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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Detective Conan 690

File 690: Evil Spirit Shed

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 10, 2009 02:56 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This is for Endless Youth & Co. Group use only. Thanks!

File 690: Evil Spirit Shed


Kobayashi: What? / A robbery?


Kobayashi: Are you referring to the incident that was on the news today?

Shiratori: Yes… Please be sure to lock up securely…


Shiratori: The burglar has robbed the jewelry stores and antique shops in the area. He’s already robbed 5 places…

Kobayashi: But there’s nothing to steal in an elementary school…


Shiratori: You can never be too careful! // If anything happens, be sure to let me know! // I’ll come right away!

Kobayashi: Oh, okay!


Mitsuhiko: Inspector Shiratori is here again…

Genta: He was here yesterday too…

Ayumi: Yeah!


Ayumi: He’s so hard-working!

Mitsuhiko: Yes! He’s a protector of the people!

Conan: Nah, Inspector Shiratori is an enforcement office of investigative unit 1… / He handles murder cases…


Conan: Burglary cases are handled by investigative unit 3! // Unless the case is something major like Phantom Thief Kid that announces his plans and flies around the sky making a big performance; those are handled by unit 2…


Genta: Then what’s he doing here?

Mitsuhiko: If it’s not even his case…

Conan: Well, that’s…

Ai: He kinda has to right?


Ai: Kobayashi-sensei is… // his destined partner…


Kids: De… // destined partner!?


Shiratori: Shh Shh!

Kobayashi: ?

Conan: Hey… I thought he told you to keep quiet because he wanted to tell her himself at the right moment?

Ai: Oh, is that so?


Ai: It’s so annoying… I hate these idiots encapsulated in their own love-comedy world, stringing women along without telling them how they feel…

Conan: Are you talking about me?


Ai: Kobayashi-sensei is a Edogawa Ranpo fanatic and loves crime cases! She gets to hear all these details about the investigation from him…

Conan: That’s not an answer…


Genta: Speaking of crimes… Didn’t you mention something the other day?

Ayumi: Yeah! Something about a shed…

Mitsuhiko: Oh… // You mean the Evil Spirit Shed?


Conan: Evil Spirit Shed?

Mitsuhiko: Yes… // Takuma-kun from my class said that he found it when he was playing hide and seek at his friend’s house on 5th Street of Beika City…


Mitsuhiko: He couldn’t find his friend at all and the shed was the only place he could think of that was left to look… // so he climbed the tree and looked through the window…


Mistuhiko: And he saw a huge amount of expensive looking works of art… // And he said someone was looking at him behind all the treasures…


Genta: Are you sure it wasn’t his friend that was hiding?

Mitsuhiko: Takuma-kun thought so too so he tried to go in, but the door was locked and his friend wouldn’t come out even though he called his name. / So he asked the person who lived there to unlock the door but… // The owner of the house said… // that shed hasn’t been opened for years so there’s no way a person could be in there…


Ayumi: Did he give up looking for his friend?

Mitsuhiko: No way! Takuma-kun swore that he saw someone in there and had the man open the door… // But when they went in all the art was gone… // Then the man told Takuma-kun the saying about the shed… / “Don’t put anything valuable in here… If you leave it here it will eventually vanish…”


Mitsuhiko: “The hungry Evil Spirt Shed will swallow it whole!”


Ayumi: Whaaaaat!?

Genta: Then… His friend was eaten up by the shed!?

Mitsuhiko: No, his friend turned up from a near by hiding spot…


Mitsuhiko: But Takuma-kun was so scared by that story that he’s been having nightmares ever since…

Ayumi: He didn’t come to school today either…

Kobayashi: I see…


Kobayashi: A hungry Evil Spirit Shed… // An entirely mysterious story… It’s something straight out of Edogawa Ranpo’s world…


Ayumi: Ko- Kobayashi-sensei…

Ai: Where’s Inspector Shiratori?

Kobayashi: He just left… // Humming happily… // Anyway, let’s talk about this shed! // The shounen detective squad has to uncover the mystery behind this shed ASAP and let Takuma-kun rest easy…


Kobayashi: Uh… // Wait! // Don’t ignore your detective squad advisor!


Mitsuhiko: It’s too much trouble to have Kobayashi-sensei come along!

Ayumi: Yeah, she says what we can’t do or that we need to go home…

Genta: And she’s so clumsy!

Ai: So the shed is on 5th street…

Conan: Should we meet at Mouri Detective’s Office since it’s on 5th street too?


Conan: Wait for me in the office!


Conan: I’m going to leave Ran-neechan a note that I’ll be late tonight!

Ayumi: Okay!


Mitsuhiko: I’m excited about the Evil Spirit Shed!

Genta: But what if it’s really a monster?

Ayumi: It’ll be okay!


Ayumi: I bet Conan-kun will prove it’s not a evil spirit!

Genta: Yeah!

Mitsuhiko: That’s true!

Ai: Sheesh…


Ai: You all are always relying on Edogawa-kun… // Don’t you ever want to solve a mystery before him and beat him?

Kids: Huh?


Mitsuhiko: That’s impossible…

Ayumi: Conan-kun is so smart!

Genta: He knows a lot of weird stuff…

Ai: I’m just saying you should be prepared! / Otherwise you won’t ever grow up!


Mitsuhiko: Where are you going…?

Ai: Re-st-ro-om!

Genta: I’m growing up… / my mom told me I got taller today…

Ayumi: But…


Ayumi: I kinda do want to see Conan-kun’s defeated face!

Genta: Yeah!

Mitsuhiko: Yes! It would be nice to see his sad face for once…


Ayumi: Oh…


Mitsuhiko: Oh, that was just…

Genta: A joke…

Ayumi: We’re kidding…


Conan: Sorry to have kept you waiting…


Conan: Hm?


Conan: What are you doing around that desk?

Mitsuhiko: Oh… // nothing…

Conan: Uncle Kogoro is at the race track so he’s not here…


Conan: Where’s Haibara?

Ai: Over here.

Genta: Alright let’s go!!


Ayumi: Let’s go quickly and solve it already!

Mitsuhiko: There’s no mystery we can’t solve!!

Conan: Why are you guys so pumped?


Ayumi: Oh do we look excited?

Genta: Well that’s cuz today…!

Mitsuhiko: We’re a little different than usual!!


Ai: But don’t lose your head by getting too excited…

Kids: Okay!


*something falls*


Man: Oh… Takuma-kun’s friends…?


Man: And so you came to look at the shed?

Mitsuhiko: Yes!

Genta: We’re the shounen detective squad!


Man: It’s good to be curious but make sure not to become to involved that you’re eaten by the shed!

Conan: How about that?

Mitsuhiko: We’ll be fine! Ghost stories usually come from illusions created by fear…


Genta: There aren’t such things as…

Ayumi: Unsolvable mysteries!

Conan: Yeah…


Ai: Wow… It’s old but it looks like a normal shed…

Man: It was built around the end of the Tokugawa shogunate era…


Conan: Hm?


Conan: What are you doing?

Ayumi: Taking pictures!

Mitsuhiko: We’re about to solve the mystery of the shed!

Genta: We should take pictures of everything around it!


Conan: Yeah, you’re right…

Man: Here, it’s open!


Man: There isn’t much inside but…

Kids: Wow!


Ayumi: It’s so big!

Mitsuhiko: But it’s so dark you can barely see anything…


Conan: The only thing that is a little visible is… // the light leaking in from the window sill…


Genta: Alright! Let’s take a buncha pictures in here!

Conan: Be careful! It’s dark so watch your…


Conan: Step!? // Woah!


Conan: Oww…

Ayumi: Conan-kun!?

Ai: How can you fall while you’re telling other’s to be careful…


Conan: No, it’s these steps…


Conan: Hm? // There are footprints here… // and only down the center of the shed… // they’re not children’s footprints…


Conan: Oh // that’s // an abacus?


Conan: The footprints lead up to this abacus in the wall… // But, the number of beads on this is strange…


Man: There’s nothing there as I said right? / I’m going to close up so come back outside!

Conan: Oh, okay…


Conan: Come on, we’re leaving!

Mitsuhiko: Oh…

Genta: Yeah!


Man: Are you shounen detective squad satisfied?

Mitsuhiko: Yes… // Kind of…


Mitsuhiko: Can we come back again after sunset?

Genta: We’ll be quiet until then!

Ayumi: Please!

Man: Oh… // sure…


Conan: That was the window Takuma-kun looked through?

Ai: Yes… That’s the only window there is…


Conan: Then why should we wait until sunset? Let’s look now! // Let’s find the treasure that Takuma-kun saw…


Ayumi: Are you okay, Conan-kun?

Mitsuhiko: Please don’t fall…


Ai: You won’t find anything anyway…

Genta: We looked in there already!

Conan: I just want to make sure! // I’ll come down as soon as I look inside…



Ayumi: Huh?

Mitsuhuko: Wha…

Conan: Get that old man over here!! // Hurry!!!


Genta: Hey Conan?

Mitsuhiko: You saw something?

Ayumi: I brought him!


Man: I don’t think there’s anything in here…


Man: See!


Conan: That’s… // impossible!!

Ai: So? What did you see?


Conan: I saw it for sure… // I saw…


Conan: An enormous pile… // of art work that covered the entire space!!

To be continued in issue 24

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