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Noel la Neige Oneshot : Noel La Neige

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 14, 2009 02:54 | Go to Noel la Neige

Reserved for Marimo-Box Scanlations

Noel La Neige


The end of the 19th Century France… // Christmas // The whole city was festive and everyone celebrated the happiest day with their loved ones…


Bang / Bam!



??: Owww… // That’s why I hate entering through the chimney!!


??: You’re right. Our clothes get so dirty…

??: That’s not the point!


Boy: Hey you!!


??: Huh?


Boy: Who the hell are you guys!? // What are you doing in my house!!?


Boy: Get out!

??: He’s angry.

Boy: Are you listening to me!?

??: Ugh, what a pain…


??: You know…


??: If we came in through the chimney on Christmas day… // we can only be… you know? You know!


Boy: Yeah… burglars?

??: Santa Claus!!


Noel: I’m Noel Christenbell, a government employee of the North Pole, Santa Claus Number 29.

Rudolph: I’m Rudolph, Noel’s reindeer partner. I’m in my human form right now… // [Nice to meet you.]

Boy: Santa Claus… // and a reindeer!? // Are you guys stupid? // There’s no way Santa Claus exists!! // Plus, if he did exist, he’d be a nice old man!


Noel: That’s an image that all of you humans created in your minds. // In actuality, there are many Santas / and our job is to deliver presents to the children we’re assigned.


Noel: Why do I have to explain all of this to this kid?! [What a pain!]

Rudolph: [Ahhh…]

Boy: Liar…


Noel: Are you listening to me?


Boy: Santa wouldn’t come to give me a gift… // Because I… // I’m not a good kid…


Noel: Dean Falmint, 12 years old, born in France, Alsace.


Noel: Your name was on my list so we came here. // I don’t care what kind of a kid you are. Just tell me what you want! / I want to get my job done as quickly as I can!


Dean: I… // lost the most important thing in the world // so… I don’t… // want anything…


Noel: Okay.


Noel: Let’s go.

Rudolph: Are we done here?

Noel: He says he doesn’t want anything, so there’s no need to force anything upon him.


Noel: I hate gloomy kids like him that don’t have any dreams.


Dean: Kanon…


Rudolph: Noel…


Rudolph: You’re Santa Claus… You should be nicer to children…


Rudolph: It seemed like there was something up with that last one…

Noel: Shut up! I hate kids!!


Noel: Especially that one. He reminds me of my old self… // and it pisses me off.


Rudolph: But, we’re still hanging outside his house and haven’t moved on to our next job yet...

Noel: Did ya say something?

Rudolph: No… Nothing.


<Gates open>


Noel: Why’d he come to the church? [Haha…] // He rejected a present from Santa Claus but he’s going to pray to God?


Noel: This feeling!! // Dean!


Noel: Get away from there!!!




Dean: NOEL!?

Noel: Geez… You’ve caused so much trouble.


Noel: Rudolph!!


Monster: Gyeeeee!!


Rudolph: Leave this up to me! // Take Dean somewhere safe!!


Noel: Okay, thanks!!


Rudolph: So… // you’ll be // fighting me for now.


Noel: Sheesh…


Noel: I’m the one that gets in trouble if one of the kids on my list dies!!

<pant / pant>

Dean: Uh… Um…

Noel: WHAT!?



Dean: What was that monster!?


Dean: Why did it come after me?


Noel: It’s a Jack O’ Lantern… He used to be a human but when he was alive, he made a contract with the devil, so now he can’t go to heaven or hell after he died… // He uses the coal the devil gave him as fuel and continues to wander aimlessly with no where to go. He’s a ghost of despair.


The Jack O’ Lantern usually lurks in the world of afterlife… But he senses children’s sadness, suffering and desperation… / A child that strongly feels despair within themselves can bring forth the Jack O’ Lantern. // Then, he uses his burning hook to take the child’s soul to eat.


Deal: Eat… the soul…?


Noel: Yeah. // The soul of a child in despair is the Jack O’ Lantern’s favorite dish…


Noel: And… // his dinner for tonight, is you!


Dean: What?


Noel: Your soul is in despair… // and has brought forth the Jack O’ Lantern into our world.


Noel: Rudolph!!


Rudolph: Tsk!


Noel: Rudolph! // Are you alright!?


Noel: Did you finish him?

<pant / pant>

Rudolph: No…


Rudolph: No matter how many times I cut him… // He keeps standing up…


Noel: It’s as I thought… // The Jack O’ Lantern was brought forth by Dean’s soul in despair… // So unless Dean can be rid of his despair, // the Jack O’ Lantern can’t be defeated by any weapon!


Noel: Rudolph!


Rudolph: Are you two okay? Noel? Dean?


Noel: You’re the one that doesn’t look okay! You’re wounded everywhere!

Rudolph: Aww, it’s just a scratch.

Noel: You’re bleeding everywhere!

Rudolph: [This is nothing…]


Rudolph: Noel, don’t forget… // The meaning of my existence… // Even if it destroys me and I cease to exist because of it… // I will protect you and Dean with all of my strength. // That is the responsibility of the reindeer…


Dean: Are you stupid?


Dean: Why would you do all this to protect me? // I… didn’t even ask you to save me. // I…


Noel: What!?

Dean: I… // killed my own little sister! // Don’t I deserve to die!?


Dean: Kanon, I’m home!! // I got paid today so I bought you your favorite walnut bread!

Kanon: Welcome home, oniichan!

We lost our parents in an accident so my sister and I were the only family we had left…


Dean: You’re reading again? You’re such a bookworm.

Kanon: Hehe.


Kanon was always weak… So I always worked until late at night… // In order to protect this innocent smile…


Kanon: You can’t come home until the day after tomorrow?


Dean: Yeah, I need to help with a shipment that’s coming in from the East. // But I’ll make a whole lot after this job is done!! Then I can buy you a new book!


Kanon: I see…


Dean: Are you okay!? Maybe I shouldn’t go to work afterall…

Kanon: You’re so dramatic! It’s just a cold so don’t worry about it.


Kanon: Good luck // oniichan!

Dean: Okay… // See you later…


Dean: It’s so late… // But I have a new book for Kanon at least. // Kanon, I’m home…


Dean: Kanon!!?


Kanon had a high fever unlike any she’d ever had… // and the next evening, she died…


Dean: It’s my fault. // If only I hadn’t left her alone. // Someone like me… // someone that let their sister die has no right to live…


Noel: That’s enough!! // Stop whining about if you should die // or if you should live, you dumb brat!!


Noel: Do you think Kanon would be happy if you died!?


Noel: If you still care about your sister, // you should see more of the world // and feel more things // and live her life through yours!!


Noel: Isn’t that what you should do as the older brother?


Noel: Dean!!


Noel: Rudolph!!


Dean: Ow… I’m cold… This is… death… // Yes… // Kanon had been fighting against “death” for so long… // But why was I trying to go towards it…?


Dean: No… // I’m scared… // No…

I don’t want to die… I want to live!


Noel: The flaming hook is disappearing… // which means… // Dean’s soul is…!!


Noel: The Jack O’ Lanter didn’t get a hold of Dean’s desperate soul, // so it’s no longer immortal… // I can take him on now! // Concentrate! // Entering battle mode!


Noel: Freeze!! // You beings of the darkness! // Crystal Neige!



Dean: There’s snow… // inside the church… // snow… // It’s snowing!? // [Why?] // And it’s piling up so much!


Noel: You sound like you’re all better.

Dean: Noel! Rudolph! And a snowman!!?


Dean: What happened to my wound…?

Noel: I healed it for you… with magic.


Noel: But… If I hadn’t taken care of it as quickly as I did you would have gone to the other side. It was a close one.

Dean: Ah…


Noel: Anyway, I have work to finish… Bye! [Let’s go, Rudolph.]

Dean: Wait!!


Noel: You still need something…?

Dean: Uh…


Dean: Is it too late to ask you for my Christmas present? // I just thought of something…


Rudolph: Noel…

Noel: What?

Rudolph: Are we allowed to do this?


Noel: Why not?

Rudolph: Because… Presents are supposed to be for themselves…

Noel: It’s fine…


Noel: It’s the one thing he wanted the most…

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#1. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
Thanks so much for the translation xD I hope you don't mind me using them in an . . err . . . semi-scanlation. Hehe~

By the way, I noticed the page 14 was doubled, so the page order got affected. Ehehe . .

You begins of the darkness! <-- and that's a typo right? Supposed to be "beings"? ^^;

#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
thanks for pointing out the typo! btw, can you ask soethrealis if you can use the translation? they asked me to do it, so i'm reserving it for them.
#3. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2009

I didn't see the reservation note yesterday o_o;;;

I'm so sorry . . .

but it's not exactly a scanlation (more of an impressions/review post) so . . maybe it's okay? *nervous*
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
yeah, it's my bad. i didn't put the note yesterday. it's not problem on my end, i just don't want groups getting mad at me (or each other) so it'd be cool if you can just run it by them :)

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