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Oresama Teacher 15

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 21, 2009 03:45 | Go to Oresama Teacher

-> RTS Page for Oresama Teacher 15

A touching chapter!!!!!!! ~shirokuro

Chapter 15


Dear God… Apparently, I am an unwanted person. // I am treated this poorly even in the local area I grew up in… // I’m going back to Midorigaoka Academy now. // Hayasaka-kun is nice so he’ll probably hang out with me. Takaomi-kun also hangs out with me despite his mean attitude.


Mafuyu: I wonder if they will…?


Now that I think about it, Hayasaka-kun always looked pale when he was with me… // And I have no idea what Takaomi-kun is thinking most of the time…


Plus, those guys that I thought were my friends…

Kangawa: You’re not a part of this anymore.

Maizono: You’re an outsider.


Mafuyu: Aww…


Mafuyu: The sadness suddenly hit me like a tidal wave. // They're so mean… // So cruel…


Mafuyu: Screw them! I hope they lose! / They should lose and come crying to me!!


Mafuyu: Yeah!! Whatever! I’m leaving! // They’re strangers to me! I have nothing to do with them anymore!


Mafuyu: But… Maybe they’re looking for me right now…


Kangawa: We were wrong. / We needed Mafuyu-san.

<sobbing> [Yeah, you’re right…]


Kangawa: Oh crap! I don’t know her number!! // Oh no! Let’s go find her!

Mafuyu: Maybe they’re in that kind of situation!!


Mafuyu: I should go somewhere where they can find me right away! // Maybe in the shopping area!!


There isn’t a single person here…

Mafuyu: I’m an idiot for having gotten my hopes up for no reason…


I guess they all went to have their battle… // They’re probably strategizing their fight… // Aah! I’m so curious about it!!! // But I was told not to go!!


I should decide with this… // If it lands right side up, I won’t go… // If it lands upside down, I’ll go!!


<right side up>



Mafuyu: [That] was practice!! // The next one is the real thing!!


<right side up>


Mafuyu: You know what they say… Third time’s the charm… / The next one is the last one… Yeah… If it fails the next time, I’ll give it up…


Please God!! Help me!


Oh no…!! // It’s going to be right side up!!!




Mafuyu: Did you see that?


Sakurada: You… / are too pathetic… [You’re abandoned, caught by police and now treated like you’re unwanted…]


Mafuyu: What do I do…? // The enemy is being the nicest to me… [I’m about to go over to the Nishi High side…]

Sakurada: So the fact that you’re here now, / means our plans to keep you captured failed.


Mafuyu: Oh yeah! How dare you! / You cheater!!

Sakurada: It’s your own fault if you get caught! / Isn’t Higashi High in trouble if both their new leaders are fools?


Sakurada: But I bet… // Those two would have been able to get away with ease even without your help.

Mafuyu: Huh?

Sakurada: [Oh well.] The main point was just to scare them anyway.

Mafuyu: What? Wait a second. // It was actually pretty tough… [Getting away…]

Sakurada: Really?


Sakurada: You shouldn’t cause so much trouble for your ex-group members… [You are the ex-leader, you know…]

Mafuyu: That’s not what I meant!!!


Mafuyu: Your group members made fun of your plans for always having holes in them too! [Stupid!]

Sakurada: What!? / Those holes are part of the whole plan! [Stupid idiot!] / Who the hell said that anyway!?


Mafuyu: Who…?

Guy: No. // You’re not the leader anymore. / You’re not even a part of their group anymore.

That’s how it is with delinquents.

Oh yeah, let me tell you something.


Sakurada: Hey… // I’m not going to seek this guy out and beat him up or anything. [You don’t have to think so hard about remembering him…]

Mafuyu: No… // It’s not that…


Sakurada: Kurosaki…


Sakurada: You should leave. // If you’re not going to fight, / all you can do it watch your old buddies get hurt.


Sakurada: Isn’t that brutal? / I wouldn't want to see that. // I would want to protect them. // So…


Mafuyu: Your buddies?

Sakurada: Yeah?

Mafuyu: You care about them?

Sakurada: Yeah…


Mafuyu: Even if your buddies don’t think of it that way?


Sakurada: Huh? / I don’t know what they’re thinking.


Sakurada: But, // didn’t you guys all have fun when you were together?


You’re the only leader for us, Mafuyu-san.


Mafuyu: No! / I don’t wanna!

Guys: Knockout tournaments are the best way to settle things! // We’ll come along!!


Kangawa: You’re the leader? // How is it that you don’t know me? I’m Kangawa or Minami Junior High.

Mafuyu: [He’s creepy looking…]


Kangawa: [I’m joining Higashi starting today!]
Everyone: WHAT!?


Maizono: This guy is number 2 from now on.

Kangawa: Were you giving me your best shot!?

Maizono: Yeah, I was.


Kangawa: You eat a Taiyaki from the head!!

Maizono: [No!] From the tail! / How about you!?

Mafuyu: From the side.


Kangawa: [I changed my style! // I always wanted to do this!!]


Maizono: Please don’t ever injure your right hand.


Guys: Mafuyu-san! If you add all of our scores, we equal 100!


Mafuyu-san! Maizono-senpai won’t let me tend to his wounds!!

Mafuyu: He’ll like it if you force it on him!!!


<Kita Saitama United>

The fight for today was cancelled so we’re playing tag instead!


Mafuyu-san. // Mafuyu-san.


Mafuyu: Yeah. // They were crazy, // but it was fun.


Mafuyu: I’m going too.

Sakurada: What? // You better not be…

Mafuyu: No, / I won’t fight.


Mafuyu: I want to see the new leader / and rest easy about it.



I’ll stop worrying about the little things… // And stop thinking about it to hard. // I was just unlucky.

Policeman: I caught you.

And that was inevitable.

Kangawa: This // is our battle.


I’m probably really sad and lonely right now // because…


Sakurada: Hey, Higashi High. // I’ll applaud you for not backing out.


Kangawa: Don’t act like you’re on top yet, fools. / You guys are dirty cheaters.


Sakurada: It’s normal to play it dirty in a fight!!


Mafuyu: Wow, ouch!! // Right!! // No, behind you!!


I didn’t know… // It would be this brutal when all you can do is watch… // I want to join in…


But I can see now // that they’ve gotten stronger.


Or wait, were they always strong? // Did I just never realize it?


Nishi High is good at defense as usual. // They’re making sure no one gets too close to Sakurada.


Were they always this aggressive?


They used to be more…


Oh. // I get it.


The way they fight differs depending on the leader… // So that’s why it’s different from before.


Okegawa-banchou was powerful by himself. // That’s why his followers were just backups.


Sakurada is loved by his followers. // So they all protect him.

And Kangawa is…


A banchou that fights alongside everyone.


I don’t know which method is the best way. // But this is probably how it works in the current Higashi High.


That’s why I’m no longer needed. // I think I get it now…

Higashi High wins!!


[The train will soon arrive on track 2.]


Mafuyu: Yeah. // I’m going back on an earlier train.


Mom: Okay? It doesn’t matter but, you didn’t spend much time at home. [You just came for your things?]

Mafuyu: Oh / yeah…

Mom: When are you coming home again?

Mafuyu: Maybe around summer vacation?


Mom: Oh yeah, a strange group of people came by earlier.

Mafuyu: What?


Mafuyu: [Oh] I have to go. // Okay, bye.


Mafuyu: [Uhh my seat is…]


Station agent: [Stop!] You can’t do this!

??: Shut up! I’ll pay later!



Mafuyu: Wha? //Wait… [It closed!!]





Mafuyu: Why are you here!? // And what are you wearing!?


Kangawa: We had to come!! // We went to invite you to hang out, but you weren’t home!!


Guys: You didn’t plan this very well!! [It’s full of holes!] // It’s your fault, leader!! [Stupid!!!]

Kangawa: Shut up!!

Guys: It’s not fair!!


Guys: We wanted to // see Mafuyu-san too!! // You’re not an outsider!! // We love you!! // No matter where you are // we’re…


Guys: Friends!!

Letter: Dear Mafuyu-san, // Kangawa-san will probably never say this to you, so we’ll tell you secretly. // We didn’t contact you // or go see you // and said such cold things / to turn you away // was all // so that you wouldn’t get caught up in our fight.


Mafuyu: So…

He acted like it wasn’t a big deal // so I wouldn’t worry? // That was an awkward // and stupid move // but, it was all for me…


Mafuyu: I didn’t… // know that…


Mafuyu: Stupid… / Why didn’t they say anything…?

I don’t need that kind of kindness… // I wouldn't might getting caught up… // But, // that's what I love about you guys…

Letter: We’ve realized something since you’ve left. // Mafuyu-san…


Letter: You were a banchou we all looked up to.


Takaomi: Hmm. / So they didn’t tell you their numbers / so they wouldn’t try to depend on you?

Mafuyu: They apparently decided that a while ago. [If they could reach me, they’d ask for help.]


Mafuyu: Oh yeah. // What were you doing on your day off?


Takaomi: Didn’t I tell you? // Student counceling.


Mafuyu: [Uh huh…?]

Hayasaka: Hey Kurosaki!!


Hayasaka: Isn’t this about Saeki!?

Newspaper: A Teacher Helps in Rounding Up a Yakuza Member

The police of ○○ precinct arrested the a Yakuza member for extortion. According to our sources, students of a nearby high school were victims of the extortion and blackmail that had been going on for a while. When the police arrived the Yakuza member was already captured by the hands of a Midorigaoka Academy teacher (22), who had been conducting student counceling nearby. A witness claims that the teacher approached the Yakuza member by himself, after realizing that some students were in trouble.


Mafyu: What the hell happened!?


<Hayasaka-kun’s day off was…>
<Doing nothing in his dormroom>

End of Chapter 15

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#1. by Nemu Cheese ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2009
Um...You didn't translate a line on page 107. The one that says "shosen yanki nante tada no shuudan nandesuyo." Anyways, thanks a lot, that was fast. @_@
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
I did:
That’s how it is with delinquents.

The placement is maybe unclear...?
#3. by kudurru_maqlu ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
thanks a lot i seriously mean it when i say thanks, i can tell quite few people read it but don't say thanks, honesty its really LONG waiting for the chapters to be translated not bad mouthing because they work their ass of too but still its like 2-3 months a chapter and the story line in japan is picking up drastically for u to have translating these chapters i honestly say thank i appreciate and i assume a lot of other people too, i was wondering u plan on doing more translations for oresama teacher and if u are usually when? l
#4. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Jul 28, 2009
thanks, i'm glad i'm meeting your expectations :)
i can hopefully do one soon, but i'm pretty busy working full time and stuff... soon is all i can say!
#5. by Nemu Cheese ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2009
Ah, okay. I was thinking "Which one's the translation?!" because it was in the middle of the flashback translations. xD

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