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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nana 83

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 27, 2009 03:55 | Go to Nana

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Nana started to wear her engagement ring on her right hand some time after Ren was gone. She couldn’t continue to wear it on her left hand, but she couldn’t take it off completely either. There’s no future that I want for myself if it means I have to abandon Nana who is completely lost.


Chapter 83


We held each other, holding back our sobs, until the trembling stopped // When I slowly let go // Nobu was still crying // And so, I started to cry once more


All the things about Ren and about Nana and the regrets that I had // all came pouring out and I couldn’t stop it // But there was no way we could kiss // so we continued to hold each other instead


The background music changed to my most favorite song in the world

Shin: It’s bothering me // I heard voices and movement before // but now I wonder what they’re doing in silence


Shin: You should ask Ren later


This isn’t what Ren would have wanted

I want to be by Nana’s side forever // And Nobu can do what he wants to with me // Takumi doesn’t need me // I’m not the one he feels he has to come home to

From: Sumika
Subject: Are you trying too hard?
You can call me when you want to see me.

From: Nana (Hachi)
Subject: Sacchan is doing well
Nothing has changed over here. Let me know ASAP if you need the newspaper subscription back on schedule




Yuri: Why isn’t he picking up!?

Matsuura: Don’t call him for no reason. You’re going to end up pushing him away if you’re too persistent.

I can’t do something mean like that by myself!

Matsuura: I will kick people out soon, even without you telling me to

Yuri: Really? You rock, Matsuura

Matsuura: I don’t know what Gaia is thinking, but there’s no way Blast can make their come-back with Nana in that state


Matsuura: I’m going to kick all of those troublemakers out

Good morning, Yuri-chan!

Takumi: Hello? // Oh, Mari-chan? // our CEO isn’t picking up his phone; he didn’t hang himself did he? // Oh really // he doesn’t have to come // I don’t wanna see him // If he has the time to come by, he should do some work


Takumi: Don’t worry about taking care of Reira // and don’t look for a new guitarist // don’t worry about it // Even if Trapnest goes down, I won’t let the whole company go down // well, not at least until you settle down and get married, Mari-chan

The Sex Pislots ringtone stopped ringing // and we were enveloped in a sorrowful silence


And we realized Shin-chan stopped playing the guitar

Please, play something // Our unsettled heartbeats started to echo in disarray // and it was starting to feel unsettling

My girlfriend is angry with me // Don’t destroy my peaceful life!


I wonder where Nobu’s girlfriend is // I bet that phone call // was from her

Why won’t Shoji pick up? // Maybe he’s cheating on you


Shin: I shouldn’t have stood up for you

Nana: …?

Shin: You don’t show enough sensitivity or compassion for Ren or anyone around you and don’t consider how they feel


Shin: I shouldn’t have said something like that…


Nobu: If you don’t want anything to happen, then don’t come into my room // what are you thinking…? // stop throwing my feelings around…

No… // I just didn’t want to hurt your girlfriend… // I didn’t mean to hurt you…


I didn’t want to ever hurt you again…

Hachi sobbing




Nana: Nobuo

Nobu: Yes! She speaks!

Nana: You’re not so desperate that you need a someone’s pregnant wife to take care of you, right? / You do have Queen Kousaka Yuri that screws you every night


Nobu: You don’t have to speak! // You should stay keep your mouth shut forever!

Nana: Didn’t you step down for her happiness? // But you still have feelings that are so strong for her that you can’t even hold back?

Hachi: Nana // You’re wrong / I’m the one…


Nobu: She’s not wrong! // Of course I still have feelings!

Nobu shouldn’t speak ever either!

Nana: If you’re going to confess your love, you have to take care of things first! // Don’t make her cry by having unfinished business!


Hachi: Nobu… // Are you okay? // You’re bleeding

Nobu: I’m FINE! // leave me alone!

Nana: Are you okay? Hachi-kou! // forget him!

You’re wrong Nana… // I’m the one that made him cry with unfinished business // I’m the one…

Hachi: Nana…


Nana: it’s okay / everything’s ok now

Hachi: Nana…

Shin: Look Ren // Nana finally came to see you



That’s a little too inappropriate of a thing to say

Nobu: Stop speaking…

But I bet Ren would forgive you // because the Nana that Ren loved so dearly // is still the same Nana that he loved so dearly


Miyu: So, what happens now?

Hachi: Huh?

Miyu: It’s great that Nana-chan can speak again, but you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to leave things unresolved with Nobu // I’m coming in // so, what are you going to do?

Hachi: How come you never lose your composure, Miyu-san? // it’s not exciting! // I miss Jun-chan’s heated lectures she gave me!

Miyu: I have to ask, who do you love more? Takumi or Nobu?

Hachi: I’m struggling because I don’t even know the answer… // don’t ask me so easily

Miyu: Is that so? // you’ve got some envious struggles

Hachi: I’m afraid that all my feelings will go toward Nobu this way // Takumi won’t even return a single email that I sent him


Hachi: He should know that by leaving me in this dorm for half a month would mean that Nobu and I would spend lots of time together… / maybe he doesn’t care // I’m starting to get the feeling that he got sick of me so it was a convenient way of getting rid of me…

Miyu: Maybe… // If Trapnest goes on hiatus, that company will definitely be hit hard // and that CEO is useless, for one // so Takumi is probably burdened so much that he can’t care about anything else right now

Hachi: So what am I to him that he can’t even come to me to ease his stress at a time like this?

Miyu: He probably can’t calm down with Reira-san in the hospital and everything

Hachi: What?

Miyu: Naoki called Yasu late last night // so Yasu took a flight this morning to go see her


Miyu: Apparently, Reira-san went back to her parent’s house // but she couldn’t even eat so she completely passed out

It’s my fault!

Miyu: I thought I shouldn’t make a big deal about it since not everyone is close with her // but I guess it will become a big deal once the media find out

I have to tell Shin-chan… // if it’s to go see her because she’s sick, it won’t be too weird // but why didn’t Takumi even tell me about this?


Does Reira-san no longer need Shin-chan either?

Miyu: Why don’t you go see her and talk to Takumi while you’re at it? // then you can decide what to do from now on // including what will happen with Nobu

But essentially, that means we’ll break up // I honestly don’t have the energy to reach that point right now // I can’t abandon Nana and live in this house // but I don’t think Takumi would leave Reira-san and come home // if I could, I just want to leave things how they are


Even if that means it’ll bring Takumi and Reira-san closer together…

Everything Takumi and I do to each other // is always similar in some way


Shion: Yes?

Yasu: It’s me

Shion: Welcome back // How was the love of your life, Reira doing?


Shion: Oh really…

Yasu’s mom: Welcome home Yasushi

Yasu: Sorry I can’t come see you too often / how are you?

Mom: Fine, it’s not a serious sickness


Mom: I keep seeing Ren-kun in my dreams… // so I feel like I have to keep my mind on other things when I’m awake // I feel bad having Shion-chan take care of everything

Yasu: It’s fine, she likes doing this stuff

Mom: Yasushi!

Yasu: Yes

Mom: You should settle down and marry Shion-chan already

Yasu: What?

Mom: I hear she’s already 26 and I’m getting old so I want to see my grandchildren soon // then we might all be happier


Yasu: I’ll think about it // my mother still thinks you’re my girlfriend // not even suspecting you’re a woman who serves me alcohol in the mid-day

Shion: I don’t want to be your girlfriend, but I wouldn’t mind being your wife / it would mean I inherit a whole lot!

Yasu: Then I should have proposed / my mother would have been happy // no one would guess you’re after the inheritance

Shion: No need to regret it now // I’m going to wait for the day your girlfriend dumps you


Yasu: Don’t wait for my unhappiness

Shion: Anyway, Misato called

Yasu: Oh?

Shion: Not that Misato

Yasu: Ohh // is she well?

Shion: Of course she’s not // all of Nana’s followers are crying their hearts out of empathy // especially those first generation fans… // they were Ren’s fans too…


Yasu: Ironically, Nana can’t seem to feel sad about it // she keeps acting like she’s spiteful towards him // I bet she thinks that she’s been abandoned again… // But I guess for her to be unforgiving of that // is a natural reaction for her to have // and it’s honest


Shion: Then maybe it’s not a bad offer after all

Yasu: Hm?

Shion: When Misato called // I also spoke to Misuzu-san // she finally said she wants to see Nana…

Hey Ren


After you were gone, we couldn’t even act tough from the despair and hopeless void we felt. So we just let all of our feelings come out and it actually allowed us to take back a lot of things that we had lost

Fan: Saki-san, this is…


Our straight-forward feelings definitely reached Nana’s heart

Nobu: I wanted to clear out before Nana (Hachi) came back, but I can’t exactly move // but do I do? // oh well… // she’s gotten pretty attached to me

That’s why I still haven’t thrown away my hopes yet

End of Chapter 83

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