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Feng Shen Ji 56

Sea Devil

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:44 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 56

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 18
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: Feng Shen JI Season II – NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part V “Sea Devil”

Page 3
SFX: Aaah!!
Bai Cai: The ship is about to flip!!

SFX: Aaah!!

SFX: Lift!!

SFX: Heave –

Page 4
SFX: stuff rolling over the deck sound… x2

SD: Trespassers of the Gods’ Domain…

SD: Die!!

Wu Geng: Tch!!

SD: Catch!!

SFX: !

SD: Huh!!

Page 5
SFX: !!

SFX: Wuaah!!

SD: Oh !?

SFX: Kah !!

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: Another Sea Devil…
Wu Geng: Why is this one helping us?

Page 6
SD: Sorry for that… my father and sisters…
SD: Can you please not harm them?

Page 7
Father: Grr… Outrageous!! Bei-Er!! Have you lost your mind?
Girl: …

Father: As a Sea Devil, it is our duty to safeguard this sacred sea for the Gods!

Girl: No father, you are wrong. Our duty as the Sea Devil is to protect the sea, and keep those who fell or wounded from harm’s way… we are not supposed to harm the humans.

Girl: Father, your sense of duty is false.
Girl: It is… wrong.

Father: Idiot! What do you know? Gods put food on our table, kept us safe, and allowed us to live here freely, how can you not be grateful for the gift they have bestowed upon us?

Page 8
Sis: Bei-Er, you should listen to father.
Sis: Or do you plan to abandon your own?

Girl: …

Yun ZhongZi: The ship almost turned upside down.
Bai Cai: What is happening?

SFQW: … They must be the legendary Sea Devils.

TXWS: Hehe!!

Bai Cai: Woah!! They are so huge!!

Page 9
Kong Que: !

Kong Que: That one is…

Kong Que: Bei-Er!!

Girl: … Kong Que?

Bai Cai: …Is Bei-Er the name of that giant?

Wu Geng: They know each other.

Girl: It is really you…

Page 10
Girl: Kong Que and Yun ZhongZi, it is been a while.
Girl: How are you?

Kong Que: Good…

ST: Many years ago, Kong Que was imprisoned at the Worlds’ End inside the Gods’ Domain.

Box: Through sheer Luck, Fu Yi was able to escape, and he took Kong Que, Yun ZhongZi and another member of the Gods with him.

Page 11
Box: They sailed against the bellowing waves, overcoming countless danger.
Box: But once, they were close to being swallowed alive by the huge waves outside the Gods’ Domain.

Box: Luckily, Sea Devil named Bei-Er found them just in time.

Box: She carried them to safety, and brought the four fallen gods to the safety of shore.

Box: From that point on, Fu Yi, Yun ZhongZi and Kong Que became the fugitives of the Gods.
Box: It was also the last time they saw the face of their good friend from sea.

Yun ZhongZi: You haven’t changed…
Kong Que: Your voice is still calming as ever.

Page 12
Girl: Haha.
Girl: It is so good to see you guys again… You can never guess who is with me right now.

Girl: …You can come out now.
Xiao YaoZi: …Hmm?

SFX: ?

Girl: Don’t be shy, isn’t Kong Que a good friend of yours? And your brother Yun ZhongZi is here as well.

Xiao YaoZi: Hmm…

Xiao YaoZi: We are not really that much of a good friend, we just happen to know each other… hehe…
Xiao YaoZi: It just happened that we broke out of the prison together, that was all. Hehe…

Page 13
Yun ZhongZi: !
Yun ZhongZi: Xiao YaoZi!!

Kong Que: …

Xiao YaoZi: Yo. Kong Que, Yun ZhongZi!!

Xiao YaoZi: Long time no see, I’m really glad that everyone is all right.

Yun ZhongZi: This guy, disappearing on us the moment we stepped foot onto the mainland!
Yun ZhongZi: And here you have been hiding all this time!! Coward!!

Xiao YaoZi: Huh!! What coward!!
Xiao YaoZi: Brother, I have the rights to choose my own path, since when do I have to join that thing of yours… eh, HeadQuarters of the Fallen Gods.

Xiao YaoZi: Anyway, You guys are heading towards the Gods’ Domain…
Xiao YaoZi: What are you up to?

Kong Que: We want to overthrow the Gods’ Rule.

Xiao YaoZi: Ah… Oh… Eh… Woah… for real…
Xiao YaoZi: You guys are dreaming big…

Page 14
Xiao YaoZi: Isn’t that like digging your own grave?
Xiao YaoZi: That kind of life style doesn’t suit me, I rather continue living on that small island south from here, there Bei-Er visits me often. I don’t want to go back to the days we spent in the prison, so I think I rather keep living my simple life alone.

Father: Bei-Er, How dare you…
Father: It seems you have committed many crimes without telling us.

Girl: Father.

Wu Geng: That annoying guy again.

Father: Being together with the Gods’ traitor is a grave offence, did you not know that not only will you be given the punishment of death, even us will have to pay for your mistake!!

Page 15
Father: You have committed a serious crime.
Father: Get out of my way this instant! I will sink that ship and then take you to the gods so you can repent for your sins!!

Girl: Father, I beg of you, please let them pass.
Girl: If the Gods find out about it, just tell them it was me ok?

Father: Bei-Er!! Do not force me!! When it comes to duty, I will hurt you if I have to!

SFX: slide x3

Girl: Father, I must protect them.

Page 16
Xiao YaoZi: Bei-Er, hold on! Don’t be reckless…

Xiao YaoZi: They are serious!! And will hurt you if you stand in their way!! Should you really be risking your life for them?

Girl: Helping others…
Girl: Does not need a reason.

Xiao YaoZi: …

Girl: I want to be a good Sea Devil… (maybe something else than good) That is all.

Sis: Bei-Er! Are you really going to stand in our way?

Page 17
Sis: Then don’t blame us for what happens next.

SFX: Resonate x3

ST: Sea Devil Horn Blast

SFX: Wuaa!!

SFX: Aaah!!

Wu Geng: Woah!! That noise is crushing my eardrums!

Bai Cai: My head is about to explode!!

Page 18
SFX: Wuaah!!


TXWS: Damn it!!

NTEX: The legend spoke of the lovely voice of the Sea Devils able to put anyone into a trance, but when they get angry, their voice can also become the terrifying instrument of death.

NTEX: The shockwave of their horn blast is nothing to be sneezed at.
NTEX: If they continue like this, the ship will be destroyed.

SFX: crack x4

Girl: Xiao YaoZi, hold on to me.

SFX: Woah!!

SFX: Flip

Page 19
Box: Bei-Er smashed down hard with her tail fin and created a giant tsunami!!
SFX: !!

Box: The sudden burst of wave instantly dispersed other Sea Devil’s Horn Blast!!
SFX: Wua!!

SFX: Aaah!!

SFX: Oh.
Girl: Is everyone alright?

Yun ZhongZi: Wow!!
Kong Que: You are incredibly powerful when you get serious.

Page 20
Girl: I will distract my sisters.
Girl: Kong Que, Yun ZhongZi, you should hurry and sail away.

Kong Que: What about you?

Girl: Don’t worry about me.

Girl: My father and sisters will not harm me.
Girl: Let me give you a push!! It is time to go!!

SFX: !!

Page 21
SFX: Aaah!!

Xiao YaoZi: Bei-Er?

Wu Geng: …

Sis: Father?

SFX: Wuaa!!

Father: Ha… Didn’t I already warn you? Don’t push me!!
Father: For my honor and duty, there is nothing I won’t do!!

Page 22
SFX: Cough… x2

Kong Que: Bei-Er!

Yun ZhongZi: This is bad!!

Wu Geng: Hehe!! Is that so?

Father: Have I not taught you already, the Gods are to be worshipped! You must love them more than you love your own father and mother.

Father: As long as we serve the Gods humbly/meekly/submissively, we will be allowed to live a happy life, how can you not understand that? Why will you not let go of the past, and put your eyes towards the happiness of our future?
Father: Your mind has been tainted… you can no longer be saved.

Sis: Father! Please spare her!!

Father: Shut up! I cannot allow her to live! I will make you all watch, and see what your end is like if you choose to oppose the Gods!

Page 23
SFX: Wuaa!! X2

SFX: Aaah!!

Father: This is a test of my loyalty.
Father: Bear witness!! The almighty Gods!!

Father: I will give you my daughter’s life!! With it I promise you!!

Father: My eternal loyalty!!

SFX: !!
Wu Geng: Loyal your mom!!

Page 24
Father: Is he… a human?

Bai Cai: Ah Gou!!

Wu Geng: You stupid slave dog, you are making me fucking angry.
Wu Geng: In order to please the gods you would even kill your own daughter? What do you think the Gods would give you in return?

Wu Geng: And having your own kind annihilated is something you can just forget? Does family mean nothing to you? As long as you can live happily as a slave, does nothing matter at all? Is that what you are saying?
Wu Geng: You daughter is the real Sea Devil!! Not you!! You are a despicable shameless shit eating devil!! (or maybe another word than devil)

Page 25
Wu Geng: Today, I will definitely -
Wu Geng: Kick your ass!!

Father: Divine power!!
Father: How can he…

Sis: It is the Divine Power: Monochrome

Girl: Aww…

Xiao YaoZi: Wasn’t he a human?
Xiao YaoZi: How can he wield Divine Power?

Page 26
ST: Even a giant monster like that was forced back…
ST: His Divine power keeps getting stronger every time he uses it… a warrior of the Gods can never do something like that.

ST: A human whose Divine Power is forever growing…
ST: … is something never heard of.

Wu Geng: They all say, that it is best to not make me angry…
Wu Geng: Because it will end very badly for the one that does.

SFX: Jump!!

Wu Geng: Shit Eating Devil!!

Wu Geng: If all you can see with your eyes are the Gods, then what good are they?

Page 27
SFX: Ha!!!
SFX: tremble x3

SFX: Wuaah…
Father: How is he so powerful!! And he is just a mortal!! He even punched through my thick hides!!

Father: Wuaa… Damn human!! I will destroy you!!

Wu Geng: Eh?

Father: I can shatter even mountains with the swipes of my tail fin!!

Father: Die!!

Bai Cai: Ah Gou!!

Wu Geng: Grr!! What a heavy tail swipe!! He almost knocked me out!!

Page 28
SFX: throwing coin across the surface of water sound x3

SFX: !

SFX: Catch!!

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: You are…

HFLL: Great General of the Dark Ones –

Page 29
HFLL: HanFeng LinLin.
SFX: Step

Bai Cai: Ah!! Is that Brother HanFeng LinLin?

NTEX: Yes… We set sail ahead of them, but now they have finally caught up.

HFLL: Sorry for your wait.
HFLL: The entire Dark One’s army is on the move towards the Gods’ Domain, they will soon be able to join up with the Grand Marshal’s forces.

Page 30
SFX: Gasp… x2

Sis: Look over there…
Sis: Ah…

SFX: vroom x3

Soldier: Attack - !!

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