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Detective Conan 672

File 672: ESWN

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 10, 2009 03:46 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. group use only. Thanks :)


File 672: ESWN


Takagi: Ma… // Mahjong!?


Takagi: The connection between all 4 victims is mahjong?

Conan: Yes!


Conan: The criminal psychologist, Hiramune-san, who was killed earlier today even said it on TV! // Like he’s close to the “all last” and that he was trying to wait it out by using “anpai”…


Conan: Those are all mahjong terms right? // Hiramune-san definitely liked mahjong!

Takagi: Maybe, but how do you know that about the other 3?


Conan: Doctor Boukawa-san who was killed first, 20 years ago… // He used to come home on Saturday nights drunk and would complain that he was made fun of and was called a crybaby… // Mugita-san, the associate professor of science that was killed 2 days later…got angry at his wife for ringing his beeper non-stop and told her he’s at the doctor so he shouldn’t bother her… // and Nabei-san, the lawyer killed 5 years later…he used to say “The parents got hit last night again and it was rough” right?


Conan: The “crybaby” comment Boukawa-san made was about someone who cries a lot during mahjong…

Genta: Why would he cry? Isn’t mahjong a game?


Conan: When you pick up the tiles that other players threw away and add it to your own to make groups of 3 and 4 in order to finish up your hand quickly… // that move means you “cry”!


Takagi: What about Nabei-san’s “The parents got hit last night again and it was rough” comment?

Conan: His son probably misheard him when he said, “I was hit by parents and it was rough”


Conan: The “parents” are parent pieces that wins you a lot of points, and to get “hit” means to finish the game with the final move that “hits you” with higher points… // so it means, “It was rough when someone’s parent pieces finished off the game by taking high points”!


Ai: Then what does Mugita-san’s comment at being at the doctor mean?

Conan: Oh…that’s probably…


Conan: He probably said // “I’m ishanten*! Don’t bother me!!”
*Isha: doctor: Itteru: I’m at


Mitsuhiko: That does…

Ayumi: Sound like “I’m at the doctor”…

Genta: But what is that “ishanten” mean…?


Conan: “Ishanten” is when you just need one more tile to match up to your hand and you can finish the game! // So he got mad because his wife kept beeping him when he just needed one more tile and was almost done!


Conan: Anyway, everything I just said has to do with mahjong lingo, so it’s only natural for people who’ve never played to get confused!

Takagi: That’s true…those comments were made by Boukawa-san’s and Mugita-san’s wife, / plus Nabei-san’s son, Eiki-san…


Takagi: That means… // the phrase that Eiki-san heard the murderer say after he killed Nabei-san might also be mahjong related…


Conan: What phrase?

Takagi: After the murderer killed Eiki-san’s father and was about to leave while whistling Let it Be… / Eiki-san heard the murderer say…


Takagi: “Don’t be angry with me! I’m just having you take responsibility… // It’s because you laid that move on me, I panicked and got this giant scar on my face by that cop”…


Takagi: “Taking responsibility” and “panicked” are also mahjong terms…


Conan: By the way, I know that Eiki-san was at the scene when the murder took place but was no one nearby the other 2 victims when they were killed?

Takagi: Oh…both Bougawa-san and Mugita-san were killed when they were home alone…


Takagi: Gougawa-san’s wife, Maiko-san, was out grocery shopping and Mugita-san’s brother, Hiderou-san, didn’t live with him anyway, so he was watching TV in his own home…


Ai: So? What now?

Conan: Good thing you ask. // Those 4 people most likely played mahjong somewhere every Saturday night…


Conan: We should try to find a mahjong house that would be convenient for the 4 of them to go to, based on their home and office addresses from 20 years ago! // Mahjong houses are full of people from all age-ranges and no one cares how old their opponent is!


Mitsuhiko: Yeah!

Ayumi: Shounen Detective Group!

Genta: Let’s go!

Takagi: Hey, don’t you guys have to go home? / It’s 9pm already.


Genta: Don’t worry!

Ayumi: We told our parents we’re staying at Professor’s house!

Mitsuhiko: It’s no problem!

Takagi: Oh…right…


Mahjong house worker: Oh! // I know these guys!


Worker: They used to play here all the time, a long time ago! // Wow, I feel nostalgic!


Worker: But, who’s this?

Takagi: It’s Hiramune-san, a criminal psychologist! // But his photo is the only current one so it’s of him aged 20 years…


Worker: Oh, it’s that student that always played with them! // I do recall him talking about learning criminal psychology. He’s gotten pretty old I see…


Takagi: So the 4 did play mahjong here?

Worker: Yes! Every Saturday at 10pm, it was always the same 4 members!


Worker: A doctor, an associate professor, a lawyer and the college student! // They were different ages but they all got along… / and they would play mahjong while they tried to solve crime cases together…



Worker: They would say the criminal was the husband who was interviewed and that he used a medical trick to do it… // but someone would say that isn’t physically possible or / say the crime was committed by taking advantage of a loophole in the law… / and it was shocking that everything they said was usually correct!


Worker: So, why are you asking about them?

Takagi: Those 4 were all killed…by the same murderer!


Worker: They were killed!? All 4 together!?

Takagi: No, the first was killed 20 years ago… / wait, you didn’t know?


Worker: I’ve never been one to watch the news on TV… // and I only checked on the cases those 4 talked about when I read the newspaper…


Worker: And I only bought the newspaper during those 2 years that they came here… // and I stopped when they didn’t come here anymore…

Takagi: You stopped?


Worker: Yes…I couldn’t really hear it very well but they were talking about a perfect crime…


Worker: And after a while, the student was the only one who came… / and he’s sit there polishing the tiles looking lonely all by himself…


Worker: But, I bet it’s that man who killed these 4…

Takagi: You have an idea of who it might be!?


Worker: There was a customer that used to always make brash comments when they discussed cases! // But all 4 of them were sharp and always quick to talk back so that customer always lost the verbal battles…


Worker: But when the 4 of them stopped coming together and the student was here alone, the customer made fun of him but the student just snapped… // and they hit each other with chairs and threw tiles and it was an awful fight!


Worker: That’s when the customer yelled, // “I’m going to kill all 4 of you!”


Takagi: Do you know who that man is?

Worker: No…he had a pretty bad reputation around here…but I don’t know his name…


Worker: Do you remember that case where a gun disappeared? // It was that case where a police officer was put to sleep in his police booth and had his gun stolen but then it was mailed back to him 2 days later!


Worker: It was rumored that he was the man behind that case…


Worker: These are the tiles that were thrown around… // on the day of the fight!


Worker: They’re unusable now because they’re all scratched up… // but I couldn’t throw them out since those 4 always used them…


Conan: Was the other customer the one that threw those tiles?

Worker: Yes… // he grabbed the ones the student was polishing and threw them…


Conan: Who was the one that picked up all the tiles?

Worker: It was me…I picked them all up after the police came to stop the fight and took them away…


Conan: Then, the only fingerprints on those tiles… // are yours, Hiramune-san and the other customer’s?


Worker: Who is this boy?

Takagi: He’s doing some social studies…

Conan: And if they were taken away by the police, there might be a record still left over!


Takagi: I’m going to borrow these tiles! // And take your fingerprints…

Worker: Sure…


Worker: By the way, I took a strange call last week…

Takagi: What?

Worker: It was through a voice-changer…


Worker: He asked me if it was a doctor, associate professor, a lawyer and criminal psychologist… // used to play here…


Megure: WHAT!? // You’ve narrowed down who the murderer might be!?


Megure: Are you sure, Takagi-kun!?

Takagi: Yes! The 4 victims used to play mahjong at this particular mahjong house on Okuho Street 20 years ago…


Takagi: And there was a man who used to fight with them there… // There is a record left over from when he and Hiramune-san were taken to the police booth after a fight!


Takagi: He has no address or job… // his name is Kibo Dokurou!


Megure: Ki-Kibo Dokurou!?

Satou: That burglar and murderer, Kibo!?


Shiraishi: I believe his 15 year term ended the other day… // and he was released…

Chiba: Then, was no one killed for 15 years because of this…?


Matsumoto: He was in jail for 15 years so he couldn’t do anything…

Megure: Yes, I believe so… // According to Takagi, someone called the mahjong house the other day… / asking if a criminal psychologist was the 4th man who used to play there, as if he was making sure before he killed him…


Matsumoto: Alright everyone go look for him… / and bring him to me!!

Everyone: Yes sir!!


Megure: Takagi is really enthusiastic about this case!

Megure: Maybe he’s got a woman…


Megure: Yes…these is a rumor…

Matsumoto: Tell him not to put his guard down…


Matsumoto: You see it in movies and TV shows a lot… // where a cop whose made a promise with a wife or girlfriend, ends up getting killed on duty by the murderer…


Megure: But that is only in a story…

Matsumoto: It was what happened to Morimura…


Matsumoto: He was to be married in a month… // and he tried to hard to get some results as a cop for his wife to be and he got killed…


Matsumoto: In his last moments, Morimura spoke to me regretfully… // that he should have waited to make a move until we got there…

Chiba: Let’s go Satou-san!

Satou: Uh…yes…


Matsumoto: But I must be getting old too…

Megure: Eh?


Matsumoto: This scar… // I reacted to a man just because he spoke to the suspect in a sauna… / and my scar started to throb at the scene of the 4th murder… // but now, a few hours later, my scar has settled down as if everything has ended… // perhaps the heavens are trying to tell me that my job is done…


Satou: I see… // I thought it was a little too fast for Takagi-kun to have uncovered so much…


Satou: But it was all thanks to Conan-kun!!

Conan: Haha…


Satou: That means the hot springs promise is void…

Takagi: WHAT!?


Ayumi: You should go with him!

Mitsuhiko: He narrowed down the suspect!

Genta: Don’t be cheap!

Satou: No! You shouldn’t mix business with your personal life!!


Satou: I had forgotten…that one mistake in this job can lead to death…


Satou: I’m going to take these kids home so you should meet up with Chiba-kun and investigate!

Takagi: Alright!

<ring ring>

Satou: Yes! // This is Satou…




Megure: Yeah, we found him in his apartment and we’re bringing him in for questioning!

Satou: So he is denying it all?

Megure: Yes, he says he has an alibi!


Megure: Have Nabei Susumu-san’s son, Eiki-san come here!

Satou: We’re going to have him listen to his voice for recognition?


Satou: I’m taking the kids home! // Takagi-kun, head to Eiki-san’s house!

Takagi: Okay!


Mitsuhiko: The suspect was taken in pretty easily…


Mitsuhiko: for a serial killer!

Ayumi: I thought it would be an exciting chase…

Genta: Like with a gun fight!

Satou: That’s only in movies and TV shows and in reality it’s pretty dull!!


Ai: Oh, you look pretty down… // were you hoping for a gun fight as well?


Conan: I still don’t get the letter Z that was carved into Hiramune-san’s back! / If the other victims had ESW carved into them in that respective order, the last one should have been an N…

Ai: Oh, because N would makes it ESWN in East West South North…


Satou: Maybe there wasn’t any pattern? East West South North would be EWSN not ESWN…

Conan: No…


Conan: If it’s according to mahjong…it would be ESW but why is the last letter a Z?

Mitsuhiko: Maybe he meant to push the body over! // Then the Z would be an N!


Satou: Then, it is a curious matter of why the murderer didn’t do so…

Mistuhiko: Yes it is…


Conan: The other thing I’m still wondering about is the blood on the Ctrl and C keys… / and why he was holding on to the mouse cord… / even though I get that Ctrl and C is copy…


Genta: Mouse?

Mitsuhiko: It’s the round thing that’s attached to the PC that’s used to control it. / And it’s called a mouse because the cord looks like a mouse tail!


Genta: Ohh…

Ayumi: Then…


Ayumi: If he was holding on to the mouse tail… // that means he’s a cat!


Satou: Aw! You say such cute things Ayumi-chan!


Conan: A… // cat!?


Conan: Oh…so that’s what it meant… // the serial murders had ended already… // 15 years ago…

To be continued in Issue 51

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