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Feng Shen Ji 53


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:41 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 53

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 15
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
HKTK: Ah Man!

NTEX: Aaah!

Shen Yen: Big brother dying for his little brother… hehe
Shen Yen: Even a vermin knows the meaning of love.

Shen Yen: I will be kind and send you both on your way.

Box: HaiKuo TianKong already knew that his end was near… He wouldn’t be able to make it back alive.

Box: That was when he made up his mind.

Box: He would never let his only brother die with him in this god forsaken realm…

Box: Never.

Page 3
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part II
ST: Brothers

Page 4
HKTK: Ah Man… Please tell Ah Rou… tell her, I’m sorry…
HKTK: I won’t be able to keep my promise, to stay by her side till the very end.

NTEX: …Bro!

HKTK: Listen!

HKTK: You must live on, for me and for everyone else.
HKTK: And accomplish what I couldn’t.

HKTK: One day, you will be stronger than me! I have never doubted that.
HKTK: You were unable to see your full potential in the past, because you had me to rely upon. But now you will have to walk your own path, and there is nothing that can stand in your way. Do you understand?

NTEX: Boo… hoo… Brother! Don’t…

Shen Yen: …

SFX: slice x5

Page 5
HKTK: Hereby I leave the Dark One’s future in your hands.
HKTK: Promise me! That you will succeed!

NTEX: Yes I will!

HKTK: Good, you have made me proud, little brother.
HKTK: Now, go back.

Page 6
HKTK: Flying birdie Art (need somethingmore badass)
HKTK: Fly, and take him away from the Gods’ Domain, back to the place where we belong.

NTEX: Bro –

HKTK: This is goodbye…

Shen Yen: Hehe… Did you just give away your last bit of strength, to save the life of your little brother?

Shen Yen: If so, then HaiKuo TianKong… I shall grant you your wish.

SFX: Wuaaah!!

Page 7
SFX: Roar!!

Shen Yen: …

Shen Yen: …This is the end.

Shen Yen: Just as I predicted, HaiKuo TianKong will die today.
Shen Yen: But why do I have this feeling of unease.

Shen Yen: Did I miss something important…?

Page 8
Box: Birds summoned with the last bit of strength from HaiKuo TianKong.
Box: Took Ah Man out of the Gods’ Domain.

Box: His determination was so strong…
Box: That they kept on flying for two days and night, till they reached a place where no one could hurt him…

Box: Only then did the birds disappear…

SFX: Drop down in to sea sound :D

Page 9
SFX: Breath!! X2

SFQW: Ah Man…


Random: Grand Marshal is dead…
Random: Grand Marshal is really dead!

Random: But how…!!
Random: Sigh…

Random: How did that happen?
Random: That brat, HaiKuo TianKong died so easily, what are we going to do with all his grand schemes?

QXJE: He and his goddamn dreams, nothing but lies! Worthless!

Page 10
QXJE: People of the Dark Ones! Open your eyes! Dreams are just dreams, they are not real! If you want to survive, all you need is someone truly powerful! Like me!

QXJE: The Grand Marshal is no longer with us! I will lead the Dark Ones!

Random: QiongXiong JiE*! Stop talking shits!
T/N: Extreme vicious and violent.

Random: Grand Marshal has just passed away, and you are already trying to usurp his position?
Random: I will be the first to oppose you!

QXJE: Fine! Then I will kill you first!
QXJE: Attack!

Page 11
Box: With the death of HaiKuo TianKong, the Dark Ones has fallen in to a civil war.

NTEX: Ah Rou.

NTEX: Before brother died…

NTEX: He wanted me to tell you that he was sorry and that he couldn’t keep the promise he made, to stay by your side till the very end… That was what he wanted me to pass on to you.

NTEX: Was… that all?

Page 12
Ah Rou: Ah Man…

Ah Rou: Why have you done this to me?

Ah Man: I’m sorry.

Ah Man: …

SFQW: He was only… trying to help…

Ah Rou: Leave.

Ah Rou: I don’t ever want to see you again.

SFQW: Wait.
NTEX: Ah Rou, take care.

Page 13
SFQW: Wait up, Ah Man.

SFQW: Where are you going?

NTEX: Ah Wu, I won’t do any good by just staying here.

NTEX: Please take good care of Ah Rou for me.
NTEX: This turmoil will likely continue for a long time and it is going to affect each and every one of us. Because of my ignorance, I have brought pain and suffering to our people… I have made a promise to my brother that I will atone for my mistakes.

NTEX: I will be back. I promise.

SFQW: Hmm…

Box: In that instant, Ah Wu felt something changed inside him…

Page 14
ST: The death of HaiKuo TianKong awakened something that was hidden deep within him.
ST: She didn’t know what that something was, but it was as fierce as the fiery inferno…

ST: Ten years later

Box: The civil war continued…
Box: The Dark Ones was completely split up, into many small tribes. Endless raids took place between the tribes, with no end in sight.

Box: Chieftains of the tribes were all powerful former Generals of the Dark Ones, but now without any constraints, they have become a pack of vicious and violent monsters.

Page 15
Box: Some tribe chieftains, who didn’t wish to take part in the bloodshed, led their people to places far away…

Box: Forming many small tribes all across the realm of hell.

Box: Those who had the protection from their Chieftains could still live a good life.
Box: But those who without, could only wait.

Box: Wait till the war come and claim their lives.

Box: Or die to the Petrification Sickness.

ST: Within ten years after HaiKuo TianKong’s death, the Dark Ones had spread to all the corners of hell. The endless battle had taken a toll on their fighting spirit. The will they once had to oppose the Gods had vanished long ago… But it was that day, the day ten years later…

TXWS: You… are?

Page 16
NTEX: I’m Ah Man.
NTEX: HaiKuo TianKong’s little brother.

Page 17
TXWS: I know about you… how are you still alive?
TXWS: What do you want?

NTEX: TieXue WuShuang… I have come to ask for your life…

Random: …

NTEX: You have protected many innocent people during the war.

NTEX: If you really want to save them, you have to do more.

NTEX: I want your strength.
NTEX: To help me end his civil war, and reunite the Dark Ones.

Page 18
TXWS: Reunite the Dark Ones…?
TXWS: …Are you joking? You want to reunite those of savage beasts again under the same banner, that is impossible!

NTEX: I have made a promise, that no matter what, I will have to succeed.

TXWS: Yo brat… this is my advice to you, go home and sleep it off, and I will pretend nothing has happened! I only say this to you because I once respected your brother… sigh…
TXWS: Do you not see what is going on? The Dark Ones has been split up into dozen of pieces, the biggest one is held by that QiongXiong JiE, just this tribe of mine already holds several hundred of people. The strong fights the weak, nonstop, if not for territory then for something else. And yet you want them to sit down and listen quietly to what you have to say? You would be dead before you have even opened your mouth!

NTEX: Join me and you don’t have to fight them ever again.

TXWS: Bullshit! How will we survive if we don’t fight?

NTEX: What is the point of fighting each other constantly in this forsaken place? If you want to fight, you should fight the Gods from the world above.


Page 19
NTEX: This is HaiKuo TianKong’s dream, something most of our people has already forgotten… But I will make each and every one of you remember.
NTEX: I will reunite the Dark Ones, and not just with words. I will visit all of the tribes one by one, and convince them to join my cause no matter the cost, with force if I have to.

NTEX: Starting with you.


TXWS: Hehe!

TXWS: How interesting!
TXWS: Who would have known, that HaiKuo TianKong’s little brother was in fact a mad man!

Page 20
TXWS: I have this sudden urge to go mad as well!
TXWS: You! If you can beat me, then my life is yours!

NTEX: …Deal.


HFLL: Reunite the Dark ones…
HFLL: What a daring undertaking.

HFLL: Do you have what it takes?

Page 21
NTEX: I can’t do it all by myself, that is why I need your help.

NTEX: King of the Icy plains, HanFeng LinLin*.
T/N: Shivering wind of ice.

NTEX: Please give me your life.

HFLL: HaiKuo TianKong’s little brother…
HFLL: Just word is not enough to convince me.

Page 22
HFLL: Show me your strength.

NTEX: …Very well.

SFX: Munch/crunch

NTEX: Nomad of hell, ZongHeng TianXia*…
T/N: Unstoppable under the heaven.

NTEX: Can we talk?


Page 23
Fat guy: It is dinner time!

Kids: Yeeh!
Kids: Awsome!

Fat guy: Hehe… don’t fight.
Fat guy: There is more than enough for everyone.

Fat guy: ?

QXJE: Hehe…

QXJE: What do we have here…?
QXJE: I remember HaiKuo TianKong’s little brother was the biggest joke of the Dark Ones! Hehe…

QXJE: Who would have thought that many years later, so many chieftains would be willing to stand by his side.
QXJE: Are you all mad?

Page 24
NTEX: Because they want the same thing I want, to end this war.

NTEX: QiongXiong JiE… You were the first to rebel after the Grand Marshal, HaiKuo TianKong’s death, and put the Dark One’s through ten years of turmoil, but…

NTEX: I can forgive you.
NTEX: As long as you can let go of your selfish desires, and fight for the Dark Ones once more. We can still be brothers.

QXJE: Bullshit! I have never been afraid of anyone! Do you really think that just because you have rallied a bunch of chieftains, you can force me to bow down to you?

QXJE: Brat! You are too naïve!

QXJE: I’m born vicious and evil! I fight whenever I want!
QXJE: No matter whom you are!

Page 25
QXJE: Brat! If you have the balls then fight me one on one!
QXJE: And witness how I smash you to pieces!

NTEX: …Fine.

SFX: Rapid Breath x3

Page 26
Random: The boss was…

QXJE: Impossible… Even the HaiKuo TianKong from back then couldn’t possibly have beaten me so easily! How did he…

NTEX: QiongXiong JiE, Do you yield? If not then come at me…

NTEX: If you do, then give me your life.


NTEX: If you want to fight, want to kill, you may, but not against our own people.

NTEX: Go fight and kill the Gods from the world above… I will give you that opportunity.

SFX: Breath x2

QXJE: Hehe…

QXJE: How interesting… You little brat…
QXJE: Not bad!

Page 27
QXJE: From today forth, my life is yours!

Random: …

QXJE: Hahahaha…

Page 28
NTEX: Ah Rou…
NTEX: I’m back.

Ah Rou: Ah Man… You have finally returned…
Ah Rou: Where have you been all these years?

NTEX: I have traveled all over the realm of hell… and been to places where our ancestors have not.

NTEX: I’m sorry that it took this long… Are you in pain?

Ah Rou: No… by coming here, I no longer feel pain… Ah Wu has told me everything you have done.
Ah Rou: You have done well… All the chieftains… are now at your command.


Ah Rou: TianKong… has often mentioned to me in the past, that you are exceptional talented and you will definitely become stronger than him…

Page 29
Ah Rou: Both of you and your brother are fated to be our Dark Ones’ guardian star. But your light can only shine when your brother’s fades…
Ah Rou: I have never blamed you for what has happened in the past… You did what you did out of love for me and your brother, and I knew that.

Ah Rou: I’m glad…
Ah Rou: To be able to see the way you have turned out to be…

Ah Rou: I’m truly…
Ah Rou: Glad.

SFX: creak x3 (hardening)

Page 30

SFQW: You made it back to see her for one last time.
SFQW: Since her illness has already progressed to later stages, her condition has worsened… but she held on to her last breath trying to stay alive.

SFQW: So she can see you one more time.

NTEX: Ah Wu…
NTEX: I want to make this pain and suffering disappear forever… Can I do it?

SFQW: Of course you can.


NTEX: But I don’t have time left.

Page 31
NTEX: Before I become a piece of rock…
NTEX: I must settle this with the Gods from above once and for all.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XV “Brothers” The End

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