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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Feng Shen Ji 52

Son of Hell

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:41 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 52

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 14
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: I have not slept since the day I was born…
ST: As tired as I was, I could never close my eyes.

Page 3
ST: Every day I stared at this world we live in.
ST: Hoping to see something new, but to no avail.

ST: Here, there is neither day nor night.
ST: Nothing but the same color filling the sky, and the sound of giant bug swarm… flying across.

ST: High in the sky, they hunt, preying on those unfortunate fallen souls.

ST: And everywhere on the ground, thick stench filled water seeps through the earth.
ST: Forming the black river that flows towards the bottomless chasm.

ST: When lives perish in the world of men, their souls fall from the sky, all the way down. The lucky ones, who don’t get their souls devoured by the swarm of bugs, end up in the river of black and flow down towards the bottomless chasm.
ST: Beyond the bottomless chasm, another cycle begins.

ST: These are the laws of nature, they have been around for a long time, yet I still don’t understand them.

ST: What I do know, is that this place is the trash can of the world from above.
ST: This is a world of death and despair.

Page 4
ST: …This… is my world.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part I “Son of Hell”

Page 5
SFQW: Ah Man! There you are!


NTEX: Ah Wu?

SFQW: Breath…breath…(out of air) you were hard to find.
NTEX: What is the matter?

SFQW: Grand Marshal has returned!
SFQW: And he is holding a tribe meeting at the underground street!

NTEX: Really?

SFX: Grip
NTEX: You should have told me sooner!

Page 6
SFQW: He just met with the messenger from the Gods.
SFQW: This is the first time the Gods are willing to negotiate with us.

NTEX: It is because they won’t dare to underestimate the Grand Marshal.

SFQW: Who knows, maybe something good will come out of it,


NTEX: Hard to say.

SFX: Slide x3


Page 7
Box: Underground Street

NTEX: Ah… let me pass…

HKTK: My people!

Page 8
HKTK: The Gods’ demands are unacceptable!
HKTK: They act as if they are willing to talk, but in reality, they are just trying to stall! And they have ignored all our basic requests.

NTEX: Passing through…
SFQW: Passing through…

HKTK: They think we are the same as the humans! A race of slaves they can just toy with as they please!
HKTK: And by showing us a little bit of kindness, they expect us to behave as the obedient dogs singing their grace!


HKTK: But the Dark Ones are not slaves! We are their equal! They will never see us bow down with our faces on the ground.

Page 9
HKTK: We do not have slaves, only warriors!
HKTK: And to wait for the day to come when the gods will give in is futile! If there is something we want, we have to earn it with our blood!

PPL: Yeah!

NTEX: He is the Grand Marshal of Dark Ones… He is my brother.
NTEX: HaiKuo TianKong*
T/N: Boundless, without limit.

Page 10
NTEX: It is unfortunate… that nothing came out of it from your latest visit to the world above.
HKTK: Hmm… it was to be expected. The fact that the arrogant Gods were willing to see me was already considered a favor, they would never have taken us seriously.
HKTK: But with this trip to the world above, I had a different goal in mind.

HKTK: I wanted to find the cure.

NTEX: …To Petrification Sickness?

HKTK: Yes… too bad I couldn’t find it either.

HKTK: We have been tormented by this disease for a long time… those who suffer from it have to live in agony for many years, before they finally turn into stone and die.

HKTK: It has brought us nothing but endless suffering.
HKTK: And its origin (where it came from) is still a mystery…

HKTK: Lately a rumor has been spreading among our people, they say the Flower of Dawn that grows in the Gods’ Domain is the cure to this disease… but I don’t think so…

Page 11
Ah Rou: Enough

Ah Rou: Ever since you came back, all you talk about is work, take it easy will ya?

HKTK: Haha… my bad.

HKTK: In fact, I have seen some interesting things during my trip to the world above.

Ah Rou: How about next time, we go together.

HKTK: Good idea.

Ah Rou: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

NTEX: She is my brother’s wife, Ah Rou, she doesn’t have a name of the warrior, but she is a beautiful and intelligent woman.
NTEX: Brother and Ah Rou are a fated couple, no one can hold a candle when compared to them. They are the reason why I’m born into this world; they are the purpose of my life.

Page 12
SFX: Kah!


SFX: !!
HKTK: Too weak.

NTEX: Ouch…

HKTK: Ah Man, what have you been doing? You have made no progress in the past year.

HKTK: I’m really disappointed…
HKTK: Why are you still unable to pour your soul into the weapon?

NTEX: Bro… I’m sorry. I have tried very hard, but…

HKTK: We are warriors of the Dark Ones, The most important thing of being a warrior is to have your own Soul Gear.

Page 13
HKTK: When you and the weapon in your hands become one, only then can you unleash your true power. And that is our warrior’s way of fighting.
HKTK: You are gifted with aptitudes, but something is blocking your will, making you unable to move forward.

NTEX: Brother… maybe I’m not meant to be a warrior.
NTEX: Everyone is making fun of my uselessness, total opposite of my powerful brother.

HKTK: Idiot!
NTEX: Auw!

HKTK: There is no such thing.
HKTK: How can you let what other people say bother you?

HKTK: My little brother will definitely become strong, one day, even stronger than me. I have never doubted that.

NTEX: … Brother

HKTK: Let’s take a break.

Page 14
HKTK: Since I have great expectations of you, I couldn’t help sometimes but to be overly strict…
HKTK: Your growth is very important to the Dark Ones’ future.

NTEX: The Dark Ones already have you, brother, isn’t that enough?

HKTK: No, far from it.

HKTK: The Gods who rule in the world above have great powers.
HKTK: They must have many warriors stronger than me, and that is why I have to train harder as well.

NTEX: We, the Dark Ones also have many great warriors among us.

HKTK: Yes… I have noticed, many newcomers hold great promises.
HKTK: The one who has received his warrior’s name recently, TieXue WuShuang, is only a few years older than you, and he is already very powerful.

Page 15
HKTK: The gap of power between us and the Gods is slowly closing, as long as we stay united, we will be able to succeed.
HKTK: Living in a world of hell for all these years, our kind has paid a heavy toll.

HKTK: The dept that they owe us, a sky that is clear, and a sea that is blue. One day, they will have to pay it all back.

Page 16
NTEX: I understand, Brother, I will train even harder.
HKTK: Let us go again!

SFX: faint breath x3


HKTK: How is she?

Doc: She… is indeed suffering from the Petrification Sickness.

Page 17
Doc: The symptoms have just started to show…
Doc: She can still move around.

Doc: But her body will slowly harden in the years to come…
Doc: Till she…

HKTK: Hmm…
HKTK: I understand.

Ah Rou: …

Ah Rou: TianKong…

Ah Rou: In the end, I’m just like the rest of our kind… and become a piece of rock…

Ah Rou: But with you at my side, I’m not afraid…

HKTK: I will be at your side, always, till the very end.

Page 18
Ah Rou: Thank you.


NTEX: Damn it…

NTEX: Even Ah Rou has been infected.
NTEX: And yet there is nothing I can do but watch, watch her slowly turn into stone?


SFX: tighten

NTEX: No matter how unlikely I am to succeed, I will have to try.

ST: That was the moment, when Ah Man made up his mind. He vowed to find the cure for Ah Rou and all the other Dark Ones who had to suffer from this agonizing disease. He would go to the Gods’ Domain and gather the rumored cure for the Petrification Sickness – The Flower of Dawn.

Page 19
Box: Knowing the amount of risk involved, he didn’t tell anyone.
Box: Based on the descriptions written in the ancient manuscripts and led by the lights of the shining stars, he embarked onto this journey, alone, heading towards this mysterious and hidden realm of the Gods.

SFX: Aah!

Box: Overcoming countless difficulties and bypassing numerous blockades…
Box: He finally arrived after ten days and nights…

SFX: Breath… x3

Box: It was a success…


Page 20
Box: Stepping into the realm of Gods…
Box: Its beauty and serenity froze Ah Man to the ground.

Box: Compared to this home, it was a totally opposite world in every way.

Girl: Hihi…


Page 21
NTEX: Flower of Dawn… This is it!

NTEX: This has to be!

NTEX: With this… I can save Ah Rou!

NTEX: I have to finish gathering quick…
NTEX: And leave.

Page 22
NTEX: A bit more… then I can save even more people.

NTEX: Not yet…
NTEX: Just a bit more… there might be no next time.

NTEX: I have to gather more…
NTEX: And cure everyone…

Shen Yen: Hehe…


Girl: Hihi…

Girl: Look at him… how ridiculous…
Girl: Ewww – So dirty… is he a beggar?

Shen Yen: Not a beggar…

Shen Yen: But a small ugly rat that escaped from the nasty sewer.

Page 23
Shen Yen: Disgusting vermin who has lost track of what he really is after witnessing the beauty of this world in front of him, how can you not notice that your filthy steps has already dirtied this flowery place of grandeur while you were entranced by its hypnotizing fragrance.
Shen Yen: How foolish and sad at the same time.

Shen Yen: So little rat, do you understand?
Shen Yen: Everything in this world is the exact opposite of you, you do not belong here.

Shen Yen: Hehe… and without further ado, there comes the big rat.

Page 24
SFX: !!

Page 25
Girl: Ah… that guy looks really scary…
Girl: Like some ferocious animal!

NTEX: Brother!

Shen Yen: HaiKuo TianKong…

Shen Yen: I have been waiting for you…


Shen Yen: Monitoring the Dark Ones’ movement has been my responsibility for the past years… And I have watched you closely for a long time.

Page 26
Shen Yen: You are the Dark One’s strongest warrior, and an exceptional leader. To be frank, your existence and your strength worry me, if I were to allow your growth to continue, you just might prove to be a serious threat in the future.
Shen Yen: But after today, I will be able to rest my mind… Hehe. You see, when I saw that little rat of yours sneaking in to the Gods’ Domain, I already knew that the big rat would soon follow and try to save the life of the small rat.

Shen Yen: Everything are just as I predicted, and finally the big and the small rats will both be eliminated, a perfect ending.
Shen Yen: Oh and one more thing… the so called rumor that the Flower of Dawn is somehow able to cure the Petrification Sickness, was spread by me on purpose. I used it as a bait, to lure you both in to my trap… In fact, its pollen is exactly what caused the Dark Ones’ Petrification Sickness in the first place.

Page 27
ST: That was the moment when Ah Man realized the intensity of his mistake. (eh intensity?) The only reason as to why he was able to sneak into the Gods’ Domain unnoticed was so he could become the bait for his brother… So called overcoming countless difficulties and bypassing numerous blockades was nothing but an illusion.

ST: The one Shen Yen wanted to kill was HaiKuo TianKong, a Dark One’s leader who could pose a threat to the Gods’ Rule in the future.

SFX: Roar!!

ST: HaiKuo TianKong was powerful…

Page 28
Box: But Shen Yen was even more powerful.

Page 29
Box: He, the strong and brave warrior fought with everything he had.
Box: But in the end, he couldn’t change his fate.

ST: Everything was already set into stone, this was the end for both of the brothers.

SFX: Kah!!

Shen Yen: …

Shen Yen: Hehe.

SFX: Wuaah!!
Shen Yen: Is that your last ditch of effort? Little rat.

SFX: Wuaah!!

ST: Ah Man would gladly give up his own life for the life of his brother, HaiKuo TianKong, but the choice was not his.

Page 30
SFX: Wua –

Shen Yen: Little rat, you no longer have a purpose in this world.

Shen Yen: Let me send you on your way.

SFX: Cutting/slicing sound

SFX: Wuaa!!

SFX: Aaah!
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XIV “Son of Hell” The End

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