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Oresama Teacher 6

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 1, 2009 02:43 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 6

*Thanks for edits c_k
**Pages correspond to read online - I missed a page but it's fixed now.


Chapter 6


Title: Tell me Hayasaka-kun!

Mafuyu: You have 100 contacts in your mobile phone address book right?

Hayasaka: Yeah, I think so

M: How do you get that many contacts...?

H: Huh? It's pretty simple

H: Some were forced in there so that class announcements can be passed around quickly // and others are those of stores that I go to a lot, or my hair stylist

M: Uh huh... // That essentially means he has zero contacts...

Hayasaka has no friends either...


The first thing I saw in the morning was Takaomi-kun’s freakish smile.

Takaomi: Oh, Kurosaki // How are you these days? Are you getting used to your classes?

Mafuyu: Huh? / Uh…yeah…

T: What’s wrong? You seem unhappy – are you sick or something?

M: Uh…um…

T: Don’t work too hard!



Hayasaka: Huh? // Saeki is acting weird?

Bubble: their uniforms have changed to summer-style

M: Yeah // his smile is fear-inducing…

H: Really? // He should be the same as always, here he is.

T: Okay, let’s begin our class!

Screams of horror


Classmates: What happened to Saeiki-sensei!? // I didn’t get in trouble for forgetting my homework!! // He didn’t send me outside because I didn’t know the answer!! // He didn’t hit me with his fist even though I scored less than 50 points on the test!! // AAAAAH SO SCARY!!

M: I think his usual teaching methods might be just as weird…

Classmates: I might be subject to some backlash next period so let me do some studying beforehand // me too // me too

M: It’s like being under an oppressive government!

Announcement: Class 1-1 Hayasaka-kun and Kurosaki-san, please report to see Saeki-sensei right away.

We’re going to be killed!!


M&H: Extracurricular // activity clubs?

T: Yeah / you two are the only ones in the class // that’s not in one, so join one

M: Oh… / a club…

M&H: Thank God… It wasn’t about anything weird… // but then again, I’ve never been in a club ever… // it’s weird for a delinquent to get heated about sports too…

H: I have no endurance either…

Arrow pointing to Mafuyu: ex-delinquent
Arrow pointing to Hayasaka: current-delinquent

T: Well you know / the one I recommend is…




M&H: I don’t know why, but I think it’s better not to hear the rest

T: Tsk // Those kids are sharp…

H: so? // what are you going to do?


M: I don’t know… // Saeki-sensei is trying to put us in that club he's recommending…

H: Yeah, I guess so // You know what I realized…? // We can keep running but we won’t ever escape him // it IS Saeki we’re talking about…

M: Then maybe we should join another one // before he forces us in that one

H: Yeah, good idea!! He can’t complain because that’s a fair way to go!! // You are pretty smart!!

M: Saeki-sensei is just a teacher in some sense! // Call me brainy Mafuyu!!

H: Then let’s go try out some clubs!! // Roger!!

It was the first time we agreed on something.


H: Well // it looks like our school has a whole lot of them, // how do you choose?

M: Ok let’s go Hayasaka-kun

H: Why are you picking rugby out of all of them!?

M: Everyone on the rugby team at my other school was really popular // well, to the girls at least…

H: But I’ve never heard of a girl on the rugby team!!

M: I’m a guy!! // People tell me I look feminine all the time!!

H: That won’t fool anyone!! Nor will you be popular looking like that!!

M: I just want to be liked… // it doesn’t matter if it’s by guys or girls…

H: Desperate!! // But you know, Kurosaki… // Clubs are not all that fun and easy-going that you to have time to even worry about becoming popular or being liked. // You’re not understanding the basics at all…


M: What are you saying Hayasaka-kun! // Love comes with any extracurricular club! // Everyone must be in a clubs in order to find love!
Text under Mafuyu: Ribbon*-style
*Ribbon Mascot Comics=super shoujo=super tacky love situations

Tennis club: Love between an upperclassmen and lowerclassmen

Basketball club: Same grade love
Guy: this shot is for you!
Girl: Wow!!

Another club: Love between a manager and a player
Player: OH!!
Manager: please use my towel!

H: To say that is really disrespectful to those that are taking those clubs really seriously.

M: I’m going to choose a club to join by using my motto “Want to fall in love, want to have someone fall for me” // how’s that?

Board: Catch phrase: I want love

H: It’s kind of refreshing when you put your desires that out in the open. // Do what you want.

M: Riding club… // That sounds like there might be some peaceful love awaiting me… // calming…

H: Maybe


M: Aah!

Riding clab members: Ohohohoho! // It seems like you lost your touch a little, didn’t you? // You and your pony don’t seem to be getting along either! // It looks like I need to prove that I am the best in this club! // Heh, you pig! // I challenge you!! <silk glove slaps>

M: SO INTENSE!!! // Hmmm


H: There isn’t one that fits us…

M: Yeah…

H: I almost got my hand bitten-off in the arts and crafts club

M: And they tried to experiment on us in the science club…

H: Our school has too many clubs. // A club can be started by 2 people and it becomes official with 5 members… // huh? // This girl… // she looks like someone… // who is it? // I feel like I recently saw her…


M: AAAAAAAAAH! // My hair got tangled…my braids failed!

H: How does something like that happen!? // Stop // I’ll untangle it

M: Thanks… // You can just pull it out if you want

H: Wha // a girl shouldn’t say something like that

M: A girl…


I’m so touched!!

H: What?

M: Nothing… // Hayasaka-kun acts tough // but he treats me nicely acknowledging that I’m a girl. // It kind of tickles me inside. // It might feel nice to start fresh and act more girly.

M: I guess all that’s left is… // tada

<Crafts club>

H: Ohh // I get it… // Crafts club would be easy to skip out on, nice thinking

M: I should be able to be girly in a club like this! // I will become more feminine in 3 years! // Excuse us / Please let us try out the club!


Crafts club: What? You wanna join?

M: They’re macho men!!

H: Why are there only macho men here!!

M&H: They’re macho but they’re pretty good with their hands!

Crafts club member: Can you try doing some embroidery first?



They got hit

H: Hey hey, if we keep this up, we’re going to end up in this club, what do we do?

M: Yeah, but if we make a sudden move they might knock us out…, they are machos

H: 15 years…what a short life it was…

M: He’s so negative! // Hayasaka-kun… // wha // that’s amazing! You’re pretty good!!


Crafts club members: You’ve got skills // yes yes, you have good taste // so? You want to join? // YOU should join us

M: What’s this, I feel kind of jealous // What about mine? // Please take a look!

Club members: huh? // what? // what is this?

M: it’s a flower! // how is it!? Is it beautiful!? Do I have potential!?



M: So… // sorry…


M: So cruel… // they don’t have to be so mean… // I’m leaving!! You dumb macho man!!

Club member: Yeah get out! / We don’t need unskilled people like you!

M: It’s fine! I know no one will stop me…

H: Wait Kurosaki!!

M: what…? // Hayasaka-kun…?


H: Take me with you!

M: Oooh… // Hayasaka-kun is in trouble! // I’d be scared too if I was surrounded by all those machos. // Hayasaka=kun looks really small…

H: They probably won’t let me go until I sign the club entrance form…

M: It’s like a scam sales technique // I’m glad they didn’t pick me!! <her true feelings>

Club member: So, can you sign this now?

H: There it is!!


H: what do I do!? // I don’t wanna join!

M: Fine… // I guess I have to… // huh?

Club members: You can leave now.


I couldn’t do anything as I suspected.


M: oh no!!! I left him all alone! // Hayasaka-kun! // Hayasaka-kun!! // Hayasaka-kun! // what’s going on inside!? // I’m so…helpless…I’m sorry…

T: what are you doing?

M: Takaomi-kun… // He’s gleaming with a sign of hope for once


M: WHAA! What do I do!! Hayasaka-kun is… // MACHO MEN MACHO MEN!

T: Oh

M: Takaomi-kun? // Silence…?


T: You want me to help you?

M: A noble act…? Or is he scheming…? // Which one!?


M: There’s no time to be thinking about that! // Please help!!

T: Oh, very good. // Can I use any method?

M: Uh // yeah

T: Good… // I’m glad.


T: oof

Wha // wha // wha



T: I can’t say I agree with your practice of forcing people to join your club

Club member: Heh / it means nothing, coming from you. //Plus, it’s already too late. // He already signed it! // So he’s a part of our club!

M: Hayasaka-kun! He was forced to! // He looks like an alien abductee!!

T: Too bad // That is not valid

Club member: Why!?


T: That’s because these two // are already part of the discipline club

M: Discipline club!? What is that!?


<Conference Room>

T: The thing is // I made a bet with the school chairman

M: Uh… I see… // He approached the highest guy on the ladder… impressive…

Hayasaka-kun went home.
H: Hear him out for me. // Macho…

M: I don’t really want to hear the rest, but // what did you bet?

T: 5 years worth of my salary

M: Unbelievable!!

T: So, let’s do it. Let's create the discipline club.

M: What does that have to do with it!?


M: So anyway // what do we do in the club? // The school discipline committee is in charge of checking on everyone’s uniform at the front gate…

T: Oh, I hate those people. I always got caught.

M: Takaomi-kun, seriously, why did you become a teacher?

T: Anyway, don’t think about it too hard. // The goal is to get rid of all delinquents. // That is the main purpose of our club.

M: Doesn’t that mean we’re supposed to fight!?

T: No // You’re a superhero. // Remember, those superheroes we used to love always beat the enemy? // The enemy was never human, but you know what I mean.

M: But, delinquents are rowdy but aren’t planning to destroy the world. // Your example is a little different.


T: YOU FOOL! // TO A STUDENT, THE SCHOOL IS THE WORLD!! // So anyone who bring fear into the student life is evil!

M: Wait, why did I just get hit?

T: Plus, the school is in financial trouble because they can’t get new students due to all the delinquents. // That means the entrance fee has to be raised to make up for it, but even fewer students will apply and it’s just a spiral.

M: Why do you know so much about the schools’ troubles!? // so? // tell me // how does the discipline club tie in with your bet?
above Mafuyu's head: <this is so exhausting...>

T: Oh right. // The bet is over the next 3 years // and any method can be used


T: I have to double the number of applicants to our school. // If that happens, I win.

M: Double…? //That… // is impossible. Double?

T: It’s not impossible. / Right now we’re at the very bottom. There are very few applicants. // To put it simply, we just have to get rid of the delinquents. // You wouldn’t want the school to close down, would you? / You’ve got no where else to go.

M: He’s so confident… // But for students with low grades it’s just… // but why…

T: You fool, who do you think I am? I’m a teacher.


T: I’ll do something about their grades

M: But why… // do I feel like he can do anything?

I can’t escape anyway // Then I might as well


Have fun with it

T: The first theme of the club is… // let’s take down the gang leader.

M: Gang leader!? That’s the biggest boss!! Why are we starting there!?

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#1. by Tehanu ()
Posted on May 1, 2009
Thanks a lot!
I was really looking forward to the translation of this chapter ^___^
#2. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 1, 2009
wow~ sooooooooooo fast. O.o Thanks~

I'll make comments in a bit.

Oh, are you gonna TL the small Bakuman thing in Akamaru Jump?

//Do you have MSN?

//Oh, and I read your interview too. Thanks for mentioning me. ^^ That makes me motivated to making more comments on your TLs. :P
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 1, 2009
Onward for the comments~

p.9: I don't really care if you TL the thanks, but I hope you'll TL the 4koma on that page ^^

p.13: M: Yes… / a club…
>> I think it'd be better as: Oh.../ a club... instead of 'yes'

p.15: Saeki-sensei is trying to put us in the club he recommends…
>> the -> a

p.15: H: Yeah, I guess so
>> missing TL next to this bubble

p.15: Call me brain-Mafuyu!!
>> It might be better sounding as 'Just call me brainy Mafuyu'

p.16: Clubs are not all that fun and easy-going for you to have time to even worry about becoming popular or being liked.
>> It's a bit awkward. Maybe something like:
"Clubs aren't so fun and easy-going that you have time to even worry about becoming popular or being liked."

p.17 Love comes with any extracurricular club!
>> missing TL on the bottom of this line

p.17: Everyone must be in those clubs in order to find love!
>> in those clubs -> in a club

From this point on the page that I note is going to be one page off from the read online since you forgot to insert a page here (but I'll still use your incorrect page number)

p.17: I challenge you!!
>> missing TL on the bottom of this bubble

p.18: H: I almost got my hand torn off in the arts and crafts club
>> In the picture, some thing is biting her arm- so maybe have it as 'my hand bitten off' (or arm)?

p.21: M: They’re machos!!
H: Why are there only machos here!!
>> Ah, well, machos isn't a real word, although macho is an adjective so maybe you should have it as: They're macho men!!// Why are there only macho men here?!

p.22: they are machos
>> They are macho men.

p.24: I’m leaving!! You dumb macho!!
>> I'm leaving, you dumb macho man! (or men)

p.25: I’d be scared too if I was surrounded by all those machos.
>> I’d be scared too if I was surrounded by all those macho men.

p.25: I’m glad they didn’t pick me!!
>> Missing kanji TL here next to bubble.

p.26: M: MACHO!!


p.31: T: I can’t say I agree with forcing people to join your club
>> sounds a bit off like it's missing something. maybe:
T: I can’t say I agree with your practice of forcing people to join your club.

p.33: T: So, let’s do it. The discipline club.
>> I don't really know what he means by do it? Maybe you mean:
So, let's have you join the discipline club.

p.34: M: But anyway // So what do we do in the club?
>> So anyway... // What do we do in the club?

p.35: so? // how does the discipline club tie in with your bet?
>> missing TL for the kanji next to the bubble as well as 'なんかつかれた。。。'

p.36: There are so few applicants.
>> There are very few applicants.

p.36: T: You fool, you do you think I am?
>> T: You fool, who do you think I am?

Funny chapter~
I LOLed at Hayasaka as an 'alien abductee' and all the macho men doing embroidery. ^_^
#4. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 1, 2009
Thank You, Thank You! After ch 5 I thought it would take you another week, but you're super fast! Looking forward to the next one!
#5. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 1, 2009
Tehanu, sorry to keep yah waiting!

c_k, thanks!

I think I might have been confusing b/c I have been trying to translate the text next to the bubbles, but I haven't differentiated that it is "written text" rather than within the bubble, only b/c it ruins the flow sometimes.

any suggestions on how to specify something is written text? important for scanlators to know...since a group wants to pick this up.
#6. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 1, 2009
Momoko, i know you've been waiting! I'll try my best :)
#7. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 2, 2009
Hmm, well, I can read the hiragana/katakana so it's not confusing for me at all to find where the text goes (since I recognize some words), but..... I guess maybe it's not so easy for others. Maybe put like [blah~] for the text that goes next to the bubble?

And, I guess if a group is going to pick your TLs up, guess I won't have to ^_^ Although I hope whoever does it will upload it here on MH and won't be too slow. (You should make that a condition for using your TLs. :P)
#8. by Tehanu ()
Posted on May 2, 2009
Yo don't have to say sorry to me at all!
I'm so grateful for being able to read this chapter!
Oresama Teacher is such a wonderful story, is great that someone decided to give it some space on MH ^^

It's a shame though that so many awesome shoujo titles don't get the same treat (Kimi ni Todoke for example). But I'm out of topic XD
Again, thanks a lot! I'll be reading you ;D
#9. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 2, 2009
Oh God, I didn't mean to rush you, I'm grateful as it is! I'm really happy that somebody picked up this great manga, since waiting for months for a single chapter was horrible. And staring at the raw didn't make much sense... So take your time, your pace is just fine. Thanks again
#10. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 4, 2009
c_k: it looks like they shouldn't take too long, or at least I hope!

Tehanu: I'll take a look at kimi ni todoke to see if it interests me. no one is doing it?
poor manga... :(

momoko: oh, i didn't mean to say i was feeling rushed ;) i'm trying to do it quickly, mostly b/c i want to read it!! :p

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