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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Oresama Teacher 9

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 12, 2009 04:46 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 9

**Thanks for edits c_k!


Chapter 9


Title: Hayasaka and the Challenge to a Fight

It had been a while since I last received a challenge to a fight // so I was excited to see it since I hadn’t gotten in a fight for a while.

Letter: To Hayasaka-sama, I will be waiting for you behind the school building afterschool.

Hayasaka: It doesn’t say who it’s from… / I wonder who left this for me?

Sfx: Walks in

Macho men: Hey

Text: Macho~

Hayasaka: It’s you guys!?

Title: Hayasaka and the Crafts Club

Macho man: Won’t you join our club?

Hayasaka: No thank you.

Macho man: If you join now, we’ll give you this oven mitt! / [Look, it’s a bear!] // [Come on!]

Hayasaka: I don’t want that.

Macho man: If you join our club, you will be able to become like us.
[Skinny  Macho] sfx: flexing muscles


Hayasaka: Seriously!?

Sfx: heart beats

Text: His brief hesitation is a secret.


Bon Jour, Ichigo Love-sama // It’s been a while since we last spoke. / Sorry for the delay in my response. Hehe. // I was pretty busy with moving but I’m finally getting used to things. // I’ve been swept up in a storm of love everyday at my new school! // Just the other day, I was in a "doki doki" love battle over the school’s heartthrob!


If only… // In reality it was a battle to take down the banchou…

Be a man!!

[Heh heh… // But I won’t write that…]

Anyway, everyday is thrilling! // I will let you know when prince charming enters my life!


Letter: P.S.I may be cute, but that just makes it 100 times easier to hate me.* Snow
*Proverb that is not TLed correctly…but it’s the jist!

Mafuyu: Hm? P.S? // What does this stand for again? // [Playstation?]


Sfx: appears out of nowhere

Takaomi: It’s Post Script.

Mafuyu: WAH!


Mafuyu: [Ta-] Takaomi-kun!? [What are you doing here!?]

Takaomi: Your door was open.

Mafuyu: [So what?] It doesn’t mean you can come in!!


Takaomi: So, what is this? A diary full of fantasies? // [This is painful to read…]

Sfx: shocked

Mafuyu: [How rude!!] // [Fantasies…?] It’s clearly a very girly letter to a pen pal no matter how you look at it!

Takaomi: Pen pal…?


Takaomi: There’s someone who has to read this brutal writing…? [Poor kid…]

Mafuyu: How mean!!


Mafuyu: Ichigo-san writes to me in the same style!!

Takaomi: Show me / is this it?

Sfx: rustle

Mafuyu: No wait!!


Letter: I bought a new kind of tea today. It’s orange pekoe; doesn’t it make you think of an orange that’s bowing to you*? *Laugh* Pekopekori-na Pokopokopi-! The end.
*Pun on pekoe as “peko” which is a sfx that indicates someone bowing.

Takaomi: What the hell!!?


Takaomi: Where the hell is this person from…? [I really want to know.]

Mafuyu: Huh? [Uhhhm…]


Mafuyu: Japan // I think.


Takaomi: You don’t even know that for sure…!!?


Takaomi: You don’t have their address?

Mafuyu: Nope.


Takaomi: Is it an imaginary pen pal…!!? // [She’s that desperate…!?]

Mafuyu: Oh // Here he is. // Look Takaomi-kun!

Takaomi: Huh? // What’s here…

Sfx: opens window

Mafuyu: Welcome! // This is Josephine. / She is the messenger!

Sfx: bird cries

Takaomi: A pigeon!!!!


Mafuyu: I haven’t seen him for so long, / since I was so busy with moving! [kya // kya]

Takaomi: I don’t know how to say it… // but you really changed…

Mafuyu: [Really!?] You mean I got prettier!!?

Takaomi: I’m going to drown you.


Takaomi: Why are you pen pals with someone anyway?

Mafuyu: It’s a long story but…


It was a year ago. // I was taking a walk // when I saw a drowning pigeon // so I saved it.

Mafuyu: [whaa!] // Pigeon!? // Why is there a pigeon here!?

Sfx: bird cries


The pigeon had a letter…

Mafuyu: What’s this? // I can’t read it!!

Sfx: blurry


Letter: Your pigeon was drowning. Be careful. OO city XX Town 3-14-80 PN Snow

Sfx: go! // flies away

So I wrote a response on it… // And then he came back a few days later with a reponse.

Mafuyu: [oh!]


Mafuyu: And so / my pen pal life began. [What a nice story…]

Takaomi: You’re so analog in a digital age… // That pigeon is pretty smart to know how to get here just by looking at the address. // By the way…


Takaomi: What is this you put at the end?

Letter: P.S. I may be cute but it makes also makes me 100 times easier to hate


Mafuyu: I thought it sounded cool… [even though I don’t know what it means.]


Takaomi: You know… / It’s embarrassing to use phrases you don’t know the meaning of. [Words become words in the moment you know their meaning.] // What does this Ichigo Love or whatever say…?

Sfx: rustle


Letter: Boin-chan*
*Refers to someone with big boobs

Takaomi: This is so old!!!! // Wow!! // This person is as stupid as Mafuyu!!! [Maybe even more!!?]

Mafuyu: Just leave me alone!!


Takaomi: I’m leaving now… [Bye]

Mafuyu: [You’re free to leave but…] What did you come here for?


Takaomi: Oh right. // Here.

Sfx: throws

Mafuyu: Woah.

Takaomi: I found the same one.

Mafuyu: Oh! Rabbit-chan mask!!


Mafuyu: Thank you! / I was about to use this one if you couldn’t find it.

Takaomi: I shouldn’t have given it to her… / the other one is funnier… // And another thing. // Okegawa’s punishment / was decided in today’s teacher’s meeting.


He got 4 days of suspension.

Mafuyu: I feel… // kind of guilty… // I wonder if he’s writing an essay about his misdeeds… / I hated those…and lectures were horrible too…
<Has experienced it in the past>

Sfx: bumps into someone


Mafuyu: Oh / sorry…


Okegawa: Oh… // morse-code girl…


Mafuyu: Banchou!? // What’s he doing here!?


Mafuyu: Uh… // I thought you were suspended…

Okegawa: Oh… // I wanted to eat some ice cream. // And I’m lookin’ for somethin’. [It doesn’t matter if I leave my house even if I’m suspended.]


Mafuyu: This school’s rules are too lenient!! // What’s the point of suspension!?

Okegawa: You want some?

Mafuyu: I can have some!? [How nice!!] // Ice cream… // [I haven’t had one in a while…]


Okegawa: I… // might actually be really weak…


Okegawa: I lost to such a tiny guy…


Mafuyu: If I said it was actually a girl, // I wonder what would happen to him… // He might throw himself into the Tamagawa River…

Sfx: swallows…


Mafuyu: Well… / fights are about luck… [but I wouldn’t know…]

Okegawa: Luck…? // Then maybe the reason why I was banchou… / was thanks to luck… [I was always weak…]

Mafuyu: He’s so negative!! [Woah!]


Mafuyu: And it’s all my fault…ughh…

<guilt> <guilt>

Sfx; guilt poking her

Mafuyu: This is where I should… // Banchou…

Okegawa: What…?


Mafuyu: Let’s… / go somewhere to change our mood! // I’ll have to make him happy somehow!!!


Okegawa: Why are we at the movies…?

Mafuyu: You might feel better / if we see something exciting! [Like an action movie!!]


Okegawa: But / I’m suspended… [Taking a walk is probably the limit of my freedom…]

Mafuyu: Then… // then / I will protect you!


Okegawa: You shouldn’t just say random things!

Sfx: whack

Mafuyu: OW!! // [Ouch!! // Uuoooo]

Okegawa: So?

Mafuyu: Hm?

Okegawa: What are we seeing?


Sfx: become happy

Mafuyu: Then… // Let’s see an action movie!! / Or comedy!!

Okegawa: I don’t really care…

Sfx: gasp

Okegawa: This is…!!!


Okegawa: Wait there!! // The tickets / are on me!!

Sfx: hurries

Mafuyu: [Huh!?] // Banchou!?


Mafuyu: Could it be…a yakuza-type movie…?

Movie: That’s what it means to be a man! // Boss!!

That… // might be counterproductive to making him feel better…

Sfx: crying

Movie: Don’t cry!!


Movie: It makes it hard for me to leave if you cry…! // Nekomata-san! Nekomata-san!

Okegawa: Waaah…Nekomata…

Mafuyu: [whaaaaaaaaaa!?]


Mafuyu: Banchou…you wanted to see this…?

Okegawa: [sob… I’m going to buy this DVD…] Yeah / I love that little guy…

Mafuyu: Yeah…the little guy…

Banchou… // Everyone else is asleep…!

Sfx: crying

Mafuyu: How is he crying over this…?

Okegawa: Wow…


Okegawa: Wasn’t it a nice story, morse-code girl!?

Mafuyu: Yea… [it was[ // [uh…] Banchou, you like cute things?

Sfx: gasp


Okegawa: [Tsk!] No!!! That wasn’t cute, it was manly!!! // That movie focuses on how manly that main character is!!

Sfx: squeezing

Mafuyu: Sorry…!


Okegawa: [Tsk] As long as you understand…

<Mafuyu’s hair got messed up>

Mafuyu: Oh // look an arcade! [Wow![

Okegawa: [Oh] You wanna fight? [Let’s play a fighting game]

Sfx: game sounds

Mafuyu: Banchou…


Mafuyu: Weren’t we going to fight…?

Okegawa: Wait!!! / I found Nekomata-san!! Nekomata-san!!!


Banchou… // the impression I have of you is changing drastically over the course of the day…

Mafuyu: How was he banchou for so long…?

Okegawa: GO! // AAH! // NO!!



Okegawa: [Get out of the way!]


Mafuyu: Which one do you want?


Sfx: click

Instead of being bossed around by you…

Sfx: machine sound


Sfx: opens

Mafuyu: I’m actually pretty good at these games.


Mafuyu: Here you go!

You make me want to help you.


Sfx: heart beats a little

Okegawa: Oh… / uh…thanks…

Sfx: pulls

Bully: Just a second there… // I can’t believe the all mighty banchou of Midorigaoka High // likes something like this!

Mafuyu: He’s been found out!!!


Bully: Haha! Look at this lame doll! Hahaha!


Bullies: We heard you’re suspended! // If you fight again, you’ll probably be expelled! / Even the lenient Midorigaoka probably won’t let you off the hook! [It’ll be bad for you if they find out!] // It’s decided, banchou! You’ll be a human punching bag!

These guys… // I won’t let them // do such a thing!


Sfx: punch flies

Mafuyu: …!

Sfx: punch!


Sfx: falls


Okegawa: Hey you! / Don’t be touchin’ people’s stuff like that! // But it’s pointless talking to idiots like you… // and there’s no way I’ll be expelled…


Okegawa: Since you guys won’t be able to speak up! // RAAAAAH!! [DIE!!]

Sfx: punching

Dear mother…

Mafuyu: [Aaaaahhh…]

Sfx: whimpers


I hadn’t seen such a one-way battle in so long. // The difference in strength was like a wolf VS rabbits.

<The image is too gory so we will not show it.>

Sfx: screaming

The floor was covered in a sea of blood. // I wondered if this was hell.


Staff: Hey, should we call the police? // This is pretty bad…


Sfx: opens eyes


Sfx: grabs

Bullies: HEY! // WAIT!!

Sfx: runs

Okegawa: Heym what are you doing! Let go! // I can’t do something as wimpy as running away!


Okegawa: Hey are you listening to me!>


Sfx: something flies


Sfx: hits

Mafuyu: YOU FOOL!! // If you get arrested, you’ll be expelled for sure! / Then you really won’t be able to see your friends anymore! // Like me! // We became friends, / and I don’t want to say goodbye already! / That’s sad!

Okegawa: So… / sorry…

Mafuyu: It’s… / fine, if you get it… // And…


Mafuyu: You know what they say, the true winners are the ones that run!


Sfx: smiles

Okegawa: This reminds me / of a movie I once saw…was it a hegira of love? // But that would mean you’re the prince… // but I guess that’s not so bad.


Banchou… you just said that monologue out loud… [I heard it all!] // Why am I the prince…?

I guess you’re a bit of a romantic…


Okegawa: Sorry about this…

Mafuyu: No… // uh… // do you always get caught up in fights?


Okegawa: I guess. // A banchou is the face of a school. // So our school is in a risky situation without a banchou… // But we’re okay for a little while because people still think I’m it. // But it’s only a matter of time until they find out the truth…

Sfx: blood freezes

Mafuyu: [seriously…?]


Okegawa: But… / I’ll fight anyone that wants to for the time being. [It’s not like I have anything else to do.] // So


Okegawa: Hang out with me again sometime.

Mafuyu: Okay…

Wow… // He’s a real man…

Sfx: raises arm


Sfx: wings flutter

Okegawa: Oh, Torikichi // I was looking for you. // Hm? // This is… / a letter from Snow!! I have to hurry up and write a response!!

Okegawa Kyoutarou, pen name: Ichigo Love. // Writing letters and morse code are his hobbies and he is a romantic at heart.

End of chapter 9

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#1. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
Day after day? You're spoiling us, Shirokuro. Thanks for this great chapter!
#2. by shirokuro ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
i'm anxious to read it too!! >_<
plus...there's only one more chapter for available raws on MH!
uh ohhhhhhhhhhh!
#3. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 12, 2009
I know, only one chapter left! Is there any way to get volumes 3 and 4? I just can't get enough of this story!
#4. by c_k ()
Posted on May 13, 2009
Thanks for the TL~ Here's the comments:

p.101: Macho man: If you join now, we’ll give you this oven mit!
>> mit -> mitt

p.102: Just the other day, I was in a heart-beating love fight over the school’s heartthrob idol!
>> sounds a bit weird-- "heart-beating love fight"? "heartthrob idol" O.o I'm not really sure what a heart-beating love fight is... and "heartthrob" is a noun so you could leave it just as a heartthrob or just 'idol'

p.103: Letter: P.S. I may be cute but it makes also makes me 100 times easier to hate*
>> Maybe change it to: I may be cute, but that just makes it 100 times easier to hate me.

p.103: didn't TL スノウ from the P.S.

p.108: Letter: P.S. I may be cute but it makes also makes me 100 times easier to hate
>> change to suggestion from p.103? :D

p.108: This person is equally as stupid as Mafuyu!!!
>> no need for 'equally' (drop)

p.110: He’s got 4 days of suspension.
>> He's -> He

p.110: Okegawa: Oh… // morse-girl…
>> It'd make more sense if it was 'morse code girl' :P

p.115: might be counterproductive in making him feel better…
>> in -> to

p.117: Okegawa: Wasn’t it a nice story, morse-girl!?
>> morse code girl (from p110 suggestion)

p.117: That wasn’t cute, it was manly!!!
>> period or semi-colon :P

p.118: the impression I have of you is about to change drastically today…
>> it pretty much changed so "is about to change" -> "changed"

p.121: Bullies: We heard you’re suspended!
>> forgot the 'hahaha' here

p.121: You’ll be a human sandbag!
>> sandbag -> punching bag

p.123: The floor was a sea of blood.
>> was a -> was covered in a

p.124: Okegawa: Hey what are you doing! Let go!
>> comma after 'hey'

p.127: Mafuyu: You know they say if you run, you win!
>> I never heard this phrase before - you might want to rephrase it >_<- doesn't really makes sense, but anyway, - You know, (comma here)

p.128: I guess you’re a bit of a romatic…
>> romantic

Ah, what a cute chapter~ I especially liked Takaomi's comment about how he shouldn't have given her the new mask :P
Too bad the next one is the last one that's on MH... ;_;
#5. by SinEmerald ()
Posted on May 16, 2009
I think I have volumes 3 and 4 actually...gotta check my links.
#6. by shirokuro ()
Posted on May 17, 2009
ooh i hope you do! :D

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