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Detective Conan 699

File 699: There’s Always Tomorrow

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 8, 2009 03:28 | Go to Detective Conan

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Reserved for Endless Youth & Co.

[Finally caught up! There's no chapter next week... What a cliff hanger!!]

File 699: There’s Always Tomorrow


Mitsuhiko: It finally starts tomorrow at 4:00 pm!


Mitsuhiko: The big game, Tokyo Spirits versus Big Osaka!!

Ayumi: Big won last time so the Spirits have to win this time!

Genta: But…


Genta: The Spirit’s Hide can’t play tomorrow's game because of his injury… // So don’t you think we’re totally gonna lose?


Ai: Yeah… Big’s Higo-san might score a hat trick, be this year’s MVP and Big might win it all!

Genta: What!?


Conan: Higo-san can’t play in tomorrow’s game either because he’s accumulated too many yellow cards…

Ai: What? / Really?


Conan: You didn’t see the article in the sports news this morning? // It said, “Neither hero can stand on the battlefield”!


Ai: Oh yeah… I do remember the sportscaster sounded really disappointed when Higo-san got a yellow card in the last game and I felt really nervous about it… So he ended up stuck in a sneaky scam…

Conan: Sneaky scam…?


Conan: She knows what a hat trick is, but doesn’t know what it means to be admonished for too many yellow cards?

Mitsuhiko: It’s pretty painful for both teams to not have their best players in the game tomorrow…


Genta: Speaking of painful… I have to get one of my teeth pulled tomorrow…

Ayumi: No way! // Sounds so painful!


Genta: Crap! Hide isn’t playing and I don’t wanna go to the dentist! // I don’t ever want it to be tomorrow!


??: Hey hey, you shouldn’t say such things!


??: Tomorrow is full of hope! // Especially for kids like you!

Genta: Who’s this old man?


Box: Daita Kyouzou (62) A passerby

Daita: Oh, I’m just a passerby… // I’m retired so I have lots of time on my hands!


Genta: So you have stuff you’re looking forward to tomorrow?

Daita: Yeah… I have too many things that I’m looking forward to…


Daita: I’m going to Osaka tomorrow to watch the game… / Then I’m going to meet my friend that I haven’t seen for 10 years to have drinks back here in Tokyo… // The last episode of my favorite drama series is tomorrow too… / And the summer big lotto…!


Daita: They’re announcing the winning numbers tomorrow! // I bought a lot of tickets this time so I’m so excited…


Genta: A… // purse-snatcher!?


Daita: Th… // Thief!!


Conan: You guys stay here!!

Ayumi: Conan-kun!?


Conan: STOP!


Conan: I… // said… // STOP!!


Conan: Shit!

Ayumi: Conan-kun!


Mitsuhiko: Where’s the thief?

Genta: He got away?

Conan: Yeah! / But I got your bag back!


Conan: It wasn’t opened up so I don’t think anything was stolen, but look inside to make sure!

Daita: Oh, thank you!


Daita: There’s my wallet, house keys, schedule book… // soccer game ticket and glasses case…


Daita: Looks like everything’s here!

Ayumi: There’s a sticker picture on your glasses case!


Daita: It’s of my niece who’s turning 7 years old this year… // My niece picked this glasses case and sent it to me as a birthday gift… / It’s my most valuable posession…


Mitsuhiko: She’s 7 years old?

Genta: She’s the same age as us!

Ayumi: Does she go to Teitan School?

Daita: Oh, no… // I don’t remember which school…


Ai: Here are your lotto tickets! // I picked up the ones I could find…

Daita: Oh! You picked them up for me?


Mitsuhiko: I picked some up too!

Ayumi: I found 3 of them!

Genta: I found 5!

Daita: Thanks for everything… / You got my bag back and my tickets…


Mitsuhiko: Of course!

Genta: We’re the shounen detective squad!

Ayumi: We help anyone in trouble!


Daita: Shounen detective squad?

Mitsuhiko: Yup! We’ve helped solve cases a few times!

Ayumi: We’re good friends with many officers too!


Daita: Do you all have time for me to thank you all by buying you dessert?

Ayumi: We do!

Genta: We have lots of time!


Daita: Let’s go to a nearby cake shop!

Kids: Hooray!!


Mitsuhiko: Wow…


Mitsuhiko: You’re going to see the Big versus Spirits game?

Daita: Yeah! / Look at my ticket!


Daita: I made sure to get really good seats!

Ayumi: Wow!


Daita: I love both Hide and Higo… // So I’m excited to see their battle!

Genta: Huh?


Mitsuhiko: Oh, they’re not…

<ring ring>


Daita: Oh, Omi-kun? // I can’t wait to drink with you all night…


Daita: What? You have to be back home by 10:00 pm? / That means we can only drink for an hour!


Daita: Do you want to meet at 7:00 pm then? / We’re both retired and have lots of time… // I’ll call the restaurant for us…


Daita: I’ll be looking forward to seeing you! Don’t be surprised by how old I look now!


Daita: Change my plans to meet my friend to 7:00 pm…


Ayumi: Wow, you have a lot of plans tomorrow!

Daita: Right?

Ai: It says “washing machine” in your schedule for today…


Daita: I’m going to Akihabara to buy a new one since my current one broke! // I’ve been having to go to the Laundromat because of it…


Daita: But I enjoyed going to the Laundromat in my T-shirt and sweat pants… / and reading the newspaper while waiting for the laundry to finish…

Genta: Speaking of the Laundromat…


Genta: I’m so excited for Detective Sanmonji’s “Laundromat Murder Mystery”!

Mitsuhiko: Tomorrow’s the final episode!

Daita: I’m hooked on that drama too…


Daita: I’m excited to find out who did it! // My guess is that the murderer is…

Conan: I know who it is!


Conan: I read the book that it’s based on… / so I know who did it…

Daita: What?


Genta: Really?

Ayumi: Don’t tell me who it is!! Don’t ruin it!!

Conan: Don’t worry, I won’t!


Daita: Can you tell me who it is? Tell me secretly…

Conan: Really? But you can find out tomorrow…


Daita: I won’t get to see it right away since I’m going drinking…

Conan: But aren’t you going to record it? / You should wait until then!


Daita: Thanks for everything! // See you later, shounen detective squad!


Daita: My name is Daita Kyouzou! // If you ever see me on the street, make sure to say hi!


Genta: What a strange old man…

Mitsuhiko: Yes… He has so many hopes for the future!

Ayumi: Yeah!


Announcer: A train is arriving in track 2! // Please stand behind the white line…



Daita: Yoshimi… // Wait for me…


Daita: I’ll… // save you…


Conan: It’ll hurt…


Conan: If you get hit by a train…


Daita: What?


Conan: You’re planning to kill yourself, aren’t you? // So that you can help pay for your niece’s surgery bills…


Conan: Is your life insurance worth a lot?

Daita: How… // did you know!?


Conan: You kept saying how much you were looking forward to tomorrow… // but you don’t really care about tomorrow!

Daita: Don’t care?


Ayumi: You didn’t know that Hide and Higo-san won’t be in tomorrow’s game, even though you’re going all the way to Osaka for the game!

Mitsuhiko: And it’s weird for you to promise to meet your friend back in Tokyo only 3 hours after the game starts! / A game would last at least 2 hours and there’s no way you can come back to Tokyo from Osaka in an hour!


Genta: And you didn’t even count the lotto tickets that we picked up to make sure you got them all back…

Ai: It’s also strange that you wanted to know how the drama ends before you can watch it tomorrow…


Ai: It’s as if you’re sure that there is no tomorrow for you…

Mitsuhiko: That’s how we knew that you were going to kill yourself!!


Ayumi: We heard all of this from Conan-kun!

Conan: You drank a lot because you wanted it to look like a drunken accident that you fell into the tracks…


Conan: If your soccer ticket and lotto tickets came out of your bag and you had us as witnesses to prove that you were excited about tomorrow… // No one would suspect that you committed suicide in order to get your family your insurance money…


Ai: So it must have been insurance that is void in a suicidal death…

Daita: How did you know about my niece’s condition?

Conan: If you’re most valuable possession… / You would at least know which school she goes to!


Conan: But the fact that you didn’t know was because she wasn’t attending a school… So I figured she must be hospitalized somewhere…

Daita: She’s been hospitalized since 6 months ago…


Daita: She has a condition in her heart… // and we finally found a good doctor overseas and she was supposed to have surgery done soon…


Daita: But the costs… This is the only thing I could think of…

Ayumi: But she’d be sad if she got better and you weren’t here anymore…

Genta: You also bought a lot of lotto tickets! Maybe you’ll win!


Daita: There’s no way I’ll win! // One person can’t possibly win 100 million yen again!!


Mitsuhiko: Again?

Ayumi: You’ve won before?

Daita: Yeah… I won at the end of last month and I praised the Gods…


Daita: But… I lost that winning ticket and I can’t find it anywhere!!

Kids: WHAT!?


Conan: Did you figure out that you won when you read the newspaper while you were waiting at the Laundromat?

Daita: Yeah… But I couldn’t find it when I got home so I must have lost it on my way home…

Conan: What about your other tickets?


Daita: I threw them out to avoid confusion…

Conan: That means you put your ticket away somewhere safe… It’s too risky to put it in your pocket… / And you didn’t have your wallet on you…


Conan: Which means the one place it could be is…


Conan: Inside your glasses case!


Daita: Here it is!!!


Ai: How’d you know he brought his glasses case with him?

Conan: He squinted and put the schedule book further away from him when he was making changes so those glasses are reading glasses! / If he was checking his lotto numbers in the newspaper, he would have had his glasses on him!


Conan: He probably hadn’t opened his glasses cases after he thought he lost his ticket because he felt like he let his niece down! // And he didn’t need his glasses to look for his ticket.


Daita: I even considered robbing a bank but I’m glad I didn’t!!

Conan: Oh man…


Daita: You shouldn’t do bad things! / Yessiree!


Daita: Thanks again, shounen detective squad!

Genta: He’s so happy now…


Genta: We just saw some bank robbers just the other day!

Mistuhiko: Yeah! That was pretty scary…


Ayumi: I saw a familiar guy in that bank that I hadn’t seen for a while!

Ai: A familiar guy?

Ayumi: Yeah, he was with us when we ended up in that bus-jack!


Genta: The guy with the really scary eyes?

Mitsuhiko: I saw him too! / He has a burn on his right cheek…


Conan: There was someone like that on the bus?

Ayumi: Yeah! He didn’t have the burn at the time of the bus-jack…


Ayumi: He was wearing a black knit hat!

Conan: Wha… // WHAT!?

There will be no chapter next week.
To be continued in Issue 34

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