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Oresama Teacher 7

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 3, 2009 20:45 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 7

Thanks for edits, c_k!

**Just as a note, I'm trying to figure out how to format things so it's easiest to read and scan, so I made some additions to the TL:
*Anything in italics is when a character is thinking.
*Anything in [brackets] corresponds to the written text outside of the bubble. Written text within the bubble is divided by a // (I think...)
*The -- divides the frames, mostly so scanlators can figure out which phrase corresponds to which frame/bubble better.
*Anything in <these things> is for written text that isn't spoken, but it points to something.

I hope I'm not making things more confusing this way! If I am, please let me know via a comment or something! Thanks :)


Oresama Teacher Chapter 7


The meaning of banchou*…
*I translated it as gang leader in the previous chapter, but am leaving it as banchou so it flows with the next line

Originally called “banjou,” a title created by group leaders to enforce a system in which leaders change over time.

1) The lowest ranking executives in ancient security prefectures. The lowest ministry. In the first government~~yada yada yada

2) The leader of a school’s juvenile delinquents
This is what is currently means.
Taken from the Koujien dictionary


Hayasaka: Huh? // Take down the banchou?

H: What are you saying?

Mafuyu: Uh // I don’t really know either // but it’s the first task for discipline club members.

H: Ummm… // that’s insane…

M: By the way, // is there really even a banchou at this school?


H: Yeah, there is. // You see that old school house over there? // That’s where all the delinquents hang out.

H: And, / there’s a system where the strongest one becomes the banchou. // I heard that generally, whoever beats the banchou is the new leader.

M: I see // Hm…? // “You heard”? // Why don’t you take part in it too? [aren’t you a delinquent too?]

H: Oh

H: I don’t like to hang around groups of people. // [Groups always have those stupid hierarchies that I hate too]

M: You’re all alone… [I see…]

H: No!!! // You could at least call me a lone-wolf or something!!

Sfx: Bang


Sfx: rustle

M: Oh / yeah // Saeki-sensei gave me a picture and profile of the banchou

H: What kind of a teacher is he to prepare this…

M: Ok, let’s see…Okegawa Kyoutaro, class 3-2 number 15, he has the strength to even break a rock with his hands. // His hobby is to bully his followers and his special skill is morse code.

M: Oh! I’m good at morse code too!! // [dash-dot, dash-dash-dot, right!?]

H: [Who cares…]

H: But anyway / the banchou, huh…? // [hmmmm]

M: Oh! Hayasaka-kun is contemplating!?


M: Yeah!! It is dangerous!! It’s a bad idea!! // You don’t want to do it!! // Aww he’s got his morals! // It’s okay!! If we go talk to Takaomi-kun together, he should give up on this!! // This world is about love & peace!!

H: Great. // I always wanted to see his face.

M: What the hell!!! // He’s super pumped to fight him!! // He betrayed me!!

H: heheheheheheh

M: NOT about love, NOT about peace!


M: Wow… // that graffiti makes me feel nostalgic… // Every school is the same in this sense…

Bubble: Yahhooo!! Mafuyu is here
M: Stop it!!

M: But wait! Our school didn’t have a banchou!!! // We were all living pure and honest lives despite our mischief. // [yes yes] // As proof of that, everyone always depended on me…

Bubble: Mafuyu-san!!

Mafuyu-san!! // Someone beat up Yoshino!! [please avenge him!!]

Mafuyu-san!! // Ajisai High School is here to take us out! [They’re coming through the school entrance!!]

Mafuyu-san! // We’ll follow you forever!!


M: Wait a minute… // Was I the banchou…?

M: No!! // There’s no way!! //[no way!!] // Hayasaka-kun! / Can I ask you one thing!?

Sfx: startled

H: Yea / yeah…/ [what?]

M: If there’s a delinquent that gathers all delinquents together through kindness / what would you call it?

Sfx: zuba

H: That // is a banchou. // [it doesn’t matter if they’re kind or anything]

Sfx: supa

Sfx: Shocked

M: BANCHOU // WAAAAAAAAH! // [I didn’t want to know that!]

H: Oh, what’s up? / You’re ready to go?

Sfx: Bang

M: Huh? // No one is here? // [But their bags are here]

H: Oh right… // No one’s here at lunch because they all go out to the town to eat.

M: I see // [they’re pretty close]

Sfx: roaches walking


M: AAH!!

H: AH!


M: Uh oh…

Bag: Okegawa Kyoutaro

Bubble: Banchou

Sfx: runs

Box: Escape


M: It might not be a good idea to just go in there empty handed. / Let’s devise a plan.

H: You’re right. // I’m regretting that we took the situation so lightheartedly.

M: Our identities and motives aren’t known by them, / so we could target the banchou when he is alone and challenge him. // [it’s the best way]

H: What!? / That’s so unfair!

M: He was planning on fighting all of them… // [He’s a delinquent but always wants to play fair] // That’s why you always lose… <cruel words>

H: Anyway // I don’t think that counts as a win if we beat him. // It has to be a total win or total loss by using all of our strength.

Sfx: opens bag

M: Hayasaka-kun...


M: What you're saying sounds noble but // we can never win against strong people that way! // You should read some shounen manga! // You have to get luck and chance on our side!!

M: A fight depends on luck and timing…but he’s so stubborn… // he’s too stoic…

M: Maybe I’ll just have to take care of this alone…

Hey, you two

You guys were poking around in our hang out spot during lunch, weren’t you? // We totally saw you guys. // Let us borrow you guys for a sec.


M&H: We will never move without a plan from now on!!

2 Sfx: swear

M: I swear

H: I swear

M: There's only 5 of them… / I guess it’s only part of their whole group. // [Since there is a whole banchou group…] // Group…

Flashback: Mafuyu-san! Mafuyu-san! Let’s go take ‘em down!

M: Ah, memories… // it’s nice to have a group of friends!

Sfx: tearing up

H: She’s crying!!!


H: Wow / you shouldn’t make a girl cry. // [That’s pretty low]

Gang: WHAT!? // It’s our fault!? // so… / sorry // you want some candy? // or chocolate?

Sfx: tearing up more

M: They’re such nice people! // [sob sob]

Gang: What the hell!? Geez!!

Gang: here! You’re high up! // Oh how nice! // Look, peek-a-boo!

M: [sob sob]

H: What an amazing scene…


Sfx: something flies by // hits the wall

Gang: WOW!!

Kyousuke: What are you guys doing, playing around? // If you guys keep that up, I’ll beat you up


K: Huh? // Oh, it's you // What’s up? // I heard you’re pretty tough / but you don’t look it, hanging around with a girl

K: Hey, you // what are you looking at?

Sfx: stare

K: Whatever // ok, let’s have it

M: huh? // have what?

K: Money // That space is ours / so, if you come in, you have to pay an entrance fee // [fess up 20000 yen]


H: And if we say we won’t pay?

K: I’ll beat you up

M: What do I do… // I just had a realization


M: Hayasaka-kun // will lose this fight for sure!

I’ve been fighting since I was a kid // so I can determine the strength of people instinctively. // These two // are on two completely different levels! // <Hasayaka / Banchou / a normal person>

M: If Hayasaka-kun could use some dirty tricks or use his brain a little, it would be better but…

K: You can use a weapon. // Consider it a handicap.

H: I don’t need / anything

Sfx: tsk

M: He’s so stubborn about fairness!!! // Just take the handicap! // No!! He’s going to lose for sure! // I have to do something!!


M: But how!? // I don’t have my mask right now! <this> // I know!! Is there anything I can use to transform? // anything! // My Y-shirt…

M: If I cover my head with my shirt… // it might work!! // [good idea!!] // And there’s no design on the shirt to differentiate them. // Today should be an okay day… // [well, there might a little design*…]
*referring to her undershirt


Undershirt: yoroshiku Kurosaki Mafuyu

M: Oh no!!! // It totally says my name!!

Sfx: AAAH!

M: Is there anything else I can disguise myself with…

Sfx: snap snap <snapping buttons>

Sfx: rustle



Sfx: chain rustle

M: Together, it’s an eyepatch!

Sfx: sparkle

H: What are you doing?

M: Maybe not!!


K: Should you be // diverting your attention!?

Sfx: punch

M: WHA!!


Sfx: rustle

Sfx: crumble

M&H: He cracked the concrete!!

Sfx: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

M: What do I do…he’s stronger than I thought. // I should be okay since I’ve always tolerated Takaomi-kun’s punches when I was younger… // but Hayasaka-kun… // his bones will be broken…

H: Hmm


H: How interesting. // [I’m taking up your challenge]

M: You idiot!!

Sfx: runs

M: [Aahh]

M: He’s got his collar!! // He’ll get hit!! // He’s going to get hit!! // Here goes!!

Sfx: running / scuffs

M: Make it in time!!


Bubble: tap

Sfx: pull, swish

H: huh?

Sfx: falls

K: huh?

Sfx: hits nothing

Sfx: bump


K: Ugh / you!

Sfx: Sliding

M: Ugh…

Sfx: Bam

H: Woah

Sfx: hit

K: Hurah!


Sfx: Push

K: Take this!

M: Ugh

Sfx: whisk / push / hit

M: [wah wah]

H: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? // [I’m getting pissed off!]

M: So…sorry…

Sfx: panting


H: Just stay over there!! Don’t come over here!

M: So mean! Treating me like I’m unwanted!!

Sfx: yelling / Mafuyu shrieking

K: This girl…she somehow bypassed my hits / that were supposed to hit him. // And she took down 5 guys while pushing him around, // with the least amount of damage done on anyone!! // This girl is no joke…

Sfx: stands up

Sfx: bam


Sfx: bam bam bam bam bam


K: [wha?] // she’s trying to intimidate me!! // but… / I can’t turn away now…

Sfx: mumbling

K: Is she chanting a spell on me? // No… this is…

M: dash-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dash-dot-dash-dot-dash-dash-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot-dot // dash-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dot-dot-dash-dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot

K: Morse code!?

K: ”Let’s finish this fight another day” // This girl!! She’s serious!!

Sfx: smiles


K: I’ll back down today, like you said to.

Sfx: points

H: Huh?

K: But the day after tomorrow, after school // that’s when we finish this.

M: dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dash-dot-dash-dash // OK

K: See ya

H: huh…? // What was that about?

Sfx: phew

M: I guess we’re saved for today… // But if Hayasaka-kun goes in alone, he’s done for // so we have to devise a plan…


<Storage Room>

My plan…

M: Isn’t much of a plan… // [haha] // it’s just to become Usachan-man again


M: Hey!! // I’m counting on you, Usachan-man!! // You’re the only one I can depend on!!

Sfx: praise praise

Sfx: slip

M: Oh

Sfx: Bang / crack


Oresama Teacher chapter 7 / END

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#1. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 3, 2009
Loving this chapter, in spite of the all confusing Sfx - Bam, ugh, bang... Thanks, again you were very, very quick!
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 4, 2009
Yeah, sorry about the SFX - a group wants to scanlate it and they asked for the SFX...which I hate doing! >_<
it ruins the flow a bit...i hope you can bear with it!
i'll try to find a better way to do it too...maybe... :P
#3. by magictos ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
Thanks so much for translating this manga! I'm beginning to get addicted to it :)

looking forward for your next release :D
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 4, 2009
it's such a silly manga! but it is addictive :) thanks for reading my TL
#5. by Yuuko-san ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
I love oresama Teacher

#6. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 4, 2009
#7. by Tehanu ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
#8. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 4, 2009
Thanks for the super fast TL. Well, here's my comments ~

p.41: The meaning of a banchou*…
>> Drop 'a'

p.41: Originally called “banjou,” a title created by group leaders to enforce a system in which leaders change over time.
>> Maybe changing title -> position?

p.41: In the first government~~something something
>> It might be better if it was ~~ 'yada yada' or 'etc. etc.' otherwise 'something something' looks like you can't TL it XD

p.41: 2) The head of the school’s juvenile delinquents
>> head -> leader; of the -> of a

p.42: H: Haaa…
>> Haaa… -> Ummm...

p.43 H: Yeah, we do. // You see that old school house there?
>> H: Yeah, there is. You see that old school house over there? - doesn't answer the question properly + add 'over'

p.43: there’s a system where the strongest one of them all becomes the banchou.
>> drop 'of them all' - implied would be the srongest out of all of them

p.44: Saeki-sensei gave me the picture and profile of the banchou
>> the picture -> a picture

p.45: This world is love & peace!!
>> This world is (full of/about) love & peace!!

p.45: M: NOT love, NOT peace!
>> NOT (full of/about) love, NOT (full of/about) peace

p.46: [please avenge his enemies!!]
>> please avenge him!! OR please take revenge on his enemies!!

p.48: M: BANCHOU // WAAAAAAAAH! // [I didn’t want to know that!]
>> missing sfx for 'バターン’ (this is the only sfx I actually checked to see/noticed if it was there); It's kind of annoying to check sfx too so I'm not going to. XD

p.50: M: It might not be a good idea to just go in there emptyhanded.
>> emptyhanded -> empty-handed

p.50: I’m regretting how lightheartedly we took the situation.
>> I’m regretting that we took the situation so lightheartedly. - slight rephrase

p.50: so we could target when the banchou is alone and challenge him.
>> so we could target the banchou when he's alone and challenge him.

p.51: M: What your saying sounds noble but // we can never win against the strong people that way!
>> your -> you're; win against the -> win against (drop 'the')

p.51: You have to get luck and chances on our side!!
>> chances -> chance

p.52: M: There;s only 5 of them… / I guess it’s only a part of their whole group.
>> There;s -> There's ; only a part -> only part

p.52: Sfx: tearing
>> Sfx: tearing -> tearing up

p.53: It’s out fault!?
>> out -> our XD

p.53: Sfx: tearing more
>> Sfx: tearing more -> Sfx: tearing up more

p.55: It’s you, Hayasaka
>> Eehhh... people don't say it like this. Maybe you mean: I thought it was you, Hayasaka. OR "Oh, it's you." - people don't really say a person's name in front of them.

p.57 These two // rank completely differently!
>> These guys // are on two completely different levels. - Doesn't really make sense so rephrased.

p.57: M: If Hayasaka-kun can use some dirty tricks or use his brain a little, it would be better but…
>> can use -> could use

p.57: He’s so stoic!!!
>> I'm not sure if you would call him stoic here...

p.66: K: Is she chanting spell on me? //
>> spell -> a spell

p.67: K: I’ll back down for today like you say
>> I'll back down today, like you said to.

p.67:What was that?
>> What was that about?

p.67: But if Hayasaka-kun goes alone, he’s done for
>> But if Hayasaka-kun goes in alone, he’s done for

p.68: M: Isn’t very much of a plan…
>> drop 'very'

OMG. This chapter was epically F-U-N-N-Y. Ah, I can't wait for the next chapter. XD
This is like one of THE best manga to read. Mafuyu is so funny~

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