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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Oresama Teacher 4

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 22, 2009 02:45 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 4

* Thanks c_k for edits!
**Pages correspond to read-online pages.


Chapter 4


I wish my beautiful memories remained beautiful // This is terrible, I can’t believe a guy like that was my first love…

Mafuyu: My first love was a guy who had a horrible personality and it turns out he’s my homeroom teacher / Wow, how dramatic!! // It’s not even slightly funny…

I ran away on instinct… // but I have to see him again tomorrow…

Mafuyu: What should I do from here on out…?


*stomach growls*

Mafuyu: Woah! // oh crap. I used my brain for the first time in a while so now I’m hungry // oh well // I’ll think about tomorrow, tomorrow!
Text: Wait, I didn’t go to classes today // whatever I’m getting food! Hey!
Text under box: Failure


Why do I have to run into him again!?

Takaomi: Ohhh Mafuyu, shopping?

Mafuyu: uhh yes // I should just run away, yes, quickly // doing what you do for a living, you shouldn’t be reading stuff like that!! // at least do it privately!!

Takaomi: Oh what, you’re so innocent // it makes me want to show you what’s inside

Mafuyu: AAH! // this guy is horrible! // why is he a teacher anyway!?

Takaomi: Hm?


Takaomi: You shouldn’t keep eating unhealthy stuff like that

Mafuyu: he actually said something genuinely nice…!!!

Takaomi: You should eat your veggies // here

Mafuyu: Wha… // don’t just throw stuff in there! / I can’t even cook so I have no use for this!


Takaomi: It’s my treat // to return the favor

Mafuyu: what…!? // really!?

Cashier: Thank you very much

Mafuyu: Thank you very much… he really bought it for me…

Takaomi: No problem

Mafuyu: What’s going on? He’s acting nice…it’s weird… // is he plotting something? / or is he genuinely nice?


Takaomi: It’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone at night // I’ll walk you home

Mafuyu: which one is it!? // he really walked me home…

Takaomi: I’m taking off now

Mafuyu: Uh / um I feel bad just letting him go home now // Do you want some tea or something?

Takaomi: Oh thanks // then…


Takaomi: Let me stay the night

Mafuyu: I knew something was up!!

Takaomi: The thing is // I forgot my key at school / and there were no more buses, plus I was too lazy to go back and get ‘em // then you came along…

Mafuyu: I’m such an idiot!

Takaomi: And // you ran away in the middle of our conversation earlier...


Takaomi: That’s quite an attitude from someone like you, Mafuyu!

Mafuyu: I know but it’s not like I remembered everything anyway!

Takaomi: Oh // really? // What the hell, you were the one saying you wanted to “be Takaomi-kun’s wife” when you were little

Mafuyu: Really!?

Takaomi: no, that’s a lie // but well / that was unexpected that you didn’t remember everything after that // oh well


Takaomi: I’m borrowing some clothes

Mafuyu: Wait what are you doing, Saeki-sensei!?

Takaomi: Takaomi

Mafuyu: Ta…Takaomi-kun

Takaomi: that’s better / it’s too weird having you call me Saeki-sensei

Mafuyu: I will weird calling you by your name… // but um / Ta…Ta…Takaomi-kun…? I can’t get used to it…!! Just one thing… // won’t my clothes not fit you…?


Mafuyu: ugh // Fine, choose whatever you want

Takaomi: You’ve got some pretty bad taste Mafuyu…

Mafuyu: just go home already!

Takaomi: Oh look, pictures!

Mafuyu: is he really planning on staying the night…?

Takaomi: Hm? // you really were a delinquent…

Mafuyu: Shut up! / why does it matter!

Takaomi: what’s this one? / there’s nothing in here

Mafuyu: Oh / that’s


Mafuyu: That’s for when I make friends here and we take a picture together // my friends from the past and my friends from the present // sitting in those frames side by side would make me so happy! Don’t you think? // Click?

Takaomi: Tada

Mafuyu: WAAAAAAAAAAAH // how dare you! You ruined my small dream…

Takaomi: You’ve got weird toys in your house // I’m hungry

Mafuyu: he’s so nonchalant!


Takaomi: You make something

Mafuyu: Uhh I can’t even make cup ramen…

Takaomi: Fine / I’ll make something

Mafuyu: You can cook!?

Takaomi: Hey hey, who do you think I am? // of course I can’t

Mafuyu: GO HOME!!

Takaomi: It’s fine, as long as I have a frying pan // I can do it!!

Mafuyu: no you can’t…


Takaomi: If you fry anything, it becomes edible

Mafuyu: That’s not true!

Takaomi: Hah, you’re so unknowledgable about cooking

Mafuyu: What do you know about cooking!?

Takaomi: You know what // cooking is about love // so, if you love me you have to eat everything

Mafuyu: What love!!? / there’s no love anywhere!!

Takaomi: Whatever, I’m one of those people that can do anything

Mafuyu: Are you listening!?

Takaomi: Where’s the knife? // oh

Mafuyu: I’ll help too!!!

Takaomi: Then cut the vegetables // you’re not too bad

Mafuyu: SHUT UP

Takaomi: But


Takaomi: I’m getting nostalgic // remember those days I trained you…?

Mafuyu: You were just influenced by baseball anime and had fun taunting me with it // what was that makyuu* thing…
* translates to devil’s ball, I’m assuming it’s an impossibly great pitch

Takaomi: We played tennis too // “here goes Hiromi!”

Mafuyu: You called me Hiromi…

Takaomi: And volleyball…

Mafuyu: Your “bullet serve” attempt was impossible…

Takaomi: You do remember!

Mafuyu: I just did! // I remember now!

Takaomi: Ok // what?


Mafuyu: The reason why my classmates feared me / was all because of you! // yeah…all your followers called me
Text: Mafuyu-san! // Mafuyu-san!!
Mafuyu: So everyone got scared of me….

Takaomi: No, I think it has to do with you actually being stronger than them // it was a sign of respect

Mafuyu: I don’t care what it was!

Takaomi: But you know what, you’re the one that kept coming back no matter how much I beat you up

Mafuyu: I was that stupid!?

Takaomi: Yeah…you were pretty creepy… // it was scary…

Mafuyu: I’m an idiot…


Takaomi: And when you told me that I was your first love the other day, I totally thought you were a masochist
Text: The M in Mafuyu is the M for masochist

Mafuyu: indeed! // oh // when did you realize I was the girl that used to live next door?

Takaomi: Oh // when you took my cigarettes

Mafuyu: Huh?

Takaomi: What you said / it was something I said to you back in the day // you probably don’t remember though


Takaomi: One day when I went to school on those rare occassionas

Teacher: Watch now class // your lungs turn completely black if you smoke

Takaomi: WAAAAH! Seriously!? // That’s friggen scary!! // Hey Mafuyu, did you know this!? // Your lungs turn black if you smoke cigrattes!
Text: The teacher gave him the board

Mafuyu in flashback: Wow

Mafuyu: why were you even coming over to my house to tell me that?

Mafuyu in flashback: Okay // Cigarettes, black, scary

Takaomi: so that’s the story

Mafuyu: Wait / why am I so stupid looking in your flashback?

Takaomi: that’s the image I have of you


Takaomi: And from your name // since I can at least remember the name of who I used to live next to // plus, you look the same

Mafuyu: Wha / don’t look at me with those sympathetic eyes! // you say that now but you’re actually surprised by how beautiful I got… / Oh Takaomi-kun…

Takaomi: You should sleep talk when you sleep

Mafuyu: I wonder what this anger I feel in my chest is…


Mafuyu: AH // OUCH! // OWW // owww

Takaomi: What are you doing?

Mafuyu: Wah!

Takaomi: Hm? // you’re so clumsy… // you’re just getting in the way

Mafuyu: I’m so ashamed!! // wait // could it be…?


Mafuyu: he’s actually a little worried?

Takaomi: You should wash that off

Mafuyu: weird // such a small injury isn’t a big deal // I can just put a band-aid on it // but it makes me // a little happy

Takaomi: OHH!! //OOOHH!!

Mafuyu: maybe not! He’s scary!


Takaomi: WAIT // I made this just for you

Mafuyu: I’m fine thanks

Takaomi: Come on just take a bite // you’re so rude // you exaggerate too much // there’s no way it’s that bad…


Takaomi: Oh yeah… // I just ate so I’m not that hungry…I forgot

Mafuyu: Liar!

Takaomi: I’m not that hungry, so I’ll be okay with just cup ramen

Mafuyu: That’s clearly a large size package

Takaomi: It’s shockingly gross

Mafuyu: he admits it!

Takaomi: You okay with cup ramen too?

Mafuyu: Yeah…

You know what // cooking is about love


Mafuyu: It’s fine / I’ll eat it // thinking that he made this for me // makes me a little happy

Takaomi: Seriously? But it’s gross

Mafuyu: It is // it’s really bad // this taste…


Takaomi: You’re such a weirdo // ok, I’ll make dessert too

Mafuyu: STOP!

Takaomi: Wow, you really ate it // ok, I’ll give you a treat

Mafuyu: A treat…? // Then, can I ask you something really simple?

Takaomi: What’s that?


Mafuyu: Why did you become a teacher?

Takaomi: What do you mean?

Mafuyu: Well, it doesn’t seem to fit your personality // and I can’t even imagine students respecting you

Takaomi: You want me to kill you? // but well // the reason isn’t something to be too proud of

Mafuyu: Huh…? // really?

Takaomi: Well, I bet I’m a failure as a teacher


Takaomi: But // There’s something I want to do that can only be done as a teacher

Mafuyu: and / that is?

Takaomi: It’s a really personal thing // anyone else would think it’s dumb / a dumb reason // but


Takaomi: For me // well… // it’s something that’s m y highest priority

Mafuyu: what does…


Mafuyu: What does that mean? // huh? // Takaomi-kun!? // he’s gone… // this…is the third floor… // wow… // I guess he didn’t want to say anything more… // how selfish // but…


Mafuyu: Everyone is living their own lives thinking about different things… // Even Takaomi-kun who looks so simple-minded has a secret… // I kinda feel like I want to do my best with something now // I should go to class tomorrow // I guess you grew up as a human being, Takaomi-kun // hm? What?

That bastard! // He left this here on purpose!

Mafuyu: maybe he’s not really thinking about too much after all…

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Apr 23, 2009
Thanks again for translating. Here are my comments for questionable parts (not grammar/spelling).

p.126: Mafuyu: he actually said something genuine…!!!

Genuine doesn't really seem appropriate here, maybe you mean 'mature' since he doesn't act like a mature adult?

p.128: Takaomi: Oh thanks // then along with that…

The 'then along with that' doesn't seem to flow well with the next line of "let me stay the night" and it seems a bit awkward. It might just be better to just leave it as just "Then..."

p.129: Takaomi: And // you ran away in the middle of our conversation didn’t you?

I think it'd be better if you dropped the 'didn't you' since there's no purpose to asking her that. It might also be better to put in 'earlier' to remind the reader that this happened before and not now... (And//earlier, you ran away...")

p.136: Mafuyu: I just did now! // I remember now!

Just implies now, so no need to have both in the first sentence- either "I just did" or "Now, I do" or something similar.

p.140: Takaomi: And from your name // I at least remember the name of who I used to live next to // and you look the same

These 3 lines don't seem to flow well together. Maybe you mean: As for your name...//At least I remember the name of the person I used to live next door to.//Plus, you look the same.

p.140: Takaomi: You should sleep talk in your sleep.

>> You should sleep talk when you sleep.

p.141: Mafuyu: I’m so shameful!! // wait // could it be…?

shameful -> ashamed

p.151: It’s him // it’s his doing

This doesn't seem to follow the previous line and picture of the porno mag. Maybe you mean "It's his" although I'm not sure what you mean by the second line... like- what is his doing?
#2. by Momoko ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
Thanks! Two more and we'll be readin' volume two! Can't wait!
#3. by magictos ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2009
Thanks for translating this! It seems to be an interesting manga :)

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