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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Detective Conan 696

File 696: Goth-loli

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 5, 2009 05:09 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 696

Reserved for Endless Youth & Co.

File 696: Goth-loli


Mihiro: Sorry, Yuika…


Mihiro: About Kadowaki-kun… // If I had been more responsible… / I wouldn’t have gotten you into that mess…


Yuika: It’s fine, Mihiro… I don’t want to talk about a man that hits on his friends… // I’m just glad I was able to break up with him…


Yuika: Anyway, did you buy new clothes? // The clothes you’re going to wear tomorrow?


Mihiro: I did! // I bought really cute goth-clothes!


Mihiro: I’m actually… // wearing it right now!


Mihiro: I can’t wait for you to see it!

Yuika: Me neither… // Let’s meet where we always do…


Mihiro: Yuika… // We’re… / best friends, right?


Yuika: What are you saying! // We’ll be friends until death!


Yuika: Until death…


Mouri: Oh, geez…


Mouri: Why the hell… // do I, Mouri Kogoro, a great detective… // have to go shopping with young girls…


Ran: Stop complaining!

Sonoko: You should be happy to be surrounded by young girls!

Conan: Plus…


Conan: It’s not like you have any work to do…

Mouri: Shut up! I was going to organize the TV dramas I recorded… // And I needed to go check out the new pachinko parlor… / And the GI horserace was today…


Sonoko: Basically, you had nothing to do anyway…

Mouri: What?

Ran: Stop wasting your money on betting and pachinko!


Mouri: I won’t forgive YOU if you waste money on really expensive clothes!

Ran: It’s fine! I only buy cheap and cute clothes!

Sonoko: Yeah!


Mouri: Just make sure to show me everything before you buy it!

Ran: Wha?

Sonoko: I don’t know about that…


Mouri: What!? You better not be trying to buy some sexy clothes that you can’t even show me! // Like a china dress that shows off your legs or something…

Conan: That’s only your fetish…


Ran: Don’t worry about it! // It’s not sexy at all…

Sonoko: I bet he’ll be shocked when he sees it…


Café staff: Welcome!


Mouri: What is that? She’s so creepy looking like a witch or something…


Ran & Sonoko: SO cute!

Mouri: Wha!?


Ran: It’s goth-loli!

Sonoko: It’s so cute!

Mouri: Goth… / loli?


Conan: It means gothic Lolita and it’s mostly black clothing that look like they’d be worn in vampire movies or those gothic types of stories… // and they said on TV that it’s really popular fashion among young girls these days!

Mouri: I see…


Conan: I bet it would look good on Haibara…


Mouri: You two aren’t planning on buying that kind of monster-like clothes, are you…?

Sonoko: No! We’re buying cuter clothes!

Ran: Clothes like a doll would wear…


Conan: Which means they’re going for Lolita fashion…

Mouri: I don’t get it but I won’t allow you two to join that kind of costume crowd!! // Huh?




Café staff: Here you go!

Mouri: Uh…


Mouri: That customer… // She didn’t leave because I criticized her clothes, did she…?

Café staff: Oh, no… // She said her friend hasn’t arrived yet… // so she’s going to the restroom… // The restroom is outside…

Mouri: Oh, I see.


Sonoko: Okay, so… // we’ve all finished up!


Sonoko: Shall we head out?

Ran: We want to have enough time to check everything out!


Conan: That goth-loli lady hasn’t come back yet…

Mouri: Eh?

Conan: She should come back to her seat soon if she’s meeting someone…


Mouri: Women always take too long in the bathroom…


Café staff: Welcome!


Yuika: Did a goth-loli girl come in? //She’s my friend…

Café staff: She did come in! / She went to the restroom…


Yuika: Oh no, I’m 10 minutes late… // What did Mihiro order?

Café staff: Oh… // She looked at the menu… / But said she’d order once you got here…


Yuika: Okay… // Then I’ll wait until she comes back too… //Wah! // Oh no…



Yuika: I’m so sorry!

Café staff: Oh, it’s okay! We’ll clean it up…


Mouri: Come on, let’s go!

Conan: Uh… // Yeah…


Mouri: Hey! // Hey! // Hey!!


Mouri: What’s going on!? // Everyone’s wearing some crazy-looking clothes…

Conan: That’s Harajuku…


Mouri: You two better not be planning to… // Where’s they go!?

Conan: Oh, they said to wander around while they go shopping!


Mouri: What are they thinking? I didn’t need to come out then!

Conan: No, I bet the reason is…


Conan: To carry stuff…

Sonoko: Let’s go here next!

Ran: This is so cute!


Mouri: What’s so cute…?

Ran: Don’t look!


Mouri: Then you hold it!


Sonoko: Huh?

Ran: Wha…


Ran: Oh no!

Sonoko: It’s ice cream!


Sonoko: What language is that?

Ran: It’s too fast, I dunno...


Conan: These guys are thieves!

Ran: The… // thieves?

Conan: They use a trick that’s commonly used on Japanese tourists!


Conan: If you get ice cream on your clothes, you’ll let go of your bags in order to clean up. // Then, while one speak to you in a foreign language really fast to keep your attention, the other one takes your bags and runs…


Conan: I saw it on TV!

Ran: Really…

Mouri: Hey! Wait!!


Ran: What do we do…?

Sonoko: We can’t go shopping in these clothes…


Mouri: Why don’t you change into what you just bought?

Sonoko & Ran: Huh?

Mouri: Why not? You just bought it!


Ran: Listen up, you two!


Ran: You can’t laugh, no matter what!!

Mouri: Okay…

Conan: We might be taken aback though…


Ran: Oh… // there are so many people here…

Sonoko: They’re all doing the same thing…


Woman: Come on already!!

Sonoko: Huh?


Ran: What’s wrong?

Woman: She’s been in there for half an hour already!


Ran: Maybe she’s unconscious or something from a heart attack…?

Woman: What!?


Sonoko: In a situation like this…

Ran: Sonoko!?

Sonoko: You should climb over and…




Sonoko: Inside… // the stall… // go… // goth-loli!

Mouri: Wha?


Conan: There’s a trace left from a cord on her neck… // and there are “Yoshikawa lines*” from the victim clawing at the cord…
*”Yoshikawa lines” is a term used by the police to describe scratch marks left by the victim to imply they tried to save themselves. It’s named after professor Yoshikawa, who discovered them as a means to determine a suicide vs a murder.


Conan: Strangulation…

To be continued in Issue 30

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