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Faster than a Kiss 2


+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 4, 2009 04:38 | Go to Faster than a Kiss

-> RTS Page for Faster than a Kiss 2

**It's actually chapter 2, even though the title says 1, since it started at 0.



We had been searching for a long time, // having lost our place in the world and as we floated around, // we were looking for a place where our feet could land…


Bully: Ow, get out my way, fatty!!


Fumino: You’re the one that should move / [and] / don’t call a girl “fatty”! / [It’s makes me mad!]

I am Kaji Fumino in class 2-c at Kumaneko High School

I’m 16 years old and labeled as violent, but I keep things just around here

Kazuma: Wow!

Bully: Out of my way glasses!


K: Kaji-san, did you hear that!? He called me “glasses!” / please scold him!!

F: You are “glasses” though!!

And this guy wearing glasses is the homeroom teacher of class C, Ojiro Kazuma / he is a dull English teacher and is 24 years old.

Bully: [I can go right!?]

F: [Just go!! What are you doing, crying to a student!?]

K: [Sorry, Kaji-san, you’re just so cool]

F: [Idiot!!]

We are total opposites but / we share a “secret”

K: I’m home


That is

F: Welcome home, honey // would you like to eat dinner first? Or take a bath…? Or…

Teppei: Or do you want Teppei?

<Brother: Teppei, 4 years old>

The fact that we are married…

K: [Ooohh I want Teppei-kun!]


F: [Hey! Why are the skirts getting shorter and shorter!?

<Ojiro House Rules: Dinner is not served unless Fumino greets Kazuma in a young wife costume>

<playback to a month ago>

One year after our parents died in an accident, / my brother and I have been staying with different relatives, and we grew tired of it and decided to run away. // The only person to come look for us was my sensei.

K: Come to my room!


F: Don’t give me some half-assed pity! Then will you marry me and support me!?

K: Yeah, I will!

It was completely decided upon an argument, but I started this married life for financial reasons so that I can support Teppei

K: Teppei-kun, did you set the table?

T: I brought the chopsticks out too!

K: Ohh without me saying it! / Very good! Come here!

[The wife cannot cook so she waits at the table]

F: [sorry…]


K: Here’s a treat! / [today is strawberry flavor]

Sensei’s generous love // melted away my ice cold heart as well as Teppei’s, when we were beginning hesitant to trust adults

F: Oh, this English-Japanese dictionary, // I borrowed this from sensei / [mine should be at school]

<getting ready for tomorrow>


F: Sensei / thanks for the dictionary…

K: Hm? / What’s the matter? // [sorry, I had my headphones on]

F: [can I see?]

K: [sure]

F: You’re up late working every night. / I thought teaching was an easy job but I guess not.

K: haha


F: Good job! / I’ll try my best with my studies too! [even though I’m dumb] // [here you go]

F: [ooookay] / I’ll go make some tea / just wait here…

K: No no // *grab* // That smile was enough. // Good night.

It has been one month / since our “married life” began…


He have not done anything a married couple usually does. // We haven’t even kissed!!

Ryu: Good morning! // How are you guys? High school wife and promiscuous teacher! / So? Did you guys hustle last night too?

<This is Ryu, our next door neighbor and Ojiro’s best friend who is a nursery school teacher>

K: You are so dirty!!!

R: [let’s go Teppei!]

T: [yay!]

R: Promiscuous…huh?


K: Please listen to the following passage, / it is important to learn through hearing the sounds as well.

I guess // sensei is still a “teacher.” / This marriage is just a gesture of saving a poor student that was kind of a spur of the moment.

But I…

Wow, so pretty! / Is it from your boyfriend? // It’s a “symbol of love!”

F: Wow…I’m jealous…

Bully: HEY


Bully: IS IT YOU? ARE YOU KAJI, WHOSE BEEN PREACHING JUSTICE AROUND HERE? // One of our kouhai seems to have been beaten up by you, we need to borrow you…hey ARE YOU LISTENING!!


Bully: Hey, you…

F: Shut up…I’m busy! / What? You wanna fight? Then be in the backyard after school! I’ll take care of you then!!

Bully: Oh // okay…




Teacher: hey you two! It’s time to go home! [leave now!]



Go home already!

T: Buncha* look! / It’s a hat!
*<Fumino’s nickname>

F: Wow! // You’re crafty, Teppei. [I can’t make anything like that]

R: You should teach Ma-kun*
*Kazmua’s nickname>

T: Yeah!

F: Ryu-sensei, you’re known Ojiro-sensei for a long time

R: Yup

F: What kind of woman is he interested in?

R: What? But you guys are marr…

F: ied but we haven’t done anything yet


F: I wonder if I could be more like a woman he’s interested in / he’ll do something…

R: WAAAH! Ma-kun is such an idiot!! / What’s he playing cool for! He’s holding back for sure!! [with such a cute girl! UWOOOOO!]

F: What!? / Be quiet…!

R: Poor Bun-chan!!

F: huh!?

R: Leave it to me!! / I know everything that excites him!

<just showered>

F: How do you do this!?

K: [why is she yelling…]

T: Buncha, you’re so cool!

K: Fumino-san, what are you…


F: Wait, I’m not ready!

<Ryu produce: young wife seductive underwear>

R: If you approach him in some sexy outfit, he’ll definitely fall for you!!

F: Sensei!!

K: Yes!

F: Won’t…

K: Won’t?


F: Won’t you sleep in my room tonight!!!

<Her seductive invitation that she thought so hard to come up with>

T: [huh? Sleep?]

K: Sure


K: This is a nice change

T: Can I go under your blanket?

K: Sure

F: So cruel… <I feel like I lost as a woman> // <I’m wish I were a child too>

T: [so warm!]

K: [yes]

<so close>

K: I’m so happy / I had always wanted to do something like this.

F: Your parents are…

K: They’re alive but / I was a bad child so they disowned me


K: We weren’t that close of a family anyway… / so there isn’t much that can be done…

F: [he’s asleep already…] // I guess he’s tired… // [let me touch his head]

I had heard that / sensei used to be a troublemaker // and he worked really hard to become a teacher…


K: Why is the kitchen black so early in the morning?

T: [stinky!]

F: We… / made miso-soup the other day in class so I thought I could… // [I’m sorry…]

K: Oh, and your fake boobs were on your blanket. // [They would be revealed anyway when you took everything off, silly]

I’m so depressed…!!

F: I’m a threat to his teaching life by having him marry me but I can’t do anything for him…! //[I’m useless!! I have no boobs!!]

Bully: HEY KAJI FUMINO!! [How dare you forget about us!]


F: Ahhh so irritating…! // And now I got involved in a stupid fight…

K: Hey Kaji-san! / You shouldn’t fight too much!

F: [he saw me!!]

Oh // I’m causing so much trouble…

K: I might not be very dependable / but if you ever need someone to talk to about your troubles…


How could I possibly say / that I want him to like me as I am now?

F: I’m fine… / sorry

K: Fumino-san / unfortunately


K: I do not believe your “I’m fine” // When you were being passed around your relatives’ house / you didn’t tell anyone and you protected your brother by yourself. // You keep everything to yourself and try to solve everything by yourself.

F: Sen…


K: I worry… / that you’ll suddenly leave again…


K: We’re in… / school… / [excuse me!] // I’m sorry to have kept you / please return to class.

<Fumino is speechless>

K: [you okay?]

F: [can’t walk…]

Bullies: Did you see that? // I did… [that glasses guy looks like he’s used to women?] // Did you take it? // I did…heheheh

I won’t go anywhere


I don’t want to go anywhere

T: Buncha! // I made you origami! / Here’s one for Ma-kun too! // Rings! // [hehe!]

F: [wow…you made / these?]

T: Emiri-chan in my class said / a “marriage” needs a “ring”!

F: Gold origami is / very rare… // thanks Teppei



F: I’m so happy!


Sensei and this lifestyle

T: [come back soon!]

F: be careful!
<going shopping>

So I want to change / and become a worthy woman for sensei

Bully: Hey


F: Who are you?

Bully: HUH!?

F: [ugh it was such a wasteful fight]

Bully: We can’t stay in control of our followers if we’re beaten up by a girl!!

F: okay…

Bully: That’s why // if you don’t want us to reveal the fact that you / came out of Ojiro’s house // and this picture, you should come with us

I finally


Found a place for us to stay / after wandering around for so long…

K: Oh… / what am I doing, buying this…

R: Heeeey Ma-kun! / What are you doing in front of your house?

K: You… / you gave Fumino-san some weird underwear didn’t you!

R: Wasn’t she cute? // Don’t you want to come to a gou-kon*? // [we’re low on people]
*gou-kon: a gathering of singles

K: No way

R: Come on, forget about your new wife for a bit! / Your wife is having her fun too you know?


K: huh? Fumino-san?

R: Yeah, I saw her walking in the park with two boys from her school. // They were a little tough looking…

R: Ma-kun?

K: Bring my stuff to my room! / If Teppei-kun isn’t in his room, contact me!

R: Roger! / [if it’s involving Teppei, I’ll make a move too!]

F: Hey! / how far are we going?

Bully: Shut up / senpai! Here she is!

Senpai: Okay!


Senpai: Hm / I was wondering what kind of giant woman beat you guys up // but she’s a cute one! [you guys are helpess!]

Bullies: No, she really is strong!! // We did think hard about how to get our revenge / but we’re still kids and can’t do too much


Bully: We leave her up to you senpai. / These guys are part of Higuma-gumi

F: I don’t care what you do to me / but don’t cause any trouble for Ojiro-sensei!

Senpai: [how cute] You came here to protect a guy? / Then I guess I should take care of you the “nice way”

His fingers / are disgusting…!


Senpai: OW!

T: Let go of Buncha!

F: TEPPEI!? [how did you?]

Bullies: Origami? // They mildly hurt!

Senpai: You brat!

F: What are you doing to my brother!!


Senpai: Hey, you broke our deal…

F: Screw you!! / My life revolved around Teppei! // And I’ll get in trouble with sensei if I don’t do anything about you bullying my brother!!

Senpai: OH I SEE!


Senpai: It looks like I do need to hurt you after all!!

K: You wannabe-thug


K: What are you doing to my wife?


Bullies: WIFE!? [you’re not just dating!?] / what…


R: [good job, Teppei!]

T: [sensei!]


Senpai: You guys apologize!! / Apologize right now!! <knocked out with a single blow>

Bullies: HUH?

K: Apologize to Fumino-san, not me!

Senpai: Not, “huh?”! He is Ojiro Kazuma-san!! // You guys should know too! The legendary… // He’s the “Ma-kun from hell” that beat up 100 members of a rival biker-gang and got out of it without a scratch!!

K: I was just very healthy!


K: I guess my embarrassing past / can be of some use to protect Fumino-san // but listen up / you guys better not come near my family ever again! // And if you reveal our secret… // I’ll kill you and send you to hell!

F: [what? /huh?]

<Teppei’s eyes are covered too>

This is how // our secret was pushed back into the darkness

<contract> // <data erased>

Senpai: Listen! If you guys reveal it, WE will kill you!!

Bullies: Waaaah

K: Sheesh / didn’t I tell you not to take the burden by yourself?1

F: But…


F: You know / how you don’t do anything to me?

K: [hm? Is that what we were talking about?]

F: So / I thought since I don’t have any attractiveness or experience as a woman // and you only married me out of pity, I didn’t want to / cause trouble…

Oh no

My tears…

K: Ohh silly / even as a man, I want to keep you tied up!


K: But as an adult, I’m thinking about your feeling as a 16 year old. / If you ever want to have a normal love life with someone else…

F: Are you an idiot? / You make me and Teppei so happy… // you better take responsibility!!



K: Then / can I give you a “symbol” for you to wear? // It’s not very valuable... / [I had to beat Teppei’s rings]

T: [wow, real ones!]

K: Try it on?



F: And you too…


F: So pretty…

I feel satisfied and complete / having you tie me up / I am finally


Able to make my landing

F: We got this far… // so now I have set up two blankets! // Tonight he will come!!

K: Fumino-san


K: I have a meeting tomorrow morning so I will sleep early. / If you’re still awake can you make sure everything is turned off? // Goodnight!

Kaji Fumino 16 years old / the married life in which they haven’t even kissed, begins again.

<she’s angry>

K: If I can have her whenever I want / it might be fun to hold off a while longer // [I am an S* after all]

R: Bun-chan Bun-chan / how about we go super girly with Lolita style next!

<Discussion over seductive underwear with Ryu continues>

F: Why do you have so many?

R: That’s a secret!

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