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Feng Shen Ji 51


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:40 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 51

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 13
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Shen Yen: Tian… has slept most of the past thousand years.
Shen Yen: He trusted me, leaving the task of administrating punishments to me and me alone. And I have done my duty wholeheartedly, upholding the law and keeping the Gods in check while Tian slept.

Page 3
Shen Yen: I will not bend the law or spare anyone, including you.

Shen Yen: Shi Xing, you have committed a crime.

Shen Yen: Right now, there are only two paths in front of you.
Shen Yen: One, is to resist against me and rest of the Gods. It is a path leading to your doom, no doubt.

Shen Yen: The other, is to repent for your mistakes, and I will to be lenient… If you can still see reason, you should know how to choose.

Page 4
Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: Hmm… I was wrong indeed.

Shen Yen: … Hmm…?

Shi Xing: My mistake was being too naive.

Shi Xing: And thinking that because of who I am, I could slowly change those arrogant and imperious Gods.
Shi Xing: That stupid mistake, brought pain to those whom I have loved. And now… the only thing left I can do for her…

Shi Xing: Is to fight… till my last breath.
SFX: pop x2

Shen Yen: Shi Xing…

Page 5
Shen Yen: Hmm… Are you satisfied?

Shi Xing: !

Shen Yen: I don’t think so, even if you were to kill me, the hatred and guilt which have clouded your heart will never disappear.

Page 6
Shen Yen: Pathetic/pitiful/how sad… (this can either be sarcastic, or not)

Shen Yen: Shi Xing, if you want to ease your pain by avenging those who has fallen, it is a waste of time.

Shen Yen: The past can never be undone, no matter what you do, it will keep haunting you for the rest of your life.

Ming Yue: Great God Shi Xing…

Ming Yue: … Is it you?

Shi Xing: Ming Yue!?

Ming Yue: Why…?
Ming Yue: Did you let me die?

Page 7
Ming Yue: You have never told me, that it will be like this…
Ming Yue: I don’t want to die…

Shi Xing: I…

Ming Yue: Pain… Aaah! Aah… So much pain…
Ming Yue: Great God Shi Xing… please save me…

Ming Yue: Aaaah -
Ming Yue: Wuaa…

Shi Xing: Ming Yue! It is my fault! I…

Ming Yue: I don’t want to die!
Ming Yue: Save me! Great God Shi Xing!

Page 8
SFX: Wuaah…

SFX: Aah -

SFX: Ha -

SFX: Inhale!!

SFX: !!!
SFX: exhale !! (deep)
SFX: inhale !! (deep)

Shen Yen: Shi Xing, it must have been quite painful, to be tormented by your own memories.
Shen Yen: If you can’t let go of that childish love of yours, you will never be free of it. It has been so many years since then, you should have realized by now, that your love for the humans was nothing but a reflection in the mirror, it wasn’t real… it can’t withstand the trial of time.
Shen Yen: And the only thing that will never change is the fact that you will always be a God.

Page 9
Shen Yen: Was it worth it to abandon your own kind for the love that wasn’t really there to begin with? Wake up… I have already given you way too many chances, you should have already been executed by now if you weren’t the son of Tian.

Shi Xing: I have lost everything, except that precious little memories of the past.
Shi Xing: That is… all I have left.

Shi Xing: I will not allow you to toy with them.

Shi Xing: Shen Yen!
Shi Xing: I will never allow it! (or just “Never!!”)

Page 10
SFX: Wuaaah –

Shen Yen: Stubborn Fool!!

SFX: !!

Shen Yen: Even with the power of Immortal Phoenix, is that all you can do?

ST: Shen Yen has taken direct control of my body!
ST: The Strength of his Divine Power: Seer’s Vision has even reached this level!

Page 11
Tian Wu: Shi Xing, you should know your place.

Shi Xing: Sage King Tian Wu!

Tian Wu: I will not tolerate your disobedience against the Great Elder.

Tian Wu: Get down!

Page 12
SFX: whooom

Tian Wu: Great Elder

Tian Wu: This place is not safe.
Tian Wu: Why have you come here in person?

Shen Yen: A prolonged battle does us no good, the High Priest still needs our rescue.
Shen Yen: I believe it is time to end this farce.

Shen Yen: If Shi Xing and his ruffians on the ground dare to step foot into the Gods’ Domain, we can always take care of them then.

Page 13
Shen Yen: Let us return.

Tian Wu: Fine.

Bai Lian: …

Xuan Feng: Yes.

ST: I have never seen Shen Yen use his power before, who would have known he had such terrifying power!

ST: He can disrupt his opponent’s thoughts, even I cannot get him out of my head; it is not going to end well if I was to attack him head on.

TXWS: Yo! My Sage King friend!
TXWS: Are you running away?

Page 14
TXWS: Stop right there! We are not done yet!

SFQW: Grand Marshal.

SFQW: Do we give chase?


NTEX: No need.
NTEX: If Shen Yen and his three Sage Kings want to leave, we won’t be able to stop them.

Page 15
Xuan Feng: Our encounter today was quite educational, I have finally witnessed what the Dark Ones and the Humans are really capable of.

Xuan Feng: We shall play again next time.
Xuan Feng: Storm.

SFX: !?

TXWS: What?

Page 16
SFX: !!!

Page 17
Yun ZhongZi: Wuah! What a storm!
Yun ZhongZi: Hold on, everybody!
Yun ZhongZi: Don’t get blown away!

Bai Cai: Aah…

Zi Yu: Gods and their power in controlling the celestial elements are nothing to be sneezed at.
Zi Yu: It won’t be an easy task to break through this invisible wall of storm, looks like we can only watch them leave as they please.

Bai Lian: Brat, you got lucky, so you don’t have to die today.

Page 18
Bai Lian: But that doesn’t mean you get to live.

Wu Geng: Sigh, I really have to take my hat off to you, even when you are about to run away you still have to say something like “you got lucky” and stuff!
Wu Geng: You dumb shit! Your master knew you were about to lose, that is why he hastily ordered the retreat. I, the Great Lord can’t be bothered to give chase, so get lost before they leave you behind!

Bai Lian: I wasn’t boasting you know, or have you not noticed yet?

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: !

Page 19
ST: The Deadly Spiritual Aura…
ST: Has invaded my feet.

ST: It was back then when I was trapped by his Divine Skill…

Bai Lian: Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus is formed by concentrating my deadly spiritual aura together. You have stood in it for an extended period of time, even with your Divine Power: Monochrome’s shielding, there is no way you could escape unharmed.
Bai Lian: It has already invaded your body, even though it is just a little bit, not enough to kill you right the way… but when the lotus flower on your leg blossoms, you will die from the instantaneous decay of your entire body.

Bai Lian: The date of your death will be one month from now… And the only way to save yourself, is by defeating me.

Bai Lian: Do you get it…?
Bai Lian: Ah Gou, I will be waiting for you in the God’s Domain…

Page 20
Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: Hehe… and there I was worried for a second.
Wu Geng: All I need to do is beat you right? That should be easy.

Ah Lan: Wait up!
Ah Lan: Don’t leave me behind!

Ah Lan: I have already re-sworn my fealty to the High Priest! Please take me with you to the Gods’ Domain!

Xuan Feng: Oh…?

Page 21
Xuan Feng: Sorry… I almost forgot about you.
Xuan Feng: We will not leave one of our own behind.

Xuan Feng: Come.
Ah Lan: !

Ah Lan: …

Xuan Feng: Don’t be afraid, just step through the Gate of Instantaneity and we will arrive at the Gods’ Domain in no time.

Page 22
SFX: !

Wu Geng: That was…

Page 23
Wu Geng: Ah Lan?

Box: The beacon of light disappeared from the sky, closing down the Gate of Instantaneity connecting the Gods’ Domain to the harbor.
Box: The powerful Great Gods left with the heavily wounded High Priest…

Page 24
SFX: Step

Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: Shen Yen…
Shi Xing: We will meet again… you will see.

Kids: Erm… it has finally ended.

SFQW: It has just begun.

Zi Yu: …

Page 25
Bai Cai: Ah Gou, are you alright?

Wu Geng: Bai Cai…

Wu Geng: What has happened to Ah Lan?

Bai Cai: She has submitted to the gods.

Bai Cai: I don’t know why, but she must have her reasons.

Wu Geng: I see… I didn’t expect that.

Wu Geng: Oh… how annoying! It is making my head hurt!

Wu Geng: Bai Cai, I have just come back from my training and I’m already confused.
Wu Geng: Can you tell me what the hell has happened?

Page 26
Bai Cai: Yes…

Wu Geng: Come, tell me all about it.

Wu Geng: Is everybody alright?
Wu Geng: Has the group from the Headquarters gotten smaller again…?
Wu Geng: Did they…
Wu Geng: Eh? Kong Que has given birth?
Wu Geng: What is its name?

Page 27
Wu Geng: It seems, a lot has happened in this world while I was training in the other.

Wu Geng: My original plan was, to secretly sneak into the Gods’ Domain and rescue Gramps after I finish with my training.
Wu Geng: Even now, the goal of my plan has not changed…

Wu Geng: But the rest have.

Wu Geng: During the battle at the harbor, I have met the Dark Ones.
Wu Geng: Three days later, I’m standing on top of their giant warship.

Page 28
Wu Geng: And we are heading towards the Gods’ Domain as we speak. This is something my father has always dreamed about, too bad he never had the chance to do so before he passed away. But I will accomplish what he couldn’t. For him, for gramps, and for myself, this time we will finish it with the Gods once and for all.
Wu Geng: It will no longer be secretly sneaking in, but an open invasion. The one standing in the center of this war between the Gods and the Dark Ones…

Page 29
Wu Geng: Is me, Ah Gou.
ST: Feng Shen Ji – Part XIII “Expedition” The End

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