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Detective Conan 682

FILE 682: The Red Wall

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 13, 2009 04:37 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 682

**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only! Thanks :)

Note: There are some phrases that are directly pulled from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and even though I tried to research and pull direct translated quotes, I couldn't so they're translations by me. Forgive me if they sound odd, but I tried to make them sound like they were pulled from old literary texts (aka kind of like shakespearian-type of language), since the phrases in Japanese are old-fashioned.

FILE 682: The Red Wall


Mouri: Hey hey, aren’t there better roads to drive on?


Mouri: You know, I am the great detective Mouri Kogoro… // and I’ve come all the way to Nagano, to help you investigate this murder case right after you told me about it…


Mouri: That’s why I didn’t even have time to eat the bota-mochi…

Uehara: I’m sorry…this is the shortcut…

Conan: So?


Conan: Can you tell us the rest of the story? // What is the mystery of the bloody red wall?


Ran: It’s not by any chance a wall in the middle of the forest that’s covered in human blood or something is it?

Uehara: No! Kan-chan is just calling it bloody but it’s actually…


Yamato: Ok, that’s enough… // giving away too much can affect their judgement…


Yamato: We went all the way to Tokyo to pick you up so we can show you the actual thing!

Mouri: Mm Hmm…


Yamato: And, I am your superior… // stop calling me Kan-chan…

Uehara: Fine fine, sorry about that Captain Yamato Kansuke!


Mouri: Can’t you at least tell us where we’re headed…?

Uehara: There’s an old house in the forest… // it’s called the “Mansion of Hope”…


Ran: Mansion of Hope? What a nice name!

Yamato: Humph… / It was called that up until 3 years ago…


Yamato: Yes…until 3 years ago when the body of a poor dead woman was discovered in the cellar of the mansion… // Then everyone began calling it… / not hope but…


Yamato: The Mansion of Death…


Mouri: Wow…


Mouri: It’s pretty old but it’s still impressive…

Yamato: It was originally the second house of a wealthy family…

Conan: Hey…


Conan: Isn’t it unlike Captain Yamato to ask Uncle Mouri for help?

Uehara: Oh, well…


Uehara: It’s because there’s someone involved in the case that he really doesn’t want to lose to!

Conan: Which means that’s someone on the police force?


Uehara: Yes! But it’s not someone who’s on the Nagano police force like us, but it’s someone in the local Arano force!

Conan: Isn’t it weird to feel rivalry towards someone that’s not even working in the same precinct as you?


Uehara: That person is actually an old classmate of Kan-chan’s from back in grade school and they’ve been rivals ever since! // He’s a strange guy; even though he graduated at the top of his class in Touto University’s law school, he joined the police force instead of taking the bar exam, but because of the one incident, he was moved to the Arano precinct…


Conan: So then he started out in the Nagano precinct with you two?

Uehara: Right! And his name is militaristic like Kan-chan too…

Yamato: Hey, Uehara!


Yamato: We’re going inside!

Uehara: Yes, sir!

Conan: That does remind me…Yamato Kansuke sounds like General Yamamoto Kansuke of the Takeda Family…


Uehara: Anyway, when that person gets involved, Kan-chan gets too heated and looses his touch, so you have to help him out!

Conan: Huh?


Uehara: Kan-chan is relying on you, not Detective Mouri!


Mouri: Wow…the inside is impressive too…

Yamato: Do you know why this place was called the Mansion of Hope?


Yamato: The wealthy man who built this mansion stopped using it when it became too old… / but he let some young people that he deemed to possess unique skills live here for almost no rent! At least, until their dreams came true!


Yamato: There used to be a bus stop around here too… // and it was easy to come and go places…


Uehara: The generous wealthy man also came to visit from time to time… // and he died from sickness right after he completed the paperwork that passed on the property ownership to those young people…


Uehara: Most of those young people left 2 or 3 years later… // and there was only one married couple living here from 5 or 6 years ago…

Ran: Oh really…


Yamato: Hey, Uehara! // Show them the photos of the people that lived here!

Uehara: Sure!


Uehara: These are the 6 people!


Uehara: The first one is an illustrator… // Akashi Shusaku-san…

The next is an actor… // Midorikawa Naoki-san…

The next is a writer… // Kobashi Aoi-san…

Then next, a fashion designer, Yamabuki Shouji-san

And CG creator Momose Takuto-san

The last one is a musician… // Naoki Shirou-san…


Mouri: Hmmm…they all seem to sound familiar but I’m not sure…

Ran: Um…it’s been bothering me this whole time but…


Ran: What is that? // It looks like a piece of paper was on the door but it’s been ripped off…


Mouri: Oh yeah, it’s on that door too…

Uehara: Oh, it’s probably…

Conan: They divided rooms up by colors!


Conan: They probably differentiated their rooms by putting up colored paper on their doors! // All 6 people have a color in their name!


Mouri: You idiot! The photos have their names on it but none of them have colors in them…

Conan: Not the characters, but how they’re read!


Ran: Oh yeah! Akashi Shusaku-san is red (aka)! Midorikawa Naoki-san is green (midori)! Kobayashi Aoi-san is blue (ao)! // Yamabuki Shouji-san is bright yellow (yamabuki)! Momose Takuto-san is peach (momo)! Naoki Shirou-san is white (shiro)! All 6 have colors in their names!


Uehara: Exactly! Very good Conan-kun!

Yamato: Their rooms aren’t the only things they differentiated with colors…


Yamato: Look! This is the rotation schedule for preparing dinner that was found in the cellar! // They’re divided by color not by name…


Yamato: They might have even called each other by their colors when they spoke…

Mouri: Hmm…


Mouri: Hm? What is that stack of cardboard boxes?

Yamato: They’re books, but they’re tightly packed and immensely heavy…


Yamato: This dolly with the boxes piled on top was blocking the door to that room… // it’s as if it was trapping someone in their room until they died…


Mouri: So that room is the one where…

Yamato: Yeah…when we got here… // there was a starved corpse… // in this frightening…


Yamato: Room with the red wall!!


Mouri: Wait a minute…is that…

Ran: Human blood?


Conan: It’s lacquer

Ran: Eh?


Conan: Look at this spray lacquer bottle on the floor… // the same color red is on the nozzle!


Mouri: What is this black chair and white chair…?


Mouri: It’s been purposely painted and nailed to the floor…

Uehara: The corpse was sitting on the white chair…


Ran: Is that a message left by the perpetrator for us to solve?

Yamato: No, that’s not possible…


Yamato: There was… // still a bug set up in this room…


Mouri: I see…so if the perpetrator listened in to determine if the person in the room was still alive or not… / and came to make sure if the person died because there was no longer any sound… / he would have removed the bug…


Mouri: But if it’s still here…

Yamato: The perp hasn’t returned to this room after locking the victim in here… / so the red wall, the white chair and the black chair are 100% the work of…


Yamato: The victim… // It’s a dying message!


Yamato: So? Did you figure out the meaning of the red wall…?

Mouri: Of course… / the message is red!


Mouri: So it has to be the one with “red” in his name… // it’s the Akashi guy right?

Yamato: Unfortunately, the dried up corpse was that of… // Akashi Shusaku!!


Mouri: What!?


Yamato: Also, Kohashi Aoi, who became Akashi Aoi after she married to Akashi Shusaku…

Uehara: Was found dead in the cellar 3 years ago…


Ran: Was she killed!?

Uehara: No, she had a weak heart… / and she had a stroke while she was looking for something in the cellar…


Uehara: Her husband, Shusaku-san, was busy finishing up his work in his room… // so he didn’t discover his wife had passed out until half a day later…

Ran: How awful…


Mouri: Which means it’s not red in the name… / red… / a red…


Mouri: I got it! It’s a total stranger*?
*A complete stranger is referred to as a red stranger.

Yamato: Hey! I didn’t bring you all the way out here for you to get a stupid answer like that from you…


??: “If we are trying to meet one of the Gods… // waiting instead of approaching will eternally close the gates”


Mouri: Huh?

??: I see… // I shall forgive you for going all the way to pick up the brilliant detective instead of simply calling him…


??: However, that brash statement of yours just now towards Detective Mouri, is entirely rude... // I am embarrassed to hear such words from you, Kansuke-kun, even as an old friend…


Yamato: What are you doing here!? / Stay back, you’re just a supervising officer!

??: No no, this case is under the jurisdiction of Arano prescinct…I can’t step back from this…


Mouri: What was that? That “If you’re trying to meet the Gods” or whatever…?

Ran: It’s what Liu Bei, in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms says, when he goes to visit a famous philosopher to invite him to become his general… // and it means, if you want to speak to someone of great wisdom, trying to make them come to you is like closing the doors completely! // Liu Bei went to his house 3 times to show the respect in his invitation…!

??: Anyway…


??: The mysteries left in this room are not only the red wall and the chairs… // the fixed window has been broken from the inside… // and all the paints and lacquer have been thrown outside through those holes… // and the only thing left in the room… // was this red spray paint only… // and this signature… // written by his own blood which he drew by biting his finger… // I believe we shall ask the detective once more on his thoughts now that we’ve organized all the evidences…

Mouri: Liu Bei… // general… / 3 times?

??: Of course under my supervision… // The body was found in the first place because I had thought it was strange that there were so many art supplies outside of this mansion…

Mouri: Hey…is that general the famous…

Ran: Yeah! The one that’s always holding a fancy fan…


??: How can you be so cold as to neglect me from the case…

Yamato: Alright, I got it! You can stay as long as you want!


Yamato: Koumei!!


Ran & Mouri: Ko- // Koumei!?*
*They confuse it with the charcters for Zhuge Liang, which is read as Koumei


Koumei: Oh…allow me to introduce myself… // I am Morofushi, my first name, Takaaki…my nickname is the other way my name can be read, Koumei… // nice… // to meet you…


Conan: I get it… // he’s the supervisor, Detective Koumei…

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#1. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on May 13, 2009
This site (http://www.sd-dream.com/sangokushi/koji-seigo-10.html) seems to explain what the line we were talking about meant. [I already came up with what I'm going to use] and I think it might be helpful for other lines you run into.
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 13, 2009
yeah, that's actually what I used. it's also what Ran says afterwards too...so the meaning is correct. it's just the wording/style since hes using a direct quote.
#3. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on May 16, 2009
Oh I also forgot to mention - for Keibu I use Inspector and keiji is Detective or Officer, depending on the context (Detective if it's in front of a name etc.).
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 17, 2009
okay, you might have to swap out some things from my previous TLs then...I was doing Captain for Keibu and I think Takagi is a (Sergeant) officer...

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