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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 57

Great Generals Assemble

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:45 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 57

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 19
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST1: CangBai DeLian*
T/N: Pale Face
ST2: BuWen BuWen*
T/N: Without care
ST3: MuWu BiaoQing*
T/N: Emotionless
ST4: SuiFeng QiWu*
T/N: Dance with the wind
ST5: ZongHeng TianXia*
T/N: Unstoppable under the heaven
ST6: XingXing YouLei*
T/N: Drops of tear
ST7: GuiMei SenLin*
T/N: Demonic Forest
ST8: HanFeng LinLin*
T/N: Shivering cold
ST9: QiongXiong JiE*
T/N: Vicious and violent
ST10: SiWang YenShen*
T/N: Deadly gaze
ST11: TieXue WuShuang*
T/N: Iron blood
ST12: DaChi SiFang*
T/N: Take it all
ST13: LuanWu KuangDao*
T/N: Berserker’s sword
ST14: Great Generals Assemble (Assembly of Great Generals or other shonen friendly names)
ST15: NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part VI

Page 3
Father: Gasp…
Father: …Rebel army’s reinforcements?

Sister: Look over there!
Sister: All those flying fish… there are so many of them!

Bai Cai: Everyone is here!

Page 4
HFLL: And you must be Ah Gou… The Grand Marshal often mentions your name to us.

Wu Geng: …

HFLL: He believes you to be exceptional, and I concur.

Wu Geng: ?

ZHTX: Oh!! Brat, I like you.

ST: Great General of the Dark Ones – ZongHeng TianXia

ZHTX: I could hear you yelling curses at that Sea Devil from miles away, it was totally awesome! And there I thought all the humans were spineless slaves of the Gods, but I was glad that you were able to prove me wrong.

Page 5
Wu Geng: Well… I can’t help it really, every time I see one of those who rather be a slave, I just get really angry.

ZHTX: Yes… You are a brave one indeed! And I hold heroic people like you with great respect! You are worthy to be called our brother!

HFLL: The Grand Marshal has already made him a brother.

LWKD: Not that easy!

LWKD: If someone wants to become a brother of mine, he needs more than just the Grand Marshal’s words!

Page 6
ST: Great General of the Dark Ones – LuanWu KuangDao
LWKD: Does he have what it takes?

GMSL: Hmm… He did beat the crap out of that Giant Sea Devil.
ST: Great General of the Dark Ones – GuiMei SenLin

LWKD: Are you saying that any of us couldn’t have done that?
LWKD: The Grand Marshal says that if we want to win this war against the Gods, we will need your help, but I don’t buy that!

LWKD: Tch!! What makes you so special?

Wu Geng: Well, and how strong are you?

LWKD: My strength is definitely ranked within top 5 of all the generals!

Page 7
Wu Geng: Yeah right, just by looking at you I can already tell you are definitely dead last amongst all the Generals.

LWKD: Hehe!! Then let me show you!!

LWKD: My true power!!

SFX: Leap!!

LWKD: Old Sea Devil, this is your unlucky day.

LWKD: You will soon become the sacrifice for our invasion!!
SFX: Wuaa!!

LWKD: Great General of the Dark Ones – LuanWu KuangDao
LWKD: Will be your next opponent!

LWKD: Soul Gear – Giant Sword/Blade/Sabre of the Berserker!

SFX: tighten grip sound x3
LWKD: Soul Injection (common dark one’s technique name, need something catchy, im thinking Spiritualize! Or something in that nature, a made up verb with the given context).

SFX: !
SFX: metal reforming sound.

Page 8
LWKD: Hehe!!

Wu Geng: So that is the real power of the Soul Gear!
Wu Geng: When his soul enters the weapon, he can change its form at will!

LWKD: Slash!!

SFX: !!

SD: Wuaah!

LWKD: Why is your spear so bloody weak?
LWKD: Haha…

Sis: Father!!

SFX: !

Sis: Damn it! These guys…

Page 9
DO: Take down those Sea Devils!!
DO: Charge !!

Sis: Damn it!!

SFX: Splash!!

DO: Watch out for her claws and tail fin.

Girl: Xiao YaoZi…

Xiao YaoZi: I’m glad to have you around for the past decade.

Page 10
Girl: But it is time for you to return to your friends.

Xiao YaoZi: No, I want to be with you.

Kong Que: …

Girl: I know that you have treated me well.

Girl: But there are things more important waiting for you.
Girl: Your friends… Kong Que, Yun ZhongZi… they need your help.

Page 11
Xiao YaoZi: But…

Girl: Please don’t blame my father…

Girl: Or my sisters…

Girl: They are only victims of fear…

Girl: A long time ago, we Sea Devils were once a thriving race.
Girl: We lived freely in this great wide sea, we would sing when the sun comes down and dance with the whales of the sea, it was a carefree and happy life.

Page 12
Girl: Back then, I was very young, my mother would teach me the ways of our people, to protect the sea was our duty.

Girl: I promised my mother that when I grew up I would be like her and become a kind and just Sea Devil.

ST: But that year, was the year when everything changed. The Great sea was colored red by our blood.
ST: My mother died as well during the great slaughter.

Girl: Boo…
Girl: Hoo…
Girl: Boo…

Girl: Mama… Don’t die…

Girl: Please don’t die…

SFX: !

Girl: Aah…

ST: That was when I was confronted by my deepest fear for the first time… I saw the darkness that engulfed us all.

Page 13
Girl: Tian…
Girl: …The ruler of the Gods and the whole world.

Girl: He showed me the true meaning of despair.
Girl: He was not just any god…

Girl: He was the master of life and death… no power in this world could oppose him, if you were to make it that far and stand in front of him, you will come to understand the meaning of my words.

Page 14
Bai Cai: …

Kong Que: …


Wu Geng: …

Girl: My father was a victim to that terror, and that was the reason why he became a slave of the Gods.
Girl: His heart was in agony…

Girl: Xiao YaoZi… and the rest of you who are heading towards the Gods’ Domain.
Girl: I wish all of you the courage to conquer that overwhelming fear…

Page 15
Girl: You…
Girl: Have a long road ahead of you…

Bai Cai: Bei-Er fainted! What to do?

SFX: !

Page 16
Xiao YaoZi: Aah!!

Xiao YaoZi: Grr… damn… don’t…

Xiao YaoZi: Bei-Er… Don’t you die on me...!

Xiao YaoZi: Too heavy… I don’t have the strength to hold on to her.

Page 17
Xiao YaoZi: Grr…

Xiao YaoZi: … gasp… I’m sorry… Bei-Er…

Xiao YaoZi: I’m so sorry…

SFX: !!

Page 18
Xiao YaoZi: Human?

Wu Geng: Can’t help it! I can’t just sit there and watch it happen!

SFX: Metal rings pulled sound

SFX: Wuaah!!

SFX: Heave!!

SFX: Heavy iron boot breaking deck surface sound x4

Bai Cai: Woah!

Page 19
Wu Geng: Even with the buoyant force of the sea, she is still insanely heavy.

Wu Geng: Hurry up.

Wu Geng: I won’t be able to hold on for much longer.

TXWS: Aaah!!

TXWS: Heeyah!

Page 20
Wu Geng: Good work!! As expected of TieXue WuShuang!!

HFLL: Ah Gou

Wu Geng: !

HFLL: I will keep her afloat above the surface of the sea.

Wu Geng: …

Xiao YaoZi: !

HFLL: Soul Gear Spiritualize. (or whatever name)
SFX: Grip grip

HFLL: When my Soul Gear – Silver Flame activates, it will bring with it the icy storm of hell.

Page 21
HFLL: … Go, cover the sea with a layer of ice.

SFX: Sudden ice freezing sound x3

Page 22
HFLL: …It is done.

SFX: Sheathing sword sound.

Wu Geng: So this is the true power of Dark Ones’ Generals.

Wu Geng: Their power rivals those Great Gods I have met in the past!

Bai Cai: Even our ship got frozen.

TXWS: Phew!

Xiao YaoZi: …

Xiao YaoZi: These Dark Ones… are insanely powerful!
Xiao YaoZi: No wonder they dare to challenge the Gods…

Page 23
Kong Que: Hey.

Kong Que: You, what are you standing there for.
Xiao YaoZi: …

Kong Que: Get out of the way, she can still be saved.
Kong Que: It is time for me to show off my powers.

SFX: Slice x3

Page 24
LWKD: Haha…

LWKD: You are really a tough one.
LWKD: Hard skin and thick flesh, still alive after so many hits.

SD: Gasp…

SD: Lowly rebels!! I will destroy all of you!!

SFX: Deep inhale –

Page 25
LWKD: Huh?

LWKD: He suddenly swelled up like a ball.
LWKD: What is he up to?

ST: Giant Sea Devil Horn Blast

Page 26
LWKD: Aah!!
LWKD: His Horn Blast is much stronger compares to those female Sea Devils!!

DO: Woah!!

Bai Cai: Aah!! That again!!

Sis: Father!!

Wu Geng: He is so much louder than the other ones, so annoying.

Page 27
QXJE: Hehe… What the hell are you guys doing? My brothers.

QXJE: It is taking ages for you guys just to kill a Giant Sea Devil.

QXJE: Where is your pride as the Great General of the Dark Ones?

QXJE: Worthless.
SFX: stomp sound

LWKD: Breath!!

LWKD: Ah… that is…

QXJE: Make way, small kiddies.
QXJE: Time to watch the big boys play!!

Page 28
SFX: !

SFX: Step

QXJE: Giant Sea Devil, it seems that you like screaming a lot.
QXJE: Hehe… very well. I will give you that opportunity…

SFX: muscle tightening powering up sound x4

SFX: Weapon reforming sound x4

QXJE: To scream your lungs out…

Page 29
ST: Giant Dragon Tooth –

SD: Wuaah!!

Wu Geng: That guy… how is he a Great General.

Wu Geng: There is nothing but evil killing intent coming out of him.

LWKD: Outrageous, he was mine.

ZHTX: QiongXiong JiE has entered the fray…
GMSL: If it is him, this won’t end that easily.

Page 30
QXJE: Hehehe…
QXJE: This is what I’m talking about. This is the sound that can give me a hard on!! (or maybe something less vulgar)
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XIX “Great Generals Assemble” The End

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