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Feng Shen Ji 60


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 16, 2013 05:46 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 60

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 22
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: NiTian ErXing Chapter – Part IX “Fight”

Page 3
ST: Gods’ Domain
Box: At the center of the boundless sea, a place separated from the outside world.

Box: Above this Sacred Ground, stood countless mysterious and ancient structures.
Box: And Giant rocks covered in vines and lichen, as if it had been abandoned long ago.

Box: While the humans were still the savages that ate raw food and drank blood, high sophisticated culture already existed here.

Box: The arrogant Gods lived here.
Box: Through their unrivalled power, they conquered the world.

Box: A place far away from the Sacred Ground called Ruin of the Sea, was filled with numerous giant statues.
Box: They were the carvings of most powerful warriors in Gods’ history, with it, their glorious past was recorded.

Box: Near its end, was a giant waterfall.
Box: It separated the Gods’ Domain with the rest of the world, making it a place beyond mortal’s reach.

Box: On this day, a group of people had come.
Box: And with their arrival, they destroyed its serenity. This group of unsophisticated, noisy and boorish people had something very special…

Page 4
Box: A fearless determination.
Box: Many of them will die here… But this war they started, will change the world.

Zi Yu: …

Zi Yu: Y-yawn.

Zi Yu: About time.

Page 5
Bai Cai: Aah…

Kong Que: It is him…

Xuan Feng: I’m really disappointed… NiTian ErXing.

Xuan Feng: Due to your recklessness, you have brought death to many of your people.

Xuan Feng: I have told you that I hated war, and I do not wish to see perish of the living. In this case, the living that will perish, is you.
ST: Sage King – Xuan Feng

Xuan Feng: But now by arriving at the Gods’ Domain, you left me with no choice.
Xuan Feng: I must destroy you all.

Page 6
NTEX: We never had any choices either… Since when did the arrogant Gods care about the well being of the others? My brother HaiKuo TianKong had tried to negotiate with you, but in the end he was killed by the Gods.
NTEX: You have ruled the world for far too long; you have become so arrogant that you believe yourself to be the holiest of us all and that you have the rights to stand on top of us.

NTEX: We have come to change that.
NTEX: And end the Age of Gods.

Xuan Feng: To end the Age of Gods, I sincerely doubt that you can.

Xuan Feng: You have not seen how powerful we really are.

Page 7
Wu Geng: !

Wu Geng: What a threatening aura!! Who can it be…?

Yun ZhongZi: Ah!!

Wu Geng: These guys… are not regular warriors of
the Gods!! Each of them is able to wield powerful Divine Power!! Their aura together makes me hard to breath!!

Wu Geng: What the hell!! They are all at the level of the Great Gods!!

Wu Geng: They are the Gods’ Hundred Companions* from Sage Hall.
T/N: Wheel of time anyone?

Page 8
Xuan Feng: They are all former Great Gods, under normal circumstances we never would have summoned all of them to battle.
Xuan Feng: But we know that you will be here, and we want to defeat you with our strength alone, no traps and no ambushes. Our pride and honor as the Gods demand us to face you in battle without any underhanded tricks, that is why we have come with the elites of our forces… and destroy you in a fair contest of strength.

Page 9
Xuan Feng: How many soldiers did you bring? Hundred thousands? Or even two hundred thousands…? It doesn’t matter.
Xuan Feng: We only have hundred.

Xuan Feng: If you can break through the Gods’ Hundred Companions, you will be able to enter the Sacred Ground.

NTEX: Hmm… A battle formation of hundred Gods?

NTEX: Its power is hard to fathom, but we will force our way through one way or the other, no matter how powerful your formation may be.

NTEX: ...Let’s begin.

Xuan Feng: Well… then…

Xuan Feng: Then let me, the least useful God amongst the hundred be the vanguard of this battle.

Page 10
Xuan Feng: Oh, right!! Have you…
Xuan Feng: Ever tried to fly?

Xuan Feng: Looking down from top of the sky is quite a trip, you may come to enjoy it.


SFX: creak x2

Wu Geng: Ah! He is about to attack!!

TXWS: Be careful!!

Kong Que: Sage King with the power to control the storm!! He has not shown us his true power back at the harbor!!

Bird: bird yelling sound

ST: Divine Power: Heaven and Earth

Page 11
ST: Deity of the Storm
ST: Silver Wings Sky Splitter

Page 12
SFX: Vroom!!

SFX: !!
Bai Cai: Woah!!

Wu Geng: Bai Cai!!
Wu Geng: Hold on to me!! Don’t let yourself get washed away!!

Bai Cai: Ah!!

Wu Geng: We are getting swallowed by the waves!!

Wu Geng: this is…

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: Water Tornado!!

Page 13
Xuan Feng: You are about to be blown away even though you have just happily arrived.

Wu Geng: Aah!!

Bai Cai: Ah Gou!!
Bai Cai: I’m going to use the Vanishing Arts!!

Wu Geng: Ah!!

SFX: !!

Bai Cai: This place is more secluded, we should be save here!!

Bai Cai: Dark One’s Warship is getting blown away!! What should we do?

Wu Geng: …

Page 14
SFX: Woah!!
Yun ZhongZi: Hold on!!

TXWS: Damn it!!

NTEX: SuiFeng QiWu, bring me my sword.

SFX: !

SFX: buttons opening sound x4

SFQW: Catch!!

NTEX: Catch sound!!

Page 15
Best page of my life

Page 16
SFX: Whoosh

Xuan Feng: ?

Page 17
SFX: !!!

Page 18
SFX: palm tightening sound x3
Xuan Feng: …

Xuan Feng: That was close, NiTian ErXing, you almost cut me in two.

Box: The time for words had long passed, NiTian ErXing didn’t want to waste any time on talking, his sharp gaze filled with killing intent said it all.

Box: Even more pressure was put in to his sword!!

Box: He wanted to cut through his opponent right then and there!!

Gods: Let’s go!!

Gods: He is the Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones!! Kill him and everything will end!!

Page 19
Gods: NiTian ErXing!! I’m your opponent!!

SFX: Clank
SFX: !!

SFX: sword cutting through air sound!!

SFX: !!

Page 20
Gods: He is strong!!

Gods: Aah!!

Xuan Feng: …

SFX: crash against cliff sound

Xuan Feng: What a terrifying power, NiTian ErXing!! If not for the help from my companions, I might not have escaped unharmed!!
Xuan Feng: Is that why he didn’t fight us at the harbor, was he trying to conceal his true power?

Xuan Feng: That strike just then was an attack with no reservation, an all out attack determined to kill.
Xuan Feng: How strange… for his first strike to be as fierce as if it was the last strike of his life!!

Shen Yen: NiTian ErXing…

Shen Yen: The one that made me feel uneasy that day…
Shen Yen: Was you!!

Wu Geng: He finally did it!!

Wu Geng: But can his body…
Wu Geng: Handle it? He can die at any time!!

Page 21
SFX: Hair tightening sound x3
SFX: Soul Gear Spiritualize – Night of Eternity
Box: Stepping foot in to the Gods’ Domain and facing opponents with unfathomable strength, NiTian ErXing didn’t hesitate for a second to put his soul into his Night of Eternity, and became one with the sword. He would fight them with everything he had!!

Page 22
Box: Through his most powerful attack, Nitian ErXing forced back the Sage King Xuan Feng and canceled his Water Tornado.

Xiao YaoZi: Ah!! The storm has stopped!!

Xiao YaoZi: We are dropping!!

Page 23
Yun ZhongZi: Ah!!

Girl: Is everyone alright?

Xiao YaoZi: Bei-Er!! I was worried about you.

Girl: When we fell down the waterfall, I got carried to the bottom of the sea, it took me some time to get back up.
Girl: The rest of your friends did as well…

Girl: But they are here now.

Page 24
LWKD: Damn!! I had to swallow tons of sea water!! Fuck that, I almost died before I even got to the fight.
LWKD: From now on, the thing I hate the most is sea!!


ZHTX: Hehe… warrior of the Gods!

ZHTX: I have waited a long time to fight you!!

XXYL: Phew.

Page 25
QXJE: Gods’ Domain!! I’m finally here.

QXJE: Oh? Is that the welcome party you have planned for me?

QXJE: QiongXiong JiE.

NTEX: Enemies’ battle formation is made out of powerful Great Gods, do not underestimate them.
NTEX: We will split our forces in two, and regroup later in the Sacred Ground.

NTEX: TieXue WuShuang, SuiFeng QiWu, GuiMei SenLin and XingXing YouLei follow me.
NTEX: The rest will follow you.

Page 26
QXJE: No problem, I can fight without companions as well, they will just get in my way anyway.

QXJE: But since you have requested it, I have no choice but to take on this burden!!

NTEX: Ah Gou.
NTEX: You have your own objectives, but you can only do them if you break through here.

Wu Geng: You, the Great Swordsman and the rest of your friends from the Gods can fight together.

Wu Geng: …

Page 27
NTEX: Only by defeating the battle formation of Hundred Gods, can we enter the Sacred Ground.
NTEX: Warriors of the Dark Ones, charge.

Xuan Feng: …
Xuan Feng: I couldn’t blast you away with my storm…

Xuan Feng: Looks like this confrontation can’t be avoided.

Gods: Tch.
Gods: Bunch dirty savages.

Gods: I have not had a good fight for a long time ever since I retired from the position of the Great God!! This will be fun.
Gods: Yes… finally we get to fight again!!

Page 28
QXJE: The Sea shall be colored in red with your blood.
SFX: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XXII “Fight” The End

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