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Oresama Teacher 11

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 18, 2009 01:33 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 11

The last chapter on MH! (>_<;)
Thanks for edits c_k!


Chapter 11


Even though I know it’s all over, I can’t make a move until I’m confronted with cold, hard evidence. // I’m like a cheating husband that’s been found out.
Hayasaka: I…// have brought forth your bag.
Mafuyu: Why is he speaking so properly*!!?
*I guess it’s more honorifically, but I’m unsure how to translate Hayasaka’s speech to signify that he’s now adding “-desu” to make it more proper.


M: Hayasaka-kun…did you by any chance, look inside my bag…?
Sfx: startled
H: Of course I did not.* // I did not see any rabbit mask…nope, there wasn’t!!
*Trying to sound 'proper' and he just sounds funny.
M: He saw it!!
M: Huh? / But it’s not in here…[why?]
Sfx: opens bag
Sfx: startled
H: What!? Really!? Why is that!?
Sfx: turns
H: I wonder where it went.
M: You’re wearing it!!!


H: Anyway, I didn’t see anything and I don’t know anything!!!
Sfx: runs away
M: You’re not convincing at all!! [Give it back!!]
Sfx: running
M: [My mask…]
Takaomi: Oh wow. You’ve been found out just as we were talking about it.
M: What do I do…?
T: Figure it out yourself. // You do have a brain, don’t you?
M: I do have a brain, / I just have no wrinkles on it… [It’s wrinkle-free!]
T: Oh right. / Well then…


T: “Please help me Takaomi-sama. Please share your pearls of wisdom with stupid little me. *beep* *beep* *beep*” // Say that and I’ll help you.
M: I’ll think of something by myself.
T: Why? All it is is one phrase.
H: Oh no… // I ended up bringing this with me…


H: But seriously? // Kurosaki is Usachan-man…
H: But, wait a minute. // I guess there were instances that could explain it…
H: And that one time… // there were 5 unconscious guys… // which means the person who knocked them out in just a matter of seconds was // Kurosaki? // But she’s a girl… // that’s…
Sfx: grips


H: Could be so much fun! // If she’s that strong, I wanna fight her!! // I wanna know her true strength!!
<fight fanatic>
Sfx: powers up
Pie chart bigger section: Fighting
Pie chart smaller section: Stuff like love and like


H: You better be ready, Kurosaki!!
M: I can’t… / I can’t think of any good ideas.
Sfx: depressed
M: What should I do…I bet Hayasaka-kun is mad… // I don’t blame him though, since I was fooling him. But, I had to keep it a secret so I had no choice…
Sfx: cloudy feelings
H: Kurosaki!
H: What? You’re late too? / You’re such a delinquent!
M: Uh…Hayasaka-kun… / you’re not mad…?
H: NOT AT ALL. // But anyway…


H: So...You’re a pretty amazing person!
Sfx: shining smile
Sfx: sparkles flying
M: He’s shining… // what? / what are you talking about…?
Sfx: glares
Sfx: throws punch
H: She dodged it…!!!
M: Wha… / wha wha wha…


H: You are amazing!!
Sfx: sparkling
H: Just as I thought! You did knock out 5 guys after all!!
H: I actually didn’t put all my strength into it, but I guess that was pointless! // Why did you keep it a secret? You should have told me!
M: What the… / he’s already concluded that “Mafuyu = Usachan-man”…
M: Crap!! I have to do something! // What are you saying? / There’s no way I’m Usachan-man!
H: No, you are Usachan-man.
Sfx: sparkles hit her


M: Huh…? Hayasaka-kun is different from before… // he’s nicer…
M: He is weird… // He used to hate sharing his textbook with me…
M: And he’s in a ridiculously good mood!!! // It’s freaky!!
H: So it is just as I thought…
H: That deadly aura I felt before was coming from Kurosaki. It wasn’t my imagination. // I feel that same aura again!


H: She’s not an ordinary person… // She acts dumb to fool everyone around her. / That’s good thinking, Kurosaki. [I was completely fooled…]
H: And then she transforms into Usachan-man… // How manly of her to fight for the betterment of the school. // I can only say, you’re so cool. [Yup yup.] // She was 3 or 4 steps ahead of me while I was trying to figure out what to do…
H: WOW!!
<admiring Mafuyu>
M: He’s freaking me out!!
H: Hm?


H: What…?


Sfx: heavy
H: Shit, that Saeki…
M: Why do I have to carry the same amount…? [Unbelievable!]
H: Hey Kurosaki, I can carry half if you want… // hm?
Sfx: stops
H: Her hands aren’t shaking!! // She can carry this with ease!!! // WOW!


H: What…again…
H: What’s wrong?
M: Uh…um…
M: [Nothing!]
H: She makes a strange face when I look at her in awe…
M: [This paper is really light so it’s okay!!]
H: Weirdo. // [Hmmm…]


H: Wow! // So...You’re a pretty amazing person! // Wow! // You are amazing!! Just as I thought! You did knock out 5 guys after all!! // You’re no an ordinary person! // I have brought forth your bag.
Wow, you’re great Mafuyu-san!! // We could never be like you!
Sfx: bangs head


T: Okay.

<Mathematics Research Room>

T: This is rare. / You never come to me.
T: So Mafuyu // what’s wrong? / Did something happen? [Did Hayasaka break off your friendship?]
M: If this will // bring the old Hayasaka-kun back…
Sfx: grips


M: “Please help me Takaomi-sama. Please share your pearls of wisdom with stupid little me. // *beep* *beep* *beep*”
Sfx: bows down
T: [Wow…] // You really have no shame, do you…?
M: You’re the one who told me to say it!!! [You jerk!]
T: So? // What made you change your mind? [You said you’d never say those words.]
M: Hayasaka-kun…


M: Looks at me with sparkling eyes.*
*His eyes are "kira kira" when they look at her. c_k suggests "adoring."
M: It’s as if he looks up to me / and sees someone great. // I’m happy… // I’m supposed to be happy… // but I’m not happy at all.
M: I feel lonely… // so… // then / I finally realized // I don’t want to be idolized by Hayasaka-kun…


M: I want to be his friend.
T: Of course.
M: I want him to know me little by little and like me for who I am.
Sfx: rattle


M: I’m going to do my best at lying!!!
M: So / what am I doing with these? [So many Usa-chans.]
T: Well, since Hayasaka took yours // you should use that to your advantage.
H: Why is it? // Why is Kurosaki sad these days… // ever since I found this.
H: Oh, it’s because I have this! She can’t save anyone without it…!!! / Crap!! I have to give this back…
??: Wait a second there young man!!


Sfx: turns
H: That voice…!!!
Sfx: Bam
M: I am superhero / Lovely Usachan-man!!!
Sfx: silence
Sfx: shocked
H: She’s powered up!!! // How cool…!!
M: Young man… // I hear you’re looking for me.


H: Uh wait / but you’re Kurosaki…
M: No… // I am just a wandering rabbit… / I am a rabbit, but I am not…
<which is it?>
M: Just because you found a mask in Kurosaki-san’s bag // you assumed Kurosaki-san = me. [You’re so shortsighted…]
Sfx: laughs
H: But isn’t it weird? Why else would this be in her bag?
M: It’s not weird at all!!!
Sfx: jumps
Sfx: startled
M: The reason why // is because that mask…
Sfx: scary


M: Was a present from me to Kurosaki-san!!!
H: Why!?
M: It’s a long story, so I’ll just give you the short version. // I am a secret member of the discipline club.
M: It’s great that we have a discipline club now, but it’s not powerful enough with just you and Kurosaki-san as members. / So we’re in the club to make up for it!
H: “We”?
M: Natsuo.
Natsuo: [heh]
<really strong>
Sfx: remembers
H: [Ohh!!!]


H: That’s crazy… / the discipline club had a system like that…? // I had no idea…
M: Of course you didn’t… // Takaomi-kun just though of it a few minutes ago…
H: Wait a minute! // What does that have to do with you giving Kurosaki your mask!?
M: [laughs] // It has everything to do with it.
M: It’s a symbol of friendship.
H: A symbol… // of friendship…?
M: Yes… // so young man…


M: Accept this!!!
Sfx: throws
Sfx: catches
H: This… // this is…!!?
Sfx: Bam
M: It’s your mask.
H: What!? Mine!? [I have to wear it too!?]
Sfx: blushes
M: It’s up to you if you use it or not. / I just want you to have it. // It’s a proof of our friendship.
M: And please give Kurosaki-san her mask back. / It’s important to her. // [Hey] are you listening!?
M: [Oh well.] I’ll be leaving now. [Bye!]
H: Oh // wait!


H: When… // can I see you again!?
M: If there’s a fight, eventually, we’ll meet… // I am a wandering rabbit / I am a rabbit, but I am not.
<she likes this phrase>
M: Farewell young man. Let’s meet again!
Sfx: disappears
H: She disappeared!!? // Wow!!!
H: She isn’t human…she can’t be… [There’s no way it’s Kurosaki!! // She’s so cool!!!]


T: You… // what are you doing jumping off the roof… [that hurt…]
M: Sorry… [owww…]
T: But well / it looks like it went well?
M: Yeah! // Thanks!
It feels a little lonely to have Hayasaka-kun speak to me so respectfully // and I want him to speak that way only with Usachan-man. // Then…


I could hide my feelings in the same way that I hide my facial expressions.
H: Here. // Sorry I took it.
H: Kurosaki?


H: What’s with that face? // You’re freaking me out.
M: I don’t want you to idolize me. // Please stay the way you are.

End of Chapter 11

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 18, 2009
Awwwww... what am I gonna do now?! Maybe I have to *gasp* go to Kinokuniya and buy the next volumes. >_< Anyway, thanks for the TL~ Here's the comments:

p.163: I’m like a cheating husband that’s been figured out.
>> figured -> found

p.163: Hayasaka: I…// have brought you your bag.
>> maybe have it as "I...// have brought forth your bag." to make it seem more archaic and formal? :P

p.164: H: Of course I did not. // I did not see any rabbit mask…nope, there wasn’t!!
>> did not -> didn't (most people don't really talk w/o the contraction :P)

p.170: H: So you’re a pretty amazing person!
>> drop the 'so'

p.173: How manly of her to fight for the better of the school.
>> better -> betterment (to make the school better, right?)

p.176: M: [It’s light paper so it’s okay!!]
>> Paper is light so it's okay!!

p.177: You’re not an ordinary person! // Here is your bag.
>> You're no ordinary person! // Here's your bag.

p.178: [Did Hayasaka un-friend you?]
>> 'un-friend' is a facebook term; it's not a 'real' word :P
>> maybe: Did Hayasaka break off your friendship?

p.181: M: Looks at me with sparkling eyes.
>> maybe 'adoring' would be better

P.181: M: It’s as if he looks up to me / as if he’s looking at someone great.
>> It's as if he looks up to me / and sees someone great.

p.183: [So many Usa-chan.]
>> usa-chan -> usa-chans

p.187: It’s a proof of friendship.
>> It's proof of our friendship.

p.189: It feels a little lonely to have Hayasaka-kun speak to me so honorifically
>> honorifically -> respectfully

p.191: I could hide my feelings in the way that I hide my facial expressions.
>> ... in the same way I hide...
>> oh, the page number is 1 off- you skipped 190 (so this page and next is one number off) :P

Awwww what a somewhat bittersweet ending to the volume...
Ahhhh >_< how am I gonna get my fix now?! ;_;
#2. by SinEmerald ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
Lolz, I am seriously amazed at how he keeps on constantly releasing these...it's kinda hard to keep up since doing the scanlation takes more time ><.

Btw c_k, I think I've actually used "un-friend" outside of the internet (And it's not just facebook! Since I've never been there, but used it on MMOs xD).
#3. by Momoko ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
Thanks to both Shirokuro and c_k, but what are we going to do now? SinEmerald did You say something about knowing the links for Volums 3 and 4?
#4. by kimiko-pyon ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
SinEmerald, shirokuro is a girl. Didn't you read her interview?

Shirokuro Thanks so much for all the chs you did so for, I love OT so much!!! I'm so glad you decided to do this manga. And thanks C_K for scanning the vols.
I hope that you will be able to do the next vols.
#5. by magictos ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
what an interesting chapter, thanks for translating shirokuro <3
#6. by SinEmerald ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
I'm sorry, I don't read interviews xD.
#7. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 19, 2009
hey everyone! thanks for all the "thanks" comments :) I thank you for reading my TLs!! Hopefully, this project won't have to be on hiatus for too long as we wait for raws!

btw...is there something super manly about me or something? everyone keeps thinking i'm a guy...i wonder if we all assume that TLers on MH are guys?
#8. by magictos ()
Posted on May 19, 2009
most translators at MH are males, and I think since some ppl didn't read your interview with MH, some people would assume you are a male XD

I wouldn't know you're a female if I didn't read your interview too ;)

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