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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detective Conan 686

File 686: The Perfect Bait

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 17, 2009 05:54 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This translation is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only! Thanks :)

Note: There are some phrases that are directly pulled from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and even though I tried to research and pull direct translated quotes, I couldn't so they're translations by me. Forgive me if they sound odd, but I tried to make them sound like they were pulled from old literary texts (aka kind of like shakespearian-type of language), since the phrases in Japanese are old-fashioned.

File 686: The Perfect Bait


We’ve had enough of this, officers…


Midorikawa: Just because we’re the most suspicious…

Yamabuki: If you keep asking us about this…

Momose: We can’t get any work done!


Midorikawa: We may have lived in the mansion in which Shusaku was killed but… // that’s our only connection to this case…
Box: Midorikawa Naoki (38) Actor


Yamabuki: Our alibis from last night when Shiro-kun died were not very solidified but… // that is just a coincidence…
Box: Yamabuki Shouji (39) Fashion Designer


Momose: Yeah! And we were only in front of the burning mansion because… // someone sent us a message to be there!
Box: Momose Takuto (37) CG Creator


Momose: Did you guys even solve that mystery?

Koumei: By mystery, do you mean…

Yamato: The mystery that was left behind on both murder scenes…


Yamato: The red wall?


Midorikawa: Yes…

Yamato: We haven’t solved that mystery yet but… // the second victim, Naoki Shirou was part of that mystery… / do you know anything about that?


Midorikawa: No…only that he was in need of money…

Yamabuki: And that he was going to travel soon…

Momose: Yeah, do that place Lecce in Italy…


Conan: Then maybe he was planning on walking all the way to that place Lecce to hide something important! // Especially if he was saying to go search for him there…
Box: Lecce


Ran: Why is he walking there?

Conan: Because Italy is shaped like a shoe!

Midorikawa: Anyway!


Midorikawa: If you want to interrogate us…

Yamabuki: Can you do it after you have some evidence?

Momose: We’re pretty busy you know…


Yamato: Our plan is set into action… // so now we just have to finish it off?


Koumei: When taking 100 steps, the 90th step is the half way mark… // don’t put your guard down just yet…

Yamato: Yeah…we can’t screw up the finale…


Perpetrator: Shit…Shiro’s apartment… // is surrounded by police officers…


Perpetrator: Maybe what they were saying earlier was a trap to get me here…

Police: Eh? Someone robbed a taxi? / Around here? // Yeah, we have to head over there now…


Perpetrator: What? // They’re leaving? // Then that apartment is empty… // it’s my chance to sneak in…


Perpetrator: No, wait a minute… // that drunkard that just sat in front of the apartment… // and that guy with the mask that’s been roaming around… // Maybe one of those guys… // is actually an officer…

Boy: Hey mister, you’ll get sick if you sleep here!
Drunk: *hiccup*

Perpetrator: Hm?




Drunk: Fool…I’m a department chief… // *hiccup*

Perpetrator: I guess the drunkard isn’t a cop…

Woman: Hey, are you okay?

Perpetrator: Who’s there…?


Woman: Let’s go home already! No more drinking!

Man: Heh! // I can last 2 or 3 more rounds! // *hiccup* // *hiccup*


Woman: Oh no…

Drunk: Oh, sorry ‘bout that…


Man: Owwww my leg is broken!!

Woman: What!?


Man: Hey you!! You better pay me 1,000,000 yen for medical bills now!!

Drunk: 1,000,000 yen…! / I don’t have that kind of money…


Man: Then gimme yer wallet! Then I’ll forgive ya!

Perpetrator: He’s mugging him…!


Perpetrator: If that guy in the mask is a cop… // he would intervene…


Man: Heheh… // We have more money to drink now…


Perpetrator: Wait, that guy… // is a underwear robber!? // Hey, hey… // now he’s going into Shiro’s room… // He went in… // no way?! // If he goes in there… / the cops waiting out front will…


Perpetrator: No one’s here… // I guess the cops over here went to investigate the taxi robbery too… // He’s coming out of Shiro’s room… // mugging, underwear-stealing and breaking and entering… // it’s confirmed! There are no cops around here… // so here’s my chance… // I should grab what I came for… // which one is it!? // Which shoe?

Boy: Hey are you…


Boy: Looking for this? // This shoe…


Boy: When you remove the heel of the shoe, there’s a mobile phone memory card attached to it! // The heel resembles where Lecce is in Italy!
Box: Lecce


Perpetrator: Who are you!?

Boy: What? We’ve met so many times but you forgot me? // I’m Edogawa Conan… // a detective…


Perpetrator: Detective?


Others: But you… // didn’t forget… // about us… // did you?


Yamato: Midorikawa Naoki-san!


Midorikawa: Then that mugging and breaking and entering from before was…

Yamato: Yeah, it was the empty castle strategy!

Koumei: Even if we just made the policemen leave, you would have suspected that there were undercover officers still lurking the area…


Koumei: So from that state of mind…if everyone in the area performed an action that would be impossible if cops were around, you would lower your guard as well… // Thus, we took the opposite approach of the original “empty castle strategy” in which we would make it seem like a trap to keep you away; instead we tricked you and lured you in…
Text: empty castle strategy


Midorikawa: So you mentioned the thing about the shoe earlier as a trap to bring me here…

Yamato: Nope, we actually knew you’d come here even before that.


Midorikawa: Eh?

Yamato: We were puzzled for a while…we couldn’t figure out why the dying message from the first case was replicated in the second…


Yamato: But, if the red wall wasn’t a message left by the victim…

Koumei: Yes…


Koumei: If the wall was painted red by a third party, which wasn’t the victim or the perpetrator… // then the perpetrator replicated the red wall in the second murder to confuse us…


Mouri: So Naoki Shirou-san was the third party?

Yamato: Yeah…if someone besides the perpetrator painted over Akashi’s message, the original message must have said in katakana…


Yamato: “I was killed by Naoki” signifying that you, Midorikawa Naoki…killed him!

Uehara: I see…Naoki Shirou-san coincidentally saw that message when he snuck in to take some money and confused it as a message that referred to him and painted over it in red…


Ran: Then, if it was written in kanji instead of katakana, there would have been no confusion…

Conan: Probably because he had to use the spray paint and it’s too hard to write in kanji…


Koumei: But while Shirou-san was painting over the message, he realized what it meant… // The Naoki in the message wasn’t referring to his last name, but to Midorikawa Naoki-san, the only person Akashi called by his first name…


Yamato: So he must have taken a picture of the message that he hadn’t painted over yet with his mobile phone…and he used it to blackmail you for money, right?

Midorikawa: Yeah…he then called me saying, “I can’t keep it from the police any longer! Give me money so I can get outta here!” so I killed him…


Midorikawa: Shit! If only Shiro didn’t go into that room… / if only I had painted that wall red…

Conan: Whaaa? You mean, you still don’t understand the meaning of the red wall?


Conan: That message used complimentary afterimage, which is an optical effect…if you stare at one color for a long time and look somewhere else, you end up seeing the complimentary color as an afterimage… / since the green is the complimentary color of red, that red wall signifies that you are the perpetrator, since you were called green!


Midorikawa: What!?

Conan: You know how surgeon gowns are light green? It’s because surgeons stare at blood for so long that they see green when the look elsewhere and it throws off their concentration. By making the gowns green too, it eases some of the afterimage…


Conan: That’s what I heard on TV!

Ran: Oh really…

Midorikawa: There’s no way you can conclude that without a hint or something…

Yamato: Of course there was a hint leading up to that.


Yamato: The white chair faced the red wall, the black chair faced the white wall and they were nailed down that way! / Akashi Shusaku loved chess… / and in chess, white plays the first move and black is second… / meaning we’re supposed to sit in the white chair and stare at the red wall first and then sit in the black chair and look at the white wall, in which we’d see green. Then we’d know it’s signifying you, Midorikawa!


Koumei: He figured that you would be the first one to find his corpse and you would paint over anything he wrote… // so he constructed the message to point to you, even if you painted over his writing!


Ran: It’s just like, “Death upon Koumei, moves the living others”!!

Koumei: Yes indeed…


Midorikawa: Even if I painted over…you say? How ironic… // he’s the one that painted over his important paintings… / and let someone important die…


Ran: By painting, do you mean…

Midorikawa: Yeah…it’s Ao-chan’s portrait that she searched for so desperately that it gave her a stroke…


Midorikawa: I found that painting!! // It was underneath the painting that I bought from that guy last year!!


Uehara: Underneath…?

Midorikawa: I bought it because it kind of looked like Ao-chan and I thought just maybe, so I examined it with an x-ray! / Then I saw that Ao-chan’s portrait was painted white and a new painting was done over it!!


Uehara: No way…

Midorikawa: Shusaku didn’t become popular until recently… / and it might have been the only thing he could do since he didn’t have enough money for canvases back then…


Midorikawa: But why didn’t he just tell her!? // If he had told her, Ao-chan wouldn’t have died looking for it… / why did he stay in his room ignoring her…


Midorikawa: So I trapped him in that room, hoping that he’d suffer just like Ao-chan did…

Koumei: The day after Aoi-san passed…there was a painting being burned in the backyard…


Koumei: It was a painting that hadn’t even dried yet… // a portrait of Aoi-san…


Ran: Then the painting that Shusaku-san was working on in his room was…

Koumei: Is most likely that one… / He might have holed up in his room without telling Aoi-san, / because it was supposed to be a surprise for Aoi-san’s birthday the following day…


Midorikawa: No…no… / no way…

Koumei: “Outsiders shall not bother the intimate”… / It was unnecessary for a third party to intervene in their intimate relationship…


Yamato: Alright, Koumei! // I’m leaving the rest up to you!


Yamato: You’re the one that solved the red wall mystery first! // I’m a little unsatisfied with the result, but I’m leaving you to complete the report for this case!

Koumei: Hah… // I knew it…


Yamato: Eh?

Koumei: Although you said you wanted that boy to supervise me… / that is too odd an explanation, if I was a potential suspect that would put him in danger…


Koumei: You hadn’t suspected me as the perpetrator in the slightest, but you made the boy come around with me… // because you wanted him to solve the mystery…


Yamato: Hey, hey. He’s just a kid!

Koumei: At the second murder scene, we were about to conclude that the red wall was a challenge from the perpetrator, / yet the boy said this…


Koumei: “Wasn’t the perpetrator scared? / To have imitated the dying message that he didn’t really know in detail?” // Without those words, I would not have solved the true meaning of the red wall…


Koumei: He figured out where the evidence was hidden… / and he mentioned Lecce when we were trying to determine the evidence… // you must have used him to slip in hints so I would solve the case in hopes that I would be welcomed back to Nagano Prefecture Headquarters…


Koumei: Scheming such things…

Yamato: Hmph! // If you were in my shoes you would’ve done the same, eh?


Koumei: Now now… // I am not as simple-minded as you…

Yamato: What!?


Koumei: And I would have done it more cleverly and subtly… / so that you would have never even realized my plans…

Yamato: Oh yeah!?


Yamato: This case is mine!! // You can stay in this local precinct forever!!


Koumei: But Kansuke-kun…I am very grateful to you for introducing me to this young boy… // thanks to him, I recalled a passage… // from my most favorite book… // my favorite passage…

Box: The boy held a tranquil expression on his face, as if he knew it all…and softly but with much presence, he began to reveal the truth behind the case… // yes…just like that famous general, Shoukatsuryou Koumei would have…

To be continued in Issue 18

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