore I chose to send dad over.

Box: That was all…

Page 8
Lawyer: Tragedy!!
Lawyer: This is such a heartbreaking family tragedy!!

Lawyer: The defendant is only 13 years old!!
Lawyer: A 13 year old child stabbing his father thirty times in the back, killing him on the spot!!

Lawyer: The defendant’s mental state at the time was obviously unstable!!
Lawyer: He has recently lost his mother, he is traumatized and in shock!!
Lawyer: Both financially and emotionally without support has put him under great stress…

Box: They were defending me… How boring.
Box: I clearly intended to kill, I knew what I was doing the whole time.

Box: Yet they claimed that I had diminished responsibility; that I wasn’t in my right mind… what a strange bunch of people.

Judge: Considering the fact that the defendant is not of age, has had a difficult childhood and many well respected member of our society have pleaded to the court to show leniency.
Judge: Thus, the court has decided to grant that leniency, giving him a chance to return to the society.

Box: Let me… return to society…?

Page 9
Box: Life in prison was quite comfortable.
Box: At least there wasn’t any female classmate bothering me.

Box: I spent most of my free time studying.

Box: Just like that, six years had passed, and within that time I finished four bachelor degree courses.

Officer: Hmm… Chen Jia Ming.

Officer: My name is Mei Xue, and I’m your probation officer.
Officer: You have exhibited good behavior while serving time in prison, therefore you are eligible for a sentence reduction.

Officer: What are your plans when you get out?

Jia Ming: I’m thinking.

Jia Ming: Maybe I will continue with my study.

Officer: Will there be any difficulties?

Jia Ming: My mom left me with several million of inheritance money.
Jia Ming: Financially there won’t be any difficulties.

Page 10
Officer: Well… if you do have any difficulties…

Officer: You can come to me.
Officer: Doesn’t matter what it is.

Officer: Right.

Officer: You haven’t found a place to stay yet after you got out…

Officer: How about…

Officer: Stay at my place?

Officer: I will take care of you. Ok?

Officer: Auw.

Officer: Aah!!

Page 11
Jia Ming: Ms. Mei Xue. Thank you for your help.

Jia Ming: But I don’t want to be dependent on a woman.

Officer: Damn… this is not over…

Box: Mei Xue seemed to like me…
Box: She gave me an early parole, even though I had to come back here to see her once every month.

Box: After six years, I had finally regained my freedom.
Box: I was going to start my own life.

Box: I rented an apartment in the Jiu Long Wan area.

Box: Here I learned to return to the society.
Box: And do things that anyone else my age would have done.

Page 12
Box: I used my mom’s name online to make friends.
Box: Because it made me feel as if she was still with me. I would pretend to be her when I chat with other people…

Box: I was an attentive, patient and heart mending angel.

Wolf: How boring.
Mary: Wassup?

Wolf: My girlfriend ditched me and went on vacation. /_\
Mary: Eh… How did that happen? :)

Wolf: She wanted to spent time with her mom.
Mary: Do you trust her? How long have you been together?
Wolf: Three years. She is like super pure. It should be fine.

Jia Ming: This guy is so stupid.

Mary: Have you guys done it yet?
Wolf: Not yet.
Mary: Three years and still haven’t? @.@
Wolf: She says we have to get married first. I plan to pop the question next year.

Page 13
Mary: Good luck.
Wolf: Thanks.
Mary: It was nice meeting you.
Wolf: Me too.

Jia Ming: …

SFX: Beep.

SFX: Click.

Box: Returning to society, making new friends.
Box: Then… the next step is, to start walking towards my childhood dream.

Box: But first, I have to make some preparations.

Jia Ming: I want to get a shirt made.
Tailor: Let me see.

Jia Ming: …

Box: I don’t think that I’m mad. I’m just more honest than most people as I dare to put what is in my heart…

Box: Into action.

Page 14
Box: Wearing my father’s old uniform is giving me a strange sense of familiarity.

Box: Mom would probably like the way it looks on me.
Box: Am I right?

Box: Mother… Do I look handsome? Of course… I knew you would say that.

Box: Then…
Box: I will be going.

Page 15
Jia Ming: …

Jia Ming: Mister, hold up.

Jia Ming: Identify card please.

Mafia: Me? Do you even know who I am?

Jia Ming: No idea.
Mafia: Fuckoff.

Mafia: How can you not know the Hawk of Wang Jiao, how long have you been a cop?

Jia Ming: What hawk you say…? What is your occupation?

Mafia: Mafia.

Jia Ming: Mafia… What do you do exactly?

Page 16
Mafia: We play, drink, fight and bang chics!! Anything but work!!
Mafia: If we need money then we just take them from others!! Do you understand?

Jia Ming: …How is that any different from a parasite?

Mafia: Hehe… we have banged so many chics you can’t even start to imagine.

Jia Ming: Turn around, I have to frisk you.
Mafia: Is it necessary?

Jia Ming: Just the common procedure. It won’t take long.
Mafia: Fine. We like to cooperate with the cops anyway. Do you want me to unzip my pants too, so you can check out the goods?

Jia Ming: Say Mister Hawk… You sure talk a lot.

Jia Ming: Are there any good guys doing what you do?

Mafia: Hehe… Sure, I’m a good guy.
Mafia: You see, I always wear rubber whenever I fuck bitches, so the boys all call me Mr. Nice Guy.

Page 17
SFX: Roar!!

SFX: Urgh!!

SFX: Stomp

SFX: …

SFX: Pull!!!

Page 18
SFX: Twitch x2

SFX: Snap

Jia Ming: So Mr. Hawk… Now you can be quiet.

Reporter: Next up we have…

Reporter: A mafia leader Wang Ji Ying, nicknamed the Hawk of Wang Jiao, who was found dead last night at Di Miao Street in You Ma Di area.

Page 19
Reporter: The police have not ruled out the possibility of him being the target of a revenge killing. As of right now, the regional crime unit has taken over the investigation.
Reporter: The investigation will proceed under the assumption that it was a homicide.

Jia Ming: …

Jia Ming: Mister, turn off the engine please.

Rich guy: Hehe… you dare to stop me…
Rich guy: Do you even know who I am?

Jia Ming: Not a clue. Please step out of the car and open your trunk.

Rich guy: Tch… I’m your boss’ boss.
Rich guy: So what do you want? Give me a ticket? I can destroy you with a simple phone call. What is your serial number?

Page 20
Rich Guy: I have an appointment with several police chiefs to play golf, you are making me late.

SFX: Eh!?

SFX: Snap

SFX: Thump

SFX: …

Page 21
Box: Hmm… This camera is not suited for taking pictures in the dark. I heard the new one from Cannon has much better lighting, thus perform much better in the dark.
Box: Think I will go buy one tomorrow… It would be nice to capture all those tiny details of the dead.

Jia Ming: ?

Wolf: I killed someone, what do I do. /_\

Box: Mangaka… He said he killed someone, is he testing me?
Box: Not likely… He couldn’t have known about me!!

Page 22
Mary: Haha… for real? I just killed someone as well. :)

Box: How would he answer…? Damn it, He is making me all nervous.

Wolf: I’m leaving. I have work to do.

Jia Ming: Hurriedly went offline…. Was he just spouting nonsense?

Jia Ming: Maybe.
Jia Ming: This guy…

Officer: Ahem…
Officer: It is been two months since you were released from the prison.

Officer: How are you adjusting to the life outside?

Jia Ming: It is going pretty well. I have made new friends. I’m looking forward with great optimism.

Officer: Is there anything I can be of help? Helping you return to the society is part of my job.

Page 23
Jia Ming: Thanks but no thanks. There is nothing I need right now.

Officer: Is that so? Well when…

Officer: Let’s make love.
Officer: Tonight come to my place…

Officer: I promise you a night you won’t forget… Ok?

Officer: Auw.

Jia Ming: Oh right. Ms. Mei Xue. There is something you can help me with.

Jia Ming: I want a job.

Officer: You… want a job?

Page 24
Sign: Southern City News

Boss: Chen Jia Ming is it?
Boss: Your sis called me his morning, asking me to give you the position!!

Jia Ming: …Sis?
Jia Ming: Ah yes…

Boss: We are short handed anyway.

Boss: Remember, even though your Sis and I are good friends, it doesn’t mean you will receive any special treatments!! I won’t go easy on you if you mess things up.
Boss: Capiche?

Boss: Ah Hui!!

Girl: Yes. Boss.

Boss: This is the new low rank trial reporter.
Boss: From now on he will work under you, he is yours to teach.

Page 25
Jia Ming: Hello.

Girl: …This guy is so handsome!!!

Girl: This is your desk, it is almost time for lunch break, you can eat outside if you like, you have one hour.
Jia Ming: How about you? Aren’t you going to have lunch?

Girl: Sigh – I don’t have time. I have so much to do last couple of days!! It is all that damned serial killer’s fault!!

Jia Ming: …serial killer?

Girl: Yes! Only these two months, four public figures have been killed, their killers must have been the same guy!!
Girl: I’m responsible for all his stories; I don’t even have time to sleep.

Girl: Anyway I still have an article to finish, so I can’t deal with you right now.
Girl: I will arrange your work schedule later.

Jia Ming: …

Page 26
Box: It is been two months, and I have only killed four people. This is going way too slow.

Box: I have to be more proactive.

Box: But looking for potential targets is not an easy task. It can’t be woman or children, because mom wouldn’t like that. I can only kill grown male, the stronger they are...
Box: The greater the challenge.

Box: A great opportunity rarely presents itself… Many nights I can’t find any at all.

SFX: !

Page 27
Jian He: Eh…

Box: This guy… he will have to do.
Jia Ming: Mister. Identity card please.

Jian He: Hold on.

Jia Ming: Why are you staring at me like that?

Jia Ming: Eh… nothing… There is something wrong with my eyes.

Jia Ming: Is that so?
SFX: Unsheathe

SFX: !

Page 28
Jia Ming: Zhang Jian He?

Wolf: What is your name?
Mary: Mary Wong.
Wolf: Is that your real name?
Mary: Yes, and you? Mangaka.

Wolf: Zhang Jian He.

Box: He is that Doujin Mangaka.
Box: Who would have known that we would meet like this.

Box: That means… he must live nearby… just like me.

Jia Ming: Leave.

Jia Ming: …

Jia Ming: Wait. Stop!!

Jia Ming: You forgot one.

Jian He: Ah… you can keep it.

Page 29
Jia Ming: …Thanks.

Jian He: Hihi… you are welcome.

Box: From the looks of him, he seemed worried… He was definitely hiding something, when I was questioning him, he was sweating all over.
Box: Buying so many drinks and instant noodles… What was he up to?

Box: Two days ago he told me he committed a murder…
Box: Even though he tried to pass it off as a manga story, but it still felt strange to me. Someone like him… would never joke around with something like that.

Box: Did he really…
Box: If he did, then this is definitely worth investigating…

Mary: Where do you live?
Wolf: Jiu Long Wan
Mary: What a coincidence! I live in Jiu Long Wan as well. Maybe I will come visit you sometime.
Wolf: Awsome. I live near the factory area.
Mary: Which apartment?
Wolf: Hong Li flat, 10th floor.
Mary: Oh…

Page 30
Box: He lives right above me…
Box: What a strange fate.

Box: Time to pay him a vist.

Box: This floor has over a dozen rooms.
Box: Most of them are rented out as offices, but occasionally someone would rent it for personal use.

Box: Finding Zhang Jian He’s room should be pretty easy.

Box: I only need to check the rooms without a company logo.

Box: Once I find him, all I need to do is to make up an excuse and take a look inside, then all will be clear.

Jia Ming: …

Jia Ming: ?

Page 31
Ya Shi: Ah… help!!
Ya Shi: Lucky!! There is a policeman around!!

Ya Shi: Murder!! Someone committed a murder!!

Jia Ming: !

Ya Shi: Gasp… I saw a body at my friend’s place!! I suspect him trying to dispose of the body!!
Ya Shi: I’m sure of it, that is what is going on!!

Jia Ming: Where is he?

Ya Shi: Over there.

Jia Ming: Hmm…

Ya Shi: He is a mangaka… He is usually the meek type, who would have known.
Ya Shi: I’m so scared…

Page 32
Ya Shi: This is it.

Jia Ming: Is he alone?

Ya Shi: Yes… be careful.

SFX: Ding Dong

SFX: Ding Dong

SFX: Ding Dong

Ya Shi: …

Page 33
Jian He: Yo… What’s going on?
ST: Wolf & Mary – Part II “Hunter” The End

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