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Detective Conan 673

File 673: A Common Sequence of Events

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 10, 2009 04:55 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only! Thanks :)


File 673: A Common Sequence of Events


Kibo: Give me a break, officer!! // I’m telling you it’s not me!!


Kibo: I just got released after a 15 year sentence… // I wouldn’t kill again!!


Matsumoto: Do you think…it’s him?

Megure: Yes…he had many scars from 15 years ago… / including a massive scar on his back that looks like the one you gave him with the sword…


Megure: It might become clear when Nabei Eiki-san comes in to hear his voice, which he would recognize as the voice he heard when his father was killed?

Matsumoto: What do you think…Megure?


Matsumoto: What will happen if the cop that you severely wounded showed up in front of your eyes…

Megure: I would be surprised…


Matsumoto: When that man walked passed me, he didn’t react in any way… / maybe Kubo Dokurou…


Satou: WHAT? // Kibo Douroku isn’t the serial killer!?


Satou: Why!?

Conan: Well, he was finally released after his 15 year sentence for burglary and murder, right?


Conan: The man killed today, Hiramune-san, is a criminal psychologist so he would know what kind of a man he is… // and Hiramune-san got in a fight with him at the mahjong house… / I don’t think he’d promise to meet him alone in his own apartment…


Conan: And, Hiramune-san’s dying message says that it’s not the serial killer!

Ai: You’re talking about the bloody keys and why he was holding the mouse cord…


Conan: Yeah…the bloody Ctrl and C keys means copy… // and the mouse cord he was holding signifies what Ayumi-chan just said…


Conan: He was trying to represent a cat holding a mouse by his tail… // and if you put them together


Conan: Copycat!! // He was trying to tell us that the murderer is a copycat, imitating the serial murders!!


Satou: Co… // copycat!?


Genta: What is that? Is that a type of animal?

Ayumi: Why is it a kitty?

Ai: Kittens copy their parents, so a criminal that imitates another crime is called a copycat...


Satou: How did Hiramune-san know that it was a copycat? // It wouldn’t be strange for the criminal to have changed some of his ways since it has been 15 years…

Conan: The reason why he knew…


Conan: Was because Hiramune-san… // was the serial killer!!


Everyone: WHAT!?


Conan: Then, it would make sense why Hiramune-san had a Z carved into his back… // it’s because of the massive sword scar on his back, which was put there by Superintendent Matsumoto…


Conan: It didn’t matter when letter it was as long as it utilized the horizontal scar that was already there!

Satou: I see…so by carving over the old scar once more makes it look like an entirely new scar and that way, no one can know Hiramune-san was the serial killer… / and he just looks like another victim of the serial killer!


Conan: Yup! That way the police will continue to look for the serial killer and he would never end up being a suspect!

Ai: So?


Ai: Who is the copycat?

Conan: If he was whistling the same tune… / it’s most likely a family member of one of the victims…


<ding dong> // <ding dong>


Takagi: That’s weird…the light is on… // maybe he’s taking a bath?


Takagi: Oh… // it’s open… // Nabei Eiki-san! I came here earlier… // can you please come with me to the precinct…


Satou: Na-Nabei Eiki-san? / You’re saying he’s the murderer!?

Conan: Yeah! The other victims’ families might know about how the murderer carves letters on his victims…


Conan: But the only family member who knows about the whistling is Eiki-san… / and Eiki-san also knows the killer’s voice and how he often used mahjong terms when he spoke…


Conan: So when he saw Hiramune-san on TV, he probably recognized his voice and they way he spoke… // and he looked for mahjong houses his father might have gone to, called to check if Hiramune-san had a relationship with his father and figured out he was the murderer!


Ai: Did it take Eiki-san 15 years to figure this out because he wasn’t familiar with mahjong terminology until he became an adult?

Mitsuhiko: Wait a minute!


Mitsuhiko: Eiki-san is the one that got mad at us when we went to his house, right?

Ayumi: Isn’t officer Takagi…

Genta: Headed there now…?


Ai: If a cop approaches that house again, he might think that he’s been figured out and resort to violence…


Eiki: Woww… // so cops that are investigating serial murders…


Eiki: Carry around guns these days…


Eiki: But the fact that you came alone… // means you didn’t know I’m the perpetrator…

Takagi: Eh? / Perpetrator…?


Takagi: You mean you killed your father 15 years ago!?

Eiki: No you idiot! That was Hiramune’s doing… // I was able to avenge my father today… / since leaving it up to the police was worthless…


Eiki: When I called him saying, “I remember something about my father’s murder case and I want to ask you something before I go to the police” he invited me right away… / not even suspecting that he’d be killed!


Eiki: When I put the knife to his throat he told me everything…how the “perfect crime” discussion was what triggered my father’s death… / it was about if it’s possible to steal a gun from a police officer sitting in his booth without being noticed… / which split into two sides…


Eiki: But Hiramune actually did it and proved that a perfect crime is possible… // He thought that he would be praised but instead, the doctor and professor told him, “we can’t play mahjong with a criminal”… / and he killed them in fear that if anyone finds out about it, his future would be ruined…


Eiki: My dad, having said to Hiramune that he should try it to see if the perfect crime is possible, kept his mouth shut because he was guilty of initiating the crime… // but when he approached Hiramune 5 years later saying they should give themselves up to the police, Hiramune killed him!


Eiki: Anyway, what should I do now… // Even if I steal your car, I’ll get caught right away…


Takagi: Hey, that’s my mobile phone…!

Eiki: Oops… // looks like you’ve got a phone call from a lady officer!


Eiki: It’s good timing, bring her here! // I need a hostage!


Eiki: Don’t worry! // If I can get away, you guys can go free!


Eiki: Answer it! // You probably know this, but say anything stupid and I’ll shoot you…


Eiki: WHA!?

Takagi: Oops! / It looks like my phone broke…


Takagi: Looks like I am… // your only hostage…

Eiki: You… // YOU…


Megure: WHAT!? Nabei Eiki is the perpetrator!?

Satou: Yes! At least for Hiramune-san’s murder case!!


Satou: I can’t reach Sergeant Takagi that went to pick him up! // Send back up his way immediately!!


Matsumoto: All men who were searching for Kibo! // Head to Nabei’s house immediately!!


Matsumoto: There is a possibility that the perpetrator has a hold of Takagi’s gun! / Put the utmost care and attention into arresting this man!! / The perp won’t wait to make a move!!


Matsumoto: It takes only a second for a life to end!!

Satou: Takagi-kun…


Eiki: You asshole… // acting tough…


Takagi: Could it be…Satou-san!?

Eiki: Shit, the police… // they’ve figured it out…

Takagi: No… // if she comes in now…


Eiki: Tsk


Satou: What? // No… // Takagi-kun… // was shot!?


Satou: What do you mean…

Shiraishi: So…


Shiraishi: It’s the common sequence of events that you see in movies and on TV…


Satou: No… // no way…


Satou: Why does Takagi-kun have to die just because we made a promise to go to the hot springs!?

Shiraishi: Hot springs?


Ayumi: Officer Takagi!!

Satou: Sob sob

Shiraishi: Uh no… // you know how it often happens? When there is some evidence kept away in a pocket…


Shiraishi: And the bullet gets caught in it… // and saves the day…


Megure: Thanks to Takagi-kun, who held down Eiki-san even after taking the bullet, the back up team that came in were able to arrest him without trouble… / Eiki-san was a victim himself from in the past…


Satou: So, Takagi-kun is…?

Chiba: He got cleaned up and is sleeping… // like a baby…


The next day

Takagi: I see…


Takagi: That tune he whistled had that kind of a meaning…

Satou: Yes…Let It Be can also mean “let’s keep it this way”… / some fans even think that the lyricist, Paul McCartney, wrote it with the hidden meaning that he didn’t want the band to break up…


Satou: So Hiramune-san didn’t want those Saturday nights that lasted 2 years to end… // and he wanted to keep them going with the 4 members, so he whistled that tune… / That’s what Superintendent Matsumoto said…


Satou: Anyway, I guess we can’t go to the hot springs with you in this condition…

Takagi: Eh? The promise was still in effect?


Satou: Yes! You we’re working so hard this time… // too bad…


Takagi: It’s always like this with me…

Satou: Eh?


Takagi: Like with the bombing case… // and the hammer man case… / it always ends when we almost…


Matsumoto: Where is Takagi’s room?

Megure: I think 304…

Shiraishi: Hot springs…? Hot springs?


Satou: When we almost what?

Takagi: Oh nothing… // we just get interrupted…


Conan: Wait!

Megure: Eh?


Conan: Officer Takagi just took some medicine…

Mitsuhiko: And he just went to sleept…

Genta: So you shouldn’t wake him…

Ayumi: Yeah, not right now!

Ai: You should come back later…


Chiba: Let’s return in the evening!

Matsumoto: Indeed…


Genta: Now they’ll take us to the hot spring, right?

Ayumi: Right!

Conan: I don’t think so…

To be continued in Issue 1 of the New Year

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#1. by magictos ()
Posted on May 10, 2009
cool, I thought you're only doing Shoujou mangas :D

thanks for the translation :)
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 11, 2009
nope, i do both :)

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