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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 54


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:42 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 54

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 16
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
NTEX: Before I become a piece of rock…
NTEX: I must settle this with the Gods from above once and for all.


SFQW: …What are you talking about…
SFQW: What do you mean become a piece of rock?

NTEX: …It is the Petrification Sickness.

NTEX: I have been infected as well.

Page 3
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part III “Determination”
NTEX: I came in contact with the Flower of Dawn in the Gods’ Domain ten years ago.
NTEX: Back then I thought it could cure the Petrification Sickness, but its pollen was what caused it in the first place. Before I knew, I was already deeply infected.
NTEX: My first symptom started to show soon after I left you guys, but thanks to this illness, I was able to leave my hesitation behind and see the path in front of me clearer than ever. There was only one thing left for me to do…

Page 4
NTEX: With the remainder of my time… I must complete my destiny.

SFQW: … How much time left?

NTEX: Can’t be certain.
NTEX: Most of the Dark Ones can hold out for 8 to 9 years after first symptom starts to show.

NTEX: But, based on one’s will power, some can survive much longer.

NTEX: Ah Rou has fought against it for over ten years…
NTEX: I can possibly hold out even longer, because this disease has yet to affect my mobility.

SFQW: Have you consulted with the witch doctors?
SFQW: Maybe they know some ways to help you, or maybe…

NTEX: Ah Wu! You can never ever tell anyone about this! You must keep it a secret.

Page 5
NTEX: It is not easy to bring the Dark Ones back together, if the chieftains get wind of my condition they would definitely start to have doubts, then all will be for naught.
NTEX: I must do the best I can with what we have and unite the fire that burns in our heart, and together we will declare war on the Gods.

NTEX: If we are to lose the will to fight now, the future of the Dark Ones will forever be in the dark.
NTEX: And if I die, I doubt anyone is able to keep chieftains like QiongXiong JiE in Check…

SFQW: Ah Man.

SFQW: Why do you only worry about their well being? Even when…

SFQW: You are about to die… Isn’t your own well being more important right now?


Page 6
SFQW: I can’t bear the thought.
SFQW: I love you, I don’t want you to die.

NTEX: Ah Wu, and I love you as well.

NTEX: Everything I have done, I have done out of the love for you and our people.


NTEX: You deserve a better life.
NTEX: And so do our people.

NTEX: We all deserve a place where we can live freely without the fear of hunger or sickness.

NTEX: And for that simple dream of ours, we must pay with our blood.

SFQW: I will put my life in your hands.
SFQW: And fight with you till the end.

Page 7
NTEX: Good… Ah Wu, let us work hard together.
NTEX: We still have a long road ahead of us.

Box: Eleven years after HaiKuo TianKong’s death, the Dark Ones were once again united under the same banner.

Box: No warriors of the Dark Ones fought against each other.
Box: They were given a new purpose, a new role, they were made into a formidable force that would challenge the Gods…

Box: Phantom Leaf Warriors.
Box: Underneath their masks, they all shared the same fearless determination.

Box: From that moment on, that Dark Ones were no longer threatened by the presence of each other.
Box: Before long, the Underground Street became lively again.

Box: The era of separation had come to an end… the former chieftains of the tribes were given a new title - the Great Generals.

Page 8
Box: Thirteen Great Generals of the Dark Ones, each and every one of them were fierce and disobedient beasts, yet all of them had gathered under the banner of their new and charismatic leader.
Box: He was the former leader, HaiKuo TianKong’s brother. It was that year, he received his warrior’s name.

ST: NiTian ErXing*
T/N: Act against the Heaven

Page 9
JHZY: Hihi…
JHZY: Hihi… Congratulations…

JHZY: NiTian ErXing…

JHZY: I was right about you… you have ended the Dark Ones’ civil war and shaped them in to a force to be reckoned with.

JHZY: And you have come to fulfill your promise, you have come to see me, a useless old fool… I’m really glad.
JHZY: I can see the light that surrounds you… it has become much brighter now than when you first returned to your people… It is very unusual… very unusual…

Page 10
ST: YongHeng ZhiYe*
T/N: Night of Eternity
Box: He was the only surviving ancient Dark One, living in the edge of hell.
JHZY: You are the shining torch that blinds the eye… your light is too bright… it won’t be long before you are burn out…

NTEX: Hmm… I have felt my strength getting stronger every passing day… maybe it is as you say, an omen of the end.
NTEX: I can’t wait any longer, I have to act soon.

NTEX: I have come to say good bye, my teacher.

JHZY: Pitiful child…

JHZY: Allow me to divine* for you one last time.
T/N: Predict ones future.
*or if some other way to phrase this?

Page 11
YHZY: Five years ago, the divination I made for you, gave me the omen of disaster, predicting your inevitable failure in your war against the Gods.
YHZY: Shall we see if it has changed?

YHZY: The light of your life has already reached its limits… its radiance is so powerful that it alone is enough to destroy anything that stands in your way.
YHZY: And you are surrounded by many guardian stars… You have made a lot of friends in the recent years, and not only just with the Dark Ones.

NTEX: Yes… I have met a human sister a year ago.

YHZY: An unusual fate.

YHZY: You will receive the help from the humans… and one of them…
YHZY: His killing intent is so intense, something I have never seen before! He has the power to carve out a new world.

Page 12
YHZY: The outcome of this war…
YHZY: Is unpredictable!

NTEX: From inevitable failure to unpredictable.

NTEX: It is a most welcome outcome.

YHZY: NiTian ErXing… My child.
YHZY: It is unfortunate that I can’t leave this place… I would have stood by your side if I could, and fought against the Gods…

YHZY: Like the way I fought them back then… but I no longer have the strength, I can’t help you.

NTEX: Teacher. You have already helped me more than I can ask for.
NTEX: I will never forget your teachings.

Page 13
YHZY: NiTian ErXing… You finding me, who had been trapped here during your travels in the realm of hell was not a coincidence…
YHZY: You were guided by fate… the reason I had survived till now was to guide you…

NTEX: Then… Did I also only survive till now for the purpose of succeeding someone else?

NTEX: Before my life came to an end, I had to know the answer to that question.

SFX: crackle

NTEX: It has been 16 years since I have first contracted the Petrification Sickness… by now it has already entered the final stages of the disease.

Page 14
NTEX: It can come out and devour me anytime now.

NTEX: It is not the time yet…
NTEX: I will not lose to you.

SFQW: Grand Marshal.

NTEX: Ah Wu.

SFQW: I have… not seen you… whole day…
SFQW: Are you alright?

NTEX: Yes… I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.

NTEX: Right.
NTEX: How is it going with our new friend?

Page 15
SFQW: They… are making a ruckus…
SFQW: Maybe you should go take a look.

NTEX: Oh…?


Random: Kill him!! (maybe not kill)
Random: Kill him!!
Random: Kah!!

Page 16
SFX: Grr –

SFX: Grinding teech sound –

TXWS: Give up, brat!

Yun ZhongZi: Wu Geng! Stab his eyeball!
Kids: Don’t give up!

Phantom: Kill him!!
Phantom: Great General!!

Phantom: Oh.

Page 17
Bai Cai: Food is ready!!

Bai Cai: Please try it out.
Phantom: …

Phantom: About that…
Phantom: It smells really good! Reminds me of the good old times…! I really want to try one…

Phantom: …

Phantom: Excuse me for my manners.
Phantom: Thank you.

Page 18
Phantom: Wow! I didn’t expect human food would be this delicious!

SFQW: Grand Marshal, we shouldn’t allow them to let their guards down like that.

SFQW: It can become a bad habit.
SFQW: It is all because those humans…

NTEX: Hehe… Ah Wu. There is no need for that. To be honest…

NTEX: Even I want to try one of Bai Cai’s homemade steam buns.

Wu Geng: Kah!!

Page 19
Wu Geng: Got you!

SFX: pull

SFX: clench

SFX: lock

Phantom: Great General! Beat the shit out of him!

Yun ZhongZi: Well done!

SFX: Grr -

SFX: Hehe!

Page 20
Wu Geng: ?

Yun ZhongZi: What was that loud crack?

Bai Cai: It shook the whole ship…


Page 21
SFX: cling x3

SFX: Wuaaah!!

Shi Xing: Release me!!

Page 22
SFX: Gasp…
SFX: pant… x2

Wu Geng: Is that Shi Xing…?
Wu Geng: The guy that won’t die no matter how many times you kill him…

Wu Geng: He has changed back to himself again.

SFX: Grr –

SFX: pant…

NTEX: No… this is not his true self.

Page 23
NTEX: What you see is only the shell…
NTEX: The real him is the one suffering inside…

NTEX: Shen Yen has left right in front of our eyes… Great God Shi Xing, you should know by now that you can’t challenge the Gods all by yourself.
NTEX: Have you made up your mind?

Shi Xing: I will go to the Gods’ Domain, and finish what I have started… NiTian ErXing! We can be temporary travel companions, but that doesn’t mean I’m your friend.

NTEX: Hmm. Of course. That is fine by me.

Shi Xing: But you must promise me one thing.

Page 24
Shi Xing: Few days from now will be the full moon.
Shi Xing: When that day comes, my Mark of the Death will once again devour my conscience and make me lose myself… I don’t know how long it is going to last this time, and how many innocent people will have to suffer because of me…

Shi Xing: No matter what it takes, you must find a way to stop me.
Shi Xing: Can you do it?

SFX: cling x3
SFX: Gasp !!

Page 25
Box: The moment he stepped foot onto Dark One’s warship, he took on many divine power restricting mantra spells willingly.

Box: Even then, his ferocity was still very terrifying.

Shi Xing: Release me!!
Shi Xing: I will kill you all!!

SFX: Grr!!

SFX: Aah!

Page 26
SFX: Roar!!
Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: Hard to believe…
Wu Geng: That Shi Xing… had such an untold story.

Wu Geng: And there I thought he had always been mad.
Wu Geng: Was losing himself during each full moon and killing countless people nonstop all because of the curse that was put on him…? Even I was almost killed by him…

Wu Geng: To think that Shi Xing… was actually a kind and handsome god…
Wu Geng: …Who would have thought!

Bai Cai: I pity him.
Bai Cai: Can you let me take care of him?

Wu Geng: …Why?

Bai Cai: He loved us with all his heart, yet he was forced to lose control and kill us.

Page 27
Bai Cai: His heart must be in agony.
Bai Cai: I want to take care of him, till his senses return.

Wu Geng: Hehe… Bai Cai you are doing it again. Don’t let your sympathy run wild all the time, even though this guy has been chained, he is still very dangerous, he would hurt you the moment you get too close!!

Shi Xing: Roar!!

Bai Cai: Ah!! But as long as you are with me, we should be fine right?
Wu Geng: !

NTEX: Yes, of course… with Ah Gou at your side, there is nothing you need to be afraid of.

NTEX: Ah Gou and Bai Cai. I will leave him in your capable hands.

Bai Cai: Hmm. I will try my best.

Wu Geng: Are they for real…

Page 28
Wu Geng: I have to take care of…

Wu Geng: That guy?

SFX: Wuaaah!!
SFX: Roar!!

Box: Gods’ Domain

Ah Lan: Great Elder…

Page 29
Shen Yen: You must be Ah Lan…
Shen Yen: You were born in the Headquarters of the fallen Gods, both of your parents were caught and sentenced to death soon after your birth, married when you were 17 year old, and your husband died a few years later in battle, your life was filled with loneliness…

Shen Yen: You are very intelligent, beautiful and a good fighter… Is that accurate?
Shen Yen: I have not had the opportunity to talk to you yet ever since I brought you back to the Gods’ Domain…

Shen Yen: Please be at ease, knowing each and every member of the Gods is also part of my job.
Shen Yen: But there is one thing I don’t understand, only stubborn fools are willing to join the Headquarters of the fallen gods, and as a stubborn fool, why would one suddenly change her mind…

Shen Yen: Isn’t that very suspicious? Don’t you agree?
Shen Yen: Come over here…! Don’t be scared, Would you be so kind to explain it to me?

Ah Lan: …
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XVI “Determination” The End

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