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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detective Conan 684

File 684: Death Upon Koumei

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 17, 2009 05:48 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only! Thanks :)

Note: There are some phrases that are directly pulled from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and even though I tried to research and pull direct translated quotes, I couldn't so they're translations by me. Forgive me if they sound odd, but I tried to make them sound like they were pulled from old literary texts (aka kind of like shakespearian-type of language), since the phrases in Japanese are old-fashioned.

File 684: Death upon Koumei


Yamato: The victim is the 36 year old musician, Naoki Shirou…


Yamato: The estimated time of death is between the hours of 10pm and 11pm…


Yamato: The cause of death is suffocation from the pressure applied to his neck… // he was strangled to death…


Yamato: The fact that the victim is sitting in a chair… // and the wall… // was painted using the spray paint that’s on the floor here…


Yamato: Determining from it being painted red… // the possibility that the perpetrator is the same one that killed Akashi Shusaku by trapping him in his room to starve…


Mouri: Which means this wall is the victim’s dying message…

Koumei: No…


Koumei: For Naoki Shirou-san to paint the wall red, it would have had to happen before he was strangled to death… // and it’s hard to believe that he would have painted his room this strangely before the perpetrator came here…


Mouri: Then this red wall was…

Uehara: Yes…the perpetrator did it on purpose…


Mouri: Hey hey that’s strange! Why would the perpetrator leave us the message that it points to him?

Yamato: He’s playing games with us!


Koumei: Yes…he might have painted the wall red… // to challenge us…


Koumei: Taunting us to solve the mystery… // and arrest him…


Mouri: But…I thought my reasoning was pretty good…Akashi-san sat in the white chair facing the red wall to signify that he is “red”…and the black chair facing the white wall was used to signify that the perpetrator was Naoki Shirou-san who was called “white”…


Conan: But then the chair Akashi-san sat in wouldn’t have been painted white but it would have been painted red, or not painted at all! / If the wall and chairs were white, it would be too confusing.

Mouri: I guess that’s true…


Mouri: Then what is it? This red wall…

Yamato: But now it’s definite!


Yamato: The suspects are the former residents of that mansion… // it’s either Midorikawa Naoki… // Yamabuki Shouji… // or Momose Takuto!


Ran: Why is that?

Uehara: We only told those 3 people and Naoki-san…

Uehara: That the wall was painted red… // and that Akashi-san was sitting in a chair…


Uehara: But we didn’t tell anyone about the chairs being painted black and white or about the chairs being nailed to the floor…


Uehara: So even though the perpetrator tried to imitate Akashi-san’s murder scene… // he was only able to put Naoki-san in the chair…

Conan: But wasn’t the perpetrator scared?


Conan: To have imitated the dying message that he didn’t really know in detail?

Uehara: You’re right…


Yamato: I want to go find out from those 3 what they were doing between the hours of 10 and 11 last night but… // I want to discuss with Sleeping Kogoro-san some more about this case…


Yamato: Can you take those kids again, Koumei…

Koumei: Heh…


Koumei: Warn to direct the correct path, if the path is not redirected, try no harder… // It can only harm one’s self...


Yamato: Eh?

Koumei: Kansuke-kun…it seems that you would like me to bring this bright young boy with me… / but this time I have to reject your request…


Koumei: I will investigate on my own… // however, I promise to contact you as soon as I solve the mystery…


Koumei: Farewell…

Yamato: Tsk…

Mouri: Hey, what was that? The “Warn to direct” thing?

Ran: Uhhm, they were the words of Confucious…


Ran: It’s a good thing to tell someone when they make a mistake… // but you should leave it alone if it doesn’t work…and being too persistent can only make you feel bad about the situation and have a bad end result..


Mouri: A mistake?

Uehara: Oh, you’ve heard about when Kan-chan was in the middle of a case and he got caught in an avalanche causing him to injure his left eye and right leg?


Uehara: We all thought Kan-chan was dead because he hadn’t heard back for many days…but Captain Morofushi ignored the commands of his superiors and forcefully continued the investigation by himself . He caught the suspect and asked around about the avalanche and found Kan-chan in the hospital! He ended up having to take responsibility for his actions and he was removed from the headquarters…


Uehara: Kan-chan still owes him for that…so maybe he made Conan-kun go with him so Captain Morofushi wouldn’t get out of hand in his investigation? / Conan-kun is pretty sharp!


Mouri: But wasn’t he forceful in his investigation because he wanted to find you as soon as possible? // He shouldn’t get out of hand this time…

Yamato: There’s plenty of reason for him to get our of control again!


Yamato: Do you know? // About the book, “Class 2-A’s Koumei-kun”…


Ran: I’ve read the book before! // It’s the story about a student detective who solved a bunch of weird mysteries that occurred in school right?


Yamato: The author of that book is Kohashi Aoi, who died in the mansion cellar 3 years ago… / Akashi Shusaku’s wife!

Ran: What?


Yamato: And the character in the book… // the student detective is modeled after…


Yamato: That Morofushi Takaaki!


Ran: There was a rival detective that always used tough language…

Uehara: That was probably modeled after Kan-chan!

Yamato: Anyway!


Yamato: If the serial killer had a grudge against the death of Kohashi Aoi… // then Koumei will want to solve this case no matter what! / He even keeps that book safely stored away in his car’s glove box!


Yamato: Uehara! Catch a cab and follow Koumei! // I’m going to see the 3 people with Kogoro-san!

Uehara: Ah… / OK!


Yamato: I think you know already… // but don’t take your eye off of Koumei!
Uehara: Yes… // yes sir!!


Mouri: Why didn’t you just go with him yourself if you wanted to keep him under control…?

Conan: I think they’re trying to discreetly supervise him?


Conan: Last night, when we were making our rounds, there was a weird car following us… // that was a cop car right?

Yamato: Yeah…


Ran: But why are they supervising…

Yamato: We told you that the 3 guys know about the red wall right?


Yamato: Anyone on the police force naturally knows this fact too! // And it’s only natural for us to supervise an officer that also has a relationship with Kohashi Aoi!


Mouri: Then…do you mean…

Yamato: Yeah… // Morofushi Takaaki…


Yamato: Is one of the suspects…

Box: Morofushi Takaaki (35)
Nagano Prefecture Arano Precinct Officer


Midorikawa: What!? // Shiro-kun was killed!?


Midorikawa: Are you serious?

Yamato: Yeah… // so we’d like to double-check… // what were you doing between the hours or 10 and 11pm last night?


Midorikawa: I was in my room reading my script around that time… // By the time I finished and went to bed it was about 2am.

Box: Midorikawa Naoki (38) Actor


Midorikawa: Wait, are you suspecting I did it…?

Yamato: We’re checking just in case… // is there anyone who can prove that statement?


Midorikawa: Hmmm…my wife was asleep around 9pm already…

Mouri: Your wife’s testimony would not be valid in this case though…

Conan: Did anything change about Shirou-san recently?


Conan: Like, was he jumpy about something…?

Midorikawa: I don’t know…I haven’t seen him for a while… / but I heard he saw Shusaku a lot…


Midorikawa: Shiro-kun’s band wasn’t doing so well… // so he’d ask Shusaku for money a lot…

Yamato: Oh really…


Yamabuki: What was I doing between 10 and 11 last night?


Yamabuki: Oh no! You too are suspecting that I killed Shiro-kun?

Yamato: Me too?


Yamabuki: The officer with the slanted eyes and mustache asked me the same thing last night! // I told him, “I was here designing by myself, is that unacceptable?”

Box: Yamabuki Shouji (39) Fashion Designer


Yamato: Koumei beat us here…

Yamabuki: Koumei…? / That officer’s name is Koumei?


Yamato: Yeah! His nickname is Koumei! He’s a classmate of Kohashi Aoi who you know so well!

Yamabuki: So then the detective in Ao-chan’s book…


Yamato: So? Was there anything strange about Naoki Shirou-san lately?

Yamabuki: I don’t know…I do know he needed some money…


Yamabuki: Oh yes! He said he was going to travel! / I asked him if he has enough money but…


Momose: Not another cop!?


Momose: I told you all already, but I was sleeping on my couch from 10pm to 1 am…even though I only planned on sleeping for an hour…

Yamato: Koumei beat us here too…

Mouri: Is there anyone who can prove that?


Momose: Ask all my friends that came and woke me up ever hour between 11pm to 1am! // But I guess you can’t be sure it was me since I was under a blanket…

Box: Momose Takuto (37) CG Creator


Yamato: Did you notice anything strange about Naoki Shirou these days?

Momose: Who knows…he kept annoying me trying to borrow money…I hadn’t seen him since I yelled at him to get out…


Momose: Oh, but he did make enough money. // He planned to go to Lecce in Italy and he sent me an email saying if we wanted to find him, that’s where he’d be…


Conan: Lecce in Italy?

Momose: By the way, is it true that the cop with slanted-eyes and the mustache…is who Aoi-chan modeled the detective in her book after?


Yamato: Yeah… // why do you ask?

Momose: Yamabuki called me earlier! / He said Midori was surprised too!


Mouri: So we’ve heard everyone’s story…


Mouri: But none of them had a solid alibi…

Yamato: Yeah…


Yamato: I guess we have to solve the red wall mystery instead…

Conan: The red wall…


If it really was Akashi Shusaku-san’s dying message… // why did he paint the wall red? // I understand why he didn’t write the perpetrator’s name, which would have been easiest…


Yes…he didn’t write his name because… // after he starved to death, if the perpetrator came into the room, he would erase it…


Koumei: Erased… // wall… // red… // I got it…


Koumei: So that’s what it means…


Perpetrator: In this murder tale… // Koumei is unnecessary…


Perpetrator: Let’s remove him right away…


Yamato: What!? You lost sight of Koumei!?


Yamato: What are you doing, Uehara!?

Uehara: I’m sorry! He suddenly sped up his car as soon as we got into the Gojyou forest…


Yamato: The Gojyou forest is the forest the mansion is in!! // Koumei must have gone to the mansion!! Head there immediately!!

Uehara: Yes sir!!


Yamato: Hm? There’s a message from Koumei…

Ran: Maybe he figured out the killer…


Conan: What? / What does it say?


Yamato: Death upon… // Koumei…


Mouri: What are you saying…?


Yamato: Yeah, Uehara? // Did you find Koumei!?

Uehara: I just got to the mansion…


Uehara: It’s burning… // the mansion of death…

To be continued in Issue 16

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