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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Karneval 12

Score 12: At Kalasna

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 9, 2009 03:40 | Go to Karneval

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**This is for immeliora group use only. Thanks!

Score 12: At Kalasna


Sheep: Baa welcome home // baa welcome home.

Hirato: I’m back…


Hirato: Yogi // what is it?

Yogi: Hello Hirato-san! / We’re about to leave Niji forest…

Gareki: I told you! / You don’t have to come with us!!

Nai: [No! I wanna!]


Yogi: We’re right next to // the city, Kalasna, where Gareki-kun used to live.


Yogi: He says / he wants to drop by there…

Gareki: Let… // go of me!


Yogi: Is that okay? // Ideally, we want to bring Nai-chan along… / I’ll make sure to watch them both. // Is that okay…?


Eva: What!? / He said okay!? // He’s too nice, it’s weirding me out! // Didn’t I report to you that they were attached by those bugs in the forest?


Eva: What if that happens again!?

Hirato: Eva… / That’s what Yogi’s there for. / Just let them go since it’s they’re only opportunity.

Eva: What!?


Hirato: Evan and Tsukumo should protect the research tower group. // Is Akari-san there? Let me talk to him.


Yogi: Hirato-san want to thank you / here you go.

Akari: No need. // Hang up. [It’s a waste of battery power]


<heard everything>


Yogi: Huh!? / “You’re an adult, / but to make it so obvious what you like and dislike…” / [huh?]


Yogi: “What a cute person you are…” // What!? You want me to tell him that!? [No way!] / If you want to fight, do it directly please! [You guys are so mean to each other…]

Assitant: He’s so pissed… // I’ll carry this…


Yogi: Good news Nai-chan! // Hirato-san said you can come too!


Gareki: He’s just gunna get in the way! / Make him go back with those guys!


Yogi: Nai-chan is probably scared to be away from you!

Gareki: HUH!?

Yogi: [Look] He’s sad since Karoku-san suddenly left him… / so you know…

Nai: [don’t leave me // don’t leave me]
<Illusion vision turned on>


Gareki: FINE!

Nai: Yay!


Tsukumo: This is as far as we can take you. // Ok / be careful.

Yogi: Thanks Tsukumo-chan!


Illuminated City Kalasna

Yogi: Wow / I haven’t hung out in the city for so long / I’m excited!

Gareki: Don’t look too stupid or someone will rob you.

Nai: Oh!


Nai: He’s like Gareki!

Yogi: Wow! // I want that leather bracelet! / Can I play?

Gareki: Wha…


Yogi: Huh??

Gareki: You’re so lame…


Yogi: Wow! / Tha… / thanks!!

<won all the valuable prizes>


Yogi: You’re so cool Gareki-kun. [ You must be popular with the girls. I got red just looking at you…] // You must have 2 or 3 girlfriends // I bet…

Girl: Gareki!!


Gareki: Huh? // Tsubame?

Tsubame: I’m glad / I found you!


Yogi: Wha! / Girlfriend A!? [Already!?]

Gareki: No…

Tsubame: Huh!? / No!!


Tsubame: My / dream is to marry someone // who’s chubby and has kind eyes!!


Tsubame: [I can’t believe I said it so load…]

Yogi: Um… / that’s // his total opposite…

Gareki: So? // Why were you looking for me?


Gareki: Did something happen?

Tsubame: I… / I… // I…


Tsubame: I killed someone… // what do I do…?


Tsubame: Sorry to make you walk this far… / I feel bad for your friends too.

Gareki: It’s nothin’…


Tsubame: I didn’t know you moved… / That’s why you were never home.

Gareki: Uh… // I didn’t exactly move…


Gareki: It’s been 2 years or so? / Where’s your brother?

Tsubame: Yotaka is still at work. / He’s on the early shift today…


Tsubame: I haven’t… / told him yet… // Because I can’t even… / But I think he knows something happened…

Gareki: Yeah / you two are twins. / You always sensed something in each other’s feelings.

Nai: Why did you kill someone?


Yogi: Nai-chan, you’re too direct…!

Tsubame: Well… // sometimes I feel sick… // and recently…it’s getting stronger…

I feel lightheaded… / and when I regain consciousness there’s blood on my clothes… // and I can’t remember anything… / but…


This time was different // I realized…


Tsubame: There were // a lot of dead people. // KYAAAAA!!?

Yotaka: You guys…


Yotaka: What are you doing to Tsubame!!

Tsubame: Yoataka!!!


Tsubame: No stop / it’s Gareki.

Yotaka: Gareki? // Oh / you’re still alive.


Yogi: Is this… / okay?

Gareki: Huh? / We have 2 beds, we’re lucky. [3 people in 1 bed is too tight]


Yogi: But we’re staying in a stranger’s house…

Gareki: Didn’t you hear her story? / the people in this house ran away / so we can stay here!

Yogi: Yeah but that still feels like a bad idea…


Yogi: So Gareki-kun / how do you know them?


Yogi: Oh / you don’t want to say…?

Gareki: Nah, it’s fine.


Gareki: Uhh // when I was 8 my parents sold me…

Yogi: I / hope it was okay to ask…?


Gareki: Well they were / kind of like my parents / but // the boat I was put on was pretty rough


Gareki: All the people that were sold / were crammed in the boat. // Then of course / the weak were bullied.


I wasn’t weak / but I was the smallest so I was always the target. // My food was always taken away from me.


Then one day // I realized // that as they ate the food // there was something in there that made them crazy…


Then the boat was hit by a massive wave / and that’s when I escaped. // I was lucky to reach the shore // and I went looking for food. // So I kept walking… // and when I couldn’t move anymore…


Gareki: Tsubaki saved me.


Tsubaki saved my life. / And her siblings are Tsubame and Yotaka.


Tsubaki / was betrayed and killed by the man she loved. // I don’t know the face of the murderer // but if I ever meet him, I’ll kill him.


Gareki: Huh?

Yogi: Can I hug you?

Gareki: Wh / at?


Yogi: Children learn what it feels to be loved through a hug…

Gareki: You’re the “child!”

Nai: [Don’t kill! I didn’t get the story, but don’t kill!]

Gareki: You all… // are annoying!!


Tsubaki: I have siblings around your age // so I feel like I have to help you.


Yotaka is jealous of you Gareki. // He wants his sister all to himself.


There’s someone I’m in love with // and he gave me this medicine so it’s okay.


Gareki: Don’t be stupid, don’t trust him!

Tsubaki: He took me away from that awful place… // and paid for my grandfathers medical bills. // It’s just some nutrients to mix in your food. // The twins say it’s very good.


Gareki: You’re actually feeling // suspicious too aren’t you? // Like you’re being used for some experiment.


Tsubaki: But… // if it’s just me // I can’t protect everyone. // I can’t buy them anything they want. // Even you Gareki…


Gareki: I don’t want anything. // I can make money somehow // so don’t go see him anymore.

Didn’t I say // not to see him anymore…!?


Yogi: Gareki-kun

Gareki: Mmm…

Yogi: Shh / Tsubame-chan is outside…


Gareki: You were awake the whole time?

Yogi: Uh / yeah…

Gareki: I hope you haven’t been suspecting that Tsubame is a power holder ever since you heard her story…?

Yogi: Sorry…


Gareki: It’s fine // I thought so / too.


Gareki: If Tsubame became a power holder / why? / when? // I know… // I bet it was the medicine in that food. // Then the man that used and killed Tsubaki // might be connected to the guys the Circus is after… // Hey


Gareki: Do people that become power holders / turn back to normal?

Yogi: Uh…

Gareki: Got it. // A body!?

Nai: There’s… / a picture…


Gareki: It’s not a picture… it’s a wound… // but… // I’ve seen this shape before… // At the time // I didn’t think anything of it.


It was left on Tsubaki’s dead body


Gareki: If it’s the same / wound… / then the same… / guy…


I don’t know the face of the murderer // but if I ever meet him, I’ll kill him.


If I ever meet him // I’ll kill him.


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