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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Feng Shen Ji 58

QiongXiong JiE

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:45 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 58

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 20
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part VII “QiongXiong JiE”

Page 3
Sis: Father!!

QXJE: Hehe, the sound of your skull cracking excites me to no end.

QXJE: Old Sea Devil!!

QXJE: I’m not done with you yet!!

QXJE: Hahaha!!

Page 4
Father: Wuaa!!

NTEX: QiongXiong JiE.

NTEX: Our real enemies are not the Sea Devils, there is no need to kill them.

QXJE: Huh…? The Grand Marshal sure has a merciful and forgiving heart.
QXJE: Of course! Someone who can forgive even the likes of me, how can he not forgive a mere Sea Devil?

QXJE: If this is what you want, then so be it.

SFX: smash x4

Page 5
Father: Aaah –

QXJE: Ah damn!! Sorry my honorable Grand Marshal!! My Soul Gear – Giant Dragon Tooth went berserk at the sight of his blood!!
QXJE: Even I cannot control it!!

QXJE: Oops!! This is bad!! His skulls is about to be smashed to pieces!! Hahaha…

Bai Cai: So cruel!!

Wu Geng: …

Sis: Father!!

QXJE: Tch!! Female Sea Devil!! Do you want to have a taste of my hard and humongous stick as well?

QXJE: Here, all yours!!

Page 6
SFX: !!

Sis: Wuaa!!

QXJE: Haha…

Sis: Aaah!!

QXJE: Doh… finished already?

QXJE: Return!!

Page 7
QXJE: The only thing I can’t live without is killing, plunder and blood… How can a life without them be called a life at all?
QXJE: The only reason I’m going to the Gods’ Domain is to kill.

QXJE: And right now I’m going to skin you all alive!!
QXJE: So I can defile the sacred Domain of the Gods with the flesh that I’m going to rip out of you!!

Sis: Aaah!!

Wu Geng: Yo. Will you please calm down, Geezer!!

Page 8
Wu Geng: Did you not hear that NiTian ErXing tell you to stop earlier?

Wu Geng: Are you mad? Or do you have trouble following orders?

QXJE: Ho… Brat, Looks like you want to have a taste of my big stick as well.

QXJE: It is all yours!!

Page 9
Wu Geng: I rather if you keep that big stick to yourself!!

Wu Geng: Geezer!!
Wu Geng: Eat my fist!!

SFX: !!

QXJE: Wuaah! What just happened?
QXJE: Brat… your fist was as heavy as iron, it even crushed my nose!!

QXJE: Who are you?

Page 10
NTEX: His name is Ah Gou. I have mentioned his deeds before, but I guess you didn’t pay attention as usual.

NTEX: I hope that you will remember his name now, because he is a brother who will fight alongside us against the Gods.
NTEX: QiongXiong JiE…

NTEX: If you still won’t stop, then we can’t be brothers anymore.

QXJE: Hoho…

Wu Geng: Breath!!

Page 11
LWKD: Yo!! Brother!! Well done!! You were awesome!!

LWKD: Respect!! Respect!!

Wu Geng: Brother? What is with the sudden change of heart?

LWKD: The Grand Marshal clearly has good reasons by naming you as one of his brothers!! You even dare to punch the likes of QiongXiong JiE, that is no small feat. To be honest, he is someone that I rather not try to provoke!!
LWKD: Did you know? He never forgets those who crossed him in the past, and his strength is ranked top of all the generals, even the Grand Marshal has troubles keeping him in check.

Wu Geng: He is indeed one scary monster…

LWKD: During the Dark Ones’ civil war, the number of people he killed was countless.
LWKD: With the Grand Marshal around, he behaves a little, but without the Grand Marshal, who knows what he is capable of.

Wu Geng: So if NiTian ErXing dies, then nobody will be able to keep him in line?

Page 12
LWKD: Brother, that is not possible.
LWKD: The Grand Marshal will not die, there is no one that can defeat him, he is the reason why we have come here in the first place!!

Wu Geng: …

Father: Gasp…

Sis: Father…
Sis: Father…

Sis: Boo…

Sis: You have to hold on…

Page 13
Father: I… can’t…

Father: Die… in the hands of the rebels… I can’t accept this…
Father: Why didn’t the mighty Gods… come and help us…

Sis: Boohoo…

Father: My daughters!! Go kill them!! And avenge my death!!
Father: Kill them all!! Kill them all!!

Girl: Please father…
Girl: Why do you have to be like that?

Sis: !

Girl: If you continue to fight, there will be only more death…

Page 14
Girl: Sisters… please stop.

Father: Bei-Er…
Father: Is that you? How are you unharmed?

Kong Que: Well… As long as I’m around…

Kong Que: Those who deserve death shall die, and those who don’t shall live.

Father: Please… save me, I don’t want to die!!

Kong Que: Too bad… Old Sea Devil, I’m already spent from having to save your daughter, I won’t be able to wield my Divine Power again for a while.

Kong Que: You have brought it upon yourself.
Kong Que: If you didn’t try to kill your own daughter, Bei-Er. Then I would have had the strength to save you.

Page 15
Kong Que: Everything has been set into stone, your death is inevitable. You have served the Gods loyally, but did any of them come to save you in your time of need? No, they have abandoned you.
Kong Que: Even at the verge of your death, you still try to get your daughters to fight and have them suffer the same fate you have, the selfishness in your heart is shocking.

Father: Ha… Don’t you laugh too soon!!

Father: Bei-Er! Don’t you dare to laugh just because you have killed me with the help of those outsiders! You!! …You will die as well!!

Girl: Father…

Wu Geng: Tch.

Father: All of you!! Will die!!
Father: Ha… ha…

Page 16
Father: The scream… I let out back then… was the cry of war…
Father: It has already reached the Gods’ Domain!! The Gods… will know what has happened here… They … will…

Father: Skin you alive…

Father: And eat… your flesh…

QXJE: Hehe.

Father: Ha…
Father: Ha…

SFX: Sound stuck

Page 17
Sis: Father…

Sis: …

Girl: Sisters.

Girl: Please listen to me, and stop fighting.

Sister: But they killed father…

Girl: Sisters… We are the only four Sea Devils left, we can still live a happy live. Our race of the Sea Devils was once the peaceful guardians of the sea, did you all forget? Why do we try to involve ourselves in this war?

Page 18
Girl: Even if we are to fight, our opponent should be the Gods who had slaughtered our friends and families, and not them…

Girl: Sisters… please go back.
Girl: The sea is boundless, there will always be a place for us, we don’t have to die in the name of the loveless Gods.

Sis: … x3

Sis: What about you?

Girl: I want to go with them, and bear witness to this war.

Xiao YaoZi: …

Girl: Father is no longer with us, I want to make my own choices.

Page 19
Sis: Bei-Er.
Sis: I hope that you won’t come to regret the choice you have made today.

Sis: We will bury the remains of our father in the Graveyard of the Sea Devils first.
Sis: And then leave this place, to a place far away from the Gods’ reach.

Sis: Take care of yourself.

Girl: …I will. Good bye, my sisters.

Page 20
SFX: bubble x5

LWKD: They are gone.
Wu Geng: These Sea Devils are not evil, it is for the best if they are willing leave.

XXYL: New comer!!


XXYL: You are pretty good… you even managed to kick that guy’s ass. Haha.

Page 21
XXYL: The Grand Marshal calls you his brother, then I will do the same, and consider you a brother as well.
XXYL: This is the first time I meet with a human, how interesting.

XXYL: My name is XingXing YouLei.

XXYL: Come up here.
XXYL: Thanks.

LWKD: What about me?
LWKD: XingXing, you seemed to have forgotten about me.

XXYL: Oh… Have you been there all along? Sorry, my bad… But you will have to find another fish to ride.
XXYL: There is quite a few of them around.

XXYL: You see, I have to take care of the new guy first, besides he is only like so many times more handsome than you.

Page 22
Wu Geng: There are thirteen Great Generals the Dark Ones…

Wu Geng: Where are the rest?

XXYL: We are the main force of this campaign, we will invade the Gods’ Domain together with the Grand Marshal, and force the Gods to focus their attention onto us.
XXYL: The rest are with our hidden force, they will strike the enemy at places they least expect, get it?

Wu Geng: Oh?

Wu Geng: It is raining.

Girl: The dark clouds are coming from the Gods’ Domain.

Girl: This is not a natural thunderstorm…
Girl: It is controlled by a powerful Divine Power.

DO: …

Page 23
NTEX: Sea Devil’s Horn Blast has already reached the Gods’ Domain.
NTEX: They don’t look too happy hearing that.

NTEX: The Gods want to welcome us with a thunderstorm.

SFQW: Then the Gods’ Domain must not be too far away.

TXWS: Tch, who would be scared from a lousy thunderstorm?

Bai Cai: Sudden change of weather, how scary…

Page 24
GMSL: Gods and their power to control the weather…
GMSL: Is very intriguing.

HFLL: After passing through this thunder storm, we will be arriving at the sacred Domain of the Gods…

ZHTX: How amusing.

QXJE: Hoho… I can’t wait…

Xiao YaoZi: Brother, are you really going?
Yun ZhongZi: Even Bei-Er is not afraid, you should learn from her.

Girl: I have lived here all my life, but never dared to swim close to the Gods’ Domain… Even I do not know what lies ahead.

Wu Geng: …

Page 25
NTEX: Warriors of the Dark Ones.
NTEX: The day we have been waiting for is close at hand.

NTEX: Ride through the storm in one fell swoop.
NTEX: And fight the Gods to the death!

DO: Roger!!

Girl: Let me give you a hand.

Girl: It will be much faster this way, hold on tight.

DO: Attack!!

Page 26
Wu Geng: It is really strange, that none of you are even a little bit scared regarding the attacking on the Gods…
Wu Geng: As if you are just going to a festival.

Wu Geng: Are all the Dark One’s so fearless?

XXYL: What is there to be afraid of?

XXYL: There is something you have wanted to do for all your life, and now you have the chance to do it, will you be scared then?
XXYL: It is the same eagerness we have when going to a party.

Wu Geng: Hmm… indeed. What is there to be afraid of…?
Wu Geng: There is something I have been waiting to do as well.

Wu Geng: The Gods in the Gods’ Domain…

Wu Geng: Just wait.

SFX: Donk!!

Page 27
SFX: Donk x4

Girl: Tower of Heavenly Shock’s bell is ringing again.
Girl: And this time it won’t stop…

Girl: Something important is happening!!

Page 28
Shen Yen: The Dark Ones have come.
Shen Yen: The storm will blast some of them away.
Shen Yen: And the rest will enter this Ruin of the Sea, the place where we will meet them in battle and the place where they will be annihilated. We will not let any of them enter the sacred ground of the Gods’ Domain.

Shen Yen: Warriors of the Sage Hall, after this glorious battle, your names will be forever marked in the history of the Gods.
Shen Yen: It is time to show them the might and pride of the Gods.

Page 29
Shen Yen: And…
Shen Yen: Kill them all.

SFX: Donk

SFX: Donk x3

Ah Lan: The sound of war has reached the Gods’ Domain.

Ah Lan: Then…

Page 30
Ah Lan: It is time for me to act.

ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XX “QiongXiong JiE” The End

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