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Detective Conan 700

File 700: A dangerous area

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 22, 2009 02:43 | Go to Detective Conan

-> RTS Page for Detective Conan 700

Reserved for Endless Youth & Co.

FFile 700: A dangerous area


Gin: What?


Gin: You saw… // Akai Shuichi?


Vodka: Do you remember the other day…? // There was that bank robbery at Teito Bank on Beika Street?


Vodka: The trial for it started yesterday and the news coverage on it did a recap using old footage… // Apparently someone that looks a lot like him was in that group of hostages that were released…

Vodka: But it could just be a look alike…


Vodka: You and I saw with our own two eyes… // When Akai stupidly and obliviously came to that mountain pass…


Vodka: Kir shot him… // and the bullet went straight through his head…


Gin: Call Kir…


Vodka: Huh?

Gin: We found Sherry in Haido City Hotel… / When Akai tried to take us out, he tricked us into going to Mouri Detective Offices on Beika street… / The FBI kept Kir hostage in Central Haido Hospital…


Gin: And a man that resembles Akai as seen at the bank on Beika Street… // Haido Street and Beika Street are right near each other… / Do you think it’s a coincidence?


Conan: What? // Akai?


Ran: Yah! // They said it’s a red long-sleeved shirt!


Ran: Someone called saying that they receive a red long-sleeved shirt in the mail every week and they don’t know why… // So they’re coming tomorrow afternoon to talk about it so you can solve the mystery…


Conan: Oh, she means the color red…*
* Conan freaked out because “akai” means red, but he thought she was referring to the person Akai Shuichi.

Mouri: And? Did you write down their name and address?

Ran: No, they hung up right after telling me about the problem…


Mouri: It’s probably a girl in college that’s facing stalker problems…

Ran: The person was actually using a voice changer, so I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman…


Ran: Isn’t that scary?

Mouri: If the person looks suspicious, we’ll just turn them down. / We can’t really do anything now since someone is going to come here to talk about some mysterious red shirt…


Ran: Oh, uh… They’re actually going to be in the sports section of the 3rd street department store…

Mouri: What!? Why do we have to go out and meet this person when we don’t know anything about them?


Ran: But… // I already ate it…


Conan & Mouri: Huh?

Ran: When I got home today, there was an envelope in our mailbox that said investigation payment… / There was 100,000 yen inside…


Mouri: Wait, so this sushi…

Ran: Yeah… I also paid off our tab at Poalo Restaurant… // I thought it was payment for a case you had already solved…


Ran: By the time that person called to tell me that the payment is in our mailbox, I had already ordered the sushi…

Mouri: Sheesh…


Conan: Beika Department Store… // Is right near Teito Bank that was robbed the other day…


Store staff: A red-shirt mystery?

Store staff: Someone is coming here to ask about that?

Mouri: Yes, this afternoon… / Has anyone come by?


Store staff: No… // Why are they coming here?

Mouri: I don’t know…


Store staff: There was someone that came in asking about a hat…

Mouri: A hat?


Store staff: Yes, that woman over there…

Jodie: Don’t make me say it again!!


Jodie: This logo on the hat is an original design of this department store! // Doesn’t that mean it’s a product of limited quantity?


Jodie: You don’t remember who came here and bought this hat?

Store staff: I’m sorry… I don’t think a customer like the one you described has come here…


Camel: Can you tell me… / What’s going on with this hat and the customer who bought it?

Jodie: You just keep quiet!


Ran: Jodie-sensei?

Jodie: What?

Conan: And Agent Camel!?


Ran: What are you doing here?

Jodie: Oh… // I had to check on something…


Ran: Did your Japanese improve all of sudden?

Jodie: Oh, that’s… // This guy…


Jodie: Yes! My Japanese improved because I love Japan!! / Okay?

Ran: Oh, I see…

Conan: She evaded an explanation…


Mouri: You’re that FBI agent that was teaching English at Ran’s high school…

Ran: Didn’t you go back to America?

Jodie: Oh yes… I just had some stuff to do!


Jodie: This is my partner, Agent Camel! // We're going to be in Japan for a while…

Camel: So if you see me around, say hello…


Mouri: I guess they have nothing to do with…

Ran: The red shirt case…


Mouri: Should be go look in the golf equipment section next?

Conan: Excuse me, that American lady… // Did she say anything other than about the hat?


Store staff: Yes, she kept asking… // If a man with a burn on his right cheek had come in…


Conan: A man with a burn!?

Ayumi: I saw a familiar guy in that bank that I hadn't seen for a while!

Genta: The guy with the really scary eyes?

Mitsuhiko: I saw him too! / He has a burn on his right cheek…


Conan: That means Jodie-sensei saw him too… // The man that was among the hostages…


Jodie: Shu…


Ran: Conan-kun, let’s go!

Conan: Thank you very much!

Store staff: Sure…


Subaru: Excuse me…


Subaru: Can I ask you a few questions?

Store staff: Oh… / Sure…


James: How much time are you taking for lunch?

Jodie: There’s a lot going on… / I’m in the department café right now…

Jodie: As soon as Camel returns from the restroom… // and we finish up our ice teas, we’ll get back to you…


Camel: I wonder what’s wrong… // Jodie-san is acting as if she’s a different person… // It’s ever since that bank robbery… // She said not to mention it to James-san… // But I wonder what it is with that hat…


Camel: Huh?


Camel: Wait… // Wait… // Wait a second!! // That was… // No way…


Camel: No way!!


Jodie: It’s strange… // Someone working here would remember if a mute man with a burn came here… // Does it mean this person doesn’t exist? // Then what did I see? / What was it?


Jodie: The coaster is bent over… // Was it always… // bent?


Coaster: Run. This area is dangerous.


Akai: Run! This area is dangerous…


Jodie: Shu!!


Mouri: Sheesh… // It’s already past 1!

Ran: I wonder where the person is…


Mouri: Enough is enough! // We’re going home!!


Conan: I wonder what this paper bag is…

Ran: Did someone forget it here?

Man: I don’t think you should touch that…


Man: I bet there’s… // A bomb in there…


Conan: A…

Ran: Bomb!?


Mouri: What!? // How can you know that!?

Man: That’s… // Because… // I’m… // in this position!!


Everyone: A… // bomb!?


Mouri: What are you doing with that…

Man: I don’t know how this happened!! / Someone came up to me in the bathroom and I lost consciousness and he put this on me…


Man: I put the bags in front of escalators and stairs as he commanded me… // And he threatened to blow me up if I didn’t comply…

Mouri: We should call the police! // We’ll call them and…

Man: NO!!


Man: He said he’d push the button if the police some near the department store! / The same thing if anyone leaves this place too…


Mouri: What does he want?

Man: He wants…


Man: To figure out who… // has sent him all 13 of these red shirts…


Everyone: Red… // Shirts!?


Man: He claims… // that person is definitely on this floor!!


Conan: He’s definitely…. // On this floor…!?

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