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Bakuman 38

Page 38: The window and the snow

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on May 22, 2009 01:58 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 38

This translation is strictly for Akatsuki Group use. Thanks!
Thanks to c_k for edits!

<301: Aoki>

Page 38: The window and the snow
Insert: The beautiful author’s melancholy expression…

Manga: A flower has a life too. // Look. // Wow…


Editor: The editorial staff would like to see more battle scenes or something along those lines…

Aoki: I do describe the psychological struggles the characters go through…
Editor: No… / I don’t mean those…


Aoki: So you mean, punching and kicking?
Editor: To put it simply, yes.

Ibaraki: Who’s that beauty?
Yuujiro: Do you remember “hideout door” from the Future Golden Cup? / She’s the storywriter for it. Aoki Kou.

Ibaraki: Oh! The fairytale-for-adults type fits in “SQ” more than “Shonen Jump.”
Yuujiro: Ibaraki-san, don’t start…


Editor: Nakai-kun will adjust the artwork in the way that we want it. / We’ll just need you to fix what we just discussed…

Aoki: I don’t want to change the story at all. / Excuse me.
Editor: What!?


Editor: Aoki-kun, you have to be more flexible about making changes or else…

Aoki: It’s not my story that’s the problem…!


Ibaraki: Aoki-sa----n!
Aoki: This man is…
Ibaraki: I’m Ibaraki, the chief editor of “Jump SQ.” / Can I have a moment with you?


Nakai: Aoki-san, it’s me, Nakai. / I won’t ask you to let me in. / I just want to talk…
Aoki: Nakai…


Takagi: I keep thinking about Nakai-san.
Saiko: Me too. / I definitely think Nakai-san likes Aoki-san.


Takagi: But Fukusa-san told us “Leave Nakai-san up to me. / You two concentrate on your series.” / So we can’t do anything~~
Saiko: Well, I think Fukuda-san is totally right. / Maintaining a series while we’re still in high school is going to be harder than we can imagine. So we have to move everything along as fast as we can.
Takagi: Nakai-san… won’t commit suicide or something… from the shock… right?
Saiko: Don’t say… things like that…


Aoki: Can I help you?
Nakai: Is it true that you’re going to team up with Makaino-kun?

Aoki: Yes.
Nakai: Then what about our…
Aoki: I’m quitting.


Nakai: Wh-Why…? / “hideout door” is a great story… / If we submit it to the next series meeting, I’m sure we’ll get serialized… So why now…?
Aoki: Your artwork is not capable of capturing the feeling of the world I write about…


Nakai: My artwork… No… No way!

Nakai: Okay… / I promise to draw something that you’ll approve of! I’ll try my best! / I will draw Aoki Kou’s world in the way you envision it!


Aoki: You’re an assistant for “CROW”… You won’t have any extra time…
Nakai: I’ll practice without sleep!
Aoki: You can say anything, but…


Nakai: Do you see the park in front of your apartment? / I'll draw in that park every night after work!! // You should be able to see me from your window. I’ll use all the time that I have to draw for you, just watch!

Aoki: Please don’t. I don’t want that.


Nakai: I’m going to do it!


<701: Niizuma>

Fukuda: Nakai-san is so stupid… // I can’t believe he’s trying to convince a girl, who changes her mind so quickly, especially since their results from the Future Golden Cup weren’t even that great… / I tried to stop him because it’s so shameful…
Niizuma: That’s how strongly he feels about making it with “hideout door”!


Nakai: Sorry I’m late~~
Fukuda: Oh, he’s back. // Did you sort things out with Miss Aoki?


Nakai: No…
Fukuda: I think you should just forget about her. You are 12 years older than her after all…
Nakai: It’s not about that!

Fukuda: You’re scaring me, Nakai-san…

Nakai: Niizuma-sensei, I’m done with the work for the day. Is it okay to leave?
Niizuma: Yup, good work.


Nakai: Supplies and names. // Oh, and I need a flashlight!
Fukuda: What are you doing?
Nakai: I’m going to Aoi-san’s to draw. I’ll draw until she approves of my artwork!


Fukuda: Aoki-san lives by herself doesn’t she? / She doesn’t look like the type of girl that would let any guy come into her apartment!
Nakai: I’m going to work outside.
Fukuda: Outside!? In this cold weather!?
Nakai: Yeah. See you guys tomorrow.

Fukuda: What is he thinking…?
Niizuma: Probably about manga!


<3 days later – January 21st>

Katou: I need to catch the train so I’ll be leaving now.
Ogawa: The only thing left to do for the first chapter is to apply the screen tone, so we’re going at a good pace. / I’ll be back on Wednesday.

Takagi: Good night!
Miyoshi: Good night~!


Takagi: We haven’t heard anything back from Fukuda-san after he told us to leave everything with Nakai-san up to him.
Miyoshi: Maybe he hasn’t said anything because nothing has happened?

Takagi: There’s no way Nakai-san isn’t in shock over this. / I can’t even focus on my names at home because I keep thinking about him.
Saiko: Me too… Maybe we should call him and find out…


Saiko: Fukuda-san, it’s Mashiro. Is everything with Nakai-san okay? // We’re just worried about him…

Fukuda: Fine fine. I’ll just let you know the situation.


Fukuda: Nakai-san has been drawing in the park outside of Miss Aoki’s apartment whenever he’s not working, for the past 3 days… / He’s drafting the names for “hideout door” that they submitted to the last series meeting.
Saiko: WHAT!?


Saiko: I don’t understand what you mean…

Fukuda: Every night, he’s drawing outside in a spot that Miss Aoki can see from her window! Get it!?
Saiko: Outside? It’s January. That’s impossible! His hands must be frozen…


Saiko: Why in the world is he doing that…?
Fukuda: It’s to take Miss Aoki back of course! To me, he just looks like a stalker…

Nakai: I’m putting my entire mangaka life into this piece I’m doing with Aoki-san!


<beep beep>

Aoki: Please stop. You’ll freeze to death.
Nakai: I’m… not cold…


Nakai: My heart and body are on fire! I’m not cold at all! // You’ve been watching me? Thank you!
<scratch scratch>

Fukuda: Nakai-san…


Fukuda: Mashiro-kun.
Saiko: Yes?

Fukuda: I came here to take him home, but now that I’m here, I can’t make myself stop him… / I bet Nakai-san would die happy like this.
Saiko: Huh…? Die…?


Miyoshi: Die?
Takagi: I knew it!
Saiko: No, not like that. // Fukuda-san, now we want to know all about it even more!
Fukuda: I told you to concentrate on your series! Don’t call me anymore!!


Miyoshi: I wonder if Nakai-san is going to continue today too.
Takagi: Of course he is. He draws from 9PM to 6AM and all day when he has a day off from work. / He’s out of control.


Saiko: Ughhh, maybe we were better off not hearing about this. / I can’t stop thinking about him and we have to work with the assistants today too. / We have to get work done no matter what.
Miyoshi: Don’t you think that girl is horrible? / If she doesn’t want him there, she should call the cops and have them take him away.
Takagi: Oh yeah, you’re right!


Miyoshi: Then maybe we should just call the cops?
Takagi: Nakai-kun would hate us forever if we did that.

Miyoshi: What? Then is that Aoki person not calling the cops because she doesn’t want him to hate her?
Takagi: It’s weird that Aoki-san doesn’t want Nakai-san to hate her… Or is she just testing him…?
Saiko: Maybe Aoki-san is still undecided.


Bully: Hey old man, what are you doing?
Nakai: I’m drawing manga.

Bully: Manga? You an otaku or somethin’? / Lemme see that. // Gyahaha!
Nakai: Don’t touch them with your dirty hands!


Bully: You just called me dirty!?
Nakai: I don’t want you touching my drafts!

Bully: You’re the one that’s dirty! // Die!!
Nakai: My hands… Not my hands…


Bully: Disgusting old man…


Another one… // Everyday… // Maybe it won’t hurt just to take a look… // He drew this so beautifully in the cold…?


Ogawa: Pheww! It’s snowing hard outside! / You need an umbrella to even go to the convenience store!
Katou: The weather report said there’s going to be a snow storm… Maybe we should get going soon.
Saiko: Snow storm!?


<beep beep>

Fukuda: What?
Saiko: Where’s Nakai-san?
Fukuda: He left at 8PM like usual to go to the park.


Saiko: It’s snowing a lot over here! How about over there!?
Fukuda: Snow!?

Fukuda: Wow…! It’s a snow storm!!


Saiko: If he falls asleep in this snow, he’ll die!
Fukuda: But I bet Nakai-san won’t move from his spot… / He’s showing his dedication… I told you before, he’d be satisfied if he died this way…
Saiko: What are you saying, Fukuda-san!?


Saiko: Nakai-san is part of your team… He’s your friend right!?

Saiko: I can’t hold back anymore. Takagi and I will go and drag him out of the park if we have to…


Fukuda: Fine! Meet me at Mitaka Station at 10PM!
Saiko: Ok!!

Saiko: Everyone, please go home before the snow gets worse! I have to leave too!
Assistants: Oh, okay.

Saiko: Shujin! We’re going to where Nakai-san is!
Takagi: Okay. / Can I bring Miyoshi too? She’s been worried too.
Saiko: It might be better to have a lot of people, especially because Miyoshi is pretty strong!


<pat pat>*
*sound of wind blowing on and hitting Nakai-san's vinyl sheet

Saiko: Fukuda-san!
Fukuda: Oh! He’s over there!

Fukuda: This is all that cold-hearted girl’s fault! / Why does he like her so much!?
Saiko: But I don’t think this is just about his feelings for her. It’s something more!


Fukuda: I know! He’s fallen for Aoki’s story harder than he’s fallen for her!
Saiko: Right!
Fukuda: And his passion towards manga is what motivates him the most! // It’s that park over…



Aoki: I’m sorry. It’s not your artwork that’s bad. / It’s me… / I didn’t want to accept it as the truth so I ran away. I'll write a story that’s worthy of your artwork.
Nakai: There’s no way that's true! It’s my artwork that’s lacking…


Fukuda: Tsk, what the hell.
Miyoshi: Sob / sob
Saiko: Yes!

Aoki: Please come inside and warm up.
Nakai: What!? Go to your room!? / Already?! / Really!?


Aoki: Your reaction is too weird! I take it back! / I only said that because I didn’t want you to get sick since you’re my work partner!
Nakai: Uh, sorry! Sorry!

Takagi: Anyway… He’s powered up and is back to being himself…
Saiko: Yeah…

Insert: Problem solved!!

Box: Nakai-san suffered from a fever for the next 3 days and was admitted to the hospital. Aoki and Nakai joined forces again and KOOGY ended up having to work on his manga alone once more.

Bakuman Page 38 End

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on May 22, 2009
Thanks for the TL~♡~
#2. by reinen ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
Thanks shirokuro! <3 . . .

This week chapter is a lot faster than before...

1800> words...
#3. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on May 22, 2009
yeah, i'm so glad it was short b/c chapter 37 was brutal!!
#4. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
Thank you Shiro ^_^
#5. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
thank you very much

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