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Feng Shen Ji 55

Ah Lan's heart

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:43 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 55

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 17
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: The time they spent together…
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part IV “Ah Lan’s heart”

Page 3
Ah Lan: I made a promise with my life, that I would atone for my past and be forever loyal to the Gods.
Ah Lan: High Priest Xin Yue acknowledged my sincerity in person.

Ah Lan: If the Great Elder has any doubt about what I said, you can confirm it with High Priest Xin Yue.

Shen Yen: That won’t be possible.

Ah Lan: …

Ah Lan: !

Shen Yen: She was gravely injured by the Dark Ones’ ambush.

Page 4
Shen Yen: Even though we managed to save her life by bringing her back to the Gods’ Domain, but she had not yet regained her conscience.

Shen Yen: Even I do not know when she will wake up from her coma, so I have no choice but to take over all her responsibilities for the time being.

Ah Lan: …

Shen Yen: It is unfortunate, that the High Priest Xin Yue won’t be able to confirm your story.
Shen Yen: But it is not important whether she can or can’t, because I simply don’t trust you.

Page 5
Ah Lan: Then what do I have to do to prove myself?

Shen Yen: The only thing you can do is to tell the truth.
Shen Yen: Why did you come here?

Ah Lan: As a god, returning to the place I belong, is only logical, if the Great Elder has already made up your mind about me having an ulterior motive, then I have nothing to say.

Shen Yen: Hehe… to utter those words without a shred of emotion showing up on your face, you are indeed a tough one…

Shen Yen: And to stand in front of me unafraid while not showing the slightest discomfort, not bad, but if you want to fool me, only bravery is not enough.

Shen Yen: Since your body is unwilling to reveal the truth.

Shen Yen: Then…

Page 6
Ah Lan: …

Shen Yen: I will ask your heart instead.

Ah Lan: !
SFX: pierce

SFX: heart beat x2

Shen Yen: Ah Lan… this is it…

Shen Yen: Your heart which is the embodiment of your soul.

Shen Yen: You have a kind and courageous heart… which means you are not someone whose beliefs can be easily shaken.
SFX: heart beat x3

Shen Yen: In other words, you are lying to me.

Page 7
SFX: heart bet x5

SFX: Gasp x2

Shen Yen: I have my fingers wrapped tight around your heart, soon you will lose consciousness and that is when your life will also come to an end.
Shen Yen: Do you have anything left to say?

Ah Lan: I was blind! And I chose wrong.

Shen Yen: …

Ah Lan: I thought by returning to my own kind I would not have to be afraid anymore, and I would able to live a life without fearing what would happen next. I didn’t think that I would end up dying in the hands of my own people!
Ah Lan: If the Great Elder wants me dead, then go ahead!

Page 8
Shen Yen: Death was the final test… and yet you managed to pass it with flying colors.

Shen Yen: I would be in the wrong if I still held any doubts after that. Hehe…

Shen Yen: Ah Lan… I believe you are indeed true to your words.
Shen Yen: But this is a special circumstance.

Shen Yen: I will keep your heart for now for safe keeping, till the things have settled down.

Shen Yen: Leave your past behind. From now on you are one of us, remember this proud and honorable moment.

Ah Lan: Thank you Great Elder, I will do anything for the Gods to prove my loyalty, and rectify my past mistakes.
Ah Lan: Please allow me to take part in the fight against those rebels who are planning to invade the Gods’ Domain…

Page 10
Shen Yen: There is no need. Leave that to the warriors who are more suited to the task.

Shen Yen: From today forth, you will stay here and take care of the High Priest Xin Yue.

Ah Lan: … Yes.

Shen Yen: Ah Lan, it was not a mistake to return to the Gods, from this point forward, you won’t have to be afraid anymore.

Shen Yen: Please enjoy your stay at the Gods’ Domain.

Page 10
Shen Yen: However, without my permission, please do not wonder off elsewhere.
Ah Lan: I understand.

Ah Lan: …

Wu Geng: Hehe… hitting you for so long, I can hardly lift my arms anymore.

Page 11
Wu Geng: Great God Shi Xing, did you expect that one day you would be at my mercy?
Wu Geng: Too bad I have no mercy to show for those who had done me wrong in the past…

Shi Xing: I want to kill you!!

Wu Geng: drink drink…

Wu Geng: What, I can’t hear you…
Wu Geng: Who you want to kill?

Shi Xing: I want to kill you!!

Page 12
Wu Geng: Shut your trap!!

Shi Xing: Wuaah –

Wu Geng: Haha…
Wu Geng: It is a good thing that you can’t die!

Wu Geng: Look! No matter how hard I hit you!

Wu Geng: Awsome!!

SFX: smack smack

Page 13
Wu Geng: Did they say that you lost your mind because of the curse that was put on you? I don’t buy that crap.
Wu Geng: You are pitiful? Then what about all those poor souls who died at your hand! No matter, I will help them…

Wu Geng: Quench their anger!

Bai Cai: Ah Gou! What have you done?

Bai Cai: We were supposed to take care of him, not torture him!

Wu Geng: Don’t worry, it is not like he can die anyway.
Wu Geng: Didn’t NiTian ErXing say that this him is not the real him? Then it wouldn’t hurt to beat this one up a little bit, right?

Bai Cai: Mistreating someone can never a good thing.

Page 14
Bai Cai: Go take a rest above the deck, leave the things here to me.

Wu Geng: Eh! Shi Xing can be very dangerous.

Bai Cai: Look at him, you have already beaten him in to a pulp, how much danger can he be?
Bai Cai: Come on.

Bai Cai: Is that wine?
Wu Geng: Nah, just some fruit juice, do you want some?
Bai Cai: I’m good.

Wu Geng: Take care.

Bai Cai: I will.

Page 15
Bai Cai: …

ST: This is the Son of Tian… who was punished for his love for the humans.
ST: Even though his appearance is that of a beast, his soul is actually crying inside.

ST: Such sorrow… This Great God has a kind and gentle heart.

Page 16
ST: Please let this suffering end…

SFX: Ya-wn!!

Wu Geng: It has been five days since we first set sail…
Wu Geng: Everything has been quiet so far…

Page 17
NTEX: Looks like you are no stranger of being alone.

NTEX: The joy of our journey may soon come to an end.
NTEX: You should treasure the time you have with Bai Cai.

Wu Geng: It is she who wants to take care of that guy.
Wu Geng: Not me.

NTEX: Do you think Bai Cai is asking for troubles?

NTEX: You are wrong, Bai Cai can feel the pain hiding deep within someone’s heart, that is a very gentle and tender power, at times it is much more powerful than fist when it comes to conquer another person. (maybe not conquer)

Wu Geng: You seem to know her better than I do.

NTEX: I have known her for almost a year, the first time I saw her, her heart was filled with doubts.

Page 18
NTEX: Did you know what she was most afraid of back then?
NTEX: Back then you two had just reunited, but she already felt the many changes that took place around you, and she was terrified that the distance between you two had grown wider and wider.
NTEX: She wanted to enter your world… I understood her wishes, and that was the reason why I helped her accomplishing just that.

Wu Geng: You have dragged her into this war on purpose.

Wu Geng: What are you really up to?

NTEX: Not on purpose.
NTEX: It is out of her own will, but yes I have also considered the benefits of helping her due to your relationship with each other.

Page 19
NTEX: I want you to official join the Dark Ones.

Wu Geng: You want me to join you as a human? Is that really what you want?

NTEX: Yes, we hold great distrust against the Gods, but not so much against the humans, and Bai Cai is an example of that.
NTEX: The Dark Ones have accepted her because of me, with you it may be a little bit more difficult, and that is why you will have to prove yourself to the others first.

Wu Geng: What do I get for joining the Dark Ones?
Wu Geng: Are you going to give me a title of the Great General as well?


Page 20
NTEX: You can take my place.

Wu Geng: Choke!! Cough cough!!

Wu Geng: Are you joking?

NTEX: Do I look like I’m joking?

Wu Geng: Haha… So what you are really saying is that you don’t want to be the Grand Marshal anymore, and you don’t want one of your generals to take your place, so you rather find an outsider who is not even involved to take over!!
Wu Geng: And all that has to be done during our voyage towards the Gods’ Domain!

Wu Geng: Did I miss anything?
Wu Geng: Haha…

NTEX: That sounds about right.
NTEX: But please keep your voice down.

SFX: Tch!!

Page 21
Wu Geng: Listen up! NiTian ErXing, the man who covers his face! Do not play with me! We have all put our lives on the line in this war against the Gods, how dare you suggest that you no longer want it while we are already half way there! Do you want to go back home then, is that it?

Wu Geng: I knew you were up to no good, why else would someone cover their face if they had nothing to hide? You had something else in mind entirely!
Wu Geng: Did you not talk about revolution and all that, trying to give up half way, don’t think for a second you have fooled me! You want to take advantage of the others fighting, while waiting for opportunity to exploit the benefits. I’m not so easily tricked!

Page 22
NTEX: You have misunderstood.
NTEX: Of course I will take part in the fight, and in regard of you joining the Dark Ones, that can wait as well. What I’m talking about is meant for after the war.

Wu Geng: My patience is limited, faceless man! What are you really up to?

NTEX: I have my reasons.
NTEX: But I will tell you the truth if that is what it takes to clear all our misunderstandings.

Page 23
NTEX: Let me show you what is in my mind.
SFX: Crackle crackle

NTEX: This is the Dark Ones most honest way of communicating with a friend.

NTEX: Soul Communication Art (soul connect? Soul tunnel? Or )

SFX: !

Page 24
ST: Damn it…
ST: That Petrification Sickness…

Wu Geng: I hope that thing is not contagious!
SFX: Flick

NTEX: Don’t worry, it is not contagious at all, and it only affects the Dark Ones.

NTEX: Flower of Dawn’s pollen is what is causing the disease, but as to how and why did it spread to the realm of hell, even I do not know.
NTEX: That is something I have to confront Shen Yen about in person.

Page 25
Wu Geng: So that was what it is all about.
Wu Geng: You don’t have much time left, is that why you want me to succeed you? Well, at the very least you are not half bad when it comes to judging people.

NTEX: This illness can take away my life at anytime, I have no choice but to fight against it with every waking moment of my life.
Wu Geng: And that is why I didn’t want to fight the Sage Kings myself back when we encountered them at the harbor.

NTEX: I must stay alive till that final moment…

NTEX: Ah Gou.
NTEX: Before we reach the gate of Gods’ Domain, can I count on you to take care of all the fights?

Wu Geng: Sure.
Wu Geng: But that doesn’t mean I have already accepted your offer in becoming the next Grand Marshal.

NTEX: Yes… whatever you say.

Page 26
NTEX: This position of mine comes with great responsibility, wait till you have met with all our generals, if you feel that you don’t have what it takes to take upon the task then, I will not fault you for it.
NTEX: Please do not think of me trying to force you… another thing, my condition is only known to SuiFeng QiWu and you, please keep it a secret from everyone else.

Wu Geng: …

SFX: roll
SFX: !

Wu Geng: Huh… Is that a normal wave?

NTEX: Hmm… Someone has come to greet us…

Page 27
NTEX: And a giant one at that.


TXWS: Hmm!

Bai Cai: Entire ship… is trembling!

Zi Yu: Zzzz -
Box: Sleeping…

Wu Geng: Wow!
Wu Geng: What the hell is that?

NTEX: … The legendary Sea Devil (monster), and there I thought they are all extinct.

NTEX: Looks like they are no myths!

Page 28
ST: Rocky Sea Devil (monster)

Page 29
SD: The lost ones from places far away…
SD: Where are you going?

Wu Geng: It can speak…

NTEX: Our destination is the Gods’ Domain.

NTEX: Please move aside.

SD: Gods’ Domain…
SD: That is not a place where just anyone can go…

Page 30
SD: Turn around while you still can… and let go of any hopes that you will be able to accomplish anything even if you were to get there.
SD: We must all know our place.

NTEX: You have mistaken, we are not going to talk to the Gods.
NTEX: We are going, to kill the Gods.

SD: Hmm… Who are you?

NTEX: Dark Ones’ NiTian ErXing.

SD: The sea is my home, and I have rarely come in contact with the outside world.
SD: Sorry that I have not heard of you… really sorry, I don’t know what the Dark Ones are… and where you get the idea that you can challenge the Gods. Did you know, that the sea devils once ruled the sea a long time ago? And because we angered the Gods we were slaughtered… It was a very sad day… the entire sea was colored red by our blood…! Sigh… That happened a long time ago…

NTEX: Then… what about now?

SD: And now…
SD: The remaining sea devils have all repented for their mistakes.

SD: We have vowed to serve the Gods for eternity, never to change, and we will guard the sacred sea that leads to the realm of Gods.

Page 31
SD: All evil trespassers …
SD: Will die right here.

Wu Geng: Tch!!

SFX: Lift!!

SFX: Ship frame cracking sound!!
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XVII “Ah Lan’s Heart” The End

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