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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detective Conan 694

FILE 694: The Greatest Game

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 23, 2009 03:07 | Go to Detective Conan

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This is for Endless Youth & Co group use only. Thanks!

FILE 694: The Greatest Game


Takagi: So…


Takagi: I’d like to take the three of you that are standing into questioning… // Please come with me…


Man 1: Questioning…?

Man 2: Why only the three of us?

Man 3: Can you explain?


Hattori: Kunisue-san was attacked around 8:00pm…


Hattori: Right around that time, a staff member heard a strange sound and moaning coming from the bathroom… // When they checked 10 minutes later, Kunisue-san was sitting there covered in blood. Which means the attack took place around 8:00pm for sure…


Man 1: What does that have to do with us?

Conan: You heard Officer Takagi.


Conan: He said to show him proof that a celebration went on around 8:00pm… / Something that proves everyone celebrated the anniversary of this bar!


Man 1: Anniversary?

Man 2: Oh, you mean the noisemakers? The workers were handing them out…

Man 3: I wanted to show my noisemakers but it wasn’t on my table anymore…


Hattori: Of course it’s not there anymore. The staff cleaned up right after they celebrated…

Man 3: Huh?


Conan: If you had used the noisemaker, you would have known that the staff took them back after the celebration too.

Hattori: That’s why everyone tried to pick up the confetti that came out of them, right?

People: Yes…


Hattori: In order to pick up the confetti, you gotta get on the floor… // Which means…


Hattori: You guys clearly weren’t here at 8:00pm when everyone was celebratin’… // But for some suspicious reason, you’re here now!


Hattori: So it’s settled that these three are the suspects! Take down everyone’s name and address here just incase, but you can let ‘em go home!

Takagi: Okay…


Takagi: Take down everyone’s name and address…

Officer: Yes sir!


Takagi: The three of you can wait at the table…


Conan: Have you found the weapon used to attack Kunisue-san?

Takagi: Yeah… // It was the mop in the cleaning closet…


Takagi: It probably wasn’t a planned attack but a spontaneous one…

Kazuha: Um… // Can I ask you something?


Kazuha: Did Kunisue-san have an amulet on him? // I think it should be in his wallet…

Takagi: Yeah… / There was an amulet…


Kazuha: Really?

Ran: That’s Kazuha-chan’s… Can she have it back?

Takagi: Uh… It’s potential evidence so we’ll have to thoroughly look through it first…


Kazuha: Oh no!! If they look inside… // They’ll find the picture of Heiji that I snuck in there!!


Kazuha: No! Don’t look inside!!

Hattori: Hey! // Stop foolin’ around!!


Hattori: Kunisue-san was attacked and is desperately hangin’ on to his life!! // Who cares about the stupid amulet right now!?

Kazuha: You’re right…


Takagi: Speaking of amulets… // It’s a little strange…

Hattori: Hm?


Takagi: The wallet that had the amulet in it… // Was in the back right pocket of the victim’s jeans…


Takagi: His cell phone and cigarettes were also in that pocket… // He had everything in there so it was stuffed…


Takagi: I thought it was odd that he put everything in that single pocket…

Kazuha: Maybe it’s because he couldn’t use his left arm?


Kazuha: He fractured his left wrist so he could only use his right hand…

Ran: Right! So he could only use his right pocket!


Takagi: Yeah but… The right pocket of his jacket was empty…


Hattori: Are you sure that Kunisue-san went to see some game this afternoon?

Friend: Yeah… He said, “I’ve decided on this game” last night when he was searching the web…


Hattori: If we hear what those three guys have to say, we might figure it out easily…

Kazuha: Why? How?


Hattori: If it wasn’t a planned attack, it means the one who assaulted Kunisue-san held a grudge against him some time today… // It’s very likely that somethin’ happened at the game that Kunisue-san went to see…


Hattori: And… Kunisue-san excitedly called you right after the game, right?

Friend: Yeah… He said, “It’s great! My luck is back! I’ll prove it to you!”


Takagi: And you promised to meet him here…

Friend: Yes… He said to come around 8:00pm…

Hattori: That means…


Hattori: The one who attacked Kunisue-san… // Also should have seen an interesting game today!


Takagi: Okay, let’s start off with…


Takagi: Can you tell me your name and why you weren’t in your seat at 8:00pm?


Takagi: Can you go first, sir? With the glasses?

Man 1: Oh, yes…


Box: Satsuma Kazuo (51) Customer

Satsuma: My name is Satsuma Kazuo… // I came here a little past 8:00pm and I had no idea it was the first year anniversary night…


Hattori: Ohhhh really?

Satsuma: I’m not lying… I did think something good happened since I heard all the applause and cheering…


Conan: The fact that you came here means that you like sports, right?

Satsuma: Yes! I love sumo and I even went to watch it live today!


Satsuma: Oh see! That one! // A throw from above and Kokuhou wins!!


Satsuma: It was a great match… But I’m a fan of Akashouryu, who lost unfortunately…

Hattori: And? You held a grudge against Kunisue-san who was really happy about today’s match?


Satsuma: No… I didn’t do such a thing…

Ran: Did Kunisue-san like sumo?

Kazuha: I dunno…

Friend: He was watching a sumo match on TV once…


Box: Harufuji Kengo (44) Customer

Harufuji: I’m Harufuji Kengo… // I gotta phone call a little before 8:00pm… / I went outside ‘cuz I thought it would get loud in here with the noisemakers ‘n all…


Hattori: Who called you?

Harufuji: I don’t know! They gave me some long explanation about joining some membership… / I yelled at ‘em and hung up!


Harufuji: When I came back, there was all this ruckus about someone getting’ hit… // I was sitting at the table since the register was broken ‘n all, then the police came!


Hattori: Is the call left in your call history?

Harufuji: Yeah, but it’s an unknown number…

Takagi: Did you go see a game today?


Harufuji: I saw beach volleyball! / It was a close game so it was fun to watch! / I was also hopin’ for a boob to pop out too!


Hattori: I see… And so you got into a fight with Kunisue-san because you were watching the game so creepily?

Harufuji: I didn’t get in any fight!

Ran: Did Kunisue-san like beach volleyball?

Friend: Yeah… He was pretty fond of it…


Box: Kyuuma Takuya (26) Customer

Kyuuma: My name is Kyuuma Takuya… // I wasn’t here at 8:00pm because I ran out of cigarettes so I went out to get some more…


Takagi: And when you came back, it was chaos in here and the police came?

Kyuuma: Yes…

Hattori: What game did you see today?


Kyuuma: The game I saw… // Was the Tokyo Spirits VS Big Osaka at the Tohto Stadium!


Conan: You went to a soccer game!

Kyuuma: Yeah! It was a great game! 1 to 2 until the very end!


Kyuuma: I’m a fan of the visiting team, Big Osaka… // So when they were hugging after the win on the field, I applauded for them as if I were on that field with them…


Takagi: If Kunisue-san was at that game and he was excited, he must have been a Big Osaka fan as well… // There doesn’t seem to be any reason to fight this guy…


Kazuha: Did Kunisue-san like soccer?

Friend: He watched it on TV a lot… // But he never said he liked a particular team…


Takagi: Hmmm…


Takagi: All three of them watched an interesting game today… / But unless we know what game Kunisue-san went to…

Hattori: Yeah…


Hattori: Was there anything in his wallet? // Like half of the ticket stub?

Takagi: No… There was only some money, cards and the amulet…


TV: Next up is baseball! // The day game…

Kazuha: Maybe it was baseball?


Kazuha: Maybe the perpetrator went to the baseball game but is lying?

Ran: Yeah! If something happened at the stadium / he wouldn’t say he went to see baseball!


Hattori: But the day game that went on have so many errors and was a boring game… / The only good part was at the bottom of the 9th…




Staff: Huh? // Oh…


Staff: There aren’t anymore customers… / So I thought I’d start cleaning up…

Kyuuma: Don’t take everything away! / My popcorn is still left…


Harufuji: Can you also bring me a warmed up hotdog?

Satsuma: I’ll take a beer…

Staff: Sure…


Hattori: What were we talking about?

Kazuha: The day game!


Kazuha: Why would it be the day game? There was a night game at Yokohama too!

Hattori: You idiot! When Kunisue-san called sayin’, “It’s great! My luck is back! I’ll prove it to you!” it was in the afternoon!


Hattori: It had to be a game that started at noon!

Kazuha: Oh… // That’s true…


Hattori: When I looked at the score from my phone earlier, it was 1 to 5… // The player that had errors the entire game finally hit a homerun in the bottom of the 9th… / He wouldn’t say “It’s great!” about a boring game like that.


Hattori: Unless he hated the team that lost and meant it like “Haha, in your face” or something…

Friend: No, he never said he had any likes or dislikes in baseball teams either…


Hattori: So the matches that were going on around noon today… // Were sumo, beach volleyball, soccer / and baseball…


Hattori: And golf…

Kazuha: Could it have been golf?


Hattori: It does seem like there was some excitement with the last hole but the course is pretty far from here… // It would be tough to try to get here by 8:00pm after watching that game…


Hattori: According to the staff, Kunisue-san was here about an hour earlier than that too…

Kazuha: We’ve got nothing to work off of…

Ran: Yeah, we can’t figure out who attacked Kunisue-san…

Conan: No…


Conan: We already know…

Hattori: Who did it!!


Conan & Hattori: Oh?

Ran: No way…

Kazuha: Really?


Kazuha: If you know then why don’t you hurry up and solve the case!?


Ran: If you figure out that the amulet has nothing to do with the case, you’ll give it back?

Takagi: Oh… // sure…


Hattori: What’s with you and this amulet? / It’s useless! Kunisue-san got attacked even though he had it!

Kazuha: It only works on me!


Kazuha: So? // Who is it!?


Ran: You know who it is, don’t you?

Conan: Yeah but… // We don’t have proof…


Ran: What?

Kazuha: You don’t?

Conan: Right?

Hattori: Yeah…


Friend: Speaking of proof, I wonder what proof Kunisue wanted to show me?

Takagi: Yeah…


Takagi: The first thing that comes to mind would be… // a photograph of a great moment of the game…


Takagi: But there was no camera on the victim’s phone…

Ran: Maybe he got an autograph from a famous player?

Friend: But… // Even though he liked sports, he’d only be happy about getting a tennis player’s autograph…


Friend: Huh?

TV: Migikawa Shou has done it! A chip-in eagle on the final 18th hole… // And has turned the tables, taking the victory!


Hattori: I get it now… // That’s why Kunisue-san wanted his friend to come here…

Conan: He wanted to show him the greatest proof there is…

But had no idea… // it would be stolen from him…

To be continued in Issue 28

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