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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Detective Conan 693

File 693: Operation: Amulet Recapture!

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 19, 2009 02:25 | Go to Detective Conan

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**This is for Endless Youth and Co. Group use only. Thanks!

File 693: Operation: Amulet Recapture!


Mouri: Eh? // You’re searching for someone?


Mouri: You came all the way to Tokyo in search of someone?

Hattori: Yeah… / that’s right!


Hattori: I’m lookin’ for this guy, Kunisue Teruaki… // he’s a second year at Teitan University!


Hattori: This guy is apparently Kazuha’s neighbor…

Ran: Oh? // Really?

Kazuha: Yeah…


Conan: Why are you looking for him?

Kazuha: Well, the thing is, he plays tennis…


Kazuha: And when he came back to Osaka during his short vacation…

Kazuha: Huh? Am amulet?

Kunisue: Yeah! // Can’t you make we one so that I can win in the next tennis tournament?


Kazuha: Why don’t you ask your mother to make one for you?

Kunisue: I want one that you made!


Kunisue: It’s rumored that your amulets work like a charm… // and I really want to win this tournament!


Kunisue: Please! I’m begging you!


Mouri: And? You didn’t get a chance to give it to him?

Kazuha: No, I gave it to him… // but there was a mistake…


Kazuha: This idiot made a mistake!!

Hattori: What'd you call me?

Ran: A mistake…?


Hattori: I saw the guy staring into the Aikido dojo… // so I thought I’d catch this perv…


Hattori: Aha… An amulet from Kazuha?

Kunisue: Yeah… She promised to give it to me today…


Hattori: She won’t be leavin’ practice for a while! The next review to move up in rank is coming up so she said she’s gonna be at practice ‘til late… // So her mom asked me to bring this thermos to her!


Hattori: That idiot once practiced so much that she fainted from dehydration…

Kunisue: What should I do… / I have to get on the train back home soon…


Hattori: I’ll go get it for you! // It should be in her bag if she was supposed to give it to ya!

Kunisue: Uh, okay…


<Girl’s Locker Room>

Hattori: Here it is! // This must be it!


Ran: Wait a minute… That amulet isn’t the…

Kazuha: That’s right! It’s the one that has the handcuff fragment in it and is the same as the one I made Heiji!


Kazuha: This idiot gave it to him by accident!

Hattori: I couldn’t help it! I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like…


Kazuha: You should’ve known better! Why would I put the amulet on my own bag if I was supposed to give it away?

Hattori: Stop yellin’ at me! You made that one too so it’s practically the same thing…


Kazuha: Are you an idiot!? Nothing bad has happened to me because I always had it… // Don’t you remember what happened when you lent yours to Conan-kun!? You were shot!!


Conan: Well, thankfully that amulet… // prevented my from getting stabbed to death…


Kazuha: And when you fell into the ocean! Don’t you think you were saved thanks to it!?

Hattori: I might’ve fallen into the ocean because of it…


Kazuha: If anything happens to me because I don’t have it anymore… I’ll haunt you forever!!

Hattori: Alright already! That’s why I said I’d look for him and get it back…


Hattori: Why’d you come along?

Kazuha: Huh?


Kazuha: Well… // that’s… / cuz…


Ran: Okay okay! // We should all look for him tomorrow!


Mouri: Why do we have to look for him? Don’t you know where he lives and where he goes to school…?

Kazuha: The thing is… // no one can reach him these past few days!

Hattori: He’s not going to class… / And he hasn’t been home for a while…


Mouri: So he’s gone missing…

Kazuha: Right… // I hope he didn’t get wrapped up in some weird case…


Mouri: Alright, you all should go to his school tomorrow!


<Teitan University>


<Teitan University – Tennis Club>

Guy: Oh, Kunisue…?


Guy: I haven’t seen him for a while…

Hattori: Do you… // know what happened to him?

Guy 2: He’s got an injury!


Guy: He fractured a bone during practice right before the tournament…

Ran: Fractured!?

Kazuha: Did he over-practice?


Guy 2: Nope, it’s the opposite! He wasn’t concentrating very well…

Guy: He was so pumped before that vacation…

Hattori: Uh huh…


Conan: Is he in the hospital?

Guy 2: Nope, he injured his left wrist!

Guy: He said he’s going to stay over at a friend’s place… / Since he can’t really take care of himself right now…


Friend: Yeah, Kunisue is staying at my place…


Friend: I told him to get out soon ‘cuz I can’t bring any girls home while he’s here…

Kazuha: Is Kunisue-san here right now?


Friend: Nah, I told him he should go out for fresh air because he’s always cooped up in his room… // So he left in the afternoon…

Hattori: Where’d he go?


Friend: Who knows! But he likes sports… // Maybe he went to a game? / He called me a little while ago really excitedly…


Hattori: Called you?

Friend: He said, “It’s great! My luck is back! // I’ll prove it to you!”


Hattori: Now?

Hattori: He asked me to go see him at a sports bar in Shibuya… // He wants to drink…


Friend: Why don’t you all come too?

Kazuha: Really? / Great!

Ran: We’d love to!


Kazuha: And uh… // Did Kunisue-san say anything about an amulet…?


Friend: Yeah… He said he keeps this handmade amulet in his wallet at all times!

Kazuha: Really?

Ran: Then you can get it back right away!


Friend: I’ll get ready, so give me a few…

Kazuha: Okay!!


Hattori: What the… I thought he was involved in some case…

Conan: This was pretty lame…


Ran: They look unsatisfied that we found him so easily…

Kazuha: Huh?


Ran: So you came along because you wanted to be with Hattori-kun, right?

Kazuha: No no!


Ran: It’s not?

Kazuha: Well… // That’s part of it but…


Kazuha: The real reason is… // inside that amulet…


Ran: What!? You kept a photograph in it!?

Hattori: Eh?


Hattori: What about a photograph?

Kazuha: Kunisue-san’s photo! We’re saying he looks good in it… // Shh! Shh!


Kazuha: If Heiji went to get the amulet back, he’d look inside… // To make sure it’s mine, right?


Kazuha: Then he’ll find it! // He’ll see the picture of Heiji that I secretly have in there…


Kazuha: That’s why I came along! If I check it, he won’t have to…


Ran: Okay! If he tries to give it to Hattori-kun, I’ll make sure he gives it to you!!

Kazuha: Thanks!


Ran: But…


Ran: I might accidentally give it to Hattori-kun!

Kazuha: What!?


Ran: Just kidding!

Kazuha: Stop teasing me!!

Hattori: What are they screaming about?

Conan: Maybe they’re happy we found the guy?


Hattori: What’s so good about this weirdo amulet…?


Ran: Speaking of amulets…

Kazuha: Hm?

Ran: Has Shinichi touched Hattori-kun’s amulet before?


Ran: You remember how Hattori-kun used it to prove which was the real Shinichi in the Shiragami-sama case? // He compared the fingerprints on the handcuff fragment with the fingerprint of the fake Shinichi…


Ran: But the person who touched that fragment…

Conan: Look, the knife got stuck in this so it didn’t stab me!

Ran: Was Conan-kun…


Kazuha: Maybe he lent it to Shinichi-kun some time? // Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense!

Ran: Yeah, you’re right…


Friend: Uhh, it’s around here… // It’s around this corner…


Friend: There it is! // The sports bar!

Hattori: Hm?


Hattori: What are those police cars…?


Conan: Officer Takagi!

Takagi: Huh?


Takagi: Conan-kun! // And Hattori-kun…

Hattori: What happened?


Takagi: An injury case! // This guy wearing a sling was punched in the bathroom…

Hattori: The guy with the sling…


Hattori: It’s not him, is it!?


Takagi: Yeah, he looks like him… // Wait…


Takagi: Why!?

Hattori: We’re involved in this investigation! // Let us check out the scene!


Hattori: So… // Kunisue-san was sitting in here?

Takagi: Right…


Takagi: Apparently, he was sitting here and bleeding from the head!

Kazuha: And?


Kazuha: Is he okay!?

Takagi: He’s unconscious and has been taken to the hospital in critical condition… // It might become a murder case instead of a injury case…


Ran: No way…

Friend: Why Kunisue…?

Takagi: I don’t know who hit him and why…


Takagi: But he was hit in the 10 minutes between 7:55 and 8:05…

Hattori: Why is it such a small time frame?


Takagi: It’s this bar’s first anniversary… // All the customers had noise-makers and they celebrated at 8 on the dot…


Takagi: The noise-makers were handed out at 7:55… // Kunisue-san got one and he was sitting at the counter… / And he went to the bathroom leaving the noise-maker on the table…


Takagi: He said he’d be right back before he got up…

Hattori: And after everyone celebrated briefly, they noticed he wasn’t back yet… / And he was found bloody in the toilet so they called the police?


Takagi: That’s right… // Someone that works here said there was a strange sound and moaning amidst the noise-maker sounds…

Hattori: Why didn’t they go check right away?


Takagi: Everyone was busy trying to clean up after the noise-makers went off…

Conan: Did anyone leave the bar in those 10 minutes?


Takagi: I don’t think so… The register had been broken before 8:00 so the customers haven’t been able to leave…

Hattori: Which means the perp is still here…


Takagi: Yeah, so I have to question everyone…

Hattori: There’s no need!

Conan: You might be able to know which one it is right away!


Takagi: How’s that?

Hattori: The trick is…

Conan: First you have to…


Takagi: Hello, I am Officer Takagi! // Is everyone is aware of the injury case that occurred here?


Takagi: I need to ask a few simple questions for the investigation… // Everyone please stand with your eyes closed and listen carefully!


Takagi: I have heard that a brief celebration took place at 8:00… // Please bring me proof that the celebration went on in an orderly fashion as soon as I count to 4!


Takagi: Ready? // 1… // 2… // 3!!


Man 1: Huh?

Man 2: Wha…

Man 3: What!?


Hattori: So there’s 3 of ‘em…

Conan: I guess we weeded them out, huh?

To be continued in Issue 27

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