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Ao no Exorcist 2


+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 3, 2009 17:19 | Go to Ao no Exorcist

-> RTS Page for Ao no Exorcist 2

**This translation is for OC Scans Group use only. Thanks :)

Just as a note, I'm trying to figure out how to format things so it's easiest to read and scan, so I made some additions to the TL:
*Anything in italics is when a character is thinking.
*Anything in [brackets] corresponds to the written text outside of the bubble. Written text within the bubble is divided by a // (I think...)
*The -- divides the frames, mostly so scanlators can figure out which phrase corresponds to which frame/bubble better.
*Anything in <these things> is for written text that isn't spoken, but it points to something.

I hope I'm not making things more confusing this way! If I am, please let me know via a comment or something! Thanks :)


Ao no Exorcist

Chapter 2: Brothers


Mefist: Wow…such a nice day! // It’s perfect weather to embark on a new journey!

Rin: Hey…

R: I’m hoping everything will be okay if I go along with you… // even though you’re dressed like a clown…

R: WOAH! That scared me!


R: That’s a crazy car…! It’s long! [And it’s pink!!]

I am leaving Rin up to you, thank you very much Faust-san.

M: Leave it up to me. // We will help you with the finances of the charter school as well, so don’t you worry.

R: Huh? Wasn’t your name “Mefist”?

M: [It is Mefist] // Actually, my official name is “Yohan Faust V” // and I am the chairman at the prestigious private school, Seijyuji Academy.

R: Seijyuji Academy…that’s Yukio’s… // [huh?]

Yukio: Good morning!

R: Yukio!?

Y: Sorry I’m late. // I was shocked to hear it too,

Y: That the chairman is going to become our guardian. // Father had asked him, in case anything happened to him…

Y: I never thought we would attend the same school!


R: Wait… // WHAAAAAAAT!!

R: I said I wanted to become one of you guys! / I never said I wanted to go to school!!

M: Shhh…they will hear you.

M: If you “want to become an exorcist” / then // you must first become educated!

R: …..!

M: All students are required to live in this dorm. / You may not leave without permission, once you enter. // You won’t be able to return to the charter school for a while.

M: Are you done saying goodbye to the place you grew up in?


R: The place where Yukio and I…

R: Grew up in for 15 years…

R: Yukio and I have barely spoken to each other since yesterday’s funeral. // Yukio won’t even ask me anything…

R: About what happened when the old man died…about me…what am I supposed to say… // I don’t think I can tell him properly!

Y: Why do you have such a scary look on your face…?

R: It’s / it’s nothing…!

M: Hey guys // You can see the Academy outside.


M: The Academy has various academic facilities for you to use. / It is in the center of Seijyuji Academy Town. // Welcome to Seijyuji Academy!


M: The enrollment ceremony will begin right away. / Follow the others to the main auditorium.

Y: Thank you very much.

M: Oops / Okumura-kun, we forgot about your uniform.

R: Woah

M: Please change in the car.

R: Why are you telling me this now…

M: I will come pick you up after the ceremony. // Then we will talk.

M: The sakura is very pretty…


M: You are very good at tying that tie.

R: He sounds like a fake to me…! // Tsk!

Y: Nii-san // It looks like we can check everything besides our valuables over there.

R: This school better not turn out to be for exorcists-in-training or something…

Y: I’m getting nervous… [sigh…]

R: why? // it’s just an enrollment ceremony, right?

Y: yes…but…


Announcement: Freshman representative // Okumura Yukio

Y: Yes!


Students: I heard the freshman representative… / scored the highest on the entrance exam // woah!

R: Geez, that’s amazing…just how smart is he…?

Student: Isn’t he kind of cute?


Students: Really? He’s a little dull. // Let’s try talking to him later!

R: Seriously!?

R: That Yukio…?

R: What are you doing!

R: Stop!

R: You okay…?

Y: Sorry… / sob sob / cough cough

R: You… // want to be a doctor when you grow up?

Paper: My dream: A doctor

Y: Oh! // Uh… uh… uh…



R: That’s cool! / You are smart! // You can do it, I’m sure!!!

Y: You think so?

R: Of course!!

R: That Yukio that was weak and bullied and a cry baby; // who couldn’t even voice his own dreams…

Y: Freshman representative // Okumura Yukio


R: He IS going to be a doctor

R: And a fun school life awaits you here.

Girls: Hey, Okumura-kun, which major are you?

Y: huh? / um / special honors…

R: He will never be pulled into that other world.

Girls: Oh I knew it! // You’re so tall!

R: That is my problem.

M: Sorry to have kept you waiting.

R: [There you are, clown…]


R: How do I become an exorcist?

M: I’m glad you’re all pumped up about it, // but there are steps one must take to do anything.

M: To begin // I will have you attend a cram school.

R: Cram school!?

M: It’s for exorcists. / You will learn exorcism as a “page” there.

M: Your regular classes here begin tomorrow // but cram school begins today. / Let me show you where it is.

M: But I have one warning!


M: The fact that you are the illegitimate son of Satan must be kept secret.

M: You might be able to hide your tail / and bluff about the ears and teeth. // But the flame is no joke…/ Please practice self-control.

R: I’ll try my best.

M: Good.

M: but… / I am still worried so I will observe the class today. // Eins... / Zwei... / Drei!


M: Let’s go!

R: Exorcists can transform too!?

M: Of course now, I am special.

M: Ah yes / Here is the key to the cram school.

R: Key…? [You’re cute…]

M: It’s a convenient key // that allows you to enter the cram school through any door. [of course I am]


M: Try it out by opening a random door and see for yourself.


M: Freshmen have classes in room 1106

M: Here it is.

R: I’m getting nervous…


R: It’s dirty… // [An abandoned classroom?]


R: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4// 5 // 6 // 7 // So few…! [Eminem…?]

M: There has always been a shortage of exorcists since the beginning of time. [This is actually a larger bunch than usual]

Teacher: Okay, settle down!

M: Here comes the teacher.


Y: Please take a seat! // We will begin our class now.


Y: Nice to meet you. // I am Okumura Yukio and I will be teaching Anti-Demon Pharmacology.

R: YUKIO?? [is that you!?]

Y: Yes, I am Yukio

Y: Is something the matter?

R: Wha… / something is the matter! // What’s the matter with you!?


Y: There is nothing the matter with me. // Please be quiet now so we can begin.

R: Mefist! What’s going on? / What is he…

M: Now now

M: You shouldn’t be addressing me without a honorific title. I am, in fact, your superior. // [so rude…]

R: What is this dog saying…!! // While sitting on my knees…

R: What’s going on, Yukio…!

Y: As you have noticed, // I am a new teacher and am the same age as you all.

Y: However, I am 2 years ahead of you in terms of my exorcism studies… // Therefore, please call me “sensei” when we are in this classroom.


Y: First, / how many of you have been subject to mashou*? // Raise your hands.
*mashou: Something that disturbs the Buddhist training, mentally and psychologically

R: Mashou?

Y: 3 people. // Let’s begin our first lesson by learning about the “Masshou rituals.”

R: Mashou… // what is that?? [I do like girls that are mashou*]
*devilishly seductive

M: It’s a sickness or wound inflicted by a demon. [What a nice coincidence, I like them too!]


M: If you are subjected to “mashou” even once, you will be able to see demons from then on. // It’s a ritual that every exorcist must go through…

M: Of course, it is unnecessary for you. [since you are a demon]

M: But Okumura-sensei, // he is the youngest in history to have earned his exorcism certificate at his age. // He is an anti-demon pharmacology expert.

R: I had no idea…


R: I have absolutely no idea…

Y: To tell you the truth, / this classroom is usually not in use. // It is a nest for demons of the goblin tribe.

Student: What!? / are we okay to be in here…?

Y: We’re fine. / Goblins generally do not show their presence in bright places where humans are.

Y: They are low ranking demons that only have the power to do minor mischief… // so they are easy for us to handle.

Y: However, when they smell the stench of rotten animal blood, // they become excited and ferocious.

Y: I have prepared the Goblins’ favorite food, milk, mixed with blood… / It has been diluted to 1/10 and I will use one drop to lure in some Goblins… // [It’s a good opportunity to view the ecology of Goblins…] // And have them help us with the ritual.


Y: Please wait while I prepare this.


Y: Can I help you?

R: Explain this…!

Y: We’re in the middle of class. / Please take a seat.



Y: I mentioned it before but… // I became an exorcist 2 years ago and have been training since I was 7. // I was subject to the mashou from you, nii-san… // so I have been able to see demons since I was just a child.

Y: I knew this whole time… // you’re the only one that didn’t. // Can you move aside from there?

R: Then… // WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!!!!


R: WOAH / it stinks!? // what is this smell…! HUH!?

Students: WOAH!

Students: Demon! // huh? // where!? // there!!



R: Oh…

Y: Hobgoblins…!


Girl: KYAA!

Y: Everyone evacuate outside!

Goblins: GRRR // GRR // GRR

Y: They’re weak but there’s too many of them, / plus, they’ve turned ferocious. // I’m sorry, this is my fault. I am still a new teacher… // I apologize, but please stay outside while I exterminate them. / You too Okumura-kun…


Girl: KYA!!


R: And it’s not your fault! // It’s mine!! / I’m sorry!

Y: sigh…


Y: I don’t have any more to say to you…

R: What…!?

Y: Anyway, I’m a little busy right now so can we talk later?

R: Our matter is more important than this!

Y: Uh… you’re getting bitten by a whole lot of them



R: We haven’t spoken that much… // after the old man died… // and if you knew all along… / what did you think of me this entire time! Huh!?

Y: What did I think…?


Y: It should be obvious…As long as you are a demon, // I think of you as a potential threat

R: You…!

Y: You’re a fool, nii-san // why did you say you wanted to become an exorcist?


Y: Revenge? // Or is it your atonement to Father’s death…?


Y: It’s too late…


Y: Even if that’s what you’re hoping to do…


Y: You should just report to the Cavaliers or… // please, just die.


R: What… // You…! Do you think the old man died… // because of me!?

Y: Are you saying it’s not? // Father always protected you…!


Y: I watched him protect you this whole time. // Father was… // the single man in the entire world who could possibly go up against Satan’s powers to contain it // so his body was always targeted by Satan! / But he was able to block it for 15 years using his massive willpower and mind! // Father was the ultimate exorcist…!


Y: But… // there was no way he would have allowed Satan to take over his body like that, // unless he faced some sort of fatal psychological damage

Flashback: R: Don’t act like you’re my real father!!

Y: You must have said something, didn’t you?

R: I…I…

Y: If it’s one weakness that Father had…


Y: It was you.

Y: You


Y: Killed Father

R: I… / am stupid just like you say… / so say what you want…! // But…


R: You shouldn’t point your gun at your older brother…! // We’re brothers!!


Y: Nii-san…

R: Listen… / I didn’t kill the old man! // I know that / you can’t forgive me… / but is there any meaning in pointing that gun at me? / Tell me! // If it’s going to make you feel better to shoot me, then shoot me!! // SHOOT!!!!



Y: Wha…

M: Ohh <was here the whole time>

R: Don’t look down on me, // but I won’t fight my own brother!


Y: What were… // Father’s last moments…like?

R: He was…very cool


R: He died protecting me. // My reason for wanting to become an exorcist is not for revenge or anything complicated like that. // I just // want to become stronger. // I don’t want anyone dying because of me anymore!!


Y: Then, / you are the same as me.

Y: I became an exorcist because I wanted to become stronger…

R: Then… // I guess the two of us, we’re just foolish brothers…!

Y: Don’t think of me as the same as you in that sense.


Students: Sensei! Are you okay?

Y: Fine. // Everything except the classroom is fine.

R: WOAH!? / when did this happen…?

Y: You are dangerous after all…

R: I’ll / learn / to control it!!

Y: Nii-san

Y: From now on, / as you strive to become an exorcist, // the words I said to you earlier will always follow you.


Please, just die.

Y: You should be prepared / to have that said to you or thought about you // all the time. // I’m sorry everyone, / we must continue our class in another classroom. / You too, Okumura-kun!

R: That’s no problem… // I’m used to being hated! // Yes, sensei!

Y: What did you think?


M: You need to be a little more laid back but, // you were pretty good considering it was the first lesson!

Y: No…, not about me

M: Hmm // That power was effective against the demons, / we can use it. // He’s still unstable and too easily influenced by his emotions but, / he’s got potential. // Once he can fully control it // he will become the Seijyuji Cavaliers’ ultimate unique and powerful weapon.


Y: Then…

M: But we need to keep out eye on him… / We don’t want the Cavalier superiors to find out about him before he is fully utilizable. // But it’s really only a matter of time…

Y: I know…

Y: I’m scared… / I don’t want to see scary things anymore…

Father: Yukio… // Your brother will see something even scarier in 10 years…

Y: What do you mean…? / Nii-san isn’t normal?


F: Yukio…won’t you fight alongside your father?

Y: Huh…?

F: Wouldn’t you rather protect your brother and other people // rather than // living in fear of the darkness…?

Y: I’m going to protect my brother…?


Y: Protect…?

Y: I… // am going to… // protect my brother in place of Father from now on. // I never want to // live in fear of the darkness again.


Dial tone, beep

M: Sheesh // You’re putting too much of a burden on yourself, sensei…you should enjoy life more. // Plus, the Cavaliers are not the only enemy to face

M: Satan should start making his move soon too.

R: 602 / Is this room 602? / No one’s here yet…? // !?


Y: Hey / did I scare you?

R: Uh…m? Why are you here?

Y: Freshmen have to live in 4 people rooms, but I asked for a favor to have a 2 person room.

Y: You’re a threat / and need to be watched.

R: Wha…

Y: I asked for it


R: Is this a cage!?

Y: [haha, you’re funny] // yes, I am the guard!

Y: Don’t you want to be an exorcist? / Then you’ll have to bear some inconveniences along the way.

R: Heheheheh…you… // bring it on!

Y: That’s the spirit! / Then…let’s first take care of our homework, shall we?

R: Huh!? Homework…? / we have some?

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
thankkkk uu, and yes it does make things much easier to understand ^^
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 4, 2009
cool, i'll try to improve clarity this way :)
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thanks for the translations!!! i was wondering it you could continue translating this series...it would make a lot of people happy!!! :D

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