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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detective Conan 683

File 683: In Hand

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 14, 2009 04:13 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 683

**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only! Thanks :)

Note: There are some phrases that are directly pulled from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and even though I tried to research and pull direct translated quotes, I couldn't so they're translations by me. Forgive me if they sound odd, but I tried to make them sound like they were pulled from old literary texts (aka kind of like shakespearian-type of language), since the phrases in Japanese are old-fashioned.

File 683: In Hand


Yamato: So, how about it? Sleeping Kogoro-san!


Yamato: This wall that’s been spray painted red! // The victim’s signature written in blood! // The art supplies that were thrown out of this fixed window! // And these chairs painted white and black and nailed to the floor!


Yamato: Do you have any idea what the starving man that was locked in here was trying to tell us!?

Mouri: I don’t know where to start…


Conan: Red… // and white… // and black…


Mouri & Yamato: Eh?

Conan: He tried to convey a message through the 3 colors right? / Since all the other colors were thrown out the window…


Koumei: Hmm…and who is this young fellow?

Yamato: He’s a rascal that sleeping Kogoro-san is taking care of right now! His name is Edogawa Conan!


Koumei: Edogawa Conan…

Conan: And…


Conan: You said that the dolly over there with all the boxes were full of books… // who’s books were they?

Uehara: Aoi-san’s books!


Uehara: Remember, she’s the wife of Akashiya Shusaku-san, who died in this room… // and she passed away from heart problems in the cellar 3 years ago…her maiden name was Kohashi Aoi-san!


Uehara: All the books from her room were removed and packed into those boxes… // She had a lot of books since she was a writer herself…


Conan: Then it might be someone who’s holding a grudge against Shusaku-san for letting Aoi-san die…like a close friend or family member… // since Shusaku-san did leave Aoi-san in the cellar after she passed out from her stroke for half a day…


Uehara: But, Aoi-san was a single child and both her parents were already dead, so she had no family…

Conan: Then maybe the 4 men that used to live here are suspicious?


Uehara: Why’s that?

Conan: Well…unless you knew that Aoi-san had a lot of books in her room and that doors opened towards the outside, you wouldn’t think to fill up books in boxes and put them on a dolly to block the door…


Conan: Which means the possibility that the perpetrator is either the actor, Midorikawa Naoki-san… // or the fashion designer, Yamabuki Shouji-san… // or CG creator Momose Takuto-san… // or the musician Naoki Shirou-san…is very high…


Conan: Isn’t that what you said? Uncle Kogoro!

Mouri: Eh? // Uh…yeah…


Koumei: I see…so you have put the same pieces together as I have…Did you not voice it yourself because you thought it was too obvious it wasn’t worth wasting your breath?

Mouri: Uhh…yes…


Yamato: What!? // You’re sure!?


Yamato: Ok, I got it! // We’ll make sure over here too!


Uehara: What happened, Kan-chan… / Captain Yamato?!

Yamato: I’ve got big news! // The fingerprints that were on the inside doorknob… // and the fingerprints on the red spray paint… // were assumed to be those of the victim, Akashi Shusaku, but… // the fingerprints were, Koumei…


Yamato: The fingerprints of the officer… // that you found the corpse with!!


Yamato: They’ve brought the officer into the precinct and are questioning him now…

Koumei: Don’t be too hard on him…he’s just recently become an officer… / it was most likely the first time he saw a corpse so he might have gotten excited and touched things without thinking…


Mouri: So you and the new guy were the only 2 that found the body?

Koumei: Yes…We had just finished up another case and I asked him to join me to visit the mansion…


Koumei: I wanted to bring some flowers to the cellar…


Mouri: Flowers?

Uehara: Oh we forgot to mention it…Both Captain Yamato and Captain Moufushi are classmates of the late Aoi-san who passed away in the cellar…


Everyone: Cla… // Classmates!?


Koumei: Yes…the day we came was the anniversary of her death…and on my way back after I had left the flowers, I noticed the art supplies by the broken window and thought it odd… // I rang the door bell but no one answered and the front door was unlocked. So I entered with my subordinate and discovered the corpse of the trapped man…


Koumei: However…I had heard that the victim’s fingerprints were on the art supplies that were outside…

Yamato: Yeah…on every single one of those… / but the prints on the inside doorknob and spray-paint can were only those of you and your subordinate…


Koumei: It is indeed “the shoot in the snow”… // this is very intriguing…


Mouri: Snow…?

Ran: He’s talking about the bamboo shoot in the snow! You know how they sprout in the spring? / So it’s a proverb in China that’s used when something impossible occurs or when someone obtains something that seems impossible to get!


Mouri: What’s impossible…?

Yamato: Don’t you get it? / The victim was trapped in this room. / If you were trapped, wouldn’t you try to get out by twisting the doorknob?


Yamato: And the spray can that was used to paint the wall red should also have the victim’s fingerprints too! // Plus, the perp didn’t come back to this room!


Mouri: Oh…right…

Koumei: If the victim’s fingerprints were not on them either, there must have been some sort of reason… / or…


Koumei: It seems necessary for us to see these 4 suspects again… // And we should plan something this time…

Yamato: Hmph! If you wanna see them, go by yourself!


Yamato: And while you’re at it… // take the kid and the daughter with you in the car and get them out of my way!


Yamato: In the meantime, Sleeping Kogoro-san, who has come all the way out here, and I will solve the mystery! // I imagine we’ll talk about things we don’t want kids to be listening in on…

Koumei: Oh…


Yamato: When you see the 4 guys, take the kids to my house and let me know how it goes! // Not like I think you’ll find out all that much…


Mouri: So?


Mouri: Should we talk about the case…

Yamato: Gghh…


Yamato: Ughhgghh…

Mouri: Wha… // you’re sleeping!


Yamato: Ggghhuu…

Uehara: That’s why you sent Conan-kun…


Midorikawa: Oh, officer!


Midorikawa: I thought I had told you everything I knew about the late Shusaku…

Koumei: We actually found your fingerprints on the inside doorknob of the room Shusaku-san was trapped in…


Midorikawa: Really…well, I lived there 6 years ago… // and it’s interesting to know that fingerprints can remain for so long…

Box: Midorikawa Naoki (38) Actor


Conan: So you haven’t returned to the mansion for 6 years?

Midorikawa: No…


Midorikawa: Who are these children…?

Koumei: Oh… // I’ve been put in charge of them for now…


Koumei: Did I not tell you to stay in the car…?

Conan: But I have to tell uncle Kogoro about what kind of people they were…


Ran: Ah, excuse me…You are on TV a lot, right?

Midorikawa: Yes…


Midorikawa: Maybe if I say Sone Naoki, it will ring a bell?

Ran: Oh yes! I know this name! / You are often in period dramas as the bad guy…


Midorikawa: Sone was my mother’s maiden name…and I have used it as my screen-name… // I was always called Midori back at the mansion… / so I thought I had to change it to become independent when I left…


Conan: So everyone in the mansion referred to each other with colors!

Midorikawa: Yes… // But I was classmates with Shusaku, so we called each other by our names…


Yamabuki: I see… // my fingerprints were Aka-kun’s doorknob?


Yamabuki: I’m sure there are! // I did used to live there, you know!

Box: Yamabuki Shouji (39) Fashion Designer


Conan: If you used to call Akashi-san, Aka, then were you called Yamabuki?

Yamabuki: Yes…it is my name too… / But Ao-chan was the only one who called me “Yama-chan.”


Conan: What kind of a person was this Aoi-san?

Yamabuki: To be frank, she was everyone’s madonna! She was the only woman out of the 6 and she was beautiful… / so we were all a little shocked when we found out she was dating Aka-kun…


Yamabuki: That’s why everyone moved out! // As did I…

Conan: Wow…


Momose: Eh? // My fingerprints were on Aka’s doorknob?


Momose: Hey hey, you better not be persecuting me because I used to live there. // Who knows when those prints are from!

Box: Momose Takuto (37) CG Creator


Koumei: Well, we’re just double-checking…

Conan: Did everyone call you Momo?

Momose: Yeah…I hated it…


Momose: Sometimes some idiots called me pink! / I wanted to get outta that place as soon as I could!

Koumei: Pink… // Then, you have not returned even once after you moved out?


Momose: Oh yeah, I did go once…4 years ago to drop off game software that I worked on…

Koumei: A game…?


Momose: Yeah…it was a simple chess game! // Aka and Aoi-chan both loved chess!


Naoki: Wha-what!?


Naoki: My fingerprints were found on Aka’s doorknob!?

Koumei: Yes… // So we’d like to double-check on a few things…


Naoki: That’s impossible… // I don’t live there anymore…

Box: Naoki Shirou (36) Musician


Naoki: Oh wait! I went to hang out about 6 months ago! // Maybe that’s when I touched some of Aka’s art supplies and stuff… / Oh, uh…Aka is Akashi’s nickname…


Conan: Then were you called Shiro?

Naoki: Yea…yeah… / No one ever called me by my last name!!


Naoki: Is that enough? I have to meet up with my band soon…

Koumei: Then, we will be back another day…


<beep beep>


Naoki: Oh… / it’s me…


Yamato: Hmmm…. / You told everyone that we found their fingerprints to see their reaction…


Yamato: And? You find somethin’?

Koumei: Yes, a little bit…

Ran: There was a really suspicious guy!!


Ran: He was really nervous and he said he touched the art supplies when he came by the last time, even though we didn’t mention them!

Mouri: Who is it?

Conan: Naoki Shirou-san!


Uehara: He was extremely nervous when we went to interrogate him the last time too…

Yamato: Yeah…I had my eye on him… / but I had no evidence…


Yamato: Anyway, it’s late… // Let’s call it a night and tomorrow we’ll ask Naoki Shirou to come with us for questioning…


Yamato: What? // You know who killed Akashi Shusaku?


Yamato: Really?

Mouri: Yeah, it all came to me this morning!


Ran: So? Who is it?

Mouri: It’s Naoki Shirou, the suspicious guy!!


Mouri: The victim was sitting in the white chair… / and in front of him was the red wall… // so he was signifying that he is red!


Conan: What about the black chair?

Mouri: So the black chair is the perpetrator! / If you sit in the black chair, what’s in front of you?


Ran: The white wall! / I get it! That was to signify that the perpetrator was Naoki Shirou, who was called Shiro!!


Mouri: Bingo!

Uehara: I don’t mean to intervene but…


Yamato: Leave it alone, Uehara… // what a bother…

Uehara: But…


Yamato: Hm? // There’s a crowd in front of Naoki Shirou’s house…


Yamato: What happened?

Uehara: Kan-chan, look!


Yamato: Ko… // Koumei!?


Yamato: Wait, it’s not…

Koumei: Yes… // I had a bad feeling so I came here… // and this is what I found…


Yamato: A… // red wall!?


Koumei: The perpetrator must have rushed over here, worried about our movement…

Yamato: As fast as the wind, eh?


Koumei: Yes… “Holding it in your hands does not mean your hands are holding it”…

Mouri: Hold…hands?

Ran: That’s…


Conan: Just because it’s in the palm of your hand… // it doesn’t mean you can grab it for sure…


Conan: Basically, we didn’t see what was in front of our eyes fast enough, and put our guard down…as a result, we let the most important person who held the key to the mystery be killed!!

To be continued in issue 15

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