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Wolf & Mary 3

Only one of us gets to live.

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 10:12 | Go to Wolf & Mary

-> RTS Page for Wolf & Mary 3

Wolf & Mary Chapter 03
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Jia Ming: Mister, there has been an incident reported, saying that a murder has taken place.

Page 3
ZJH: Murder? Where?

Jia Ming: Inside this very apartment.

ZJH: Haha… that is funny.
ZJH: Someone must have pulled a prank on me!

Ya Shi: What prank? I have seen it myself!!

Ya Shi: You killed Cheng Jun!! His body is still inside!!

ZJH: Yo… this lady, I don’t know you, please don’t spout nonsense.

Ya Shi: Stop pretending!! Zhang Jian He!! How do you not know me?

ZJH: Officer, I really don’t know what she is talking about.
ZJH: The girls these days, acting strange all the time. Hahaha…

Page 4
Jia Ming: Can I take a look inside?

ZJH: Sorry, it is not a good time.
ZJH: See you.

SFX: Hold!!

Jia Ming: Mister, you are acting very suspiciously.

ZJH: Wait a second! According to the law…

Jia Ming: Don’t try to use law as an excuse.

Page 5
SFX: !!

SFX: Aaah!!

Jia Ming: …

Ya Shi: Bleh.

ZJH: Gasp…
ZJH: Gasp…

Page 6
SFX: !!

Ya Shi: Ah… It really is Cheng Jun!!
Ya Shi: God!! Look what you have done!!

Box: This guy has been dead for over two days.

Box: Yet there is no sign of decay; his body must have been preserved somehow.

Box: The corpse has totally dried out.

Box: It is a very interesting way of preserving the body!!
Box: First dry up the body, then put it into a dry box, if all goes well it can be preserved for over dozens of years, no risk of anyone ever finding the body!!

Page 7
ZJH: Accident!!

ZJH: Please let me explain!! I didn’t do it on purpose!!

Ya Shi: Why did you kill him?

ZJH: I… I didn’t want to!!
ZJH: Please allow me to explain!!

ZJH: The thing that killed him was, that toy car and G-pen.

ZJH: That day… I only pushed him slightly, then he miss stepped on the toy car and pushed over the table, which caused him to fell down on top of the G-pen that was already on the floor…

ZJH: That is how he died… It was all just bloody bad luck.

Page 8
Ya Shi: Enough!! Who would believe such senseless lies? If you are going to lie about it, at least come up with a story that is a little bit more logical!!
Ya Shi: Idiot!!

ZJH: It was the truth!!

Ya Shi: He is the killer!!
Ya Shi: Officer! Arrest him!!

Jia Ming: …

ZJH: Boo…

Box: I’m done for!! My life…
Box: Arrest me!! I’m ready to welcome this cruel fate that awaits me!!

ZJH: ?

Page 9
SFX: Smack!!!

Ya Shi: Nice hit!!!

Ya Shi: ?

SFX: Tic Toc

SFX: Splash!!!

ZJH: Huh…

Page 10
ZJH: Eh…
ZJH: What happened?

ZJH: Why am I all tied up?

Jia Ming: There is no ice cream in your fridge.

ZJH: !

Jia Ming: There should always be ice cream in the fridge, without it can make someone very sad.

ZJH: Officer? You… Weren’t you going to arrest me?

Jia Ming: I’m not a cop, why would I arrest you?

ZJH: You… are not a cop… then what are you…

SFX: Click

Jia Ming: My name is Cheng Jia Ming. Lately, the news often talks about me.

Page 11
Reporter: Many murders had taken place recently, the police believed there to be only one killer.
Reporter: The investigation is currently ongoing, but no arrest has been made.

Reporter: It is very likely that the killer doesn’t know any of its victims as all the victims are not related in anyway, therefore the killer must have chosen them at random.

Reporter: So far the killer appeared to be extremely cautious, never taking away any belongings from the victim nor leaving any evidence behind.

Reporter: The killing itself usually happens very swiftly, the victims never had the chance to call out for help. The experts believe that the killer is most likely a well built male in his prime.
Reporter: They are still trying to figure out the killer’s motives…

Box: For real? … can this guy… really be…

Jia Ming: You should have guessed it by now. I’m the serial killer they are looking for.

Jia Ming: Dressing up as a cop makes it easier for me to surprise my target.
Jia Ming: I have killed four people so far… I’m confident that I didn’t leave any evidence behind, so the police won’t be able to find me.

Page 12
Jia Ming: As of right now, both of you have seen my face… That is why you all have to die.

ZJH: Aah… I can’t see.
ZJH: I didn’t see anything, please let me go.

Jia Ming: That is not possible.

ZJH: Boo…

ZJH: S-spare me!!! I’m still a virgin!!! I’m not ready to die yet!!

SFX: Slash

SFX: !?

Jia Ming: Normally you do have to die. But there is something interesting about you.

Page 13
Jia Ming: You are murderer as well.

Jia Ming: As long as we don’t betray each other, we can reach a certain equilibrium; we can become “friends”.

ZJH: …”Friends”?

Ya Shi: …

ZJH: Take this.

ZJH: …

Jia Ming: Kill this woman.

Ya Shi: !

ZJH: You want me… kill Ya Shi? Why?

Page 14
Jia Ming: In order to become friends, we must be able to trust each other. I have to see you kill in person, before I can truly trust you… Understand?

Jia Ming: If I can’t trust you, then I have to kill you.

ZJH: …

Ya Shi: …Jian He.

Jia Ming: It’s not too hard, is it? She sold you out remember.

ZJH: …Hmm…

Box: Yes…
Box: Ya Shi. It is all your fault for being so cold blooded…

Page 15
Box: Don’t blame me!!

SFX: Grip

Jia Ming: Hurry up.

Box: Wuaa – I only have to kill!! How hard can it be?

SFX: Kah!!

SFX: Cling

Jia Ming: ?

ZJH: Stop joking around!!

ZJH: It is life!!
ZJH: It is life we are talking about.

Page 16
ZJH: Even though she is a shameless bitch!! But she is still a human being!! How can I take away her precious life as if it is nothing!! I can never do something like that!!
ZJH: This is madness!! It is inhumane!! The things you do makes me want to throw up!! You are worse than an animal!! I will not become someone like you!!

Ya Shi: Let me.

ZJH: Eh?

Ya Shi: Jia Ming. I can become your friend…

Ya Shi: If you let me go, I would do anything for you.

Page 17
Jia Ming: Sorry, not just anyone can become my friend.

Ya Shi: Didn’t you say that all it took was to kill someone?

Ya Shi: If you untie me, I will kill Zhang Jian He and become a killer just like you, then we can be friends.

Jia Ming: You can always claim that you murdered him because I threatened you.

Ya Shi: You can record a video with the phone, showing my joyous smile while I stab him to death over and over again as to make sure that he died a painful death, plus my own declarations, I doubt anyone is going to believe my innocence.

Ya Shi: Please choose me to be your friend.
Ya Shi: I promise to not let you down, we can even make love.

Jia Ming: Hmm…

ZJH: Ahem!! Wait a second!! Guys, let’s think about this.

Page 18
ZJH: Didn’t we agree to be friends? Why are you going back on your words now?

Jia Ming: …You just said that you couldn’t do it, so I won’t force you.

ZJH: Erm… well actually I didn’t say I definitely won’t do it.
ZJH: Just that…

ZJH: Since you are asking so nicely, I guess I can at least give a try.

SFX: !

Jia Ming: Take this.

Jia Ming: Kill him.

Ya Shi: Thank you, I will not disappoint you.

Page 19
Ya Shi: You.

Ya Shi: You had a golden opportunity put right in front of you, and you blew it. You couldn’t even take a life. You are goddamn useless; You deserve to die.

ZJH: Hold on a second!! This doesn’t seem fair!!

Jia Ming: One has to seize his own opportunities.

Ya Shi: Zhang Jian He!!
Ya Shi: I will have your life!!

ZJH: Ya Shi!! Stop!!

Ya Shi: Shut up!! And die!!

SFX: Slash!!

Page 20
SFX: Aaah!!

SFX: Taaa!!

SFX: Urgh –

ZJH: Ya Shi…!! Stop!! Are you crazy?

Ya Shi: I’m not crazy!! Today it is you or me!! So be a pal and go die already!!

ZJH: Stop before it is too late… or your mother will be sad!!

Page 21
Ya Shi: My mom has died a long time ago!!
Ya Shi: You are a fucking idiot who still believes in those lies for all these years!!

ZJH: You are going way too far!!

SFX: Oh!!

SFX: Step.

SFX: ?

SFX: Uaaah!!!

SFX: !

Page 22
SFX: Pierce !!!

SFX: Aah!!

Ya Shi: Gasp… x3

ST: Damn you motherfucker…

ST: It was true!!

ZJH: Ya Shi!! I didn’t mean for it to happen!!
ZJH: You… you…

Ya Shi: Bleurgh!!!

SFX: !

Page 23
SFX: Splat!!!

ZJH: Gasp… x2

Jia Ming: Who would have thought.

Jia Ming: Did you plan all that? The way you just killed her.

ZJH: H-how could I possibly?

Jia Ming: Doesn’t matter, you have already killed two people.
Jia Ming: …In other words, we have established our mutual trust.

Jia Ming: Zhang Jian He. We are friends now.
Jia Ming: So… if you don’t want to spend rest of your life in prison, I suggest you start cleaning this instant.

Page 24
ZJH: …

Box: Ten days later.

SFX: Crackle x3

Jia Ming: You…

Jia Ming: Do have some artistic sense after all.

ZJH: Thanks.

ZJH: Female body is much lighter than the male’s.

ZJH: Even though we started working on her three days later, they finished at the same time.

Page 25
Jia Ming: There is a sense of aesthetic harmony between them.
ZJH: Agreed…

Jia Ming: Well, what is next?

SFX: Bling
ZJH: I have already prepared.

ZJH: Ah… so much lighter!!

ZJH: Since both bodies are totally dried up.
ZJH: Even their bones have become soft.

ZJH: So, with the right tools…

ZJH: We can easily crush their stiffened body to pieces!

Page 26
ZJH: We have to crush them into dust, and wash them all down the toilet, only then have we truly disposed of their bodies.

Jia Ming: Right… Let’s take one each.

ZJH: Remember, we have to crush every piece of it.
ZJH: If there is a piece hammer can’t break, then use a saw.

ZJH: Specially teeth, finger nails… we have to smash everything, leaving nothing that can be recognized.

ZJH: …

ZJH: Why do you kill?

Jia Ming: …

SFX: Crack.

Jia Ming: Why do you work? For money? To pay rent?

Page 27
Jia Ming: Have you not felt, how incredibly boring and insignificant your life is?

Jia Ming: I have.

Jia Ming: If you have, then why would you not kill? If the world does not care about you, then you don’t have to obey its rules.

Jia Ming: It is not as difficult as you think. You only need to be willing to take the first step. The world will instantly start to pay attention to everything you do, and your deeds will start to influence everyone around you, nobody will dare to take you lightly then.

Jia Ming: There is always someone you dislike, do you want them to disappear?

SFX: Smash.

ZJH: Now I think about it, there is.

Page 28
ZJH: Back when I was in high school, there was this fatty who bullied me all the time.
Jia Ming: Where is he now?
ZJH: It was a long time ago…
Jia Ming: A dept must always be repaid, or his deeds will go unpunished.
ZJH: I heard he used to live somewhere in Pao Ma Di, I will go check it out.

SFX: Click

Box: After a whole night of hard work, we have finally crushed both Ya Shi’s and Cheng Jun’s bodies into dusts and washed them down the toilet.

Box: When I pushed the bottom to flush down the last bits of their remains.
Box: I couldn’t stop staring at the toilet water spinning down the pipe, till it finally returned to how it was before.

Page 29
Box: Two human beings, just like that, disappeared for ever.
Box: I finally let out a breath…

Box: But that was not the end of it.

Officer: Jia Ming.

Officer: How is your new job?

Jia Ming: Good, it suits me well. I have always wanted to become a journalist, it is a very challenging job.

Jia Ming: Thank you, Miss Mei Xue.

Officer: …

Officer: You would… thank me?

Jia Ming: Yes… it is all thanks to you looking out for me that I can return to the society and live the life of my dream.

Page 30
Jia Ming: I’m living together with a friend around my age, he is a mangaka.
Jia Ming: Are you free this weekend? I want to invite you for dinner, and introduce you to my new friend.

Officer: …Sounds good.

Jia Ming: Then, see you soon.

Officer: …

Officer: He is getting hotter by the second… When can I finally have sex with him…?

Page 31
ZJH: Are we bad guys?
Jia Ming: Depends on your definition.

ZJH: Murderers must be bad guys right.

Jia Ming: Mass murderers are often heroes.

ZJH: Like who?
Jia Ming: There are many throughout our history, and there are many even now.
ZJH: So you want to be a hero?

Jia Ming: I want to be myself.
Jia Ming: And do whatever I want to do.

ZJH: How far will we go?
ZJH: Like this…

Jia Ming: Is that important?
Jia Ming: Have faith in the future.

Page 32
ZJH: Yes… Let’s work hard together.

T/N: Fuck yeah bitches, you know wassup!

Page 33
Box: For all these time they lived together, Zheng Jian He never found out that Mary’s true identity was actually Jia Ming. He would still go online and chat with her every day like always.

Page 34
Wolf: I’m going mad… help…
Mary: What happened?
Wolf: I have committed so many crimes.
Mary: What have you done?
Wolf: I can’t say, I mustn’t.
Mary: Oh.
Wolf: Hmm… I’m only going to tell you.
Mary: It is better that you don’t, I can’t keep a secret.
Wolf: It is like this… I have killed, many many people.
Mary: Again? Didn’t you kill someone already? You are trying too hard with that manga story.
Wolf: It is true!! Mary, you have to believe me!! My roommate is mad!! Mother’s boy! Psychopath!! He forced me to do all those bad things.
Mary: Hard to believe. You are a grown up, how can he force you to do anything?
Wolf: You don’t understand, he is fucking crazy.
Mary: Why don’t you go to the police?
Wolf: I can’t… I’m a murderer, we are on the same boat.
Mary: What are you going to do?
Wolf: I want to get rid of him.
Mary: Do you have a plan?
Wolf: Mary, I’m only telling you this.
Mary: Ok.
Wolf: I… want to kill him.
Mary: Oh… how are you going to kill him?
Wolf: It is like this, normally he is very cautious, making him hard to kill, but after living together with him for the last couple of months, I have found out about his fatal weakness!!
Mary: What is his weakness?
Wolf: He has a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream. Every time he sees them he loses control. If I just drug the ice cream and put it in the fridge, he will naturally find them on his own, and then…. Hehe… Hihihi… Hahaha…
Mary: Oh… good plan… when are you planning to execute it?
Wolf: I will buy some ice cream tomorrow.
Mary: Good luck.
Wolf: Thanks. I’m glad to have met a trustworthy friend like you.
Mary: I feel the same…

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