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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bakuman 47

Page 47: Contradiction and Reason

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 24, 2009 02:52 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 47

reserved for akatsuki

edited by c_k

Page 47: Contradiction and Reason

Insert: The two hands join together as they have chosen the path to continue drawing…!!

Azuki: Mashiro-kun, we can do it. You can keep going. / I believe in you. / Make our dreams come true.

Saiko: Okay.


Miura: I can’t tell him to stop drawing now!


Saiko: Azuki-san…

Azuki: What?


Saiko: I’m okay now…

Azuki: Oh, sorry!


Miura: Mashiro-kun and Takagi-kun, I’m going to be honest… // The editorial staff are already making preparations for the series to go on hiatus starting with the issue that’s supposed to have chapter 19.


Takagi: No way!


Saiko: We won’t go on hiatus. // There’s no way in hell.


Miura: Alright. I’ll let everyone know how you guys feel when I get back to the office. / Mashiro-kun, I believe you will be able to draw even if you’re in the hospital!


Saiko: Yes!

Takagi: Thank you!


Takagi: Visiting hours will be over in 20 minutes… Saiko, don’t push yourself too hard and make sure to sleep!

Saiko: Yeah, I’ll finish the four-color pages in a few hours. / I can get some sleep since I don’t have to go to school. / Hey, the name for chapter 19 better be ready by tomorrow so I can make a finalized version of it.

<drawing sounds>


Miura: You don’t have to make a finalized version. I can figure out the story just from Takagi-kun’s name. / Takagi-kun and I will discuss it and make sure it’s ready for you on Saturday so you can work on the manuscript.


Takagi: Okay, let’s go home.

Miura: Now? We can stay for another 20 minutes…


Takagi: Let these two have at least 15 minutes to themselves!

Miura: Oh, right!


Saiko: Geez… Shujin is always making a big deal over nothing…


Azuki: I’m going to come here every day that I can.


Saiko: Why?

Azuki: I’m worried about you. / We can’t even send each other text messages.


Saiko: I could use my cell phone if I step outside of the hospital… / I can get service if I go into the backyard. That’s what everyone else does. And you don’t have to worry that much.


Azuki: I might be contradicting what I said in the past, but… / I’m happy to be able to see you.


Saiko: Azuki…


Azuki: We can see each other while you’re in the hospital. It’ll just be for these few weeks… / Is that okay?


Azuki: Am I in the way of your work?


Saiko: I don’t know what to say… I’m excited, but also embarrassed… / I might be contradicting myself too, but… // I feel at ease when we’re together.


Saiko: It makes me feel like I always want to be with you.

Azuki: Me too…


Saiko: But…

<drawing sounds>


Saiko: So… Until I’m discharged.

Azuki: Yeah…


Azuki: Thanks. Get better soon.


Saiko: Maybe I should be thankful for my poor health… // I think we’ll make some good memories from this.



Azuki: These few weeks in the hospital will be a memorable experience for us… // Mashiro-kun.


Azuki: Do you not like the idea of not seeing each other until our dreams come true?


Saiko: It doesn’t bother me too much, but sometimes it can be hard to deal with.


Saiko: It might be harder on us after I’m discharged since we’ve seen each other like this. / But the thought of seeing you motivates me to work hard so we can be together.

Azuki: Okay… / So until our dreams come true…


Chief: What are you saying, Miura!?

Miura: I think they can do it! I don’t want them to go on hiatus!

<Editorial Office // Shounen Jump // Jump Square // Y Jump>


Chief: We can probably publish the chapter for issue 31 since the assistants can finish it up and it’ll be complete.



Chief: Did you speak to the doctor and get approval for allowing him to draw?

Miura: No…

Chief: We can’t let him draw if the doctor doesn’t permit him to draw. // I will go to the hospital with you tomorrow. I can’t trust you to handle this alone.

<The next day…>

Doctor: Hello.

Chief: Thank you for meeting with me.


Doctor: The patient claims that it is stressful being forbidden to draw, which is even more harmful to his condition. / It’s not a bad idea to allow the patient to do as he pleases, as long as it is in moderation.

Miura: Really!?

Doctor: I will emphasize, “in moderation.”


Saiko: I won’t push myself too hard.

Miura: How does that sound?



Miura: Good day, ma’am.


Mom: I haven’t seen you in a while. Thank you for helping out with my son’s work.


Miura: What? You’ve met before?

Chief: It’s not something to be discussed now.


Chief: I’m sincerely sorry about the situation we have gotten into. It’s deeply regretful that this happened under my watch.

Mom: Well…


Mom: Moritaka! Stop drawing while you’re here!


Miura: The doctor said that it’s okay in moderation.

Mom: There’s no way it’s okay.


Saiko: You’re right. I won’t do it right now. / I’ll take a break…


Mom: Sasaki-san, correct? Can I have a word with you?


Mom: My husband says, “He’s no longer a child. / Let him walk on the path he chooses.” / But I just can’t agree…


Chief: Rest assured that we won’t let this get out of hand any further.


Chief: Mashiro-kun, promise me you won’t overwork yourself. I’ll see you later. / Miura, let’s go.

Miura: Yes, sir.

Saiko: Thank you very much.


Chief: The staff have already made preparations for TRAP to go on hiatus starting with issue 32. I’ll have to speak to my assistant about this. / You’ll join me for this meeting.

Miura: Thank you very much.


<Hiramaru Kasuya> // <Yoshida-shi not permitted to enter!!>


Hiramaru: Yoshida-shi, I think I should go visit Ashirogi-kun.

Yoshida: Where did you hear about that? I was making sure you didn’t find out.

Hiramaru: I can’t tell you my source. You would cut off that line of communication. Niizuma-sensei won’t answer my phone calls anymore thanks to you.


Hiramaru: I have visited Ashirogi-sensei’s work place before and he has been very good to me. I think it is the courteous thing to do, as a full-fledged member of society, to go see him in the hospital. / Please tell me which hospital he’s in.

Yoshida: You think a mangaka is a full-fledged member of society?


Hiramaru: How cruel! How can you say such a thing… So I’m not even a member of society anymore!? // I had no idea!


Hiramaru: Oh I see… I’m a caged bird. No, I’m Yoshida-shi’s pet dog. I’m no longer allowed to act like a human…

Yoshida: Geez you’re so annoying! You’re going to look for the hospital when I’m not here anyway, aren’t you? / We’ll go early next week, but I’m going with you and we’re not going to stay long! Okay?

Hiramaru: It’s rude not to stay long…

Yoshida: SHUT UP!!


Fukuda: Did you hear that Mashiro-kun’s in the hospital?

Nakai: I did. Aida-san told me that they’re going on hiatus starting with issue 32.


Fukuda: They’re so unlucky to have to go on hiatus when they’re finally gaining popularity… Supposedly Niizuma-kun already went to go visit him. I’m going on Monday; do you wanna come?


Nakai: I have no time to… I’m too pressed for time evey week…

Fukuda: You’re so cold… I bet Miss Aoki will come to if you ask her to.

Nakai: What? Aoki-san?

Nakai: No no no! I can’t! I really don’t have a spare moment. Don’t try to lure me in with your tricks!

Fukuda: Haha! Sorry.


Miyoshi: Miho?

Takagi: Yeah, she put her hand on his and… / I thought they wouldn’t be able to hold hands until they’re married, but I guess I was wrong…


Miyoshi: What’s she thinking? The right thing to do is to stop him…

Takagi: No… I realized how much she really likes him from that.


Miyoshi: What? If she likes him, she should stop him…


Takagi: The ultimate form of love is being able to completely accept what the other person wants… And help them with it…


Miyoshi: I would worry about his health and stop him. Miho is a little bit strange sometimes…

Takagi: Azuki is actually really strong and she really loves Saiko.


Miho: Yeah, I guess she’s strong if she swore she wouldn’t see the love of her life until their dreams come true. I couldn’t do that. / But sometimes I wonder if she really does like him.

Takagi: But they saw each other today…


Miyoshi: They saw each other, but I wonder if they’re going to stop seeing each other again after this. I bet if they kiss in the hospital, they won’t be able to stay apart anymore!

Takagi: You’re crazy! / What kind of reasoning is that? Just from a kiss?

Miyoshi: You don’t understand girls at all!

Takagi: They won’t be able to kiss anyway…


Takagi: Okay the name is done. / I can give this to Saiko tomorrow even if it needs a slight touch up. / We’re working at our usual pace!



Hiramaru: You’re in the hospital… But you’re working…!

Saiko: I don’t have enough space, but I don’t want to stop our series.


Yoshida: Take a good look. Don’t you think he’s an admirable mangaka!?


Hiramaru: Do you think this kind of lifestyle is attractive?


Azuki: Yes.

Hiramaru: Yoshida-shi, I will finish my chapter as soon as we get home. I think I've been mistaken all along…

Yoshida: Yeah, you should be embarrassed of yourself. // Great! We can get through this week now.


Fukuda: It’s you… The runaway mangaka, Hiramaru-sensei.

Takagi: Fukuda-san!


Yoshida: This is Fukuda-san, the mangaka of “KIYOSHI Knight.” // He doesn’t read JUMP so he doesn’t know…

Hiramaru: I’m Hiramaru.

Fukuda: Hello.


Hiramaru: I’m a huge fan! Can you tell me your contact info and your office’s address…?

Yoshida: HEY!


Fukuda: I’m impressed that you’re still working on your series.

Saiko: I don’t want to lose to anyone!

Hiramaru: We were just talking about how admirable he is.


Saiko: That fax from Yoshida-san was so funny.



??: Sounds like you all are having a good time.


Everyone: Chief!!

Chief: Sorry to interrupt, but can I have a word alone with Takagi-kun and Mashiro-kun?


Fukuda: Why is the Chief here?


Fukuda: Why do we have to leave?

Chief: This doesn't concern you.


Fukuda: Judging from the look on Miura-san’s face… / We’re not completely uninvolved with the matter at hand…


Fukuda: Ashirogi Muto is part of our circle!

Chief: Circle? That’s nothing…


Fukuda: Of course I mean “rival” when I say “circle.”


Chief: Alright, you can stay.


Saiko: You can stay too.


Chief: Listen. This is a hospital, so don’t get too rowdy after you hear what I have to say.


Fukuda: You’re going to say something that will make us upset? / You’re not…

Chief: It’s just as you thought… It might be even bigger news than what you’re imagining. / We had a meeting last night about going forward with “Gitantei TRAP.”


Chief: “Gitantei TRAP” will go on hiatus until April of next year, which means it will be on hiatus until you all graduate from high school.


Saiko: Hiatus…

Takagi: April of next year!?

Fukuda: WHA!?

Hiramaru: I’m a little jealous…


Fukuda: What are you saying!? I don’t get it!

Chief: Be quiet.


Saiko: Why… / Why?


Azuki: Why?


Azuki: I would understand if it’s on hiatus until he’s discharged… But why until next April?

Fukuda: Yeah! That’s crazy talk!


Takagi: Miura-san! You said that this name was good to go on Saturday!!

Miura: Sorry… I couldn’t tell you myself… Forgive me…


Saiko: Please explain this to us so that we can understand!

Fukuda: He’s right. Give us a good reason!


Chief: The reason is… // Because Kawaguchi Taro died.

Insert: An unexpected name comes to haunt Saiko!!

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
Thanks for the TL~

I'm guessing that the chief is going to say that his uncle died due to overextending himself or something in the next chapter. :P
#2. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the translation

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