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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Oresama Teacher 8

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 11, 2009 00:16 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 8

**Thanks for edits c_k!


Chapter 8


The rabbit mask broke...


<Mathematics Research Room>

Mafuyu: sob… // sob sob


Mafuyu: My bunny… my bunny… / sob sob…

Takaomi: You’re so annoying…


Mafuyu: I can’t transform without it! If I go without it, I’ll be expelled again!!

Sfx: looks up

Takaomi: Alright alright.


Takaomi: I’ll fix it for you, alright? [dun dun duuuun // aron alpha!]


Takaomi: Put some glue on...

Sfx: squeeze


Takaomi: And stick it together...

Sfx: Stick


Takaomi: And if you press it together…

Sfx: pressing // crunch // crumble

Takaomi: [uh oh…]


Takaomi: My bad… // [I forgot how strong I was]

Mafuyu: You fool!


Takaomi: I know we have more of these so I’ll look for them some other day.



Takaomi: OH!! // [I know]

Sfx: Hits fist


Takaomi: I’ll lend you something good.

<Supply Room>


Mafuyu: WOW! [cool!!]

Takaomi: No one uses these so you can take what you want. // [Just do it quickly.]

Sfx: opens curtain


Mafuyu: There are so many styles!! [Lupin and the Inch-high Samurai and Peter Pan] // OHH! // This is!!


Mafuyu: If I’m going to transform, this has to be it!! // [People say, it’s a total give away who you are!! And this is the perfect example!! // Ta-da!


Mafuyu: The Love Fighter, Lovelyman is here! // I’m going to take your heart!

Sfx: Kiss

Mafuyu: Just kidding… [ahahahaha]


Stare // staring


Mafuyu: [huh!?]


Sfx: staring

Mafuyu: Wha... / what?

Sfx: scared


Sfx: Stare

Takaomi: Oh… // I like that feeling where you think you can almost see but you can’t // and you’ve got some pretty nice legs.

Mafuyu: [sexual harassment!!]


Sfx: closes curtains

Takaomi: Oh


Takaomi: What, you’re not going with that? [it looks good]

Mafuyu: I know he’s just teasing but I suddenly got so embarrassed… // [ugh] I lost!!

Sfx: blushing


Mafuyu: I wish he had just laughed! // I feel stupid this way! // no / maybe I just made a mistake on the costume I chose? // I should choose something more normal…

Sfx: hmmm


Sfx: hangers clink

Sfx: gasp


Mafuyu: This is it!!


Sfx: opens curtain


Mafuyu: Illegal parking and murders / driving violations and eat-and-run criminals // I, the mini skirt policeman // will arrest you all!!

Sfx: swinging cuffs // bang


Sfx: stare // scared

Mafuyu: Again!?


Sfx: Grin

Mafuyu: [he smiled…]


Takaomi: Tight mini skirts are irresistible // because you can see the shape of everything.


Sfx: smiling


Sfx: blushes


Mafuyu: I can’t take it anymore…!!

Takaomi: Okay, let’s go with this one.

Mafuyu: No way!! / You old man! / you dirty old man! // I can’t win!! It’s impossible!!

Sfx: curtain closes


Takaomi: Are you done?

Mafuyu: Yeah…

Takaomi: Boring. / You’re such a wuss.

Mafuyu: Yeah…

Takaomi: [well, it was fun anyway...]


Takaomi: So / what are you going to do?

Sfx: closes book

Mafuyu: Hmmm // I guess it shouldn’t be too outrageous / since we’re still in school.


Maufyu: It would be nice to have a wig… // Takaomi-kun, what’s that?


Takaomi: Oh // that / was left behind by an alumnus last year… // ohh // [I see] / It might work


Hayasaka: I wonder if he’s really coming? // It’s pretty much impossible for me to fight that guy isn’t it?


Hayasaka: But I guess I’m the only one // that can protect…

Mafuyu: Sorry to keep you waiting.


Hayasaka: You know // you’re late.

Mafuyu: Sorry about that.


Hayasak: Uhhhh // who are you?

Mafuyu: I’m your back-up.


Mafuyu: This girl Kurosaki Mafuyu told me to help you // she was afraid she’d get in the way so she asked me to come instead.


Hayasaka: I see…


Hayasaka: Okay.

Mafuyu: Yup.



Believed me!!!

Mafuyu: Go me!!

<eyebrows are fattened up with make-up>
<eyes are always squinty>
<school uniform from last year>
<lowering her voice>
<secret boots>


Mafuyu: I wonder if it’s because it’s Hayasaka-kun // since he didn’t even realize it was me when I wore the rabbit mask… [he’s pretty dense…]


Mafuyu: Oh well / I’ll just play it off no matter what. // [oof]

Hayasaka: [oh] // he’s taller than I thought...


Hayasaka: Oh // that reminds me…


Hayasaka: What’s your name? // [I dunno what to call you.]

Mafuyu: What?!


Mafuyu: Uhhh uhhh my name… // [oohh] I didn’t think of one!!


<out of the blue…>

Mafuyu: Na… // Natsuo // [Wha!] what a lame name!!


Mafuyu: What the hell is Natsuo!! // Who the hell is he!! [It sounds like a house on the beach or something!!


Hayasaka: Hmmm // that’s a cool name.

Mafuyu: Wha!? // Which part!?


Hayasaka: The fact that you have the character for “man” in it. // [it’s manly.]

Mafuyu: I guess // I don’t understand how he thinks!!


Banchou: What’s this? // Are you okay with having such a little guy help you out?

Sfx: clench

Mafuyu: Yes!! // He hasn’t figured it out!!


Mafuyu: There’s more of them than I expected… // [hmmm…] // What should I do…


Mafuyu: For starters… // Hayasaka, you should at least use this… // [Take this.]


Hayasaka: [Yeah…?]


Mafuyu: Hayasaka-kun…

Sfx: whack


Mafuyu: That was close… // Why don’t you fight me instead of Hayasaka?


Banchou: You… // He's able to stand up against this!?


Mafuyu: Hayasaka!!

Hayasaka: Ye… // Yeah?


Mafuyu: You stay back! // I have to keep him away from these guys somehow…


Sfx: realizes

Hayasaka: I get it!!


Hayasaka: He wants me to take care of the others!! // We are in a tough spot being outnumbered and all…


Mafuyu: No!! //But, // oh well.


Mafuyu: I’m leaving them up to you!! Hayasaka-kun!!

Sfx: step forward

Banchou: Hey hey.


Banchou: Are you alright? // You’re all alone now.


Mafuyu: So are you. // You don’t have enough people.


Sfx: smiles


Banchou: Attack!

Sfx: charging

Sfx: yelling

Mafuyu: WHAAAAAT!!?


Mafuyu: Wait! // It’s not one-on-one!?

Banchou: Hell no.


Banchou: The point is, // all that matters is winning. It doesn’t have to be fair at all.


Mafuyu: This guy…!!

Sfx: something flies towards Mafuyu

Sfx: hits


Sfx: removes

Sfx: crowd murmurs


Mafuyu: This is…!! // An arrow!? // Who did this…!?


Mafuyu: Takaomi-kun! // [What’s he doing!?]


Mafuyu: Oh / There’s a letter. // What an old fashioned way of communicating…

Sfx: rustle

Letter: I’ll take care of the minions. Duck.


Mafuyu: All I have to do is duck?

Sfx: something flies by


Sfx: things falling


Mafuyu: Wha!?

Everyone: Huh!?

What is this!!?


Mafuyu: I knew it! Takaomi-kun is not human!!

Sfx: screech


Minion: Shit! // These stupid things!

Sfx: breaks

Sfx: runs

Minion: You can get out right away!

Sfx: something flies


Minion: AAH! // No!

Sfx: arrows hitting him


Sfx: loses consciousness

Minion: Ugh…

Sfx: screech

He… // can’t move…!!


Banchou: Shit… // I can’t believe no one in my gang are going to be of use… .. But it should be alright. // I’m strong even without my crew. // There’s no way I can lose to this wimpy lookin’ dude.


Banchou: YAAH!

Sfx: runs

Banchou: Take this!!

Sfx: punch


Banchou: He’s… // extremely strong…

Sfx: falls down


Hayasaka: Ohh…he did it…

Minions: No way… // The Okegawa-san…? // KO-ed by one hit…?


Mafuyu: A guy who can’t even stand up for himself // has no right being the banchou!


Sfx: Mafuyu turns around

Sfx: startled

Mafuyu: I’m the boss from now on! / I make the rules! // There are two rules to follow! One is to go to class! // The second is to not fight with regular people! // Anyone who objects step forward!!

Sfx: silence


Hayasaka: Wow… // he’s got some impact! // He’s short but he’s a man… // I don’t know how to say it but he’s a leader…even though he’s pretty forceful…


Hayasaka: He’s pretty cool.


Hayasaka: Hey // good job, Natsuo.

Mafuyu: … / no…

Hayasaka: Huh…?


Mafuyu: I’m such a dope! / I forgot to say they should break up the gang!

Sfx: waaaaaah

Sfx: turns around


Mafuyu: What do I do… / I’m going to be called useless. // Takaomi-kun is going to kill me.

Hayasaka: I’m sure you can tell them later…


Mafuyu: You think it’s okay?

Sfx: brightens

Hayasaka: Yeah… / yeah. // Probably.


Mafuyu: [Yay Yay! Thank goodness!]

Hayasaka: He reminds me of someone…but who…?


And / that is how // no one ever congregated in the old school house anymore.

Hayasaka: So, you didn’t come. // Shouldn’t you at least come even though you know you’re weak? / [How can you just send a replacement?]

Mafuyu: I’m sorry… // I’m sorry. // I still had this matter to take care of...


Mafuyu: He thinks I didn’t do anything… / I can’t help it, I can’t get expelled again… // This is so sad I could cry…

Sfx: pat

Hayasaka: I’m kidding. // It’s normal for you to run.


Hayasaka: I’m a little relieved // that you didn’t get mixed up in it.


Mafuyu: Wow… // What can I say // you’re too nice of a guy, Hayasaka-kun. // I’m starting to get worried if he’s fooling me or something…

Takaomi: Oh


Takaomi: You look pretty awful, Hayasaka.

Hayasaka: Yeah…

Mafuyu: You’re such a mean guy, Takaomi-kun.


Takaomi: Haha / I’m kidding. // Good job, Hayasaka… // and back-up...


I… // now remember… // why I // was always chasing after Takaomi-kun back then.

It wasn’t because I wanted to be stronger // or because I wanted an older brother // and not because I was a masochist, of course.

I just… // wanted Takaomi-kun to tell me he’s proud of me.

End of chapter 8

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#1. by magictos ()
Posted on May 11, 2009
thanks a lot :D

I'm so happy someone's translating this manga :)
#2. by c_k ()
Posted on May 11, 2009
Thanks for the fast TL. Comments~

p.73: Takaomi: I know we have more of these so I’ll look for them some day
>> some other day.

p.80: Hayasaka: I wonder if he’s really coming? // It’s pretty impossible for me to fight that guy isn’t it?
>> pretty much impossible

p.82 Mafuyu: I’m your helper
>> It might sound better as 'back-up'. :P

p.85: [Take this one.]
>> drop the 'one'

p.86: Banchou: You… // He got a hold of my blow!?
>> This doesn't make sense- maybe you mean something like 'he's able to stand against this' or 'He's able to block my shot'

p.88: Banchou: The point is, // all that matters is to win.
>> all that matters is winning.

p.91: Banchou: Shit… // I can’t believe none of my gang are going to be of use…
>> ... no one in my gang is going to be of any use...

p.84: Mafuyu: I’m the top from now on! / I’m going to make the rules!
>> top -> best/boss/leader (top sounds weird :P); I'm going to make -> I make

p.94: I don’t know how to say it but he’s got some leadership…even though it’s pretty forceful…
>> he's got some leadership -> he's a leader; it's -> he's

p.95: Hayasaka: He reminds me of someone…who…?
>> ... but who...?

p.96: no one no longer congregated in the old school house anymore.
>> no one ever congregated

p.96: missing TL: まだこっちの問題が残ってた。。。

p.96: This is so sad I can cry…
>> I'm so sad I could cry...

p.98: Takaomi: What an awful face, Hayasaka.
>> awful -> ugly

p.98: and helper
>> helper -> back-up (if you followed the suggestion above)

p.99: remember now…
>> now remember...

Ah~ this chapter wasn't as cliff hanger-y as the last >_<
I look forward to the next chapter, with what looks like a date?! :O J/k~
But we do see a cute side to the banchou ♡~
#3. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 11, 2009
The end of the chapter is so adorable! Whole thing is so funny but the end is the best. And I love the way Mafuyu's mind works... Thank you Shirokuro

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