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Detective Conan 695

File 695: Meanie

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 26, 2009 01:55 | Go to Detective Conan

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Reserved for Endless Youth & Co.

File 695: Meanie


Satsuma: Um…


Satsuma: How much longer do we have to stay here?


Satsuma: We’d like to go home soon… It’s already past 10:00pm…

Harufuji: We told you everythin’ we know…

Kyuuma: Nothing came out of the body check either, right?


Takagi: But you three are the only ones that have no alibi for 8:00pm when Kunisue-san was attacked…

Harufuji: You’re keeping us here without any proof that one of us is guilty!?


Hattori: If you wanna leave that badly, you can leave…

Takagi: Huh?


Hattori: Of course… // I only say that to the two innocent guys…

Kazuha: Did you find proof?

Hattori: Yeah! I’ve figured out the perp and the proof!


Ran: Really, Conan-kun?

Conan: Yeah… // I guess so…


Conan: Why are you asking me? You should ask Heiji ni-chan.

Ran: Well! // You said you knew who did it too…


Ran: So I kinda thought that… // Maybe you figured it all out too…


Ran: But why…

Conan: Of course I know!


Conan: The bad guy said something weird… // That even a kid like me would understand!


Ran: Something weird…

Kazuha: That even a kid would understand?


Hattori: He’s talking about the reactions they all had towards the matches they saw! / One guy said something strange, remember!?

Takagi: Uhhm…


Takagi: Satsuma Kazuo-san went to see sumo wrestling…

Satsuma: It was a great match… But I’m a fan of Akashouryu, who lost unfortunately…

Takagi: Harufuji Kengo-san watched a beach volley ball game…

Harufuji: It was a close game so it was fun to watch! / I was also hopin’ for a boob to pop out too!

Takagi: And Kyuuma Takuya-san went to a soccer game…

Kyuuma: I’m a fan of the visiting team, Big Osaka… // So when they were hugging after the win on the field, I applauded for them as if I were on that field with them…


Takagi: I don’t notice anything strange…

Kazuha: Maybe it’s the comment about “popping out”!


Kazuha: That’s horrible to go see a game and hope for someone’s bathing suit to come off!

Ran: That’s sexual harassment!


Harufuji: It was just a joke!!

Hattori: Yeah… It just means this guy’s a perv. / He hasn’t said anything strange…


Hattori: A sumo being exposed during a match is counted as foul but a bathing suit coming off isn’t…

Kazuha: Then is it the guy that went to see sumo wrestling?

Satsuma: I didn’t say anything about exposure…


TV: Player Higo of Big Osaka scores even under the great pressure of an away game!

Takagi: Away…?


Takagi: Wait a minute… If you play on your opponent’s field in soccer, it’s not called a visitor team but it’s called an away game…

Conan: Yeah and fans are called supporters… // and the field is called a pitch.


Takagi: Which means…

Conan: Yup… He hasn’t used a single word that a true soccer fan would use…


Conan: Kyuuma-san had to make up a lie that he loves soccer so he had to see the game…

Hattori: Because he’s the perpetrator!


Kyuuma: No! It’s because I only recently became a soccer fan! So I’m not used to the lingo…

Hattori: Then tell me what number Higo is. He’s the player that scored the final goal.


Kyuuma: Uhh…

Hattori: Of course ya don’t know… You might be able to check what time the final goal was made on your cell phone but his number isn’t written on that report…


Conan: Plus, Higo is the face of Big Osaka so most supporters wear his jersey… / If you had been to the game, you would have learned his number even if you didn’t want to…


Kyuuma: It was the first time I had ever been to a soccer game…

Hattori: You’re a baseball fan, aren’t ya?


Kyuuma: Huh?

Hattori: Visitor, fan, field… // All of those are baseball terms…


Hattori: You went to see a baseball game, didn’t ya?

Kazuha: Why baseball?


Kazuha: We told you before! Kunisue-san excitedly called his friend and said he saw a great game…

Ran: Yeah, he said, “It’s great! My luck is back! I’ll prove it to you!”


Takagi: If this wasn’t a planned attack on Kunisue-san it can only mean that the attacker only recently held a grudge… / So it’s highly likely that they were at the same game…


Takagi: The attacker had been to the game and become familiar with Kunisue-san…

Ran: If he went to a baseball game, it’s the game where the score was 1 to 5 / and the player that had many errors in the game finally hit a homerun at the end, right?


Hattori: How is that a great game?!

Ran: And Kunisue-san wasn’t a fan of either team…

Hattori: Right…


Hattori: Any game that has lots of errors isn’t fun to watch… // And the score isn’t even close… / No one would think that’s a great game…


Hattori: But what if you got your hands on memorabilia?

Kazuha: Memorabilia?

Hattori: And if that item was used during the game and became part of a great play, would you be really happy?


Hattori: Fan or not?

Kazuha: Oh…


Kazuha: The homerun ball!! // Anyone can catch a homerun ball!!


Takagi: So Kunisue-san caught the homerun ball…

Hattori: Right! And he wanted to show it off to his friend but Kyuuma-san had followed him all the way here and stole it from him!


Kazuha: How did you know that Kunisue-san had the homerun ball?

Hattori: Oh, well that…

Conan: It’s because of Kunisue-san’s pocket!


Conan: The back right pocket had everything stuffed in there, from his wallet to his cell phone to his cigarettes… / The attacker forced them all in there! // He wanted to cover up the stretched out pocket!


Ran: So Kunisue-san had forced the ball into that pocket!

Conan: Yup! // If he took the ball out but the pocket it still stretched out, it becomes suspicious of what was in there. / He was probably worried that it would be obvious that there was a baseball in there!


Ran: But why did he make his friend come here?

Kazuha: Yeah… He could just show you at home! / He was staying at his friend’s house…


Hattori: If I came home and said, “This is the winning ball of the WBC” would you believe me?

Kazuha: Never!


Hattori: But if I had footage that would prove it?

Kazuha: Footage?

Ran: I think the camera focuses on where the homerun goes?


Hattori: That’s right… With any other sport, the audience is just the background… // But if you caught the homerun ball, you’d definitely be on camera! / If you’re a guy with a sling that’s overly enthusiastic, you might get a close-up shot!


Hattori: That’s why he invited his friend here…

TV: And now, “Today’s Homerun”!


Hattori: He wanted to show his friend and the customers here… // the ball he caught and… // the footage on the sports news…


Hattori: So everyone can celebrate about it!


Kazuha: Oh wow! It’s Kunisue-san!

Ran: Isn’t that Kyuuma-san in the background?


Takagi: That’s why he suddenly yelled when the sports news came on about this game earlier. / That way our attention would be diverted from the screen.


Conan: That’s not the only reason.

Kyuuma: Huh?


Conan: It’s also because the staff tried to take your popcorn away.

Kyuuma: Oh…


Conan: You put the ball that you stole from Kunisue-san… // Inside your bucket of popcorn!


Hattori: Why’d ya steal it? / Were you that big of a fan of that player?

Kyuuma: Yeah… An extreme fan…


Kyuuma: My girlfriend was… // Who passed away last night…


Ran: What?

Kyuuma: She always said to herself that she’d one day catch a homerun ball… / She even said it in her final breath…


Kyuuma: So I wanted to get one for her and put it in her coffin to be cremated with… // I was prepared with my glove and everything… / Then the ball really came to me and I caught it!


Ran: Caught it?

Kazuha: Kunisue-san caught it!

Kyuuma: No, the fans ambushed me / and then I realized my ball was missing. / It had rolled in front of that guy and he ended up picking it up…


Ran: But that’s just your bad luck!

Kazuha: You attacked Kunisue-san just for that?

Kyuuma: No, I actually told him the situation and asked for it… / Many many times…


Kyuuma: But he said…

Kunisue: What? You, again? // You’re annoying…


Kunisue: I don’t care if you wanna give it to yer girlfriend or what! // But there’s no way I’m givin’ this to yah, loser!!


Kyuuma: Those words just made me snap and all I could do was take it by force…

Hattori: So you whacked him with the mop?


Kyuuma: Yes… // I’m so sorry!!

Takagi: Then please apologize to him directly…


Takagi: I’ve just received word from the hospital… // Kunisue-san has regained conciousness!

Kazuha: Really!?

Ran: Thank goodness!


Kunisue: I see… // His late girlfriend…


Kunisue: That’s why he was so persistent about the ball…

Ran: What? You didn’t know?

Kazuha: He said he explained it all to you…


Kunisue: I must have missed that part… // It just pissed me off so much when he mentioned giving it to his girlfriend…

Kazuha: Why’s that?


Kunisue: Because I just had my heart broken! / By a girl I really liked!

Kazuha: I see…


Kazuha: By the way… It’s about the amulet that you accidentally have…

Takagi: Oh, we got that returned and passed on to Hattori-kun…


Kazuha: WHAT!? // WHEN!? // WHERE!?

Takagi: In the hallway just now…


Kazuha: YOU FOOL!!

Conan: Hey… Is the girl that you like… // By any chance is it…


Conan: Kazuha ne-chan?

Ran: Huh?


Ran: No way…

Conan: He went all the way home to Osaka before his big tournament to have Kazuha ne-chan make him a handmade amulet… / But when he returned to Tokyo, he suddenly lost all motivation that he even got injured. It can only mean…


Conan: You looked inside. // You saw it, didn’t you?

Kunisue: Yeah… The picture of that tanned guy…


Kunisue: I thought it was strange that the cloth was so worn out even though it was supposed to be new, so I opened it up… // He said it was on Kazuha-chan’s bag… / I figured it must’ve been hers and I got really sad…


Kunisue: I was going to tell her how I felt if I won the tournament too…

Ran: Really!?


Kunisue: I thought my luck had changed when I got that ball… But I guess I was wrong…


Kunisue: Where’s that ball now?

Takagi: We still have it…


Kunisue: Can you give it to that guy who hit me? // Tell him I’m sorry for having been mean…

Takagi: Sure…


Kunisue: Oh! Can you tell Kazuha-chan…

Ran: What… // What / should I tell her?


Kunisue: Sorry… // for being mean!


Ran: Huh?

Conan: Mean…?


Kazuha: Noo! Heiji!!


Kazuha: What are you doing!?


Kazuha: Oh no!! // It’s been opened up!!


Hattori: Kazuha…


Hattori: I finally understand why… // You were looking for this so desperately…


Hattori: I know now that you…


Hattori: Have been making fun of me this whole time!!


Kazuha: What!? What is this!?

Hattori: Well, I’m an adult… // So I won’t get pissed off about little things like this!!

Conan: I get it now…

Ran: He drew on it out of frustration…

To be continued in issue 29

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