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Oresama Teacher 2

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 17, 2009 03:52 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 2

**I'm trying to adopt a new format to make it easier to read. I'm ignoring which line goes in which box and am just giving each person their own line until the speaking character changes. Anything in italics are things the characters are thinking. Any feedback is appreciated!! Thanks :D

Oresama Teacher


Chapter 2


The story so far:
The man that sexually harassed me and stole my food suddenly appeared in front of my eyes…!!! And he’s my teacher, unbelievable! Not only that, he’s my homeroom teacher!?

What’s going to happy to my rosy high school life!?
End of recap

Takaomi: Well // thanks for yesterday // I can’t fight any kids since I’m a teacher

Mafuyu: That’s why he said he couldn’t fight…
So // what did those guys want anyway?


Takaomi: Those guys have been hassling my students lately // so I though I’d take them down once and for all // these are my winnings from yesterday

Mafuyu: Student organizer notebooks? // where did these come from?

Takaomi: I stole them

Mafuyu: Stole…!!?

Takaomi: Well / I can’t really physically do anything right?


Takaomi: So I’ll use that // and you know…

Mafuyu: What is he going to do!!? // no wait, I have a feeling it better off I don’t ask him anything
Um…Saeki sensei…

Takaomi: What // why are you acting like a stranger? // why don’t you call me Takaomi-kun // in a cute voice like you did yesterday?

Mafuyu: What a jerk…!!


Mafuyu: There’s no way I’ll call you by your name!! // and what kind of a teacher are you, threatening your students!?

Takaomi: The second I leave the school / a teacher is just a regular person // that’s troublesome that you expect me to be perfect like a God // Plus, the teachers are in cliques and bully each other too; the relationships are pretty screwed up // probably because there aren't too many of us

Mafuyu: I don’t need to know insider gossip like that!!

Mafuyu: I can’t believe such a guy is a teacher…!! // not like I’ve always thought of teachers are great people but // wait a minute, does he…!?


Mafuyu: have a split-personality!? // he’s a nice teacher in front of everyone // but he’s actually a terrible horrible person // that must be it! I understand now…

Takaomi: No you don’t

Mafuyu: Wha! You were listening!?

Takaomi: I wouldn’t do something that requires that much effort // this is just how I am

Mafuyu: how he is…
why did they hire you…?

Takaomi: who knows // this school is low on students and teachers, so if you apply, you’re accepted // wasn’t it the same for you?


Mafuyu: True… // but wait… // I’m not satisfied with that response…

Takaomi: Hey // did you // used to…

Mafuyu: oh nooo! I guess I haven’t eaten for a while but…!

Mafuyu: uh… / uh…

Takaomi: haha // you’re such an embarrasment // fine fine

Mafuyu: It’s your fault!! // I will get my revenge… and I’ll write “idiot” on your forehead with a permanent marker and connect your eyebrows and…


Takaomi: eat this

Mafuyu: Onigiri… // maybe he’s actually pretty nice…?

Mafuyu: oh… // thanks…

Takaomi: It’s actually expired though


Takaomi: It’s fine // humans are not that weak


Takaomi: Idiot // it would be problematic if I got sick

Mafuyu: I wanna punch him // no Mafuyu… // you decided you won’t cause trouble // punching is bad, no no // let me try and think about something fun and shift my anger

Illusion: My high school debut… I’m a legendary idol, Mafuyu…
Crowd: pure!! // cool! // tough!! // princess!! // yoroshiku!! // sabi-nuki!! (means without wasabi)
Mafuyu: This is great!!
Crowd: Up to date!!
Mafuyu: Up to date!!?


Mafuyu: I know, I’ll try that hipster fashion style // I saw it on TV once

Bam // Bam // Bam!

Takaomi: let’s go


Takaomi: Oh // did you think of an introduction for yourself?

Mafuyu: Of course, it’s perfect!!

Takaomi: Wow, you’re confident / let me see

Mafuyu: YES!!

Mafuyu: Nice to meet you all! I’m a transfer student, Kurosaki Mafuyu / I hope to study with you all for the next 3 years // it’s the first time I’ve ever transferred schools // so I’m a little nervous // but I think I can overcome my worries with everyone’s help / so please cheer me on as I try my best!


Takaomi: HAA!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!

Mafuyu: Excuse me!?

Anyway, this is the first day of classes for me

Students: Hey did you hear? // Hayasaka-kun was in another fight // I did! And it was with a girl right?


Student: He’s so scary, I heard he hit an upperclassmen the other day // really? // Hayasaka-kun is such a delinquent // shh he can hear you // AAH!

Hayasaka: These rich kids are so lame… / isn’t there anyone exciting around here? // what!? What’s this strong feeling!? // it’s filling up the entire classroom // who the hell…!!?


Takaomi: This is our transfer student, Kurosaki Mafuyu-san

Mafuyu: Hello / it’s nice to meet you all

Mafuyu: Oooohh // wow // it’s a normal reaction // bravo, normal people!!

Takaomi: so / your seat is… // over there / in the back

Mafuyu: Hai!


Mafuyu: First impressions are crucial // hello neighbor!!

Mafuyu: Nice to meet you!

Hayasaka: Huh?

Mafuyu: A delinquent!!? // why is there a delinquent here!? // and…and…


Mafuyu: he’s glaring at me! // why!?

Students: Don’t mind him // Hayasaka-kun always looks like that

Mafuyu: normal people are speaking to me // not everything can be horrible…!!!
Tha… / thanks…


Mafuyu: First period is still going…? // it’s already been 25 minutes or so… // this is slow!! // this is way to slow!!!
Um… / how long is first period…?

Hayasaka: Huh? / 50 minutes

Mafuyu: And in a day we have…

Hayasaka: 6 periods

Mafuyu: Which means…300 minutes!!?


Mafuyu: I wonder if I can sit here // for another 270 minutes…

Hayasaka: She’s releasing a murderous aura!!! // Its definitely coming from her / what the hell is this pressure!? I bet it could kill…!!

Mafuyu: Oh no…my butt is starting to hurt…

Hayasaka: Ohh… I feel like the pressure is going to kill me // I can’t move…

Mafuyu: My butt hurts // my butt hurts


Mafuyu: Finally…!! I can get up now!

Students: Kurosaki-san // it’s so rare to get a transfer student this late in the year // why did you come here? // because there’s a dorm?

Mafuyu: Uh… // my parents are working overseas…and my relatives live over here…so…

Students: Ohh // that’s tough

Mafuyu: I’m so glad my mom thought of an excuse for me

Students: So, you know about our school?

Mafuyu: Not… / really… why?


Students: our school is pretty messed up

Mafuyu: Messed…up??

Students: Yeah! It’s because anyone can come here if they have money / so there are lots of people that have caused trouble elsewhere here // it’s so awful

Mafuyu: That’s me included!!!

Students: But, you look pretty quiet so it should be fine // yeah / if you just mind your own business everything will be okay

Mafuyu: Oh really… / how scary…

Students: If you see a fight, you should run right away

Mafuyu: Do they fight often!!?
Then…why are you three here?


Students: Because living in a dorm is like a cute shojo manga!

Mafuyu: Seriously!!? // anyway…so there are fights… // I better be careful // I have to make sure not to get involved with anyone that looks like trouble // anyway // I wonder what’s up with him // he’s like a delinquent but maybe he’s not?

Teacher: Okay, let’s begin

Mafuyu: I forgot to stand up!!


Hayasaka: I can’t move

Mafuyu: Oh no, I have to use the bathroom // how is everyone okay? // I wonder if I should just ask for permission… // but… // “I need to use the bathroom” // “hold it in” // if that happens… it’s just embarrassing! // plus, I don’t want to ask for permission

Hayasaka: hey hey // I can’t lose // I won’t lose to this girl!


Mafuyu: Ok // whatever, I’ll just go // I’ve thought about it for 30 minutes but I can’t think of a good resolution

Hayasaka: I’ve been watching her for 2 hours // but right now, I feel this aura the most

Mafuyu: I’m going to count to three // okay ready // One…two…



Mafuyu: Huh…?

Hayasaka: Can I… // go to the bathroom?

Teacher: Yeah, go ahead

Hayasaka: I’m such a weakling!!! // but my neighbor scares me…

Mafuyu: This guy…


Mafuyu: Did he realize that I wanted to use the bathroom // and spoke up on purpose…!? // yeah…because now it’s easier for me to go too… // what a discreet gesture of kindness // Hayasaka-kun is a nice guy

Hayasaka: Now I can get away…

Mafuyu: Hai!! / me too!!

Hayasaka: WHAT!?

Mafuyu: Thanks, Hayasaka-kun

Hayasaka: Is she implying that I can’t escape!!? // unbelievable!!

Mafuyu: Uh, Hayasaka-kun!?


Hayasaka: I’ve come this far…I better be safe

Students: Hey Hayasaka // I heard // you took care of my friend the other day


Mafuyu: Bathroom // bathroom // I wish Hayasaka-kun could have told me

Mafuyu: Ow // I’m sorry…

Takaomi: Just to let you know… // your friend // is in trouble behind the school house

Mafuyu: What…? // friend? / huh?

Takaomi: Yes


Mafuyu: Friend…? // Did I have / one?

Hayasaka: Haha, go to the bathroom silly

Mafuyu: You mean Hayasaka-kun!

Takaomi: You’re living in such a dreamworld…

Mafuyu: What!? Did we look like we were getting along!? // were there flowers floating in our backgournd?

Takaomi: It was a constant lightning background (referring to the background in the next box)

Mafuyu: Wait… // so he’s in trouble?

Mafuyu: Hayasaka-kun is in trouble?


Takaomi: You’ll understand when you get there // you have to see for yourself // don’t worry, no one can see you there // even if you cause trouble, no one will know

Mafuyu: Why is he telling me…

Takaomi: By the way, the bathroom is up ahead on the right // I think you can go to the bathroom first


Mafuyu: I won’t go! // I don’t really know what’s going on but I…I’m just a normal girl // and what happened yesterday was just a coincidence // and I don’t have any… // friends


Takaomi: Ok / whatever // it doesn’t matter // if you go or not // but // were you // what kind of a person?


Mafuyu: What is… // this guy…


Mafuyu: 5 vs 1 // don’t you think that’s unfair?

Bully: Huh? What are you…UGH

Mafuyu: The rule of fighting // is one on one


Mafuyu: Right?

Mafuyu: OH NOOOO


Mafuyu: AAAAAH why do I just lose my temper like that! / what am I doing!! Idiot!! Fool!! // well… // I guess I can… // there’s no use!

Hayasaka: Ugh…

Mafuyu: OH NO! // he’s waking up! // what do I do? // what do I do? // aaah!

Hayasaka: Oww… // huh?


Hayasaka: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!? // wha / what happened to you!? // what happened!?

Mafuyu: Uh… / I tripped over these people and fell…

Hayasaka: Seriously!? // what a wimp!!!

Hayasaka: Then who did this?

Mafuyu: They were already out / by the time I came!

Hayasaka: Oh really…


Hayasaka: So that aura I was feeling earlier // wasn’t from her… // alright…


Mafuyu: What!?

Hayasaka: No… // I just // totally confused myself // I’m so dumb! / there’s no way you’re that powerful or something

Mafuyu: I don’t know what’s going on… / but I guess he doesn’t know my secret…?


Mafuyu: Thank goodness!! // I won’t have to be expelled again!!

Hayasaka: Ow!! / shit / I sprained my ankle

Mafuyu: Oh / don’t worry // I’ll carry you to the nurse’s office!!

Hayasaka: You… / actually …


Hayasaka: aren’t normal!!

Mafuyu’s voice: Greetings // dear mother // there’s been a lot going on // but it looks like // I’ll get through my first day of school // I made a really nice friend // and I should be fine from now on // or at least for now


Mafuyu: I need to go to the bathroom…

Takaomi: Looks like // things will be fun // right, Mafuyu?

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Thanks for the quick TL. The only comments I have are for:
p.54: the relationships are pretty screwed up // probably because it’s a small world

I understand that the relationships between the teachers are screwed up due to the bullying and whatnot, but I don't get the comment about how they are screwed up b/c their world is small...

p.56: Takaomi: haha // you’re so embarrassing // fine fine

Do you mean - "You look so embarassed."? :P

p.59: Mafuyu: I know, I’ll try that rough fashion style // I saw it on TV once

Is that what that style is called? "Rough" fashion style? Just the 'rough' part seems a bit weird to me, but maybe it's just me...

p.74: Mafuyu: Did he realize that I wanted to use the bathroom // and spoke up on purpose…!? // yeah…because now it’s easier for me to go too… // what a passive gesture // Hayasaka-kun is a nice guy

Not really understanding what you mean by passive gesture... Like he's being submissive to her or do you mean friendly?

Anyway, besides a few minor mistakes, it's pretty understandable. Thanks again for taking the time to TL this series. ^_^
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
thanks!! i fixed up the stuff you said.

the "rough" style, i didn't know what the english equivalent was...i changed it with "hipster" :p

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