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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detective Conan 670

File 670: The whistling man

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 7, 2009 02:43 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This translation is for Endless Youth and Co. Group use only. thanks!


Matsumoto: This is Matsumoto! I am following a suspected serial killed down at Enba Pier!

Radio: What? Really!?

Matsumoto: Yes!

Matsumoto: The car he is in matches the color and model that was reported to be stolen earlier today! // It is currently parked and he is the only one inside! Please check the license number I tell you!


Matsumoto: Shinagawa 501…


Radio : What’s wrong Matsumoto?! What’s the rest…

Matsumoto: Let…


File 670: The whistling man

Matsumoto: Let is be…


Matsumoto: There’s no mistake, it’s him!!

Radio: What?

Matsumoto: He’s whistling it! The Beatles’…


Matsumoto: Let it Be!!


Matsumoto: He’s discovered me!?


Radio: Hey, answer me Matsumoto! // Matsumoto!?


Radio: Matsumoto!!!


Megure: Superintendent Matsumoto!!!


Megure: Are you okay, sir? You were stirring in your sleep…

Matsumoto: Oh, sorry… // It looks like I fell asleep…


Megure: Maybe you should go home and get a good night’s sleep once in a while? / You must be sleep-deprived from sleeping here all the time.

Matsumoto: I can’t be resting at home at a time like this…


Matsumoto: There’s only 3 days left until that statutes of limitations for the serial murder case expires… // And the clock mercilessly continues to tick even as we sit here…


Matsumoto: So? Did we find out anything more about that con-artist / that we took in the other day?

Megure: Yes…his name is Kusumoto Ryuhei, 42 years old…


Megure: 15 years ago, around the time of that case, he was home-staying abroad… // therefore we’re thinking he is no longer a suspect…


Matsumomto: I see…

Megure: He had met the scarred man at a sauna, just a few days before his departure…


Megure: He couldn’t see his face since he had a towel over his head but… // he laughed and said, “The scar on my back is an emblem of courage that was inflicted on me by the police, 5 years ago! Do you want one too?”


Matsumoto: 5 years before that means it was 20 years ago…

Megure: Yes… 20 years ago, you were still an inspector and it’s when you inflicted a knife wound on a suspect you had been following… / so it matched up perfectly!


Matsumoto: Then that sauna…

Megure: Satou and Takagi have gone to go an investigation there… / however, I haven’t received any word from them yet…


Matsumoto: Tell them not to let their guard down…

Megure: Yes…he is an extremely dangerous criminal that has killed 3 of our men – 2 of them 20 years ago and 1 of them 15 years ago…


Matsumoto: No, there’s one more… // have you forgotten?

Megure: Of course I haven’t!


Megure: Inspector Morimura, who was killed on duty… // was the man who taught me everything about being a cop when I first started out…


Matsumoto: Inspector // Morimura…


Matsumoto: I’ve caught up to your honorary rank that was awarded to you after your death… // but I still don’t understand…


Matsumoto: Those words you spoke…

Morimura: Ma-Matsumoto… // There’s something there…


Morimura: There has to be a meaning embedded in… // the reason why he hums Let it Be…

Matsumoto: What are you suggesting it could be? / Morimura!?


Satou: I guess // there wasn’t anything here!


Satou: Got nothing…

Takagi: Well, the case is from 15 years ago… / it’s a little hard to ask someone if they remember a man with a scar on his back…


Satou: True…and the building itself has been renovated and the type of customers that come here has changed over time…

Takagi: That reminds me that the spa on 5th street has renovated and is very popular! / Plus, they have an outdoor bath!


Satou: That’s nice? Why don’t you go with Chiba-kun or something?

Takagi: …


Takagi: I’ll go by myself then…

Satou: Oh, were you inviting me?


Takagi: Of course I was!!

Satou: Alright, then how about this?


Satou: If we can arrest this serial killer before the statutes of limitations expire, we’ll go to the hot springs together! // How’s that…?

Takagi: But we only have 3 days left…


Satou: Please take me to the hot springs!

Takagi: You know what…

Voice: Is this appropriate?


Mistuhiko: For cops to be fooling around during an investigation…?

Satou & Takagi: Eh?


Genta: Aren’t you guys supposed to be investiatin’ a case from 15 years ago?

Ayumi: They’re talking about it on TV everyday!

Takagi: Yeah…That’s why we’re here at the spa…

Satou: Shh!


Satou: Don’t give anything away to the kids!

Takagi: You’re right…

Conan: So, if you put together the information from the news reports on TV, / with what Superintendent Matsumoto said…


Conan: The first incident was 20 years ago… / the man that was killed was Boukawa Tsuguharu-san, a 50 year old doctor. The weapon used was a Japanese sword that was actually Boukawa-san’s possession!


Two days later… // Mugita Atsunori-san, a 42 year old associate professor for science and engineering at Touto University was killed / by the same Japanese sword…


Then, when a cop that had been investigating in the nearby area, approached a suspicious car to ask questions about the case, the car sped off… / The cop was hit when attempting the stop the car and died a little while after…


Inspector Matsumoto was able to follow and track down the car, but ended up being attacked by the same Japanese sword and severely wounding his eye… // But he was able to take the sword from the suspect to wound him in return…


And 5 years later, a 34 year old lawyer, Nabei Susumu… // was found dead in his house after being stabbed by a knife…


In all cases, the murderer first used a stun-gun on their victims and proceeded to brutally cut them up with a sword or knife. Plus, in all 3 cases there was no sign of intrusion so there is the possibility that the victims were familiar with the suspect…


Conan: However, there is no clear relationship between the 3 victims so the investigation is at a dead end… // is this correct?

Satou: Ye… // Yes…


Conan: But I don’t get it…it makes sense to assume the first two victims were killed by the same guy since the weapon was the same but…

Ai: Yes…how did you conclude that the 3rd victim from 5 years later was killed by the same suspect if the weapon was different?

Takagi: Well, that…


Satou: There was this character written on the victim’s body…

Takagi: Uh, uhhmm Satou-san!?


Takagi: I though we weren’t telling them!

Satou: Oh oops! I can’t help it when they ask me…

Mistuhiko: Oh, they’re covering the case now too!


Mistuhiko: On the news!

Reporter: It is now only 3 days away until the statutes of limitations expire…


Reporter: Do you think the police will able to catch him, Hiramune-san?

Hiramune: Well…I think it’s impossible in this situation…


Hiramune: My assumption is that the suspect is in his home with his curtains closed, his phone lines unplugged, and has cut off all outside communication… // as he hides in his bed, shaking, waiting for the 3 days to pass…

Box: Hiramune Douji (41) Criminal Psychologist


Reporter: I see, you think he is hiding out…

Hiramune: Yes…he’s going to wait it out! / He’s trying his best to not draw any attention and get out of this as safely as possible…


Hiramune: If you want to prove me wrong, come and kill me! / But you’ll have to be prepared to throw away all the effort you put into running and hiding for 15 years!!


Hiramune: But, if you do come for me, I would like to serve you some sake and discuss criminal psychology with you!

Ayumi: Oh! I know that man!


Mistuhiko: Eh?

Ayumi: He lives in my building! // I sometimes see him in the elevator!


Genta: We’re about to go to your house…

Mitsuhiko: So we might see him coincidentally!

Ai: Right…


Ai: And the serial killer might come too, perhaps?

Ayumi: NOO! Don’t come!!

Takagi: Haha…


Takagi: Get home safely!

Kids: Okay!

Satou: If the killer comes, let us know!


Ayumi: My mom said that she’s going to be a little late but she’s going to hurry home to make us a giant meal!

Genta: Oh! Is it una-jyu!?

Mistuhiko: That’s all you ask for all the time, Genta-kun…


Conan: A character… // on the victim’s body… // hm…


Genta: OHH!! // WOW!!


Genta: You can see all the far away buildings too!!

Mitsuhiko: Skyscrapers have an impressive view!


Mitsuhiko: The view at night must be beautiful too!

Ayumi: We’re back!


Ayumi: We bought some juice!

Ai: And some snacks too


Genta: Ohh! Yaiba-chocoloate!

Mistuhiko: What was the free figurine attached to it?

Ayumi: I didn’t open it yet!

Ai: It’s amazing how their fame hasn’t died down yet…


Conan: Who? Kamen Yaiba-?

Ai: No, the British rock band, the Beatles!


Ai: The person we passed by on the ground floor when we were getting on the elevator… // was whistling Let it Be by the Beatles…

Conan: wha… // what!?


Conan: What did he look like!? // Did you see his face!?

Ai: No…he was wearing a hat and his hair and beard covered his face…


Conan: Listen you guys! Don’t leave this room no matter what until I come back!!

Ai: eh?

Ayumi: Why?


Conan: It’s the serial killer!! // He might have come to this building!!


Police Department

Takagi: Really… // Really, Conan-kun?!


Takagi: There is a possibility that the murderer has come to that building!?

Conan: Yes!! / He was whistling Let it Be when he came out of the elevator!


Takagi: But what is he there for…?

Conan: It might have to do with that guy challenging him on the news earlier…


Conan: The criminal psychologist… // Hisamune Douji-san…


Conan: Anyway, I’m going to go check on his room!!

Takagi: Wha, wait…!


Takagi: Conan-kun!?

Satou: Chiba-kun! Get the car ready!

Chiba: Right away!


<ding dong>
<ding dong>

Conan: There’s no response…


Conan: Oh… // it’s open…


Conan: Hiramune-san! // Are you here?


Conan: Hiramune-san…


Conan: Hi… // Hiramune-san!?


Conan: it’s too late… // he’s not breathing…


Conan: His blood is soaking through the old shirt…


Conan: It… // can’t be…


Z… // what is this!?

To be continued in Issue 49

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