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Densen Complex 1

Until the Ice Melts and Turns to Blood

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 26, 2009 03:00 | Go to Densen Complex

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Reserved for Arienai! Group.


Until the Ice Melts and Turns to Blood

Nogami: Excuse me


Employee girl: Oh / Nogami-san! Nogami-san!

N: What? Someone asked for the check?
Employee girl: Nooo, “lonely girl” came again!

N: I see…

Employee girls: I could never come alone! So embarrassing! // is it some sort of training? // of course not! // but don’t you sometimes wish your dance moves improved without much practice? // do something about my body first! // by the way I bought those boots! // you shopped again? // the other ones made my knees look fat // they are fat!



N: Thanks very much… // don’t come anymore…

N: Welcome


Lonely girl: An all-nighter

N: For one?

Sachi: Yes // I come all the time, you know me / here’s 1000 yen

Employee girl: I wonder what her deal is

N: Dunno

EG: But you know, I work at these night jobs because I don’t wanna go home


EG: It’s pretty tough when you can’t go home // I wonder where she gets her clothes or how she showers…

N: Hmm

Employee: Yocchan, here’s yaki udon for room 72

N: Thanks // excuse me… // uh oh


N: I guess she doesn’t want to be bothered // well, good luck


EG: I’m sorry, it’s going to be a 2 hour wait, is that ok? // You have 10 minutes left, no I’m sorry, you can’t extend the time right now // room 9! 2 melon sodas, 2 ginger ales and 5 beer!

N: Ok // if it weren’t for Fridays and Saturdays // it’s a pretty easy job…

Employee: Let people into room 63, it’s open now

N: Ok


N: Uhhh next is… Thank you for waiting Yazawa-sama, your room is ready for 5 people // oh? // I didn’t notice her since she’s not alone today

Sachi: Come on, get up!
Friends: Yeah, just a sec // come on Chie!

N: and, she’s smiling // like a different person

Friends: I want Mosko


Friends: Me too // I want beer // me too

N: Umm, I’m sorry // we don’t serve alcohol to underage customers here

Friends: WHAT! We’re of age! // Yeah we totally look it!

N: Liars! / you always come here in your school uniform

Friends: huh? // wha?

Sachi: Oh


N: Hm?

Friends: Wait Sachi…I thought you were kidding // didn’t you say you had a place to stay?

Sachi: I’m alright!

Friends: Why can’t you go home? // tell us properly!

N: Uhh…

Friends: Be quiet, oniisan // this is our business

N: what the hell // if you have friends that worry about you, you should confide in them


N: I bet she won’t come here anymore

S: All-nighter // for one

N: You know // you might not care what I think but


N: We’re actually kinda worried about you

S: There’s…

N: Hm?

S: A ghost in my house

N: Uh // really… // like on TV? // here we go….


S: You don’t know… // how scary ghosts are… // the family // was happy // until the ghost came into our lives // it’s probably a punishment on me… / if I disappear // the ghost will go away

N: wow…

S: So


S: I won’t go home until the ghost is gone!

Employee: Hey Yocchan // be careful with the glasses, I’ll take broken ones out of your paycheck

N: Yeah… // I don’t understand what high school girls are thinking / why don’t they let people help them?

Employee: Hmmm


Employee: Maybe it’s not a big deal worth worrying about

N: no // those eyes // were serious // she’s scared // of something?

N: WOW / sorry, I wasn’t singing to make fun of you or anything…!


S: Oh // oniisan // hehe // I found out // the ghost is staying a little longer // and my parents were happy about it…

N: I don’t get it at all… // each day // she becomes increasingly emotionally disturbed


Beep // beep // beep // beep // beep // beep

N: Ahh… // work…


There’s a ghost in my house

N: Oh… // please…


Employee: You really shouldn’t worry about it so much

N: Yeah…

Employee: You’re quitting when you graduate in the spring // so you shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about a customer // or wait, are you interested in her?

N: That would make things easier, but no

Employee: Give us a turn already!


N: Three // more hours… // and 30 minutes…

N: Hello?

S: Oniisan? // one warm oolong tea please


N: Here’s your // oolong tea… // but… // your head // is in the way


S: Do you have // siblings?

N: I do

S: Do you guys get along?

N: Can’t

S: Why?

N: She died when she was little


N: I want to see her again, even if she’s a ghost // is the ghost you speak of your sibling?

S: Yeah // no // there’s a ghost // possessing my brother


S: My brother is smart // and nice // and can do anything // but // I’m his sister… // because he became possessed // he did that to me…

N: You mean… // did you tell him to stop?

S: I couldn’t!

N: Why?

S: I was in shock that I couldn’t!


N: That // can’t happen… // you have to tell him / to stop // and if he doesn’t, tell your parents

S: I can’t… // I feel bad for // mom and dad

N: But you want your brother to be back to normal right? // you’re the only one that can stop him / so tell him // you’re not the one doing anything wrong


S: I’m not at fault?

N: Nope

S: I can go home?

N: Yup

S: I can say no this time?

N: Say it


N: This is the magic spell // if your enemy is too strong / or if you’re trapped in a dungeon, use it


N: Next time you come here // I hope to see you come in with a smile

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