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Oresama Teacher 3

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 20, 2009 03:56 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 3

***Thanks to c_k for proofing!!
**Pages correspond to the read online pages.


Chapter 3



I did it! I won!

The oniichan that lived next door // was someone // I looked up to

wow // good for you!


I always chased after you // so I know // you are the oniisan that lived next door

Mafuyu: Wait!

Wait, what was his name?

Mafuyu: Taro-kun / …no that can’t be it!! There rarely are Taro-kuns!! // Goro!! / Yusuke!! Daiki!! Yuto!! Kazuma!! Kentaro!! Kanade!! // Aaaaah wait! // he’s ignoring me!!?


Mafuyu: TAKAOMI-KUN! // huh…? // wha…?

Takaomi-kun…? // Takaomi-kun is…

Text: Saeki TAKAOMI



On the second morning since my transfer to the school // I discovered something unbelievable

Mom: Hello, this is Kurosaki

Mafuyu: Mom mom! // Do you remember the name of that oniichan that used to live next door?

Mom: What? That’s out of the blue…

Mafuyu: JUST ANSWER ME!! Just think of it as you’re helping your dear daughter!! As if it’s volunteering!!

Mom: I think…it was Takaomi?


Mom: So loud!

Mafuyu: Aah! Wait!! // what about his last name!?

Mom: I don’t think that attitude is necessary when asking for help!

Mafuyu: You’re so beautiful, mother!! A princess!!


Mom: I think it was // Gojyou

Mafuyu: Oh, so I was mistaken… // I guess it makes sense // that kind of coincidence wouldn’t exist // but Takaomi… // well, it’s a pretty common name // but… Takaomi… // I might need to do an investigation!


Mafuyu: but // where do I start? // it’s kind of hard to snoop around on my second day // oooh!!
My friend / Hayasaka-kun!

Hayasaka: Don’t come near me! We’re not friends!! // Waah! You two-face!! // Huh?


Hayasaka: You want to investigate about // Saeki Takaomi?

Mafuyu: Yup // mostly about where he’s from, his family and his basic profile

Hayasaka: Why don’t you just ask him? // AAh!

Mafuyu: I guess so / that might be the fastest way to know

But on the first day we met

Flashback Mafuyu: There was an oniisan who lived next door to me when I was in second grade! // he was really nice!!

I said all of that // so it’s a little awkward now!!


Mafuyu: I want to secretly investigate if I can and know the truth… // I’ll think about the rest after that // secretly…discreetly…

Hayasaka: I get it… she’s planning to threaten a teacher now… // she first wants to know his weakness… // how clever…
I wouldn’t recommend Saeki, he’s strong and scary and you never know what he’s thinking… / you should start with a weaker teacher…

Mafuyu: What are you saying! // It has to be Saeki-sensei, not just anybody!

Hayasaka: Right! // if you’re going to start…start at the top!!! // incredible…

Mafuyu: There’s no point in // investigating other teachers… // Does Hayasaka-kun like a particular teacher or something…? // then maybe I should help him out first…
Um…I can start…with you…

Hayasaka: NO!


Hayasaka: It's something I've been trying to do // I’ll help you out

Mafuyu: Oooh… // this is friendship!! Hayasaka-kun!! // I am touched by your manliness!
So that's the plan! (she draws pictures of herself and Takaomi scribbling "who are you?" "secret" "i'm smart" but doesn't actually let us know the plan)

Hayasaka: You don’t have friends, do you? // by the way // what’s that?


Mafuyu: A wire tap
text: I bought it☆

Hayasaka: That’s a crime! Are you crazy!?

Mafuyu: I went all the way to Akihabara to buy this! It’s so far…

Hayasaka: Oh, there’s Saeki

Mafuyu: Yes! It stuck on him!


Mafuyu: NOOO my 30,000 yen! // I used up all my upfront allowance! // I have to at least sell this to a used store… // or else I won’t have money for food…!

Hayasaka: What is this disappointment…? // I want to leave…

Mafuyu: I’m thinking it’s better to do this the fair and upfront way // I’ll ask him everything without revealing who I am

Phone: Hello?

Mafuyu: Saeki-sensei please

Takaomi: Hello? This is Saeki speaking

Mafuyu: here goes!!


Mafuyu: Hello, this is Mafuyu… // please tell me where you are from

Takaomi: Kurosaki…don’t call me for stupid reasons

Mafuyu: He knows it’s me!!!

Hayasaka: OF COURSE HE DOES!! You have no intention of keeping this discrete do you!?

Mafuyu: Hello?


Takaomi: This is my number, alright?

Mafuyu: Uh…yes… what am I doing, storing his number!!? Is this a phone number exchange!?

Hayasaka: You should just stop doing anything!! You’re screwing it all up!!

Mafuyu: Oh no! and it was the first number I stored!!

Hayasaka: You really don’t have friends, do you!?

Mafuyu: WHAT!! I bet you only have 10 friends!

Hayasaka: STOP!!

Mafuyu: 100 friends!!!?

Hayasaka: Give it back!! // a phone call?


Mafuyu: This is my number!

Hayasaka: DELETE

Mafuyu: so cruel...I can't believe you deleted me...

Hayasaka: don’t cry!! / give it to me again!! I’ll put it in my address book this time!! UGH

Mafuyu: Then can you put me as your first entry? // anyway…I guess I can’t ask him directly, what should I do?

Hayasaka: Can’t you find a teacher’s profile over there? // in the teacher’s office?


Mafuyu: I HATE // THE TEACHER’S OFFICE! // it’s a room full of teachers!! And it’s where they have meetings!! // it’s the entrance to hell for delinquents!! // which is why // we should go into the principal’s office!!
text: the chairs are comfy // and there might be something!

Hayasaka: You just want to go in there, don’t you? I’ll bet you a fruit sandwich (??) that you won’t find anything

Mafuyu: That’s a classy bet!! // but you know, there are lots of files in the principal’s office // like important documents…


Hayasaka: Hey / what’s wrong…? // Hey wait! // the principal! He’s in there!?

Mafuyu: Sorry, Hayasaka-kun // forgive me for being helpless…

Takaomi: Kurosaki Mafuyu


Takaomi: What time // do you think it is?

Mafuyu: Uh oh… // did class start already?

Takaomi: To have someone like you cut my class… / I must be losing control over my class // I don’t care if you want to investigate stuff // but is it more important than my lesson? HUH?

Mafuyu: so scary…!


Mafuyu: It wasn’t…on on on…purpose // I was just immersed in something else…so I forgot…and…

Takaomi: well // I don’t really care // I thought I should be nice to you since it’s been a while since I last saw you // but I guess that’s not necessary

Mafuyu: what!? It’s been a while since he last saw me!? // that means he…

Takaomi: If you’re investigating, I guess you have a pretty good feeling already // but if you really want to know, I’ll tell you

Mafuyu: I knew it…
Wait, I don’t want to hear the rest yet!!

Takaomi: When you were in second grade


Takaomi: The guy who lived next door… // that was me // The “Takaomi-kun” that you looked up to / that was me, understand?

Mafuyu: Takaomi…kun…?

Takaomi: What…? // you already figured it out for the most part, didn’t you?

Mafuyu: it can’t be…Takaomi-kun was…a lot nicer


Mafuyu: It’s a lie!! // Takaomi-kun can’t be this mean!

Takaomi: Oh / still don’t believe me? // you’re pretty stubborn // that’s the Mafuyu I know

Mafuyu: Why is he speaking like he knows me!?
I know!! // Takaomi-kun’s last name is Gojyou! // see? It’s not you!

Takaomi: Sorry // my mom remarried and became Saeki

Mafuyu: Ughh

Takaomi: but // why don’t you remember me?


Takaomi: How rude / I’ve been so nice to you

Mafuyu: nice!? Which part!?
Oh no…what did I…

Takaomi: What // you almost remembered

Mafuyu: No… / that wasn’t…

Takaomi: Mafuyu…


Takaomi: GO!!

Mafuyu: Yes Takaomi-kun!!
what am I running for?!

Takaomi: Hmmm // so your brain doesn’t remember / but your body still does

Mafuyu: I don’t like how he phrased that!! // no wait // it’s really Takaomi-kun? // then the Takaomi-kun in my memories…? // who is that?


Takaomi: GO // Mafuyu!

I just… // had a horrible flashback… // I just saw it for a second

Takaomi: You remember the rabbit doll, right?


Mafuyu: Rabbit…doll…


Mafuyu: I remember!!

Yes… / I did have a oniichan living next door // but… // he was like this!

Takaomi: Don’t follow me!

Gang: Sorry boss!


Takaomi: Hm? // Oh Mafuyu // we’re going to beat up the Minami School kids, you should come too

Mafuyu: Why would I!? No way!

He was crazy // and he took me places // but those times were still peaceful / because all I did was watch // but it got bad in the spring of my third grade

Mafuyu: Takaomi-kun!! // Akkun… / stole my rabbit!!


Takaomi: Take it back

He was the devil

Takaomi: How many of them?

Mafuyu: 5…

Takaomi: You can do it!

Mafuyu: No I can’t!!!
I can’t do it / everyone is so strong… // help me Takaomi-kuuun…


Takaomi: Aren’t you embarrassed that they made a fool of you!? / I’m going to kill you if you act so weak!

Mafuyu: I’m going to die!!
I’m sorry! / I’ll get it back right now!
5 boys are scary but… // Takaomi-kun is scarier!!!

Takaomi: 20 minutes 35 seconds // you better be faster next time


Takaomi: Looks like you remember now

Mafuyu: How did I forget? // something so important…?

Takaomi: maybe because you fell from the jungle gym on the day before I moved? // you lost some of your memory at that time

Mafuyu: WHAT!? I don’t know about this!!

Takaomi: Yeah / things looked bad / so I didn’t say anything // but I was shocked too / that you came here


Takaomi: I was going to pretend not to know you / if you had changed // but you haven’t changed at all // it’s good to see you // Mafuyu

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Apr 20, 2009
Wow, another TL already- too fast~
Anyway, I hope you don't mind I read it and made some more comments about the confusing parts (and missing parts) >_<

p.100: So this is the plan!

Um... the writing isn't translated, so I don't know what the plan is -___-

p.100: Hayasaka: It’s a ship I’m almost aboard // I’ll help you out

Don't really get the ship comment- I'm guessing he's making a metaphor about the situation and how he's almost on board with helping her out?

p.101: A wire tap

What does it say on the left side of 'a wire tap'?


What does it say in the spot where she's depressed? (the ヒドイよ spot?)

p.106: we should go into the principal’s office!!

What does it say to the side of that speech bubble and in the middle of the page?

p.120: Takaomi: Looks like you remember not

Why does it have 'not' there? And, what does it say next to that where she's depressed?

Thanks again for the TL ^_^

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