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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bakuman 37

Page 37: The Director and the Bird

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 15, 2009 03:59 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 37

**This translation is for Akatsuki Group use only. Thanks!
Thanks for edits c_k!

Page 37: The Director and the Bird


Hiramaru: Sorry about that, sensei.


Hiramau: Anyway, I’ve come to such a weird place.

Niizuma: It’s not a weird place. It’s a nice place. Everyone said the food tastes very good.


Hiramaru: I’ve taken the wrong path. And I don’t mean the path we walk on, but the path of life. // Me, a mangaka… Impossible.


Takagi: Impossible? I thought you wanted to become one so you did?

Hiramau: Wanted to be one? I might have thought it for a second…


Hiramaru: It was a moment of spontaneity. // I had picked up an issue of “JUMP” when I didn’t want to go to work and I thought I could do it too…


Hiramaru: What the hell am I doing? // I made a mistake.



Niizuma: Yes sir!

Saiko: A mistake? There are so many people that can’t get serialized even if they wanted to…

Takagi: Uh… Hiramaru-san, if it’s not manga that you want to do, then what is it that you do want to do?


Hiramaru: I don’t want to work! // For someone like me to do a weekly series… It's impossible!

Hiramaru: Why do humans have to work? / Why can’t we sleep as much as we want and eat as much as we want? // I wish I had been born a panda that's been taken care of so well in a zoo.


Niizuma: OHH! That’s why your title is “Rakko* Number 11”?
*Rakko = otter

Hiramaru: Oh… / It must have been a subconscious wish… Being an otter living in an aquarium is better than being a human.


Yoshida: Hiramaru-kun! What are you doing over there!

Hiramaru: Tsk, he found me. // It’s him! He’s the one that kept praising me saying “You’re talented! You’re a genius!”


Hiramaru: No, I’m the fool for having aimed to become a mangaka for even a moment… / I’m depressed thinking about the future.

Yoshida: Let’s discuss the third chapter before the party starts.


Hiramaru: Mr. Yoshida! Do you enjoy living your life, Mr. Yoshida!?


Yoshida: Okay, let’s go with that. The final phrase for chapter 3 can be “Do you enjoy living your life?” It’s fits you very well.

Hiramaru: Please answer me properly.

Takagi: A genius like Eiji…? I don’t see it…

Niizuma: Hiramaru-sensei is a little strange, but it’s fun talking to him.

Saiko: Yeah. For you to say he’s strange means he’s really strange.


Aoki: I’m disappointed we were less worthy than “KIYOSHI Knight.”


But you should accept the results for what they are.

Aoki: I’ve thought your work was great ever since I read your one-shot that won the Tezuka Award. It’s a masterpiece. / I want the readers to know more about that world. I want them to understand it.


What’s your real name, Kou-san?

Aoki: It’s Aoki Yuriko.


So you’re Yuri-chan. Do you like my songs?

Aoki: I like a lot of the lyrics. The music, not so much.

I like how frank you are.


But you like me as a mangaka?


Aoki: Yes…


I like your wistful face too. I want to write a song for it.

Aoki: Make it a manga, not a song.


Sfx: crowd rustling

That editor is pretty impressive to make such an arrangement.


Miura: The high school trio is still in the corner? / It’s starting, so let’s go further inside.


Takagi: What kind of manga is Hiramaru-san’s “Rakko Number 11”?

Miura: I thought you weren't concerned with other people's manga and you were going to wait to read it in “JUMP”?

Takagi: After meeting him, I got interested.


Miura: Hmmm, to describe it in a nutshell, an otter-person makes the world a better place as he quibbles and complains about it.

Niizuma: And I heard he punches people with his hands that turn into different types of rocks!


Takagi: What kind of a storyline is that…? / Though it sounds really interesting!

Saiko: Yeah. / It fits “JUMP’s” style and Hiramaru-san’s quibbles sound interesting.

Niizuma: But he said a series would be impossible.

Miura: Most people that suddenly get serialized like Hiramaru-san worry if they can do it, but once the series starts he should be fine… // Usually…


MC: Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come here tonight. // I am Aida Souichi from the Shounen Jump editing staff and I will be your MC for this year’s party.

Crows: Yeah! Go for it, Pooh-san! // Poor Pooh-san. // Hahaha.


Here's some champagne for the toast. // Oh, thank you…


Takagi: I’ll only pretend to drink it.

Miura: That’s a good idea.


MC: We will now have a word from our director, Torishima.


Torishima: Although it’s been a rough few years for the publishing industry, Shounen Jump has a consistent readership every year…

Takagi: It’s Mashirito from Arare-chan… and Torishi-man from Superhero Legend… He’s the real thing!

Miura: Haha.


Uncle: This guy Torishi-man was the chief editor at the time and he came over to me at the New Year’s party and choked me while saying, “How dare you use me in your manga without permission!” and I was so happy.

Saiko: You were happy that he choked you?

Uncle: It was skinship.

Saiko: And now I’m at the New Year’s party…


MC: Thank you very much.

Torishma: That’s it?

MC: Then, another word please.

Torishima: No way.

MC: Next, I’d like to ask Akimoto-sensei to come up as the representative and lead us in a toast. // Akimoto-sensei, can you please come forward…



MC: Everyone please enjoy yourselves!

Niizuma: Time to eat!

Arai: Oh, are you guys Ashirogi-sensei?

Takagi & Saiko: Y-Yes…


Arai: I’m Arai. My series “Cheese Okaki” is going to start in the issue before yours.

Takagi: Arai-sensei! Nice to meet you; I’m Takagi.

Saiko: Nice to meet you; I’m Mashiro.


Miura: I was about to take you guys around and introduce you to the senseis individually.

Arai: Wow, you guys are busy! Good luck!


Miura: Excuse me, Ooshiro-sensei may I have a moment?

Ooshiro: Oh yes. / It’s fine as long as mangas are good*.
*See Bakuman omake to understand the reference of this line.


Takagi: Oh, I’m so tired. / It might just be me, but I saw so much passion in their eyes!

Saiko: Yeah, they have an aura about them…

Mirau: It’s an illusion! / Now that all the introductions are over, eat! Eat! I’ll bring you anything you want.


Hattori: Here’s a bingo card and a white board.

Saiko & Takagi: Hattori-san!

Miura: Bingo already? There’s no time to eat!


Hattori: Having fun?

Takagi: We’re overwhelmed…

Hattori: You’ll get used to it soon.


MC: Did everyone receive a bingo card? // The new editor Yamahisa will now do an impression of someone on the staff. / Write your guesses of who it is on the white board. If you’re correct, you can pop out a box on your bingo card. There will be 2 impressions.

Takagi: Aren’t we at a disadvantage because we don’t know many editors? / Yeah!

Hattori: It’s okay. 1 impression is always of someone that puckers their lips like an octopus to resemble me.

Miura: Haha!


MC: Next is 12! If you have 12 on your card, pop out a box. / Next is 61. 61!

Takagi: 61… / Oh! / BINGO!



MC: There’s a bingo! It's Ashirogi-sensei…

Hattori: Takagi-sensei!

MC: Takagi-sensei, congratulations on the first bingo win. Please step forward.


MC: What will it be?

Takagi: Uhh… The TV…

MC: Takagi-sensei went straight for the grand prize, the TV!

Crowd: Be a little more humble, newbie! // Hahaha.


Takagi: I got a TV for the work place… / That room is devoid of technology.

Saiko: Haha.

MC: Next is 24…


Just as Hattori-san had said, by the time bingo was over, we had gotten used to the party and became friendly with everyone. As a side note, I won the newest version of the Nintendo DS.

What!? You’re 16!? Ohhh maaaan…

Takagi: I’m sorry!


Saiko: Niizuma Eiji looks like he’s having fun… / He’s even talking to the assistant chief editor.

Assistant chief: You still haven’t gotten the green light on an anime?

Niizuma: Yuujirou-san said we should hold off because it’ll catch up to the manga.

Editor: Niizuma-san, can I have 3 autographs? My relative’s children are your fans…

Hiramaru: Niizuma! / hiccup

<ガヤ = Gaya*>
*Rowdy crowd noises.


Saiko: He’s holding off on an anime… He’s got so much leeway… // He’s a truly popular mangaka unlike us!

Niizuma: I want to have an anime soon and then a movie so I can watch it.

Assitant chief: I bet you can with “CROW.”

Hiramaru: Hey Niizuma, talk to me more! Make me feel at ease!


Takagi & Saiko: Hiramaru-san is completely drunk. I hope he’s okay. / I bet his manga will be a hit. // Why? / Because it’s from someone that’s that interesting… or humane… doing it… // I see.

Takagi: We have to work our hardest so we don’t lose to Eiji and Hiramaru-san.


Hiramaru: Mr. Yoshida! / Mr. Yoshida! // UGHhHh…

Yoshida: No… The bathroom! / That’s why I told you not to drink too much!


Saiko: I want to be able to come here every year.

Takagi: Yeah, and if we talk to more senseis, we can learn a lot more.

Saiko: Yeah.


Hattori: There are a lot of senseis that are relaxing here while forgetting about work.

Miura: There’s an after party and another one after it!

Hattori: Minors are not allowed at the after party.

Miura: Oh, is it at a hostess club?

Takagi: Hostess club? I wanna go…


Chief editor: What are you guys telling these high school boys?

Hattori: Chief editor! // It’s nice to see you…

Takagi & Saiko: MASHIRITO…


Chief: This is Mashiro-kun and Takagi-kun.


Torishima: Kawaguchi Tarou… It was a shame we lost him… I feel much regret especially since I worked with him… // He had a lot of guts, but that backfired on him…

Saiko: Yeah…


Torishima: I’m very happy to have boys like you doing a series. Good luck.

Takagi: Thank you.

Saiko: I want to do everything my uncle couldn’t do and hoped to do.


Torishima: Couldn’t do? Hoped to do?

Saiko: What he couldn’t do was to make a living off of manga.

Takagi: Saiko…

Saiko: What he hoped to do… // was be #1 in the surveys.


Torishima: That’s admirable…

Chief: Your best chance at being #1 is with your first chapter of the series.

Saiko: No.


Saiko: It doesn’t matter how many years it takes… // I want to continue the series for a long time and consistently be #1.

Torishima: Yes. // That is what everyone thinks. // You should think the possibilities are infinite instead of zero. // You should not only think about how great it would be, but make a move to achieve it.


Torishima: Someone said so in a movie!

Saiko: Yes, sir!


MC: Everyone is enjoying the festivities, but we must unfortunately wrap up the party!

Torishima: Party's over! Farewell.

Takagi & Saiko: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

MC: Ibaraki, the JUMP SQ chief editor has some final words he says he must share, so please listen up.

Ibaraki: I'm Ibaraki! / Thanks for coming everyone! And if anyone ever has some time on their hands, do let us know, over here at SQ!


Crowd: Ibaraki does that every year… // That’s enough! You were already trying to recruit us during the whole party!

Ibaraki: I want to introduce a special guest, which we’ve never had at a New Year’s party!


Ibaraki: Go ahead, KOOGY-san!


Saiko: Koogy!

Miura: I didn’t know about this!

Koogy: The stairs that lead up to the sky and the rope on my neck // The white wings that look down on us from above*
*The lyrics are cut off since they're in the background, so they don't make much sense...




Ibaraki: KOOGY, I mean, Makainokouji-sensei will begin a series in SQ starting this March.

Crowd: You’re so sneaky, trying to take advantage of his popularity!

Koogy: I’ll start at SQ and take on the top of the manga world… / And as a first step, I’ve partnered up with Aoki Kou.

Ibaraki: Oohh.


Saiko: Aoki Kou!?

Takagi: Why!?

Miura: I found out just now too!


Niizuma: How troublesome…

Saiko: Niizuma-san.

Takagi: So Nakai-san doesn’t know about this either…


Takagi: We can’t ask him not to…

Niizuma: Yes, it’s a personal matter.

This is how the party ended; it left a bad taste in our mouths, even though we had thought, just a few moments earlier, that we wanted to come here every year. Hiramaru-san’s drunken rampage at the after party was the most memorable topic everyone talked about. As for us, we would face our own troubles when Nakai-san’s reaction got out of hand.

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#1. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on May 15, 2009
I love you <3
#2. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 16, 2009
Thanks for translating and congrats on reaching 100 translations- well, 101 now. :P
#3. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 17, 2009
vassili: sorry i missed that one thing; i was at work already when you pmed me >_<

c_k: yay 101! only 899 to go until 1000!

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