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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Karneval 10

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 11, 2009 03:07 | Go to Karneval

-> RTS Page for Karneval 10

*This translation is for inmeliora's group use only so please do not use it without permission. Thanks!*

Score 10: The Niji Forest


Man: The Niji Forest is a bit annoying of a place isn’t it?


Man: If you get hurt there the ladies will be very sad! // You are very popular with them!


Akari: The women… // I enjoy their company sometimes…


Girls: I wish he’d get lost for 6 months or so! // Don’t think that just because you’re rich, handsome and have status, that we’d all go for you! [shit] // I wish someone would teach Akari-sensei a lesson! // Thanks for the snacks! [we love you!]

Doctor: I’m glad you all enjoyed it~


Gareki: Are they staff? Are they coming with us?


Yogi: Yes yes // they’re researchers of the research tower~


Gareki: What?

Yogi: Oh! / Akari-sensei is coming with us!! [he’s sitting next to me!!]


Yogi: That guy stuck a towel in my mouth so I would scream and he wouldn’t even anesthetize me // and he made me swallow this disgusting medicine over and over!! [he held me down…]

Gareki: What? Some surgery trauma? // Get on.


Nai: Uh… // are you okay?

Yogi: [Nai-chan! // whaa // I’ll try my best!]


Yogi: Okay… // we will now… / head to Niji Forest… // fire away / now!


Akari: Fire what?

Yogi: uh / I mean… // take off / now…


Akari: I’m going to leave these with you.

Yogi: What are they?

Akari: “sound marks” // we’re going to stick them into different areas as we go into the forest to keep track


Akari: The Niji Forest has many unique organisms living there / and many of the trees have cells within them that reflect light. // There is a lot of moisture due to the fact that it’s surrounded by an ocean // and the light that bounces off of the trees bend, // and often cast a rainbow in the sky // that’s where it got it’s name* // and this phenomenon / doesn’t only occur in the sky
*Niji = rainbow


Akari: The light bends and creates a mirage // so the outside scenery we see from the inside of the forest // is not what the real outside scenery looks like. // Alongside it being easy to get lost in there / signals and radars are thrown off so we can’t communicate with anyone outside. // So / it is important for us to keep track another way.


Akari: Which is sound.

Gareki: I see… // That’s why Nai, who’s from that forest // is sensitive to sound?

Akari: What are you doing? // Are you a child? / Oh yeah…you are.

Yogi: I’m an adult…


Doctor: Oh, Tsukumo! // Good job with the meeting!

Tsukumo: Doctor, it’s good to see you. // Are Nai-kun and the others… / okay?


Doctor: They’re fine! // They all got together this morning to head to Niji Forest

Tsukumo: Niji… // Nai-kun’s…

Girls: Tsukumo-chan! // Are you alone? // How’s Hirato-san?

Tsukumo: Hirato had some other work…

Girls: Tell him to come over here sometime! // Tsukumo-chan, you’re like a doll! [Give this to Hirato-san]

Doctor: Can I ask you for a favor, Tsukumo?


Tsukumo: Lunch…?

Doctor: They forgot to bring it aboard. / There is no way to bring this to them once they’re in the forest…

Nai-kun’s (original) food source was // insects // so if he’s hungry now maybe he…?

Tsukumo: I’ll bring this / right away!
[Everyone’s lunch]

Doctor: [thanks!]



Niji Forest

Nai: Oh!


Gareki: Don’t // let go of my hand today. // He’s gotten lost 3 times already… / it would be the worst if we lost him here


Akari: We will head to our destination, which is “Karoku’s house” / the only thing we can rely on is Nai’s memory and instinct to get there. // We will have to keep track of our path using the sound marks, / be concise! // While we’re moving / make sure to keep watch over your partner.

Yogi: [Gareki is my partner!]

Akari: Has everyone put on protection against the bugs? / [I can’t help you once they get under your skin]

Staff: [we got it! / me too!]


Akari: Since it is such a unique forest / we didn’t get as much research funding as we usually do. // There will probably be many organisms we’d like to take samples of / but don’t get carried away and make sure to be in constant contact. // Any questions? // Let’s go!


Akari: It’s been an hour… // he hasn’t gotten lost yet despite there being no path…

Nai: Over there

Akari: Wait // do you want to climb that rock? // It’s a mirage!?


Akari: Only the house is burned down… // This wasn’t caused by a natural disaster, look into it! // If he was not here // it would have been impossible for regular people to make it in here…


Akari: Which means whoever burnt this house // wasn’t just a normal person… // It hasn’t been too long / look for any pieces that haven’t been burnt! // Take it back to the lab and study every bit of it! / It’s your time to show me your skills!

Staff: Ok!


Yogi: Don’t be sad, Nai-chan / even though it’s all gone…

Nai: There’s another place I used to always stay in

Akari: Where? / Take us!


Akari: Here…? // I couldn’t see this place from the photograph we took from above… // there is insufficient research available…

Yogi: What a nice place!


Nai: Karoku’s house is over there!


Yogi: A cave…?


Yogi: Ugh… // power holding bugs…

Akari: Hide over here!

Gareki: Let go…

Yogi: Are you guys / after Nai-chan again? // Failing in a battle is unforgivable… / so I hate doing it… / but…


Yogi: I guess there are times / I have to do it // release! // Here’s the overflowing boy’s spirit!


Yogi: A shimmering prince that makes your heart beat!! // From the country’s defense organization, Circus // I’m Yogi, a second unit fighter!


Yogi: I challenge you!

Gareki: He said those stupid lines before… / I wonder if he says it every time?


Gareki: How does that weapon even work? / I’ll have to ask him…

Akari: Don’t try to intervene / fighting is their duty.

Gareki: I can’t do anything anyway, the circus took my gun / already // Nai / don’t move! // He can fight too… / he’s a circus member [I totally forgot…] // Are they flying? Or jumping?


Yogi: There are / a lot of them


Yogi: Rose vines!! (He shouts: Dorunkiste but it translates to Rose Vines…)


Yogi: It… / worked…?

Voice: Don’t move!

Nai: Eh…

Gareki: Nai!?


Akari: Wait…!! // Stay down!

Gareki: There’s more of them…!


Akari: Nai is the target! / Yogi!!



Yogi: Ga… // They went after Gareki-kun…!? // Gareki-kun…!!

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