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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Oresama Teacher 10

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 17, 2009 07:22 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 10

**There's one more chapter!! Chapter 11 is the final one on MH so far...!
Thanks for edits c_k!


Chapter 10


Sfx: Waaah! // fighting // waaah!
Sfx: Take this! // kick


Sfx: stare
What do you want!? // You wanna fight!?
Sfx: sigh
Sfx: sigh… // walks away
[It’s a weirdo? // It’s a weirdo.]
Hayasaka: It’s not like she appears wherever there’s a fight… / I’ve been looking for her these past few days but nothing…
H: That girl… // I wonder where she is… [Well, more like who the hell she is too…]


Kensuke: I told you not to hurt Mai! / I can’t trust you with her anymore! She’s mine!
Sho: What are you saying!? / I’m the one Mai loves! / Right!? Mai!!
Mai: Kensuke-kun! Sho-kun! // Stop!!
Mai: I can’t possibly… // choose one… // I love you both!
Kensuke: Mai!
Sho: Mai!
Mai: I’m the bad guy here…it’s all my fault… // I wish I had never met them… // This is so painful…
Ryo: Mai!


Mai: Ryo-kun!?
Ryo: I’ve been watching this whole time. / Those guys are so selfish. // I would never hurt you. // Can you tell me your response to when I confessed my love to you a long time ago?
Mai: Someone like this might make me happy…I can’t be with either of those guys anymore… // Ryo-kun…
Yuuki: Mai-san!
Yuuki: I love you!
Mai: Yuuki-kun!
Shun: I’ve…always thought you were cute…
Mai: Shun-kun…
I love you! // I’m in love with you!
Mai: What… // I just love everyone… //what should I do!!?
<To be continued>


Mafuyu: What a crazy turn of events… / [All of this happened in just 2 pages…]
H: Yeah… / it’s pretty crazy. // How many people like her…?
M: 1, 2, 3, 4… // [se-] seven people!?
H: Impossible!! What kinda Madonna is she!! / And she calls herself a “regular girl”!!
M: Instead of just deciding on one, / she should just date them all. [Who cares?]
H: That’s called cheating. [And with 7 people? Insane…]
M: Hayasaka-kun…can I ask you something private?


M: Have you ever been in love?
H: Wha! // What are you saying all of a sudden!!
M: Well… // I was just wondering after reading this manga…
Manga character: I’ll kill you // then kill myself!!

Another manga character: He hates me!! // I can’t keep living anymore!!

M: I don’t understand these feelings. [Not at all.]
H: Uh… / I don’t either… [I can’t love anyone that much…]
H: But… // yeah…


H: There is someone I’d like to see again.
M: Hayasaka-kun…
M: That’s modest of you that you only want to see her… / [This manga character is totally brazen in comparison.]
H: Well // it’s not love.
M: Hayasaka-kun…
M: Do you chase her with your eyes or look for her?
Sfx: realizes
H: I was looking for her!!! sfx: looking around
Sfx: shocked
M: Would you be able to recognize her right away even within a crowd of people?
Sfx: realizes
H: I would most definitely know!!
Sfx; shocked even more


M: Then / that is love! // Or at least that’s what it says.]
H: Love!!?
Sfx: Shocked to the extreme
H: So…this is love… // I guess I can’t stop thinking about her…
H: She’s a little crazy…but I’ve fallen for her.
<Indeed she is.>
Sfx: Laughs
H: But I can’t even see her…
H: I know! // I have a good idea.


Sfx: Bam

Poster: Look out for this face. If you find her, please notify Hayasaka in class 1-1. I AM LOOKING FOR HER!!
M: This is…
M: Lovely Usa-chanman!!! // Uhhhhhhm Hayasaka-kun… // What's this poster for? But it is a nice picture… [yes, very good!!]
Sfx: Shaking
H: Oh thanks. // I’m proud of it too.
H: I can’t find her, so I though I’d look for her this way.
M: Why!!?
M: What do you wanna do when you find her?
H: Hm? / Isn’t it obvious?


H: I just want to see her.
Sfx: shocked
M: How straightforward!
M: Wow… / I’m jealous of Usa-chanman… // even though it’s me…
Sfx: blushes
H: Hey…
H: Is it crooked?
M: That’s too many!!!
H: Maybe I should change the colors…? [It might make it nicer.]
M: I don’t think that’s the issue here!!
H: The posters aren’t effective… [There’s no response…] // Maybe it was all a dream…?
Voice: Hey Hayasaka.


Bully: You haven’t been fighting these days. // And you’re always with a girl. You a wimp now?
Sfx: brightens
H: Oh yeah! These guys! [They were beaten up by her!!!]
Sfx: brightens
H: Good timing!! I wanted to see you guys!!
Sfx: scared
Bullies: Wha / what!? [Gross!!]
Bullies: Huh!? / A masked girl?
Bullies: Oh yeah, I remember! // She was super strong!! // The rabbit!!
Bully: You know… / I was wondering…


Bully: If that was really a human?
H: Huh?
Bullies: I thought that too! / It’s can’t be human. // Maybe one of the rabbits in the backyard transformed…
Bullies: OH! I used to bully them!! // So that's what happened!! // It was your fault!!
H: Rabbit… // It was you… // That’s why I couldn’t find you… // I never thought she wasn’t human…
M: [Oh] Hayasaka-kun. [Whatcha doin’?]


H: Thank you very much!
M: Wha! // What are you doing?! [That’s a rabbit!]
H: Hey Kurosaki, / don’t be rude!
H: This rabbit isn’t a regular rabbit. It’s Usa-chanman.
M: How // did we get to this conclusion…!!?
H: Here’s a present. / Please accept it. [It is a carrot from the finest farm.] // [It’s so you can be in good shape.]
M: Hayasaka-kun…


M: Stop saying stupid things / and fall in love with an actual human.
M: Sorry Hayasaka-kun!!!
Sfx: Shocked
Sfx: falls
H: Ku… / Kurosaki… // How could she look at me like that!!!
Caption: As is she’s looking at a freak
H: Her expression was so cold!!
H: The theory that it was a rabbit that transformed might be wrong… // crap, I can’t think straight anymore… // I know!!! She was wearing a mask so she had to be human!! What other characteristics did she have…


Sfx: Bam
H: The only thing I can remember is that mask!!!
M: What now? // I can’t believe Hayasaka-kun is desperately searching for me…
Which means… // the next time we meet, there will be this turn of events…?
Sfx: swallows // shocked
H: I’ll kill you and kill myself!
Sfx: Waaaah! // Dun dun duuun!
M: I’m going to get killed!?
M: No. // That won’t happen. // But…


M: If he ever finds out it’s me // I bet he’d be disappointed.
M: It’s probably better // that it’s kept a secret. // I’ll give this back to Takaomi-kun. // Goodbye, Usa-chanman
M: I won’t ever forget your bravery.
Sfx: rowdy
M: What?
M: What’s that crowd? // Maybe something interesting is going on?
H: Oh.


H: What are you doing?
Poster: Have you seen this face?
M: What about you!?
H: I thought about it again yesterday and I think she really does exist.
H: So // I thought I’d make my search more public…
Poster: Have you seen this face?
M: Since when did he get so proactive…He never used to want to do anything!!
H: Can you help me out if you have time? // [Here’s another poster.]
M: NO / I’m busy!!!
H: Okay.
M: Oh no…


M: I can’t hide it anymore…!! // I feel bad hiding it from him…!!!
M: Um… // Hayasaka-kun…
M: I’m sorry to have kept it a secret // but I’m actually… // Usa…


Sfx: whack
Takaomi: Oh, Kurosaki.
Sfx: wobbles
Sfx: falls


T: Oops / what’s wrong, Kurosaki? // Anemic? / You’re so helpless!
M: You’re the one that did this to me… [so openly too…]
T: Someone carry her to the nurse’s office.
Classmates: Impossible. // Do you know how heavy an unconscious person is?
T: I guess you’re right.
T: I’ll have to take her.
Sfx: moves arm
H: Wait, is he going to…!!?
Sfx: heatbeats
H: Carry her like a princess…!?


T: Ooph.
Sfx: throws over shoulder
Classmates: He’s… // carrying her like a sack!!?
[Here goes.]
Classmates: How horrible!!! // What a careless way to treat her!!!
T: [Alright, you all go home! // It’s past school hours.]


Classmates: Sensei! Please carry her properly!! [That’s so horrible!!]
T: What are you talking about?
Sfx: crowd rustles
Sfx: hyaaaa!
Woah! // Huh?
Sfx: In awe // Woooooooaah
Classmates: Wow Saeki!! Carrying her so easily!!
<Did as he was requested.>
Sfx: wakes up
M: Hm…?
M: WAAH! [Takaomi-kun!?]
T: Oh, you’re awake.


M: Why are you doing something so romantic!!? [EEEEEEK gross!!]
T: Shut up. / It’s not like I wanted to do this either.
M: Well…uh…thanks…
M: But… // why are you touching my butt?
Sfx: smiles
T: You wanna know why?
M: Huh? // Uh, yeah…
T: If I move my arm to your knees… [Oh look, here’s a mirror…]
Sfx: slides


T: Your underwear shows.
M: [Wha!]
Sfx: skirt falls
M: …..! // ………!
Sfx: kicks
T: You know… // You’re the one that said you wanted to know why. // It was white…
M: You could have just told me!! / With words!!! [AAAAAAAAGH!]
T: No way. // That’s boring. // [It’s more fun if you react.]
M: This guy…!!!
T: But be thankful. // Since I was touching your butt, no one else saw your underwear. [Hahaha]
M: The way he says it is so annoying!!
<Nurse’s Office>


T: Anyway // don’t tell Hayasaka that you’re the hentai rabbit.
M: It’s lovely usa-chanman!
T: Listen. / If you tell one person, everyone will find out!! // If you don’t think of it that way, you won’t be able to keep it a secret. / Abandon your niceness.
M: But… // I think Hayasaka-kun would be okay to tell…[he’s earnest…]
T: Mafuyu // let me tell you a story.


This person decided to stop being a delinquent upon starting high school.
Main character: [I won’t fight anymore!]
But, one of his delinquent friends from junior high went to the same high school as him.
Friend: Hey! Let’s be friends again!
Main: No, I won’t fight anymore!!
Friend: Don’t be silly. I’ll be your friend even if you’re not a delinquent.
Main: You’re a great guy…!!!
But one year later everyone found out he used to be a delinquent. // And everyone treated him that way.
T: Why do you think that is?
M: What? / Because his friend betrayed him?
T: No // his friend never betrayed him.
But he just happened to brag about him // and that one statement closed off his future…
Friend: I look up to him a lot!! [He’s strong and cool!!]
Bullies: [Oh? //Yeah? //That guy?]


M: Why!? Neither of them did anything wrong!!! [That’s awful!!]
T: Life is cruel that way. [By the way, that story is about one of my followers.]
T: Mafuyu… // what kind of a person do you think Hayasaka is?
Top right:
H: [Waah!] I love fighting!! I love it!!
Top left:
H: I’ll take care of it!! // [I wanna be strong!] // [Heh // I’ll only accept fights from now on.]
Bottom: What would you do if I said I won’t pay?
Box: The Hayasaka-kun I’ve come to know
M: He doesn’t mean to, but he seems to make trouble wherever he goes… [I guess…that’s what I like about him…]
Sfx: looks away
T: She gets it… [Oh really?]
T: Well, if you get it now, don’t tell him.
M: Ok…


M: Hm?
M: Where’s Hayasaka-kun? // Did he go home?
T: Hm? // Oh / I told him to get your bag.
M: My bag…
Sfx: realizes
M: Oh no!!! // In that bag is my…!!!
H: Uhhh // Oh / here it is.
Sfx: turns
H: [Alright.]
Sfx: Pull


Sfx: books slip
Sfx: falls
H: Oh / crap!
H: This… // This is…!!?

End of Chapter 10

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 17, 2009
どうしてくれるの!? このサイトに来て数ヶ月しかたってないのに!俺が翻訳してきた数を超えちゃいそうじゃないですか!!??

#2. by Bomber D Rufi (Translator)
Posted on May 17, 2009
凄い! シロクロさんは すばらしい!! 有難うございます!
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 17, 2009
Thanks for more Oresama goodness~ Ah~ how you feed our addiction for more~
Anyway, comments:

p.136: Mai: What… // I just love everyone… //what should I do!!?
>> Forgot the "To be continued" on the bottom here ^^;;

p.139: M: That’s humble of you that you only want to see her… / [This manga character is starting to look brazen in comparison.]
>> Hmmm not sure if humble would be the correct term to use here... (and that girl is totally brazen >.>)

p.141: M: Lovely Usa-chanman!!! // Uhhhhhhm Hayasaka-kun… // What exactly is this poster? It’s a good picture…
>> the "what exactly is this poster" is awkward- maybe something like "what's this poster for?" and maybe end it with "Nice picture though..."

p.144: Bullies: I though that too!
>> though -> thought

p.144: Then that’s what it was!! // It was your fault!!
>> Then that’s what it was!! -> So that's what happened!!

p.145: It is a carrot from the most finest farm.
>> no need for 'most'

p.146: H: I almost froze stiff!!
>> This sounds a bit weird... but not sure how to change it

p.148: Sfx: rowdy
>> Kanji below in a box not TLed

p.149: M: Where is this leverage coming from…!!?
>> 'leverage' is definitely not the correct word here.

p.157: T: Anyway // don’t tell Hayasaka that you’re the hentai rabbit.
>> It'd be better if it was TLed as strange instead of hentai

p.159: T: Life is cruel in that way.
>> drop 'in'

Ahhhhhh lol @ Hayasaka and his transforming rabbits; Takaomi- lol @ white pantsu XD + mafuyu's delusions of love..... >_< "I'll Kill YOU~" XD

Another great chapter~
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 17, 2009
c_k: One more chapter! I want to know why Takaomi became a teacher!! >_<
btw, i'm going to keep
p.157: T: Anyway // don’t tell Hayasaka that you’re the hentai rabbit.
as hentai, b/c takaomi says hentai and i think it's funnier than strange... :P

Bober D Rufi: ありがとう!頑張ります!!

njt: ライバル登場ーー?!認めるんだ!!笑

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