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Karneval 13

Score 13: Wings that can’t fly

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 26, 2009 03:48 | Go to Karneval

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reserved for inmeliora

Score 13: Wings that can’t fly


Gareki: Yoataka…! // You…

Yotaka: I’m… // hungry…

Yogi: Ga…!



Yogi: Gareki-kun!


Yogi: Take Nai-chan and get out of this place right now.

Gareki: Wha… // No way!! I’m trying to talk to Yotaka…


Yogi: You can’t talk to him. / Listen to me before he kills us.


Yogi: Here he comes.


Yogi: See you later at Kalasna! / Sorry I can’t go with you…


Yogi: See you later.

Nai: Yogi…

Gareki: … / shit!


Gareki: Nai! / Come on!!


Gareki: Who the hell does he think? Giving me orders… / I won’t take this! // They are…

Tsubaki: If you don’t have a name, your name is “Gareki” starting today! // You’re family!

Gareki: This is dumb and pointless.


Tsubame: Come on!

Yotaka: We were waiting for you to come so we can eat!

Gareki: Huh? / We have to eat together?


Man: Why are you making that face? // These scraps from the factory should be enough for you to play with. // You’re always playing with these things, aren’t you?


Tsubame: There he is! // I found Gareki!

Gareki: Did you need me for something?

Tsubame: Need? Uhh… // We were just wondering where you were… So um… // We were worried that you were gone...


Gareki: Nai… / Go back by yourself.


Nai: Gareki…

Greki: It’s the path we walked on when we came here. // If you walk straight, you’ll get back to Kalasna.


Gareki: Take my jacket and put the hood on so no one notices you…

Nai: NO!


Gareki: Woah! // Wha…

Nai: NO / NO… // NO!

Gareki: What…?


Nai: I’m scared… /of that… // I’m scared that you’re going to be broken… // So I want to go too!

Gareki: What…? // Don’t say such a thing.


Gareki: If you’re so worried… / Shouldn’t you be worried about Yogi who’s fighting with Yotaka right now?

Nai: Yogi // is strong.


Gareki: What!! // You’d be useless if you came along!! [Are you implying that I’m weak!? You stupid animal!]


Gareki: Listen to me, Nai. // Your mission is to see Karoku again. // Keep yourself from getting involved with unnecessary things. // Use the resources the Circus is giving us and keep moving! // I don’t want to sound lame, but…


Gareki: I’m pretty shaken up right now. // I just saw Yotaka become one of those power holders with my own two eyes. / Tsubame might be one too.


Gareki: The person that killed Tsubaki… // might have been Yotaka?


Gareki: The Circus is an organization to get rid of power holders. // Yogi is going to kill Yotaka. // But I…


Gareki: I can’t just let that happen. // Even if I don’t see them anymore… // They mean a lot to me. // I want they to be safe… // forever.


Nai: Gareki…

Gareki: In the entrance to Kalasna!


Gareki: There’s an abandoned building where you can hide!

Nai: Gareki!


Nai: …

Gareki: Shit…



Gareki: My useless self and // whatever thing that made them this way // should die!


<distance walked>


Nai: What did Gareki mean when he said don’t get involved…? // I don’t get it. // Does he mean things that don’t involve me? /Maybe…? // It’s Tsubame-chan…



Tsubame: It’s happened again… I don’t remember it… // But there was a dead person… // I must b sick… // If something happens to me… / Yotaka will be all alone… // What do I do… / What…

Man: Hey / are you okay?


Tsubame: Oh…

Man: Don’t be scared.

Tsubame: I… / Uh…

Nai: Tsubame-chan…


Tsubame: Oh… / Ah… // Oh blood…


Tsubame: Why…?

Nai: I don’t know… // That person / was scary…


Tsubame: Oh… // Sorry / there’s blood on my hands… // I’m / scary too?


Tsubame: I’m creepy right?

Nai: You’re very warm.


Nai: Tsubame-chan, you’re warm and // pretty.

Man: That’s nice. // Young people are so cute. / Hahaha.


Yotaka: This guy… // He hesitated before killing me… / why? // Who is this guy?

Tsubame: Yotaka!?


Tsubame: Is that you? // What’s wrong? / What happened?

Man: It’s nice that there are more people! // Let’s have a party…

Nai: Yogi…


Man: Ugh!


Gareki: Who the hell are you?!

Nai: Gareki…!

Man: I am “someone” from somewhere.


Man: I’m in the middle of playing a nurturing game… // I wanted to data of both twins, but / Yotaka was wary of the medicine.


Gareki: Those words…


Man: Yotaka started taking Tsubame’s medicine too. // So Tsubame didn’t change in the same way that he did. // He kept taking the medicine for the reward money. / He must really love his family.

Tsubame: Yotaka…!!


Tsubame: Aah / aah / aaaahhh…


Gareki: You… / So you… // Tsubaki too…

Man: Oh that…


Man: I guess she wanted to save her brother. / When Yotaka started to transform / his body lost control / and she just jumped in not knowing what she was getting into… Hah. // I wasn’t the one that killed her. / I was hoping to get with her soon too…




Man: I remember your face. // Someday you’ll have your own set / of wings that won’t fly. // Or… // do you want them now? // Silly human!


Gareki: Ugh…


Man: I thought you were dead… / what a shame. // Yotaka / this is an order.


Man: Kill / them all!

Tsubame: No… // You can’t… // You can’t… // NO!


Tsubame: Yotaka won’t do it… / He won’t do that! // He won’t!

Yotaka: I… / won’t kill them. // I won’t… // I… // won’t!

Man: Okay. // I understand.


Man: So you’re resonating in the opposite direction too. // You’re being pulled back into your normal self by Tsubame… // I was wondering why you remained human-like…


Man: Hmm / Is it because you’re twins? Interesting. // But / I don’t know what’s so attractive about remaining human when you’re living a poor life.

Yotaka: You… // don’t know why? // I pity you for that!

Man: Enough.


Man: I’ve lost interest. // But let me tell you. // You can’t undo what has already been done. // You can’t go against the transformation. // Understand that you can’t go back!

Yotaka: Ga… // Gareki / Gareki!


Yotaka: Kill me, Gareki!! // I don’t want to… // hurt anyone // anymore…!


?: That’s what he said.


Tsubame: Why…?

Yotaka: Tsubame… // Fly far away.


Tsubame: Yotaka…

Yogi: Huh…? // Hirato-san…?

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