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Densen Complex 3


+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 26, 2009 03:02 | Go to Densen Complex

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Reserved for Arienai! Group.



If you do this… // see?

Wow // you’re right…

It went in…


Brother: Oh… // the shower’s available now?

Hinako: Yeah it is…


Hinako: Can you now go in right after me? / It’s GROSS!

Brother: Woah, scary… // since when did you get like this?


Hinako: Ahh…

I have “done it” with my brother before


It was when we were still kids and it was completely out of curiosity. // It was a fun game that didn’t have any meaning or emotions attached to it.


We got sick of it pretty quickly / but we realized a while later that it’s not something we should talk about. // Since then, I’ve pretended to have forgotten about it.


But I still remember.


Brother: Hinako // rice please.

But what about oniichan?


Hinako: Do it yourself…

Brother: Wha! / You’re closest to it!

Mom: [Ohhh] just give it to me.


Maybe // he really did forget…


Hinako: I’m leaving.

Mom: Already?


Hinako: I’m meeting up… / with my BOYFRIEND.


Dad: [what!]

Mom: [Oh my]

Hinako: Bye.


Mom: You two used to be so close when you were younger… / you two were always together.

Brother: That’s a long time ago… // we’d be a little freaky is we were still close at this age.

Sorry for being “freaky”…


Hina-chan // are you asleep?

Hinako: What…?


I just got this sudden urge to make cookies yesterday. // And then I was like, oh no I made too many?


Can you take this and eat it with your family?

You’re so transparent.

Hinako: Thanks.

You never made cookies before you came to my house.



Hinako: Here.

Brother: Woah, why are they broken? Are those cookies?

Hinachan: That girl Miki that came over the other day made them for you.


Brother: Huh? // Me?


Hinako: You’re in trouble; she’s totally after you! // She’s always saying “introduce me to boys!” or “let’s have a singles meet up” and it’s annoying. / A lot of people don’t like her because she’s so desperate. // And she just never gets it. So annoying.


Hinako: And her face is not…

Brother: Stop // talking trash // just makes a bad impression of you. // Aren’t you the one who’s being her friend by choice? // [pheww] Look at theses! // Here.


Brother: Aren’t they good? // It’s a lot of work to make something. / You should tell her they were good tomorrow.


You really did forget, didn’t you? Oniichan. // But I still remember / and it hurts me when you touch me like that…


Hinako: Ooh… // oops

If you lose your balance, just stop moving! // One // two…

Hinako: Aahh…oohh… // this // got harder?

Brother: Hey.

Hinako: Woah!


Brother: What are you doing?

Hinako: NOOooo


Brother: Huh? // We played a game like that?


Hinako: Yeah / like, trying to get home without touching the ground // or how long we can kick the same rock…

Brother: Really? And what happens when we succeeded?


Hinako: Nothing…we just said “lucky!” or “Okay!”…

Brother: Hmm, I don’t remember / I never understand what kids do…


Brother: Oh look // but this is a dead end.

Hinako: No, Oniichan… // we used to grab this fence and cross to the other side.


Brother: Wow / you remember a lot of details.



The rules of the card game we played everyday // my friends’ names // the shortcut to school // the titles of my favorite anime // are all things I’ve forgotten. // The question is // not if oniichan remembers about that time but…


The fact that I still like my oniichan even today.

TV: [So what you do after that? // They didn’t say anything to be but…]

Mom: Hina, sit properly…

Hinako: It doesn’t matter, I’m wearing jeans.

Mom: It’s still not very polite.


Mom: Yumi-chan is only 3 years older than you but is already going to be a mother. But look at you…



Oniichan will eventually fall in love with someone and get married. // And all I can do it watch.

Hinako: UuuUuhhh

Brother: What?


I don’t

Hinako: want that…


Brother: Wow… / oh, it’s just you. // What are you doing?


Brother: I couldn’t sleep… / so I got some milk.

Hinako: You can’t sleep?

Brother: What about you… // what?


Hinako: You haven’t changed. // If you can’t sleep you drink milk, // you warm it up and put honey in it // right?


Hinako: All those dumb parts of you haven’t changed // but you forgot everything about me? // I remember everything / but I won’t forgive you // if you forgot about everything!


Brother: There’s no // honey. // I haven’t put any in for a while. // It’s not the same as before.

Hinako: Oniichan // you do remember?


Brother: I don’t remember.

Hinako: Do you even remember what we said when we started it?

Brother: I don’t remember!

Hinako: Oniichan


Hinako: “Don’t you want to try // what adults do on TV?”

Brother: Wha…




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