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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Oresama Teacher 14

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 20, 2009 02:54 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 14

Chapter 14


Mafuyu: So // we’re out of that room now, but…

Kangawa: What do we do? [I’m assuming there are more of them inside…]

Maizono: Should be just attack? [All 3 of us?]


Mafuyu: No… Let’s use our brains to take them on.

Both: [Woah!] Our brains!?


Mafuyu: Ok. / We’re right here so we’ll all go out at once from each of these points.

Kangawa: Wow! / We’re going to surround them! [So cool!!]

Stick figures: Fish! // Deer! // Seagull!
(They’re actually playing a word-game called “shiritori.”)


Kangawa: To be honest, / I’m shocked by how normal your plan is.

Maizono: You’re a fake Mafuyu-san, aren’t you!

Mafuyu: Who do they think I am…!!?


Mafuyu: Whatever… / We’ll go on three. [I’m going out the second path.]

Both: Okay. // Okay.

Mafuyu: One…


Mafuyu: Two…



Mafuyu: What…?


Kangawa: YAAAH!! I’m faster than you!!

Maizono: I won’t lose to you, kid!

Mafuyu: Wai… / Wait…


Kangawa: YAAAAAH!! GOAAL!!

Mafuyu: There was no point in making a plan…


Kangawa: Mafuyu-san! There are five more of them!

Mafuyu: Argh! You idiot!!


Mafuyu: I understand now that a tricky strategy is too hard for you guys to follow…


Kangawa: Sensei! / I think you’re just a bad teacher.

Mafuyu: [Ok.] Go stand in the hallway.

Maizono: Sensei! / I think getting yourself in danger is art.

Mafuyu: [Ok.] Go have your head checked.


Mafuyu: Do you guys have any intention of getting out…?

Both: About this much.

Kangawa: [We do.]

Small text on both: This much.


Kangawa: We should at least have some fun with this!

Maizono: Yeah, it might work out in our favor.

Mafuyu: Ugh… I just want to go home….


Kangawa: So let’s go!

Maizono: Let’s go!

Mafuyu: Don’t split up all of a sudden!! [You’re not children!!]


Kangawa: But / I wonder where we are.

Mafuyu: We should find a staircase so we can go downstairs. [Hmmm… // Maybe we’re on the 3rd floor?]



Kangawa: Walking down such a narrow hallway reminds me of those games…

Arrow: <This>




Maizono: Yeah. / I’m sure that won’t happen.

Kangawa: You’re right.

Mafuyu: No way!


Mafuyu: Wha…? // Wha…


* No idea how to translate. But it’s those things flying at them.


Mafuyu: What the hell!? / I don’t get it, but it’ll still hurt if we get hit!!

Kangawa: I bet it will!!

Maizono: Especially if it hits our shins!!!

Mafuyu: Run to the right!!!

Kangawa: Okay!


Boys: <left>
Mafuyu: <right>

Mafuyu: What… / Wait… // AAAAH!!


Kangawa: [Wow…] She sacrificed herself… [She’s so courageous…]

Maizono: She’s so cool…

<He doesn’t enjoy pain unless it’s from a person.>


Mafuyu: Help me!!

Kangawa: Uhh yeah… [You can do it!]

After that // I was [always] caught up in the mess they caused.


Top pic:
Kangawa: Oops.

Right pic:
Maziono: I have to piss.
Kangawa: Me too.

Left pic:
Boys: [La la. // La la.]
Mafuyu: Aaah!!


20 minutes later.

Mafuyu: I can’t stay with you guys anymore!!!


Mafuyu: [Waaah!] I’m going back home!

Boys: Uh oh. // Hey.

I ran.


Mafuyu: [Ohhh.] No…


Mafuyu: I’m worried about having left those two alone… [I hope they’re not causing too much trouble.]



Mafuyu: But what was up with them? Puberty? [They used to think a little more before making a move…]


Maizono: Mafuyu-san, a leader needs a whip! [Here!!]
Mafuyu: Re… / really!?

Kangawa: Mafuyu-san, / we’re going to go fight the stray dog that’s roaming around!! [We don’t want to keep losing!]
Mafuyu: Stop!!

Maizono: We won the fight so we got these.
<Always wanted a blazer.>
Mafuyu: Go give it back!! [Especially the pants!]

Maizono: I want to be a birdman!
Mafuyu: You can’t fly!!


Mafuyu: Oh… Maybe they haven’t changed at all… [They were always like this.]

Guy: Hey.


Guy: I found you! / Kurosaki Mafuyu.


Mafuyu: An enemy!!?


Guy: [Oh] you want to eat this? [I was in charge of getting snacks.]

Mafuyu: [Oh] Thanks.



Mafuyu: [Uh…?]

Guy: [Wow] your guard is totally down.


Guy: Oh well. // I thought this is how things would turn out anyway.


Guy: Our boss’s plans are always full of holes. [We’re used to things going wrong.]

Mafuyu: I wonder if that’s a good thing to be used to…


Guy: We were / always subordinate to Higashi High because you were around. // But not that you’re gone, it’s our chance to be on top.


Mafuyu: Huh…? / What are you talking about…?

Guy: I’m talking about Nishi High VS Higashi High. / Those two didn’t tell you anything, did they?


Guy: It’s a strange story. / There’s always someone strong at Higashi High.


Guy: By the way, the leader before you was supposedly this super strong guy.

Mafuyu: I see…?

He was the only one that actually went out of jurisdiction and defeated all of Kita and Minami as well…

[I’ll kill you.]


Guy: Oh yeah, let me tell you something.


Guy: The battle will be at the riverbed like it usually is, four hours from now. // We’re going to bring everything we’ve got.


Guy: The fight ends as soon as the leader is defeated. / Kangawa is the leader of Higashi and of course, Sakurada-san is the leader of Nishi. We’re basically going for the head of the leader.


Mafuyu: Why are you telling me this?

Guy: Did you not want to know?

Mafuyu: No, it’s not that… / It’s a disadvantage for you if you tell me…

Guy: No // it’s not at all.


Guy: You’re not the leader anymore. / You’re not even a part of their group anymore. // You might actually be in their way. // There’s no way you can get involved.

Mafuyu: How… / can you say that?


Mafuyu: We are… // part of a group!


Mafuyu: We’re not just some people hanging out with each other. // We have history!


Mafuyu: If our relationship is cut off that easily, then we were never friends in the first place! // You don’t know anything…

Just because I’m not the leader doesn’t mean anything… // We’re friends…


Mafuyu: Don’t speak like you know it all when you don’t.

We don’t take our friendship that lightly.


It won’t stop being friends just because we’re far apart. // Just because I’m not their leader anymore… // It doesn’t mean anything…


Guy: Well, you’re free to believe whatever you want. / But I don’t think everyone feels that way. // No one showed too much remorse about you leaving.


Guy: That’s how it is with delinquents.


Kangawa: Oh // Mafuyu-san!


Kangawa: Maizono-senpai is saying that you should put sauce on your sunny-side up! [You should put soy sauce, right!?]

Maizono: What are you saying! It’s not Japanese food. [It should be sauce!]

Mafuyu: You’re not children!! [Stop fighting about stupid stuff!]


Mafuyu: Huh…? Wasn’t it a serious mood until they came along…? // Um…


Nishi guys: So you’ve made it this far… // You guys are the strongest after all.




Mafuyu: It’s the group with the weapons!!

Kangawa: If we’re going to run into them now anyway, we should have just jumped from the window earlier.

Mafuyu: Yeah…


Mafuyu: Don’t you guys have anything we can use? [Like smoke bombs…?]

Kangawa: Of course not…


Kangawa: This is all we have…

<super glue // superball // a suspicious photo>

Mafuyu: Ugh… // That’s right…!!


Mafuyu: Wait a second, Mafuyu!! We might be able to use this! Think… Think! // No, it’s probably harming us by having this… // Hm? / Harm…?


Mafuyu: I know!!


Bully: Heh heh heh… // Even THE Kurosaki can’t do anything now. // I should just capture her now…


Bully: Agh!!

Bully: A superball… // She’s attacking us from afar!! // You!! // She’s gone!?


Bully: Shit…


Maizono: Oh…

Kangawa: Woah…

Super glue?

Mafuyu: Wow!! Pervert!!

Bully: What!?


Kangawa: Okay… I get it… // Woaah!! // Cooties!!


Bullies: Woah… // Aah!


Bully: Don’t be fooled!! // This is their plan!!


Bullies: But… // I don’t think we want to get involved…


Bully: Shit, you fools!!

Bullies: Ahhh don’t come closer!


Mafuyu: Now RUN!


Kangawa: We some how got away…

Mafuyu: They all turned against each other. [I wouldn’t have thought they were that stupid…]


Maizono: But I remember how I got bullied when I was younger. [They all say you have cooties and it’s pretty traumatic.]



Mafuyu: So / the battle is going to begin… // If they were able to capture you two / that means their side is probably lacking in power. // But we should be pretty cautious ourselves.


Mafuyu: So that means we should…


Kangawa: Mafuyu-san.

Mafuyu: Huh?


Kangawa: I was happy to see you again. // Thanks for helping us. // But things are different now.


Kangawa: This // is our battle.


Mafuyu: Huh…?


Mafuyu: Why…? // We got this far together, so I’ll come along to the end… [Please let me come…] // I don’t want to be an outcast…

Kangawa: Eh? / No way. // Don’t be pushy.


Kangawa: You can’t come. // Please promise you won’t come. / You’re not a part of this anymore.

Mafuyu: Not a part…? // Why…? / Why are you suddenly saying these things?


Kangawa: You’re an outsider now.

Maizono: You don’t even have a title.


Kangawa: I’m number 1. // Maisono-senpai is number 2. // And you…


Kangawa: Are a person of the past! [You live in our memories.]

Mafuyu: So mean!!


Kangawa: All jokes aside, / I am the leader now. // You understand what that means, right?


Mafuyu: Right…


Mafuyu: The leader has to be the strongest… // You can’t show any weakness or depend on others…

Kangawa: Yeah. // I will probably depend on you if you’re there.


Kangawa: So if you come along / it’ll be a problem.


Mafuyu: I understand. // So you guys are just a couple of delinquents…


I guess I am too…

Mafuyu: Everyone in Higashi chose Kangawa… [I can’t get in the way…]


Nothing changed after I left. // They just have a new leader.


But maybe my thinking there was something more // was just presumptuous.

End of chapter 14

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#1. by Nemu Cheese (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 20, 2009
Wow! It came out! Thanks a lot!
#2. by wiemma (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 20, 2009
thanx a loooooooooooot!!
but i fell sorry for mafuyu,that was meaaaaaaaaaaaaaan >_<
#3. by kudurru_maqlu (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
whoa this must have took you a lot of time i really appreciate this thanks
#4. by vea4you (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 18, 2010
i love this manga very much... uwuwuw

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