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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Bakuman 46

Page 46: Staring and Supporting

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 17, 2009 02:25 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 46

Reserved for Akatsuki

proofread by c_k

Page 46: Staring and Supporting

Insert: The responsibility that comes with love…!!

Takagi: You’re the only one that can stop Saiko, so please! Stop him!


Azuki: Mashiro-kun.

Saiko: Yeah?

Azuki: You’re going to wait to draw until you’re better, right?


Saiko: Did Azuki come to stop me…?


Saiko: I can’t stop now.


Azuki: What should I say…?


Saiko: Hurry up and bring me the manuscripts, Shujin! Or is he in on this too?


Azuki: Unless you promise me that you won’t draw until you’re discharged from the hospital… / I'm going to stop liking you…


Saiko: If you’re going to stop liking me just because of that… Then you’re welcome to do so.


Azuki: I won’t leave until you tell me you won’t draw…

Saiko: Fine.

Azuki: I’ll really stop liking you…

Saiko: Okay.


Azuki: It’s not fair… / You know I won’t ever stop liking you, so you’re acting like that.

Saiko: It’s even more unfair that you say things like that when they’re not true.


Azuki: Okay, you’re right… There’s no way I can stop liking you after liking you for 8 years…

Saiko: It’s the first time she’s ever told me she likes me…


Saiko: Wait, 8 years?


Azuki: Yes… Ever since 4th grade.

Saiko: The first time I started to have feelings for you was in 6th grade… When we were at that swimming event…

Azuki: I kept noticing you during that swimming event… / But the first time I started to have feelings for you was in 4th grade at the community festival.


Azuki: Do you remember the picture you drew that was on display at the Central Civil Center?

Saiko: My drawings were always up…


<Bird Appreciation Week>


Azuki’s Mom: Lets go, Miho.

Mina: I want a candy apple!

Azuki: Mommy, I really like this drawing!


<Akekusa Elementary 4th Grade / Mashiro Moritaka / I drew this hoping that there will be lots of birds and greens in the world. The background is the lake by Tanikusa Shrine!>


Azuki’s mom: Mashiro… Mashiro-kun got married…? / But this boy is the same age as Miho… // Oh, did Mashiro-kun have an older brother…?

Mina: I want a candy apple!


Azuki’s mom: It’s very good… I like this drawing too.

Azuki: His name is Moritaka, but the kanji is saikou. That’s cool.


Friend: Your drawing is on display again! // Gyahaha!

Saiko: It’s ‘cuz I’m so skilled.


Friend: You wanna be a mangaka when you grow up? Isn’t this drawing style kinda different?

Saiko: No, stupid! It’s important to be able to do the basics first. / Let’s go to the cardboard ship contest!

Friend: Let’s take a piss first ‘cuz it’s not starting yet.


Azuki: Ever since I saw that drawing… I started to have feelings for you.

Saiko: Why is she telling me this now?

Azuki: I saw you a few times in the morning on the way to school since our schools were next to each other… / And, do you remember the Oobayashi Stationary store? I was in there at the same time you were when we were in 5th grade.


Saiko: This is the compass my uncle uses! / He puts ink on it and draws with it.


Friend: 4500 yen!? I thought you came here to buy a compass for school!

Saiko: Professional mangakas use this! I want it so badly!


Saiko: Taka-chan, how much do you have on you? I only have 500 yen!

Friend: There’s no way I have 4000 yen on me. Just buy the 200 yen one…


Azuki: Kaya, how much money do you have?

Miyoshi: Huh? About 150 yen. Why?

Azuki: I have 1000 yen… It’s not enough.

Miyoshi: Huh?


Azuki: The way you were looking at the compass… Your eyes were shining and I knew you were an amazing person. / Maybe I was also drawn to you because you said you wanted to be a mangaka since I wanted to become a voice actress.


Azuki: Everyday on my way to school and on my way home, I always hoped I could see you. / When I saw you at the swimming event, I continued to watch you and conveyed my love for you through my stare…


Saiko: Azuki…


Azuki: I was really happy when I found out that I was in your class in our final year of junior high… // Then you suddenly came to my house / and said, “If I become a mangaka and my manga becomes an anime I want you to do the voice of the heroine. When our dreams come true, marry me!”


Azuki: I couldn't believe it! / I was so happy I thought I was going to die. // But we wouldn't be able to make our dreams come true if I died… // So, I liked you since the 4th grade.


Azuki: You are a precious person to me. // Please don’t draw until you’re discharged from the hospital.


Azuki: Is manga more important / to you than me?


Saiko: I can’t even compare the two… // You’re important to me, but so is manga. // But if you’re going to ask me like that…


Saiko: Manga is more important.

Azuki: Mashiro-kun!


Azuki: You’re not supposed to see me…

Saiko: Well, you said you were going to stay here until I said I wouldn’t draw.


Azuki: I'd have to leave when visiting hours are over though…

Saiko: I’d also have to see you when I go to the bathroom.

Azuki: I would close my eyes or something… Or go somewhere for a little while…


Azuki: What am I saying…? / I’m sorry.

Saiko: I’m going to draw. Don’t worry, it’s fine.




Niizuma: Ashirogi-sensei is going on hiatus… This is too bad, especially since they were supposed to release the opening color pages in Issue 32.

Yuujiro: Yeah, the editorial staff is going crazy.


Niizuma: I was trying to think of a good story so my chapter wouldn’t lose to “TRAP”… // I wanted to compete…

Yuujiro: It’s inevitable if he’s sick.


Niizuma: I want to go visit him. Which hospital is he staying in?

Yuujiro: I think it was the Civic Hospital. / Yasakusa Civic Hospital.


Niizuma: Yakusa Civic Hospital? I’m going right now! I have plenty of time to finish my manuscripts this week.

Yuujiro: Okay, I’ll go with you.

Niizuma: Good. I don’t know how to get there.


Saiko: Shujin.

Takagi: Yeah?


Saiko: Manga is great.


Takagi: I feel like Joe* when he stood in the ring for the last time.
* Referring to manga Ashita no Joe

Takagi: Huh?


Takagi: Azuki couldn’t stop him either… // Wait, Joe dies in his final match…


Saiko: I’m on fire right now. Bring me the manuscripts already!

Miyoshi: If you’re really his friend, you have to stop him! You’re so lame!


Takagi: FINE! I won’t stop you anymore! I’ll help you! // Sorry for telling Azuki!!


Saiko: So you were in on this… / Our plans to not see each other until our dreams came true were ruined because of you. / If you want me to forgive you, bring me the manuscripts right away.

Takagi: Alright.


Saiko: We already saw each other, so why don’t you come inside…

Azuki: Okay…


Mom: Moritaka.

Saiko: Crap! It's mom!


Saiko: This… / is my mom.

Azuki: I’m Azuki Miho.


Saiko: She was in my class in junior high and she’s my friend…errr, girlfriend, I think?

Azuki: Yes…


Mom: I’m not sure what to say at a time like this… // You’re too pretty to be dating my son…


Mom: But is it okay for you to be feeling excited in your condition? Hmm…

Saiko: Yeah…

Azuki: Yeah?


Saiko: Sorry to ask you to leave when you just came in, but mom, can you…


Mom: Sure sure. Call me if you need anything.


Mom: Please watch my son for me. He’ll probably try to draw if we leave him alone.

Azuki: Okay…


Azuki: She’s a nice mother.

Saiko: Not really…


Mom: My son has a girlfriend… I thought manga was his only love…


Niizuma: Let’s hospital!*
* This is a direct translation, he actually says “let’s hospital;” it’s not a grammatical error on my part for once :) I left it the way it is b/c the way Niizuma speaks portrays his personality and character.

Yuujiro: It’s a hospital! Be quiet!


Niizuma: Ashirogi-sensei, I’m here!

Takagi: Niizuma-san.


Niizuma: You’re drawing your color pages.

Saiko: Yeah.


Niizuma: Yuujiro-san, let’s go.

Yuujiro: What? We just got here…

Niizuma: I’m not worried anymore and we’re in the way of his work. / I’m glad we came though.

Yuujiro: See ya…


Yuujiro: Was that cute girl Mashiro-kun’s girlfriend? I thought she was Takagi-kun’s… / Since I heard his girlfriend always helps out.

Niizuma: Are you stupid, Yuujiro-san? She looks just like Ami-chan, the heroine of “TRAP.” / But she's way cuter than Ami-chan.

Yuujiro: You’re right. I am stupid.


Niizuma: Yes, very. I can’t believe you’re an editor. What are you looking at every week?

Yuujiro: Uh, anyway…



Yuujiro: What are you doing, Miura?

Miura: I’m looking for a manga to put in place of “TRAP” during our hiatus…

Yuujiro: Mashiro-kun is drawing in the hospital!

Miura: WHAT!? / Okay, I’ll head over there right now. Are you leaving already?


<drawing sounds>

Takagi: It’s been 3 years… Azuki looks older and prettier…


Takagi: Am I in the way? You guys haven’t seen each other for so long…

Saiko: It’s fine. You have to keep guard and it’s kinda tough if it's just the two of us.

Azuki: Tough? That’s nice…


Saiko: You’re okay with it just being the two of us? You’ve grown up a lot… I’m too embarrassed to even look at your face. / Azuki-san wants us to be alone so I’ll have her keep guard instead.

Azuki: No, please stay until I leave.

Takagi: Which one is it…?


Azuki: Help me stop him, Takagi-kun.

Takagi: Can’t.

Azuki: You’re the one that asked me to stop him… So why...?


Takagi: ‘Cuz I’m a man. // But you must feel something too, watching him draw with all his might…


Azuki: I see that he’s working hard and I want to let him keep going… // But the doctor is telling you to get your rest…


Azuki: This is actually the first time I’ve seen him draw manga… // It’s great, but…

Saiko: Are you keeping watch for the nurses, Shujin?

Takagi: Yeah, but I’m more worried about Miyoshi coming here than a nurse walking in. / Oh no!


Takagi: It’s Miura-san! // Hide the manuscript!


Saiko: Why should I hide it? I should show him that I can make the deadline.

Takagi: Oh, / right…


Saiko: Glad to see you. / I’ve finished inking in chapter 18. I’ll make sure to finish the 4-color pages* for chapter 19.
* I'm unsure of what 4-color means, but it's clearly a manga term. But, I think it's not meant as four colored pages.


Miura: That means we can publish chapter 18 in its complete form…

Saiko: I can draw just fine in the hospital. // I won’t ever let a manuscript fail to meet a deadline.


Miura: The surgery is only one day… He might actually be able to draw 2 or 3 days after it’s over… // I kind of want to let him do it, after seeing him like this.


Miura: But I can’t… // Stopping him is my job…

Chief: His health and well-being are your top priority. / Follow the doctor’s orders.


Saiko: Ughh…

Miura: Mashiro-kun!?


Miura: Call the nurse!!


Saiko: It’s okay. The doctor said I’ll be in pain from time to time until the surgery is over. // Please let me keep going…


Saiko: Ughh…

Miura: No, it’s impossible! // Takagi-kun, call the nurse!


Saiko: I’m fine…

Takagi: The call button is by the bed!

Miura: Oh right, which one!?

Azuki: Stop.


Azuki: Mashiro-kun says he’s fine. // Takagi-kun, you brought the manuscripts here knowing all the risks and consequences. / If you’re going to stop him over a little thing like this, you shouldn’t have brought them at all. What was that whole, “I’m a man” thing about?


Takagi: Azuki…

Azuki: Mashiro-kun is working so hard to do this…


Azuki: Mashiro-kun, you can do it. You can keep going without stopping the series. I believe in you. // Make our dreams come true.

Saiko: Okay...


Miura: I can’t tell him to stop drawing…

Insert: Pride gets in the way of stopping him… Their bond cannot be weakened…!!

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#1. by c_k ()
Posted on Jul 17, 2009
Continuation of the comments~ Thanks for TLing of course. ^^

p.9: Niizuma: I want to go visit. Where is the hospital?
>> I want to go visit him. Where's the hospital?
(Although I'm not sure you mean 'where' since the next line tells him what it is and not where... - so possibly change it to 'Which hospital is he at?')

p.10: missing the little comic bubbles not TLed where she tells him to stop drawing :P

p.11: Sorry for having told Azuki!!
>> Sorry for telling Azuki!!

p.11: Our plans to not see each other until our dreams came true was ruined because of you.
>> was -> were

p.11: Saiko: Mom! Crap!
>> Crap! It's Mom!

p.14: Yuujiro: What? We just got h ere…
>> oops, 'h ere...' -> 'here...'

p.14: But she was cuter than Ami-chan.
>> But she's way cuter than Ami-chan.

p.14: Yuujiro: You’re right. I am stupid.
>> I'm stupid.

p.15: You have to keep guard and it’s kinda tough just being the two of us.
>> You have to keep guard and it’s kinda tough if it's just the two of us.

p.15: Saiko: You’re okay with it just being the 2 of us? You’ve grown up a lot… I’m too embarrassed that I can’t even look at your face.
>> 2 -> two; too -> so

p.16: Azuki: Stop him with me, Takagi-kun.
>> Azuki: Help me stop him, Takagi-kun.

p.16: But you must feel something too; watching him draw with all his strength…
>> semi-colon -> comma; strength -> might

p.17: I’ve finished inking in for chapter 18. I’ll make sure to finish the four-color pages for chapter 19.
>> drop 'for'; drop hyphen

p.17: Miura: That means we can publish chapter 18 in it’s complete form…
>> it's -> its

p.17: I won’t ever let a manuscript fail to meet the deadline.
>> the -> a

p.17: He might really be able to draw 2 or 3 days after it’s over…
>> really -> actually
#2. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Jul 18, 2009
thanks for your translation it was a really incredible chapter!!!

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